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      Legends, stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful. But he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction. The creatures of Grimm set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man’s brief existence to the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change and in time, man’s passion, resourcefulness and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named, “dust”. Nature’s wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness and in the shadow’s absence, came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. Even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone… darkness will return. So, you may prepare your guardians… Build your monuments to a so-called free world, but take heed… There will be no victory in strength.

      This RP is a simple one. Based in the world of RWBY, it will follow three teams that stand out above the rest at Beacon Academy. Team Caramel (CRML), Team Midnight (MDNT) and Team Peach (PYCH). These students who all have unique abilities, personalities, and talents, will be the stars of this RP. There will be focus mainly on school life and following these young adults as they work towards the same goal: To become worthy of the title Hunter or Huntress. This RP will be dark, gory and heart wrenching... as well as exciting, random... and possibly romantic. Who knows? There will be plenty of opportunities for the students to showcase their skills, but that will not be the main focus of the RP. This will take place during the first season of RWBY and eventually extend to after season two as we take our time and progress through the story. Though the White Fang will be a part of our story, it will be less important than it was in the show. The canon characters eill exist in this RP and will do what they usually do. We are not their replacement.

      So if we are not the main characters, who are we?

      That question is a simple one. We will be the C-Team so to speak. We are the individuals who will work in a more localized fashion: helping out small villages around the kingdoms from separate threats and protecting the borders, while the main characters are tying to save the world as a whole. We do some important things here and there, and eventually go up against a new 'terrorist' organization - The Grimm Reapers - whose goal will not be known to the characters for some time.
      So, without further delay, let's move on to the fun part: Character Creation! Please pick a Team and reserve a letter! Remember to follow the CNR Guide when making your character. Post your completed CS here for review.

      The Character Template:

      1) Basic info:

      Name: (pick a team and a letter from that team.)
      Team/occupation: (put said team here)

      Species: (Faunus or Human)
      Age: (17+)

      Aura/Effects: (color and visual effect - if any - of your aura)
      Symbol: (picture or discription)
      Physical traits: (noticeable scars, piercings, etc. on your character)
      Misc traits: (anything else about her normal appearance that should be noted)

      2) Appearence:

      Eye color:
      Skin tone:
      Face: (shape, eye shape, nose size, little stuff like that)
      Combat Outfit:
      Casual Outfit:

      3) Characteristics:

      Background: (Fill this in only if you feel its important. I believe its more fun to reveal over time, to give mystery to the character)

      4) Weapon

      Type: (use this link as a guide.)
      Weapon Derivation: (what inspired the weapon)
      Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: (How it looks when not in use. picture or description)
      Form 1:
      Form 2: (if applicable)
      Form 3: (if applicable)
      Features/Capabilities: (special functions like dust channeling capacity, alternate firing modes that do not cause a change in shape)
      Planned/Possible Upgrades:
      Notes: (trivia, name meaning, etc)

      5) Semblance:

      Type: (Aural/Elemental/Physical/Psychic)
      General description: (summarize the semblance briefly)
      General limitations: (if a limitation is applied on most abilities, put it here as long as it isn't just the aura cost)
      Visual effect:
      Passive ability(x): (something that happens without thinking or control, this applies everywhere)

      6) Combat info:

      Landing strategy:
      Fighting style:
      7) Trivia:

      Team Caramel (CRML)
      Team Midnight (MDNT)
      Team Peach (PYCH)

      For the sake of confusion, lets just have all players have the same schedule?
      Monday thru Friday, Classes are as follows:
      • 9:00-10:20am: History (Lecture)
      • 10:30-11:50am: Grimm Studies - Taught by Prof. Peter Port (Lecture)
      • 12:00-1:20pm: Survival - Taught by Dr. Bartholomew Oobleck (Lecture/Field Trip)
      • 1:30-2:30pm: Lunch (Free time for all!)
      • 2:45-4:00pm: Mathematics (Lecture)
      • 4:00-5:00pm: Study Hall (More free time!)
      • 5:15-6:30pm: Combat - Taught by Ms. Glynda Goodwitch (PvP action here!)
      Current/Upcoming Events
      Current: Entrance Ceremony
      Upcoming: Team Formation Exercise
      Upcoming: First Day of Classes​


    • RULES:
      1. First rule: Do not be a dick. No arguments in the OOC. If you have a disagreement with someone resolve it respectfully like adults. If you're not an adult... humor us and pretend to have some sense then. No name calling and other stuff thats just outright rude. Not only is it annoying, it turns people off the rp when some people are always picking fights with others. Arguements/disagreements in IC is fine, of course. It creates drama.

      2. Second rule: No power-playing, metagaming, or anything of that sort. If there is a fight between two player characters, do not auto-hit. I'm sure we all know what this means. Remember your character is still a student, not a full fledged Hunter/Huntress yet. Your not going to easily take down a dozen or so Grimm with one move. Play out the struggle, makes it more fun.

      3. Third rule: Try to keep things at a set pace. Do not 1x1 with each other for ten pages, while the others watch in betrayal. Similarly, try not to keep the spotlight. Everything isn't centered around your character. Mini-plots are fine, as long as others are included. And pass it by me first. At the same time, try not to be away for long periods of time. This rp is a commitment. If you cant commit, just don't join. If you need to leave for whatever reason, please tell us.

      4. Fourth Rule: Fights will be bloody, yes, and you can go into detail, but no sexy scenes. Kissing, hugging, all of that is fine, but when the zipper comes undone, so will the fun.

      5. Fifth Rule: Respect your GM please. I'm not that too strict a GM but please dont try to undermine my authority. There's a difference between offering suggestions (which I love) and trying to control the RP yourself (which is rude and annoying).

      6. Final Rule: Have fun! This RP is not meant to cause any kind of stress or anxiety, lets all try to make it fun for everyone!
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  1. Clay Cassiel
    1) Basic info:

    Name: Clay Cassiel
    Team/occupation: Leader - Team CRML
    Species: Rabbit Faunus

    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Handedness: Ambidextrous; Favors the Left
    Aura/Effects: Pale brown glow that emanates in a circular motion around her feet.

    Physical traits: She has a piercing on the eyebrow and lower lip on the right side. Clay always wears earrings going up the length of both of her bunny ears. She also sports a cute, brown, puff of a tail, usually hidden from view because she doesn't like to rip her clothes to reveal it..
    Misc traits: She wears a necklace bearing her symbol around her neck along with various rings and other jewelry.
    Nickname(s): She prefers to just be called Clay

    2) Appearance:

    Height: 5 ft 6 inches (1.7m)
    Weight: 124 lbs (56kg)
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin Tone: Pale with pink undertone
    Face: Clay has a rounded oval shaped face, small nose and lips, and rounded eyes that gives her the classic innocent look of her species.

    Hair: Long and unnaturally curly hair. It is caramel brown color. She also has two small bunny ears sticking out of her head. Her tail is the same brown color.
    Physique: Clay is not one who does a lot of physical effort. She has a thin build.
    Combat Outfit: Clay's combat outfit is one that shows her appreciation for fashion, as well as not hindering her ability to move quickly/freely

    Casual Outfit:

    3) Characteristics:

    Background: To be revealed.
    Clay has a kind personality that allows her to get along with nearly anyone. She is unlike the aloof or closed off type one would assume her to be if they judged first appearances, her true colors show when one manages to get her out of her shell. Clay has managed to keep her same bubbly personality that keeps people wanting to know her, despite growing up in a place where Faunus were not treated equally. She is tough at heart, determined, and stubborn, If she doesn't get what she wants right away, she will fight and fight, never letting up until she gets it. She hates few things and loves a lot of things. Though it once was easy to upset her, or get her to cry, it is much more difficult now. After years of trying to learn patience and control over her emotions, she had finally succeeded in such and is more laid back than she used to be. Within her are a perfect molded together combination of the Huntress's fierce fighting style, and her own casual and fun personality. Clay is a quick thinker, unpredictable, and she hits hard every time, never letting up when faced with tough challenges. She refuses to ever let down anyone, and is extremely loyal. She can be trusted to follow through with tasks without hesitation.
    Shopping, dancing/acrobatics, drawing, new people/places/things, eating (sweets like chocolate), rain, people petting her head.
    Thunder, crowds of people, misplacing her jewelry, breaking jewelry, staining/tearing her clothes, dull pencils.

    4) Weapon

    Name: Geo & Terra
    Maker/Smith: Clay Cassiel
    Type: HIBB - High Impact Battle Boots; Strike Type; Transforming Weapon
    Holstered/Sheathed Appearance:
    Form 1: Her boots retract the heel, and short diamond spikes about an inch long emerge from every inch of the boots. At the juncture between her heel and calf, a longer diamond shard, looking much like a dagger, protrudes there.
    Form 2: The heel extends back from out of the boot and serves as a barrel where bullets can be fired. They are fired upon impact that has enough force.
    Form 3: N/A
    Features/Capabilities: They are made with brown (earth) dust woven into the material. This makes them heavy and sturdy, which normally, people don't realize until it hits them in the face... or crotch~
    Planned/Possible Upgrades:N/A
    Notes: Geo and Terra both mean 'Earth'

    5) Semblance:

    Name: Terrakinesis
    Type: Elemental
    General description: Clay can create, shape, and manipulate earth and "Earthen" elements including most solid objects. Specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, metals (still learning), etc.
    General limitations: She can only manipulate the surrounding earth and not much of it, thus, not a mountain miles away, nor be able to level a city with her powers. She cannot manipulate artificial solids like glass.
    Visual effect: The brown aura around her feet glows a bit brighter when she uses her ability.
    Passive ability(x): She is hyper sensitive to vibrations in the earth, but has learned to tune it down to just a hum.

    6) Combat info:

    Position/Class: Melee, close ranged hit an run tactics.
    Landing strategy: Manipulate the diamond stones in her boots to slow her speed to what she wants, then casually lower herself to the ground. Something like that.
    Fighting style: Clay fights in close range using swift kicks that deal large amounts of damage on impact. She has average strength but amazing agility and speed. When fighting, Clay often uses various fast shifting and evasive flips to move around in combat. She is fast enough to deflect even ranged attacks with her boots.

    7) Trivia:

    Relationships: Coco Adel - Shopping Buddy, Velvet Scarlatina - Best Friend
    Theme Songs: General Theme and Battle Theme
    Notes: She is a vegitarian
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  2. Magnolia

    Basic info:

    Name: Magnolia Cadenza
    Team/occupation: Leader - Team MDNT
    Species: Human
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Handedness: Right handed
    When her aura is active a dark blue glow will consume both her hands, during times of great stress and desperation the aura will also burn brightly from her left eye.



    Physical traits:
    Lea has a small tatoo of a moon on the back of her neck, similar to her symbol but slightly different. It usually can only be seen when she's wearing her hair up.
    Misc traits:
    Under one of her white gloves is a ring with her family crest on it, she never talks about it or really shows it. Though she is rarely ever seen without it.
    Nickname(s): Just call her Lea, short for the 'lia' part of her name.



    Height: 5 ft 7
    Weight: 130 lb
    Eye color: Blue
    Skin tone: Normal White
    Face: Soft features that suggest kindness, her eyes suggest wisdom.
    Hair: Long Blond.
    Physique: Thin and Lithe.
    Combat Outfit: See first pic.
    Casual Outfit: See second pic


    Saving for IC.

    Lea is very calm and gentle by nature. She likes to maintain a composed and relaxed sense of self and portrays this in the way she'll speak and act in situations. She enjoys having deep conversations, especially about philosophy or topics which provoke deeper thinking. She also carries an appreciation for art in all forms and enjoys beautiful scenery. Lea proves herself useful in crisis situations, often remaining calm and putting her mind into solving a problem rather than focusing on the problem itself. That isn't to say she doesn't know fear, Lea can become fearful and even intimidated if she's presented with a situation she isn't sure she can win. This will usually result in her faltering in how she presents herself which will be when she looks for friends and those close to her for support. Despite her young age, Lea appears to be wise, often reciting words of wisdom or thought provoking sentences in order to aid the minds of her friends. Some could say she is a little mysterious in some ways, although she makes no attempts to hide herself from those who seek answers from her. Lastly to note is Lea's temper, while hard to provoke she does have the capacity and will usually lecture or scold the individual who has made her upset. Of course that's providing it's an obvious fault on their part. If it's a difference of opinion she might simply walk away to calm herself down if it becomes heated.

    Interesting conversation~
    ~Beautiful scenery~

    ~Bad manners~
    ~Show offs~
    ~Bad smells~
    ~Sour things~
    ~Being bored~


    Name: Deaths Crescendo
    Maker/Smith: Magnolia Cadenza
    Type: Slash / Strike hybrid
    Weapon Derivation: Electric Guitar & the Shield and Sword.
    Holstered/Sheathed Appearance:

    ~Docile Form~
    In this form the instrument appears merely as a modified guitar fitted with speakers and boasting a thicker larger frame than your standard sized electronic guitar. While in this form the instrument can in fact be used to perform music but doesn't appear to have any more uses while in this form.

    ~First form~
    The first form of the instrument transforms it into a rifle, however while most rifles fire ammunition this rifle in fact fires sound waves in the form of heavy concussive blasts which have been compressed via dust in order to unleash accurate and deadly volleys of sound. The blasts carry vibrations which on contact carry a resonant frequency which shatter bones and burst ear drums, the force of contact will very likely have a knock-back effect unless the target is a larger size.

    ~Secondary form~
    This form allows the user to wield the entire instrument as a club, using the speakers located at the end to unleash harsh explosive waves of sound upon each strike. This form lacks a defensive aspect like the third form, however what it lacks in defense it makes up for in destructive potential.

    ~Third form~
    The final form of the instrument allows the user to split the weapon into two pieces, the thinner part of the weapon pulling out into a blade which resonates with sound energy, the frequency making the metal capable of cutting through all but the toughest of materials. The other larger side functions as a shield, using sound blasts to knock back enemies and defend from attacks, though physical attacks against the shield are to be avoided despite it's tough exterior. This form allows her to use her most powerful attacks and combos, and is when she is the most lethal.

    The frame of this weapon is made with an incredibly tough material that makes it resilient to all but the most devastating of attacks and powers. This means Lea doesn't need to worry to much about the instrument breaking, although she doesn't want it to get scratched.

    Planned/Possible Upgrades:

    The name 'Deaths Crescendo' was given to the instrument for it's use of sound during it's attacks and combos, not to mention the weapon combines an instrument used to create sound.


    Name: Sound
    Type: Aural
    General description:

    Lea's semblance is quite simply 'sound'. She is able to withstand any and all frequencies of sound through her aura. Lea is also able to isolate sound around her, meaning she can make the world around her and those in her vicinity unable to hear a thing.

    General limitations:
    Although she can isolate the sound in order to make things silent, she can not escalate the sound above the frequency that it already was before it was isolated. For example Lea can not isolate the sound of cars going by and then project the sound back as an ear splitting sound to bring her opponents discomfort. To do this she would have to add to the noise, which would require sound waves of a higher frequency to be created first. If she creates the sound herself, she is then able to amplify it, whether it be her voice or her fist hitting the surface of a table.

    Visual effect: In some cases, ripples in the air can be seen when she's projecting sounds of certain frequencies.

    Passive ability:
    Lea is able to ride her hearing on sound waves to selectively seek out the locations of threats, however they must be making a sound for her to pick up on it.

    Combat info:

    Position/Class: Melee & Ranged
    Landing strategy:
    Manipulate concussive blasts to soften fall, using different frequencies to determine fall speed.
    Fighting style:
    Depends on the situation and the enemy, if she takes an aggressive approach she'll engage with melee, if she's being cautious she'll use her rifle mode more.


    Relationships: None yet
    Notes: Has a deep love for tea.​

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  3. @Winter your character is accepted! Though one suggestion I would make is with your weapon. At the first form you say that "The blasts carry vibrations which on contact carry a resonant frequency which shatter bones" which to me would fit better with form two which you said "unleash harsh explosive waves of sound upon each strike". To me, the breaking bones part should be moved to form two, as it seems to fit better there.

    Of course, just an option. She is accepted regardless.
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  4. Niyol Tate
    Basic info:

    Name: Niyol Tate
    Team/occupation: Member - Team MDNT
    Species: Human

    Age: 18
    Sex: Male

    Handedness: Left handed

    Aura/Effects: Niyol's aura is a colored a golden brown. Its properties are primarily offensive and applicable to his weapon, sharpening and/or lengthening its reach. When in good conditions, Niyol can extend his weapon reach up to a full foot beyond its tip and manipulate it freely. Whist fatigued, the length changing process is significantly slower and can also falter or shorten down to a maximum of six inches.

    Symbol: 12456875211158642451Soeb_Plain_Arrow_9.svg.hi.png

    Physical traits: There's a small tattoo on the inside of his wrist in the form of an arrow.
    Arrow tattoo (open)

    Misc traits: The reason why his hair is so long is entirely because he's just too lazy or forgets to cut it.
    Nickname(s): Ni, Nylon



    Height: 5"6 / 168 cm
    Weight: 146 lb / 66 kg
    Eye color: Green
    Skin tone: Olive
    Face: Niyol has a somewhat childish facial shape, complimented by large eyes and a slim nose.
    Hair: Dark brown, kept up in a high ponytail/top knot hybrid
    Physique: Lean, but light footed. Not quite a heavy weight, but still not a light weight.

    Combat Outfit (open)

    full body (open)

    Casual Outfit (open)


    Background: Niyol comes from a remote village that, while still in Vale's jurisdiction, is located far south of the kingdom's main hub and a considerable distance from the agricultural district. He grew up in a local shrine with his grandfather, who was the shrine keeper. For unknown reasons and circumstances, Niyol chose to move, independently, closer to the heart of Vale a couple years ago without his grandfather. More details are gonna come with the IC.

    Personality: Niyol's personality is very whimsical happy-go-lucky. He's quite fond of virtually anyone who peaks his interest, granted, without any inherently evil motives. He never forgets a name once he's remembered it, but can be prone to forgetting smaller obligations. Complimenting his somewhat childish appearance, Niyol has a thirst for adventure, but also a vast consciousness to caution. His passions aren't exactly widespread, nor consistent, but they usually run deep. In addition, Niyol likes to keep things organized in his own way (whether that be alphabetical or organized chaos). He dislikes being bound by tradition and stereotypes, but in the face of adversity, he will usually submit to the general consensus. Despite his carefree demeanor, he is actually a middle path kind of person and tries to avoid taking sides or conflict. As a child, friendships were an on and off matter, so he has grown to know inconsistency well. Overall, he's a pretty amiable person, who can appreciate and return respect once its been given.

    • Rice cakes
    • Reptiles & snails
    • Bells
    • Poetry & Storytelling
    • Cooking & Baking
    • Calligraphy
    • Parkour
    • Sirens
    • Rude people
    • Height gloaters
    • Spicy food
    • Saunas
    • Wet floors
    • Yarn

    Name: Tetranimus
    Maker/Smith: Niyol and Lukas Tate
    Type: Slash / Aura Augmented
    Weapon Derivation: Tetranimus is fashioned after a classic ceremonial knife from past civilizations.

    Tetranimus (open)

    Dormant form: Simply appears like a classic ceremonial knife. Can be mistaken as a common kitchen knife. Niyol is holding Tetranimus in this form in his combat clothes reference. The sheathe and belt are shown above.
    Form 1: A fragmented dagger held together by energy pulsing from the hilt. Initially, it is a total of 16 inches long (7 in. hilt and 9 in. blade). He can use his aura to make the blade anywhere from 1 in. to a foot longer.
    Form 2: The four pieces at the tip of the dagger rearrange themselves at random and the body of the blade opens up slightly to make a handgun that can shoot charged dust pellets. When bolstered by his aura, it becomes a rifle, which takes significantly longer to charge, whist still only able to shoot dust pellets (albeit with some more force).
    Features/Capabilities: Despite appearing fragmented, the blade is actually very well held together, no different from any other standard weapon. Depending on which dust pellets he uses, the aftershock of the pellet will have different effects (ex: Ice powered dust may freeze a small portion, like a joint).
    Planned/Possible Upgrades: Possibly an expansion on the bottom of the hilt to hold more dust pellet cartridges. Maybe some modification to make the rifle more useable.
    Notes: The name "Tetranimus" is from "Tetra" (meaning: Four) and "animus" (meaning: Spirit, soul). Altogether it means "Four souls" or "Quad spirit", to represent its four forms.


    Name: Ambit
    Type: Aural
    General description: Ambit allows Niyol to "extend" his reach with a spectral projection of his own hand. The projection can be fluidic or rigid depending on his concentration. Either way, it is solid, despite its appearance and can grab onto other objects/people.
    General limitations: The absolute maximum reach of Ambit is ten feet.
    Visual effect: A gold tinted spectral hand launches from Niyol's arm.
    Passive ability(x): His aura is constantly vibrating, an aspect of his semblance. Very rarely, when in extremely bright light, he will leave spectral afterimages of himself.

    Combat info:

    Position/Class: Melee combatant with some ranged capabilities.
    Landing strategy: Free fall until he reaches the range at which he can use his semblance and latch onto a tree. Then, just wear out the momentum of the fall.
    Fighting style: His primary tactic is relying on fast feints and rapid adjustments of his weapon length to land blows and confuse opponents. He rarely relies on the rifle element to his weapon since it consumes an large amount of energy and time, but will occasionally utilize it. Though, in contrast, he readily uses the handgun form at close quarters to distract and throw off enemies.


    Relationships: He used to have an elder brother and sister.
    • Despite being left handed, he wields his weapon with his right hand and usually uses his semblance with his left.
    • Niyol can actually use his semblance with both hands to escape sticky situations in a Spiderman-like fashion
    • His semblance, Ambit, actually means extent or boundary
    • Niyol's name alludes to the two shades most prominent shades of green in his color scheme: Napier and Teal (mostly in the shadowed parts). Its pronounced like the name Niel, and coincidentally also means "wind" in some Native American tongue

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  5. @Sairoh ermagawdlovehimhe'stotallyaccepted!
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  6. 1) Basic Info
    Name: Lavand "Lav" Gias
    Team/Occupation: Tank of Team CRML
    Species: Human

    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Handedness: Ambidextrous, right hand dominant though.

    Aura/Effects: Translucent, oddly enough. Appears as if a heat haze is constantly around him when active as a result. Given his Semblance and fighting style, a vast portion is directed inward to strengthen and enhance his body.
    Symbol: Wub, wub. Magic circle.
    Physical traits: None.
    Misc traits: None.

    2) Appearance
    Height: Just over six feet.
    Weight: Not quite 200lbs. but close to there.
    Eye color: Blue
    Skin tone: Light
    Face: Oval in shape with a defined jawline and chin though.
    Hair: Purple, rather long, and upturned.
    Physique: Tall, but wiry and toned rather than bulky.

    Combat Outfit: Heavy cloak with various skin tight pieces underneath. Allows for most efficient use of his Aura. The cloak was woven with Earth Dust, which when exposed to Lavand’s Aura, serves to strengthen the fabric. It hardens on impact, making it perfect for retaining mobility while offering adequate protection in battles.
    Casual Outfit: Kindly ignore the eyes. Generally the scarf will always be a thing.

    3) Characteristics
    Background: Sure, guess it’ll be something to get revealed later.

    Personality: Let’s fire off a few adjectives; confident, self-assured, calm, and collected. Lavand is certainly one who walks the walk, but avoids the spotlight in his day to day life. While not particularly averse to it, given his role in combat situations, it’s simply a preference to be amongst close friends rather than a circle of acquaintances.

    He doesn’t seek validation from others even if he’s more than willing to lend a helping hand, because why not? It can and has made him seem a bit aloof to those he helps on occasions though since he generally isn’t one to stick around and chat it up afterwards.

    Likes: His ideal afternoons? Maybe relaxing under the shade of a tree outside of the city where its noises don’t reach. On a stark contrast to that, in his dormitory room carefully measuring out the ingredients for his latest brew while the water begins to heat up. Alternatively, pigging it out in an orderly manner at the school’s cafeteria.
    Dislikes: What you probably won’t catch Lavand doing on his own initiative. In the school’s arenas sparring for the sake of fighting. Combing through the assigned readings for class and actually paying attention during them. Not standing up to asshats.

    4) Weapon
    Name: Blast Bicell
    Maker/Smith: Not Lavand.
    Type: Dust-Powered Flail-Lance (Melee/Short Range)

    Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: Shrinks down into a compact form that splits in half and worn on both arms as bracelets.
    Form 1: Pretty damn massive at over seven feet in length, the proportions resemble something between that of a sword and lance. About as heavy as it looks, Lavand is nonetheless capable of wielding it without any apparent difficulty.
    Form 2: A length of wire is stored within the vamplate-esque portion of the weapon and connects to the blade. With a smooth motion the wire can be loosed and cause the blade to extend into a flail-like weapon, capable of broad sweeps that can batter aside enemies.

    Features/Capabilities: The vamplate-esque portion also houses a system that allows for Dust to be detonated to propel the blade forward rather than relying on the power of Lavand’s swing to throw it out. As expected it can also be used in melee somewhat like a pile bunker.

    Planned/Possible Upgrades: Perhaps a method to channel the stored dust into the blade for some cool effects.

    5) Semblance
    Name: No Retreat
    Type: Aural/Physical

    General description: Applied with anything that can channel his Aura, generally his weapon. A curse-like Semblance that prevents marked opponents and Lavand from moving more than 5m from one another. If they began at a distance greater than that, they’re only able to move in a manner that closes it.
    General limitations: Limited to five marks at any time. Duration of marks seems to be around a minute at most and though stacking is not possible, refreshing seems to be.

    Visual effect: This mark appears where the Semblance was activated. Fades from outside in over the duration.
    Passive Ability: His Aura seems to be more potent in attracting Grimm as the creatures have been known to go so far as switch targets to him.

    6) Combat info
    Position/Class: Tank/Bruiser.
    Landing strategy: Activate his Aura, hit the ground hard, and get up.
    Fighting style: Tag opponents with his Semblance, draw their attention, and let his teammates wear them down. Capable of taking punishing blows, he is the wall that keeps the Grimm from ever reaching those that fight alongside him.

    If forced to fight without their assistance, he generally takes on a defensive stance to weather and endure blows until his opponent makes a mistake. Alternatively, if he feels they aren’t capable of doing too much damage through his Aura Lian goes on the offensive once they’ve been marked by his Semblance, forcing them to move within the “arena” to his liking; using his movements to trap their own.

    7) Trivia
    Relationships: None yet, open to discussion.

    Notes: Practices a bit of brewing whenever he has the materials and time available to himself. It’s something he learned of back home and even if the art has largely disappeared with the advancement of civilization, the brews remain surprisingly useful. Not quite as useful as HP or Aura potions in games, they’re more of buffs as the effects of the included Dust are experienced by the body.
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  7. So I guess I'm M in CRML
  8. @Zombehs your character is accepted :)

    Though I wonder about the weapon, just a general one that I'd like to clarify. If it is spit in half and worn as bracelets, but then put together is seven feet long... that means your wearing 3.5ft of bracelet on each wrist? o.o it confuses me a bit as I picture it in my head oddly. Perhaps I am not understanding it right? But if it is a 7 foot lance, how can it be worn as a bracelet? Does it compact somehow? If so, you should write that in there somewhere, or kindly point it out and make me look dumb. Either works.

    @RareSecret guess so :) I hope that is OK
  9. Yeah it compacts like shown in the picture, but I'll actually write that down.
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  10. Thank you ^^

    Well to explain it a bit more, the reason I had that effect put with the rifle form is because when the concussive blast makes contact, the vibration of the sound wave would be so intense that the bone wouldn't be able to cope and would fracture apart. Similar in how an earthquake splits the ground through vibrations, or a pneumatic drill uses vibrations to break through rock and concrete.

    The club uses sound waves on a larger and less accurate scale, meaning the knock back would be far greater but the vibrations wouldn't be targeted to the contact area, but rather a general area. So you'd be more likely thrown into a tree or a wall. If she brought it down on top of you, the force of the ground pushing you against the explosive waves of the club might then cause breaks or severe strain, but as it's not concentrated like the rifle, it's not as likely to shatter your bones in one or two hits.
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  11. Oh this is so tempting!

    May I reserve the C in team PYCH ?
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  12. In regards, to Zombeh's lance, he's basically ripping shit off from Symphogear. XD

    The bracelets can be considered to be more like really bulky arm gauntlets. They are put together, and then shoot outwards, before the blade and the shaft expand out from it. Basically this.

    Around 1:15.
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  13. Yeah, basically what happens at 1:14.
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  14. Can I reserve a P spot please? I'm at work right now.
  15. Yes! C is reserved for you :)

    And for you, the P will be reserved.
  16. Awesome, I'll get a CS up tonight and very soon.

    Also, will a suit or armor as a weapon be okay.
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  17. Do whatever you think is cool :)
  18. 1) Basic info:

    Prussian Gerhardt

    Team/occupation: PYCH- Team Leader/Heavy Support

    Species: Human

    Age: 19

    Sex: Male

    Handedness: Ambidextrious


    Show Spoiler

    Prussian's aura takes the form of a set of chains that follow behind him when in a heightened state of mind.

    The effects of this Aura is draining on his body as it seems to weigh him down signifying a horrible issue going on inside of his head or event that has happened in his past.
    (To be discovered as to why he has chains holding him back.)

    The benefit of this Aura is that in times of rage or immense pain they can be used to bind wounds or otherwise stretch out and connect to areas out of his reach.


    Physical traits:
    A large scar running down one side of his shoulder all the way down to his waist.
    A slice mark on his right shoulder and a burn mark on his left thigh.

    Misc traits: (anything else about her normal appearance that should be noted)


    Novus or Nova is a company nickname.

    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 243
    Eye color: Bright Blue
    Skin tone: White
    Face: See picture
    Hair: See picture
    Physique: Tall and Built

    Combat Outfit:
    Casual Outfit:

    Background: To be discovered!

    Prussian is an individual who favors silence over the company of others. Although not afraid to go out and speak he far more prefers to sit and relax while tinkering with anything that he can find. Often finding himself in situations caused by his own curiosity he is considered clumsy due to focusing to much on things that interest him. Outside of this he is a very calm and approachable individual even if his size is larger than the average person.

    Anything electronic
    Figuring things out
    Quiet but not silence
    Cold Air
    Discovering new things.

    Most will be discovered
    Annoying individuals
    Over talkative individuals
    Being contained
    Being told he is unable to do something.

    4) Weapon
    Name: Siegefried

    Maker/Smith: Made in Part by Prussian himself and his Father Aururum Gerhardt

    Type: Experimental

    Weapon Derivation: Fashioned in the image of old suits of armor.

    Holstered/Sheathed Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Form 1:
    Show Spoiler


    Weapon Attatchement 1- Built into Left arm. Able to be formed from the hand and wrist itself. Containing Five Pre-Loaded 40MM shells it takes time to reload but packs a punch when needed. Reload speed is adjusted by time being spent without using that arm. Time can average between two to three minutes.
    Titan-Fall (open)

    Electromancer greaves (open)

    Using his Semblance he is able to use a minor amplifyer to boost the energy in his body. Using these gauntlets he can release the energy built up over time.

    Overcharging the Powered servo's of the armor he can for a brief period of time increase his output of strength.

    A swappable Lightning Pack can be placed into a back slot creating an electromagnetic field that can dissipate ranged attacks before crashing and recharging.

    Fire Dust allows for Minimal flight capabilities lasting several seconds at a time.

    Planned/Possible Upgrades:
    Different dust modifications be add different effects the more he adds on and changes the armor.

    Possible weapon attatchements using Dust as a mechanism.

    Name means: Victory
    Based upon German Medieval armor
    Its size makes it stand out in the field. It not only attracts but holds the attention of the Grim around it most of the time.

    5) Semblance:

    Name: Nova
    Type: Elemental
    General description: Absorption of Energy (Kinetic, Radiation, Etc) can be accumulated and held within his body allowing it to be released in a form of energy during combat. This can be used to give his suit a massive boost of power including increased strength and damage resistance. Also can be used as attacks.

    A visual sign is that his eyes begin to glow brighter the more energy he gathers.

    General limitations: The type of radiation absorbed defines what type of radiation his body will release. If it is any type of Solar or dangerous radiation he will be considered Hazardous to be around untill released. If absorbing Electrical Energy he can accidentally discharge if touching anything what so ever besides himself.

    Visual effect:
    Show Spoiler

    Passive ability(x):
    He gathers energy at all times even without thinking about it. The discharge and radiation release passively is random especially if he spends time near a radioactive area.

    6) Combat info:
    Position/Class: Armored Tank/Heavy Hitter
    Landing strategy: Using Fire Dust to propel himself above the ground until landing softly. Unwarranted damage to his suit is unwarranted.

    Fighting style:
    Face to Face/Grapple Combat

    7) Trivia:
    Relationships: None at the moment.
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  19. Question: Should we assume that our characters are going to be weaker than the characters in RWBY? So, for example, whereas RWBY would be able to kill a Nevermore, that same Nevermore would absolutely destroy us?
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