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  1. What would happen if Team RWBY worked for the White Fang instead of trying to stop them. It would lead to more problems for Vytal and less problems for the White Fang. The White Fang has become a much bigger problem and they need to be stopped.

    That is my main premise of this rp and I'll need 3 other people and more in case anyone wants to play as Team RWBY who now works for the White Fang.

    Character Sign up sheet.
    Race: if fanaus then what kind
    Appearance: pic or description
    Weapon: Description or pic
    Semblance: Description of it
    Personality: not needed but highly suggested so to know how your character is.
    Bio: Not needed but if you want then go ahead

    Extra: Anything elase you want

    My character :3
    Name: Kira Inazami

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Race: Cat Faunus

    Appearance: Black medium length hair that almost covers his eyes. Wears a black shirt and white jacket that is torn near the bottom and black pants. He either has his hood up or keeps his cat ears pinned down.

    Weapon: Black Rose is his weapon and can go into three modes. First mode is his black katana with a built in chamber for either bullets or dust crystals. Second mode works if he is using his sembalance or a dust crysta as it splits in the middle and emits a beam of energy of the element of the dust Crystal. The third form turns it into a bow which only works with his Sembalance or dust crystals so he can fire elemental arrows.

    Semblance: Lighting: Can use lighting to power his two Weapon modes or to move fast. When he uses it to move fast he leave behind a stream of lighting which can be chained to trap opponents. The last way he can use it is to crash down and erupt a massive field of lighting but faints if he uses this. He holds his weapon back handed when he uses the sembalance.

    four people have a reserved spot
    No more spots open to be reserved now
    Team RWBY Character being played
    Ruby: none
    Weiss: none
    Blake: Tsuki
    Yang: none
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  2. If I can I would like to reserve a spot
  3. Sure you got a reserved spot now
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  4. Interested. I won't have time to make a character sheet until late Saturday.
  5. alright i'll reserve a spot for you also then
  6. I would like to reserve a spot as well, I will post a CS later tonight
  7. I'd like a reservation as well if it's not too much trouble
  8. No problem since that now fills up the four that are needed and if anyone want you can play as one of the Team RWBY characters also
  9. Name: Garnet Hill
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Looks to be all human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapon: Shark Fang (Halberd-Shotgun Hybrid) [​IMG]
    Semblance: Water - Ability to manipulate water and any liquids with water in it (think of it ans basic waterbending, but without being able to convert the water to ice and back, as well as without the possibility to bloodbend)
    Personality: Tsundere tomboy, secretly a girly girl. Is also sarcastic.
    Bio: She doesn't usually talk about her past but it is known that she has a bad relationship with her parents and has stayed/ trained with her grandmother for the past few years. She also has a connection to Cardin Winchester.
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  10. I now noticed we have one extra when usually the teams in the show are made up of four members also your character is accepted Akira
  11. edited my cs~
  12. Waiting on your character sheet

    And your character sheet
  13. I am aware. I'm sorry for the delay but I should be able to make one by tomorrow.
  14. Name: Rai Kuragane
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: AnimeGuy19.jpg
    Weapon: Raiden (Gunblade Hybrid) [​IMG]
    Semblance: Lightning- Can ark lighting from being to being. Allows it to differentiate from friend and foe unless he's feeling mischievous. Is able to fire lighting from his palm and allows it to power up his sword attacks
    Personality: Tends to keep to himself. Puts other's well being before his own which usually backfires in most situations.
  15. Name: Ao Kaung
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: His eyes are dark green. He Has medium length spikey pink hair. Wears a long sleeve (light blue) jacket with circular holes along the arms in a straight pattern. He doesn't wear a shirt and the jacket is always zipped open. The holes are lined with sliver metal so they don't tear further. His jeans are blue with black tribal markings down both sides. His shoes look like normal red and white convers(white around the toes and red every where else). He has one white earning on both ears.
    Weapon: Two boomerangs that can be used as dagger and guns
    Semblance: Wind.(can't fly but can use it to move his boomerangs when thrown. Can also help him jump and move faster.
    Personality: Is never mad or sad for too long. Always try to make people smile even in the worst of times. Sometimes he sounds very stupid but can easily uplift people and make their morale skyrocket. He almost always has a smile on his face.
    Bio: He was always made fun of for his pink hair. One time he even went bald in hopes that they would stop teasing him. It was in vain for it only made it worse. After a few years of teasing he realized that if you can't beat them join them. He began with making fun of himself. After that he just told jokes and made friends with even the one he hated most. He realized that day that he hated it when people are sad due to it reminding him of himself.
  16. All characters are accepted I just wish someone would play one of the RWBY characters...I'll start it when I get him.
  17. I can also play Blake if needed. Its not a problem to me.
  18. That would be most hhelpful Tsuki
  19. That link brings me back to to this thread o.0
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