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    Legends, stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful. But he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction. The creatures of Grimm set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man’s brief existence to the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change and in time, man’s passion, resourcefulness and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named, “dust”. Nature’s wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness and in the shadow’s absence, came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. Even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone… darkness will return. So, you may prepare your guardians… Build your monuments to a so-called free world, but take heed… There will be no victory in strength.

    Team Caramel (CRML)
    Team Midnight (MDNT)
    Team Peach (PYCH)

    And now... the story starts here. This is how it will be told... for centuries.

    "Do you know what they're calling us now? The Grimm Reapers." the soft voice of a woman carried to her husband's ears across the room. The clearing of a throat, a sigh... then he spoke.

    "Let them call us what they will. By the time they've decided on a fitting name... The deed will be done." the man said, turning to the woman and holding out a hand, palm upright. Hesitantly, she took it and stepped closer to him, allowing the man to wrap a comforting arm around her shoulders. They stood there, gazing at their sleeping daughter with sad looks on their faces. After a few moments, the man spoke again.

    "Leave it. We must go."

    The woman rose her head to look at the man, and he nodded, releasing her from his hold. With small steps she went to the bed, her hand reaching out to smooth down the curly, unruly hair of the sleeping girl. Absently, her fingers caressed the soft ears that stuck out of the girl's head, and one twitched under the touch, the ear stretching out and then flopping back down in a relaxed state. The woman's lower lip trembled as she reached to the bedside table and placed a small slip of paper, a note, next to the plethora of jewelry that was scattered across the surface. The woman's gaze drifted back to her daughter who shifted in her sleep and caused the blanket to fall down. Soft snorts of amusement came from the pair as the woman knelt and picked up the blanket, returning it to the place it once was.

    "Tawny, come. We need to leave now, before sunrise." the man said, though it was clear on his face, even in the dim light, that he didn't want to leave.

    "Yes, I know. Just... a moment longer." she whispered, the woman's eyes growing glossy as tears welled up there.

    The woman lowered herself, bending through the knees until she was at a good height. Then she leaned in and kissed the girl on the head. Softly, she whispered to her daughter's sleeping form, unsure of the next time she would be able to see the girl again.

    "Stay safe, my daughter."

    A breeze flew through the room then, and the man and woman dissapeared in a flurry of brown, dead leaves.
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  2. ~"Don't give me that 'I'm not here to make friends rubbish' friends are the only way you'll survive this world, and every one you have will only make you that much stronger"~

    The roar of the engines were barely audible through her headphones as the large craft came to dock at the academy, offloading many of the new students that would be starting at Beacon. Among them was a slender girl with long blond hair, large headphones with what looked to be a strange instrument slung behind her back, the strap of which was wrapped several times around her arm. She would exit with the others on board her craft, waiting for the mechanical ramp of the craft to lower before raising a hand against the sunlight that shone over the great complex that made the majority of the academy. "Here goes nothing... " she said under her breath before she walked forwards, sighting the many other students and their chosen weapons, coming from all walks of life it would seem. Even Faunus could be found which made for a pleasant reminded of Beacons diversity. Despite the ridicule against their kind, she didn't have much against them, in fact she had nothing against them at all. She couldn't recall ever really speaking to one other than briefly in the street if she was asking fir directions or service at a particular place. It'd definitely be interesting to have a conversation with one if she could get the chance.

    Her attention was quickly stolen by a tall slender man handing out leaflets to passers by, standing beside a smaller girl with a broad smile who turned in her direction. "Hello there! and welcome to Beacon, this leaflet contains everything you need to know for your first day including dates and times for the upcoming ceremonies. If you need any help, there's a directory station behind me with helping hands, you can't miss them" she said with a chirpy sense of optimism. "Thank you" replied Lea, taking the leaflet and giving it a quick scan with her eyes before she'd walk off, giving a gentle nod of thanks to the two helpers before being on her way. She was glad that such people had been helping today as she was slightly concerned about not being where she needed to be and being late on her first day was not the kind of first impression she planned on making.

    As she walked further down the large path that ran from the docks to the Academy she decided to take a quick detour over to the side of a wall, checking that she had everything she'd need before continuing on. The last thing she needed was to have a realization that she left something on the ship and needed to run back through the crowds to retrieve it. After a quick check however everything seemed to be in place and Lea decided to take a moment to sit and read over the Leaflet she'd taken from the greeters. "Entrance Ceremony - 11:00am - 12:00pm" the time it gave was close, so close in fact they only had a half hour before they'd be called in for the entrance ceremony. The time likely ran till 12:00 so the new students could break for lunch before getting shown around the academy with a tour of all it's utilities. Lea was very interested in the tournament grounds and the more practical side of learning to be a Huntress, of course she wouldn't be the only one. She imagined they would also be shown the class rooms and dorms too, which would be nice as she'd like a place to store her stuff before looking around. Lea let out a small content sigh, "This will be the day" she said to herself.​
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  3. [​IMG]

    The unforgiving sun lit up the once dark room, exposing the faunus girl to an intense red light behind her closed lids. She grumbled and pulled the blanket over her head, her brown rabbit ears being the only things left out. She sighed, the sun's light ending up piercing through the blanket as well. Huffing, she threw the sheets off of her and kicked her legs over the side of the bed. Standing and stretching her arms and legs, she scratched her butt as she started to shuffle towards the bathroom when her feet stepped on something that crunched. Looking down, she raised her foot and noticed brown leaves.

    "That's weird... I-- huh?" Glancing up at her bedroom door, Clay wondered what the sudden rumbling vibrations were about. She was just about to lower her foot back to the ground when her door flew open and someone tackle hugged her, causing her to cry out and fall back onto her bed.

    "Clay! I'm so happy for you! You've been accepted to Beacon!"

    The person had a familiar voice and accent, and after she was released from her death hug, she was able to put the face with the voice. It was her best friend, Velvet.

    "Oh, Velvet!" she said excitedly, hugging her best friend that she hadn't seen in a year.

    "My gosh, I missed you! How have you been?" the fellow rabbit faunus asked, sitting back on the bed. When she moved, Clay noticed the other person standing in the doorway.

    "Hey there short stuff." she said with a wave.

    "Hiya Coco. What are you guys doing here? Wha- how did you get in my house?" she asked, suddenly thinking that was more important.

    "Oh come on, we know where you guys put the spare key." Coco said with a smirk, still holding up the door frame.

    "We came here to help you, in case you needed to pack anything for school. Finally we get to be classmates again." Velvet said, sounding relieved. "It's been tough without you around, but thankfully, Coco and I were placed on the same team, so I have her to look out for me." she added.

    "What have you been doing this past year?" Coco asked, walking over to Clay's closet and moving the suitcases there and putting them near the door.

    "I've been... working. In my parent's shop. They had me making clothes." she said, ignoring the odd looks she was getting from the two.

    "Didn't you get accepted into Haven?" Coco asked, picking an outfit from her closet and stepping over to hand it to her. "Here, wear this." she demanded.

    Taking the clothes, Clay stood and moved around the taller girl, going to get dressed in the closet. When she was in there, she started to change from her pj's and into the selected outfit. "I did get accepted into Haven, but... I didn't want to go there. I wanted to attend Beacon... even if I was rejected. But that doesn't matter, I got in this time!" she said excitedly, quickening her pace to dress up. When she was done, she went back out, looking at Velvet and Coco who were whispering to themselves. "I can hear you. These ears just aren't for show you know." she said, laughing and looking at herself in the mirror. "And dont even talk about my age and being a first year. I heard there are plenty of others from different kingdoms who'll be attending Beacon and are much older than me."

    She paused.

    "I'll just wear my usual outfit." she decided.

    "Yeah, probably better..."

    "Go for it, short stuff."

    The three talked about their year apart, catching up as Clay changed into her combat outfit and boots. She wasn't sure what was going to await her at Beacon, and the two girls were not giving out any first day details. They wanted her to be 'surprised' or whatever. Not long after, the trio left Clay's place, all to excited to bother with the note perched on the bedside table.


    Upon arriving at Beacon by airship, Coco and Velvet ended up parting ways with Clay, who was looking around, gazing at the large school with eyes full of wonder. Though she was pretty nervous about being here, she was also proud of herself for finally being in the same league as those who were allowed to attend the school. As she walked around in search of the main hall where the Entrance Ceremony was being held, she wondered where her bags were.

    And she prayed her things would be handled with care.

    "Gosh, I hope they don't break any of my jewelry..."

    Reaching back into her pocket, Clay pulled out a nail file as she continued to roam the school grounds, paying little attention to the people and more to the overall layout of the school...

    And even more attention to her uneven nail beds.
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  4. The sounds of mass movement coaxed her consciousness to the surface, her mind slowly regaining recognition, although quickly enough as her eyes opened.


    Where...am I?

    That's right, the airship. Memories flooded back into their respected places as she gave a jaw-popping yawn, followed by a soft groan as she tried to fight off the grogginess that threatened to return her to sleep. That would be nice, wouldn't it? She was nice and comfortable here, surely they could wait just a bit longer? By that time, the rational parts of her brain had booted up, reminding her that she would surely stand out if she became the girl who overslept on the ship. Reluctant, but without choice, she arose from her seat, but not without taking a moment to rub her face.

    Sluggishly, Tabitha gathered her things and made way out of the airship. There she would be greeted by a bright, sunny day and people...lots and lots of people. Overly cheerful people at that. If she could, she would have groaned loudly with annoyance, but she chose to keep that to herself. In its stead, she busied herself by studying her surroundings and occasionally looking at others like her. To see such joy from those ecstatic and the anxiety of those nervous of their new environment was almost enough to make her envious. Almost.

    "Hello there!" Cried an overly cheerful girl, thrusting a leaflet in her face. "Congratulations on your acceptance of Beacon!" This leaflet contains everything you need to know for your first day. If you need any help, there's a directory station behind that's super helpful!"

    Judging by the stacks of leaflets in her and her tall accomplice's hands, Tabitha figured this girl must have been the welcoming committee. Then she wondered how much longer before the monotony of the task wore down their cheerful smiles. She was almost tempted to stay and watch to see, but it wasn't quite that interesting. Taking a leaflet with a nod, she left the duo and began to wander the grounds, halfheartedly reading the leaflet she had been given, her eyes growing dull halfway down the page as her focus checked out and she retreated into her mind.
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  5. [​IMG]
    raw me a sheep..."

    - Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

    Niyol absolutely lived for good weather. Truly the picture perfect kind of weather - with the sun shining in all the right spots and subtle bits of breeze here and there. And frankly, today of all days, he found himself smiling wide as he greeted the sweet, sweet daytime with open arms. Beacon. It had been quite a stretch to make it into the academy, but alas, Niyol found himself on the tips of his toes and somehow managed to get accepted. The whole process had been nothing short of confusing - Niyol would have gladdy torn out all of his hair to finish it. At the end of the day, however, it had paid up. For him, it was like embarking from home a second time, though thoroughly more pleasant than the last.

    "Granny, thanks for letting me stay here for the past while," he thanked his landlord.

    The Landlord was a stout woman with gray hair and skin that resembled tough leather. Nevertheless, her features were very pleasant, with many year's worth of smiles etched into her cheeks. "Oh, don't you go sayin' stuff like that. Jus' 'cause you're going to some nice school, you think you can go 'head and jus' be as sappy as ya want," she laughed heartily while slapping Niyol's back relentlessly. He laughed along with her, but not without inwardly grimacing at her herculean strength.

    'Old ladies are to be feared. Seriously, I'm almost surprised that I'm going to Beacon and she's not,' he thought. The corners of his smile crinkled as he resisted the urge to bend over from her hits.

    "Don't worry though," she said as her laughter died down. The slaps transformed into a gently, motherly rub. Albeit, her movements were jerky, and her hands bony beyond belief, but they provided a comfort that never grew old for Niyol. "Even if they take in a sap like ya, y'er jus' gonna prove to 'em that even a determined cheesy slip can become some 'un worth while," she said with warm eyes.

    "I will, Granny. I promise," he replied solidly.

    She smirked, finishing off her rub with a pat. "Go get 'em, Nylon. Terrorize all the other 'lil kids with your kitchen knife. Make this landlord proud. Or at least gimme somethin' embarrasin' that I can tell to my smokin' circle," she broke into laughter once again. A familiar sense of annoyance flooded in Niyol's system at her teasing words. "Granny! I'm telling you, Tetraminus isn't a kitchen knife!" he exclaimed, shoving her shoulder playfully. The woman shoved back with equal force. "Ya keep sayin' that, but it sure worked like a fine kitchen knife ta me when I made yer favorite soup," she jabbed. He sighed, rubbing his temples. "And by the way, my name's Niyol. Ni-yol. You'd think that at sixty-two, a grandma would be sane enough to remember a person's name," he retorted. The woman paused in her laughter, her face morphed into a practiced grotesque look. Niyol gulped.

    "Get," she raised her hand. "Yer ass," the hand flew, only a blur to even the most trained eye. "OUTTA HERE!" In one swift movement, she slapped Niyol's poor behind with her bony hand. In response, he jolted up, the impact itself pushing him forward. "Aren't Grannies supposed to be nic-" Another blow to his backside had him heading down the street with his possessions in tow. But as he scampered down the street, the landlord let out one last farewell:

    "Make sure ta come back home sometime, ya rascal!"

    Niyol smiled. He raised his hand in response, before turning the corner, catching a glimpse of the smiling old woman standing on the steps.


    The airship ride was, well, a bit unsettling for Niyol. Actually... It was very, very, very unsettling. For a good portion of the ride, he simply stood propped up against a window, clutching his stomach in fear of turbulence. 'Oh yes, swinging from trees, I can do that. Buildings that are ten stories tall, no problem. Airship? This will be the death of me.' He groaned weakly at the jelly-like feeling that lurched inside his stomach. The ride certainly could have been shorter, but fortunately, the duration of nausea did nothing to stem the great relief that hit him when they landed. 'In the name of all things holy, thank the heavens that I didn't puke.'

    Niyol simply leaped through the crowd as fast as he could. With the airship on the ground, he felt like he had thrice the agility than before. "Hello, 'scuze me, don't mind me, please," he quipped out as he slid in between people. Once he was outside, though, was when reality washed over him. The campus was beautiful. People of every form walked, skirted, or pumped their stride, all carrying various gear and weaponry. It was somewhat overwhelming.

    "Hi there! Welcome to Beacon!" A girl suddenly chirped. Niyol looked at her, still somewhat in a daze. "Here, take this. This leaflet has everything you need to know regarding your first day here. Make sure to follow the schedule to avoid being late to anything, and have a great first day!" Niyol smiled at her and said his thanks, before ushering out to where the crowd had dispersed considerably.

    Slowing down his pace, he flipped open the leaflet and skimmed through its contents. He walked around idly, simply taking in the campus without paying any attention to where exactly he was going. 'I wonder what all these buildings are for... He broke out of his stupor when he heard someone's voice. Up ahead by just a few yards was a girl with long, blonde hair. He only heard a snippet of what she had said, something he deduced to be some verbal thoughts. Niyol internally shrugged. It couldn't hurt to try and get to know someone. He took a few steps. With a relaxed smile, he spoke up.

    "The day, for what?" he asked curiously. He tilted his head forward, a small habit of inquiry.
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  6. Lavand GiasIt was a good thing that Lavand was the only passenger to the Bullhead otherwise he probably would have been prodded awake. He laid sprawled out over several seats in the back of the airship, tossing and turning with each time the aircraft shifted which in short was often. Dressed in casual clothing, his cloak draped over as a makeshift blanket, and his hat pulled down just over his eyes, Lavand slept through the brief flight from Vale to Beacon.

    It was only as the aircraft set down and cut its engines that his eyes opened, albeit slowly as they took in the unfamiliar metal surroundings. Other sounds began to fade as the vehicle powered down and he used that moment to stand, fold his cloak, and gather his belongings. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t even need to stretch despite the nature of Bullhead seats; in that comfort hadn’t been much of a concern taken into consideration with their design. Then again, despite it being his first trip on an aircraft, Lavand had plenty of experience in uncomfortable sleeping positions.

    It took a few more minutes for the pilot to arrive at the storage space that doubled as the passenger cabin and he seemed surprised to see that Lavand was still around. “You lost kid? Handle’s right over there you know?” The man gestured to the lever next to the rear ramp, and Lavand ahed in understanding before he turned around and thanked the pilot for both that and flight over. “No worries, just make sure you do good at Beacon.” With those parting words, the pilot headed back into the cockpit as Lavand gave a tug on the lever and the ramp began to lower with a hiss.

    A few days in Vale had familiarized Lavand with a bit of modern architecture, and he’d even be able to see Beacon from his room in the hotel, but up close the Academy was something else. Impressed whistle aside, he shrugged to readjust the bag he carried before he began to walk forward. The massive Airship he had seen overhead earlier when he boarded the Bullhead had already landed and all sorts of individuals walked off. There seemed to be someone from the Academy to meet the rush of new arrivals, but he had received a few things after enrollment and figured they’d be enough to help direct him for the moment.

    The Academy-given Scroll was fished out and the last few days’ of fiddling about bore fruit. Apps were brought up without much issue and after a glance at the timetable for his first day, Lavand figured a map would be useful for navigation. Surprisingly enough this time around a notice popped up that advised him to take a picture of a landmark and though confused, he brought the Scroll up and took a snap of the Academy’s tower; that certainly stood out enough right? A few moments and a pop-up later and the screen shifted to reveal a map of Beacon Academy, the tower in the center and his position by the Skyport Pier indicated. A curious tap of one of the buildings caused a pop-up with some information to appear and Lavand eyes widened in surprise. “Neat. Technology sure is handy…” he muttered as he began to walk again, glancing between what was ahead and around and the Scroll in hand.
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  7. Hazel Grimhilde


    Today's the day, Hazel thought to herself as she tied back her hair in a ponytail. Certain she wasn't missing any black or blonde strands, she fastened the thick bunch within a black beaded band. She didn't want to look like she was trying too hard for the first day, but first impressions were important and she still wanted to make friends, and that could be difficult when you were like her. Standing back in front of the mirror, she saw exactly what that was.

    Hazel Autumn LaVerne-Grimhilde was built like an amazon. Her weight was proportional with her height, but she'd traded it all in over the last year or two as she prepared for the academy. She'd passed with flying colors on the exam and was easily accepted wherever she desired - that happened when you had both the brains and the family influence to make it happen. Yet, staring at this almost imposing figure, the confident girl deflated some. She was going to be older than most everyone else joining Beacon for their first year alongside her - so not only did she not look like she fit in, there was other, empirical evidence to support the fact. However, that wasn't going to stop her from being one of the greatest huntresses ever seen! She had the brain, now she had the brawn, all she needed? The training. And nothing was going to stop her.

    Her door was cracked open and through it, she could hear stuttered laughter and snorts - her sisters.

    The girl realized she had been striking a pose to boost herself and, more importantly, she'd been caught doing it by the two worst people possible. Her natural pink complexion easily shifted red. "Get out!" she screamed. Shadows shifted, footsteps thundered down the stairs, and from the bottom she heard cackling. Honest to badness cackling. Ugh, why do I have to go to Beacon with those witches?

    Surviving this latest embarrassment would be the first obstacle toward her goal of hunterdom, so she finished getting dressed - thank goodness there were no men in the house, not that there ever were - tightly hooking her corset top into place around her waist and over her unbound chest, snapping the leather bolero and hood across her shoulders. It would leave a very nice shot of her cleavage that maybe did look over the top. Maybe she should've worn something more casual, but go big or go home. Curling the end of her ponytail into one gentle spiral, she threw it back and nodded at her reflection with a whispered, "I'm already big, so I might as well get out of this shithole," only to hear more snickers outside her door. This time, she picked up her journal and blew on one of the pages, a wind picking up and slamming into the wooden barricade, only to bounce off something, hard, and be pushed shut again by the same wind still moving through.

    "You beth!" she heard, mumbled, with satisfaction. The small smirk she afforded herself disappeared as she slid her very ruffled skirt up her thighs and eventually shimmied up around her backside with a grunt. She still had some work to do. She reached for the doorknob, but changed directions abruptly and snatched up something off the dresser, shoving it behind her ear, then turned back to the door for the hundredth time that morning.

    Opening the door, her sisters had encircled each other, one whose face was bent into her palms looking up to show watery blue eyes and a dark red face. The silvery blonde glared at her with a familiar hatred.

    "Really, Is, you should know better than to try the same thing twice." she told her would-be-attacker-turned-victim.

    Their eldest sister, Eris, glared at her, holding the wrists of the youngest, "You probably broke her nose, Zelle. We have to leave in ten minutes."

    Hazel paused for a moment, looking at them over her shoulder and taking note of the work she had done to her younger sister. "You might wanna hurry up, you don't want to be late."

    And with that, she waved tootle-loo and sneered pleasantly to the three. Skipping down the steps, she hummed a gentle little tune, eyes shut with all the folly that comes with pride, nearly running into the hankered statue that was her mother. Curling hair as black as the righthand half of Hazel's own spilled down her back in strict spirals, detained only by the will of the person wearing them, burgundy eyes falling on the girl before her with emotionlessness contradicting the smile of the same shade across her lips. Slightly behind the intimidating figure was a confident girl of chocolate skin and locks, but big, bright green eyes deeper than the Mariana Trench. Ah, that explained where her twin had gone.

    "Rill..." she whispered.

    "Sorry, Zelle." The "but" hung in the air of her open mouth. They weren't really twins, but they had been born the same day by the same father and were the only two to get along in the house. Beryl, however, felt a much greater need to get along with the other sisters and her adopted mother.

    "[BCOLOR=#3b3b3b]There's nothing to be sorry for, Sweet Child[/BCOLOR]," their mother told her, the haughty akimbo stance of the shorter girl shrinking her back to size, "[BCOLOR=#3b3b3b]you've done well to alert me of the situation. You may head out to the car, and take your bags with you.[/BCOLOR]"

    She ducked her head without another glance toward her sister and did as she was told. "Yes, Mama Gothel."

    Hazel looked back into those burgundy eyes and wished she hadn't, a strange and sickly sensation filling her stomach as she did so. "Sorry, mama, it was an accident-"

    "[BCOLOR=#3b3b3b]No.[/BCOLOR]" The response was much gentler than Hazel had anticipated. It made her muscles tense. "[BCOLOR=#3b3b3b]No, it was not.[/BCOLOR]"

    A million thoughts raced through the girl's head, each accompanied by a thousand images, and none of which put her at any ease regarding the situation. The most outstanding of which was a blurred confluence of her hands before her face and a throbbing beneath her eyes with something wet upon her lip - her own rendition of a broken nose, courtesy of her sisters spilling emotions. Even the pictures where she allowed herself to assume the best, that her mother might decide she couldn't have two daughters with broken noses sent to their first day at the academy, only served to make her feel stupid for entertaining them at all. In the heavy silence, she wanted nothing more than to look away, but she refused. She was on her way to become a huntress. She was off to fight Grimm. She would not be terrified by an old woman, let alone her own mother, when nothing had happened at all... at this particular moment in time, that is. Those ten minutes didn't seem long enough now, or maybe it was that they felt too long, afterall, she couldn't really keep track of just how long they stood there staring each other down. The anticipation, more than anything, was killing her.

    Her mother was the first to look away, something drawing her eyes up the stairs. "[BCOLOR=#3b3b3b]No, I think you reacted just as you should have. Sometimes lessons must be taught.[/BCOLOR]" She turned away for the door, immaculate dress hovering just above the floor, never daring to touch the dirt that might be upon it. "[BCOLOR=#3b3b3b]I approve of your standing-up for yourself, Autumn Child; you may yet make a huntress of yourself. However, be careful it does not overwhelm you: a soldier who fails to follow orders is nothing of the sort, but a liability.[/BCOLOR]"

    That vile feeling didn't leave with the woman's exit. Instead, it curdled in her stomach and transmuted into something akin to lead. Twisting to glimpse the top of the stairs, Hazel saw her sisters standing there, Luci petting Is's hair in an attempt to comfort the girl who appeared as if she had been inconsolable, face shining with a multitude of substances, only for someone else to have pressed pause on her life and struck her motionless, staring at the empty space just beyond where Hazel stood herself. Luci shared a look of distress, the only one with two-toned hair like her own, the blonde shaded almost white more like the girl's in her hands. Hazel shut away her semblance as their black-haired sister appeared with a number of briefcases stacked beneath her arms, ushering them all down and out to the car, to a future far, far away from the past they could leave in this house even if only for a year at a time.

    "We will be landing shortly. Please make sure you have collected all of your belongings before departing the vehicle and introduce yourself to the officials awaiting your arrival. You will be directed to the fourier for the Entrance Ceremonies until such time as your teams and rooms are detailed. Enjoy your stay, best wishes throughout your studies, and thank you for choosing Beacon Academy to fill the great duty of becoming a Hunter or Huntress."

    Hazel shook her head, finally coming away from the events at home. She missed all the socializing that could have been had on the ride, but as she and everyone else left their seats to grab their things and exit the craft, the excitement of seeing the academy itself washed over the crowd and distracted her thoroughly. Strangers stared in awe at their new home, talking excitedly to anyone nearby who would listen or might answer. Questions and wonderment was audible despite the actual confusion of the words being said, and Hazel found herself enjoying the upbeat atmosphere surrounding her, feeding her with cheer until, inevitably, a smile overtook her face and a laugh bubbled out from her full lips.

    "Welcome to Beacon," Eris said with a slap to her shoulder, dark hair blowing back into a curl denoting it's natural state, the smile twinkling her eyes just for a moment doing the same of the older girl. "Finally," she added, the wind dying away so it fell straight down either side of her face in an obedient a-line again, practically unmoving as the huntress strut straight up and into the building. Luci and Beryl followed without comment, Hazel and her twin sharing a nod, however, branching off to find their own teammates. Issy didn't so much as pat her shoulder as stampede right through it on her way down the ramp, ignoring the officials and heading inside as well. Hazel considered shouting "good luck" or an apology or something after the blonde but decided it would only give her greater grief sooner or later, so she stepped up to the Hunter handing out pamphlets, unlike the other Grimhilde's.

    "Welcome to Beacon. This brochure contains your schedule for the day. If you need any help, there's a directory station behind me that would be happy to help." He turned to the next student before she could even open her mouth. Hazel nodded a grim thanks and moved on to the directory - it looked like there were quite a few students who weren't sure what to do. At least she wasn't that alone.

    A boy stood there, not really interacting with the desk or anyone at it, but staring at his leaflet. Time to make some friends! she thought.

    "Hi," was her casual opener. "I'm nervous, aren't you? Name's Hazel." Hopefully her outstretched hand wouldn't be as threatening or ridiculous as she suddenly feared it might be.

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  8. [​IMG]

    "Now arriving at beacon. Pleasure ensure you have collected all your baggage from the compartments nearby and exit the craft in an orderly fashion. Have a nice day!" The automated voice of the airship announced to its passengers before setting down and slowly powering down allowing everyone to step off at their own pace. One of these passengers was a girl who seemed to be more buried in her books than the flight itself.

    She looked around seeing everyone leaving the craft before seeing that she had arrived "oh! Guess I got distracted..." She said to herself before slipping on her bag full of her clothes, dust and supplies as she walked down the ramp and off the airship. She was finally here, Beacon academy. She took a deep breath before exhaling and smiling as she walked down the steps and onto the grounds she was now calling her new home. Many new students seemed to be around and those students would most likely become part of a team or her team eventually.

    She walked down the main path adjusting her glasses along the way while being given many many pamphlets about the school and the new schedule she'll be following "hmm...I'll make note of these to be sure" she murmurs to herself as she stashed the schedule neatly into her side pocket on her bag. She looked around deciding to head towards the main hall for today's greetings for the new students.

    As she approached the building she was handed a device by the faculty of the academy. A scroll. She looked at it curiously before she tapped it watching it open and displaying her information "oh wow... That's handy" she smiled watching as the scroll identified with its new owner taking a picture for identification and registering in the academy database. After all that, Connie kept walking before arriving at the entrance ceremony hall. She smiled seeing so many students including the mix of human and faunus as it showed this school wasn't like the others and accepted most everyone! She moved to the side sitting down on a bench as she pulled out her book and started to read until the event started though hoping to meet some new people along the way while everything was being put into motion and place. It truly was exciting to be here and who knows what the future would have in store and bring.
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  9. Rococo Aoki
    So, in the end, he didn’t get in.

    There was a bitter feeling weighing down on his chest, as those that he could consider his friends climbed faster and higher than himself. Arara was already into her second year as a Huntress, while Cororo had graduated already and was beginning his first year as a professional Hunter.

    They were already leagues ahead of him, and now, Rococo couldn’t even follow the same path as them.

    It hurt.

    It hurt quite a lot.

    But that just means that his attempts were lacking.

    If he couldn’t win this time, he’ll win next time.

    He’ll win until the world is forced to acknowledge him, until he can stand on the same level as monsters he thought of as friends.
    Rococo looked at the letter of acceptance he received from Beacon Academy once more, and then crumpled it in his hand. It had flowery words, comforting words, but that was not what he sought. The red-haired youth wanted cutting words that would slice his ego into ribbons. He wanted that letter of acceptance to be a promise of gruelling training that would forge him into an exquisite weapon, capable of cutting down all opposition.
    But that, also, had yet to be granted to him, and, tossing away that letter into the wastebin of the airship, the Hunter-to-be walked down the stairs, exiting the flying vehicle.

    Outside, the sun shone warmly, greeting the freshmen with a radiant, beaming smile. Senior students appeared to be handing out leaflets that provided the type of information that he had already received a week back in an email from Beacon’s Student Support team. The amount of students actually taking the leaflets like it was something important irritated him. Sure, it was acceptable that a few of them may have forgotten their phones or whatever, but really? None of them kept an offline electronic copy of the email that detailed a plethora of important details for the first week or so at Beacon?

    Then again, that was to be expected of a school like this.

    Rococo furrowed his brows, his blue eyes smouldering as he walked past those vacuous adolescents, until his ears caught a particularly cringe-worthy question.

    “The day of the entrance ceremony,” he muttered as he passed by a particular thick-skulled male.

    If that was the pony-tailed boy’s way of picking up chicks, then so be it, but geez, was it obnoxious.
  10. Marigold Patel

    "Don't forget your bag, cellphone, and definitely not your weapon." Marigold's mom yelled at her. Her mom was always a worry wart and wanted her child to be safe as possible. Sending her child into danger wasn't something she approved of, but her daughter wanted to. "Now, double check!" Her mom ordered.

    "WHY?" Marigold whined, but that only received an evil look from her mother. "Fine..." She grumbled as she went to check. After she finished checking, she realized she forgot her pajamas in her bag. "I FORGOT MY PAJAMAS!" Marigold yelled as she started to cry, but her mom was already prepared because she had her pajamas in front of her. "Mommy is always right." Her mother said as she handed it to her.

    After putting the pajamas in her bag, it was time for Marigold to leave. "Bye, Mommy. Love you!." Marigold yelled as she walked off from the house.


    Marigold was on the airship bouncing her legs back and forth. She couldn't wait to get off the ship. She wanted to explore, destroy, and run. As soon as the airship landed, she rushed off with her bag in hand and weapon on her back. She didn't manage to be the first one off due to others being taller than her and easily overpowering her. "Stupid tall people. I will one day be taller than you. Just wait!" She said a bit louder than intended.

    Marigold finally got off. One of the older students offered her a pamphlet. Knowing Marigold, she took it with pride since she was excited to be in Beacon. She held it in her hand as she made her way to the auditorium. Clearly, she had no clue where the auditorium was, It was in the email sent, but Marigold didn't exactly read it. To solve the problem, she just ended up following people. Hopefully, her large smile was big enough to show that she wasn't clueless.

  11. Prussian Gerhardt

    Combat Outfit (open)

    Sitting in the back of one of the first transports to arrive Prussian had kept himself busy by shooing those away that saw his combat uniform. It was a tell tale sign of his origins and of who his parents were. It was both a tragic reminder and a notification to everyone who knew who he was. Everything had been working like clock work for him until a girl walked up and nearly tugged his backpack out of his hands. A glare met the woman that could rip the paint off a submerged submarine and caused her to drop the bag and walk away. He then noticed the slight glow around his body of what looked to be almost chain like connections making him sigh. It wasn't the eyes entirely that made her turn tail and run but a combination of his Aura and eye contact.

    The trip continued unhindered and they soon arrived at Beacon itself. Not having moved what so ever for the entire trip excluding the incident with the girl made everyone looking over at him as he suddenly stood up as they docked. Being in his full combat uniform he seemed to stand out slightly as parts of the fabric seemed to jolt and glow ever so slightly. The people in the transport backed up at one large spark which shot down into the ground him his hand. He chuckled "Not to worry... moving through the air and passing that storm... means I've gathered more than my fair share of energy." He noted before stepping outside and with each step dissipated some of it safely into the ground. Finally he looked up and was slightly taken back by the majesty of everything around him "Ahh, so, this is where they both went..." He mumbled out before sighing and pressing forward.

    Leaving the outside grounds alone he made his way into an area holding the directory. Not giving much of a thought to all of those around him he simply strode up to the directory and received a copy of the schedule which was one thing he had forgotten to get for himself when he left his home. But, luckily enough for him he had a way of getting on which he was receiving right now. Now knowing what was happening when and where he turned and nearly ran into a ground of people not paying attention to where they were going. He slid his way through them before moving towards the main grounds once more. Upon realizing what time it was he turned and nearly fell due to the weight of his backpack. Taking another step he tumbled to the side and let out a groan before sitting up and thinking of how to get back up once more.

    Sure, he was strong but carrying around what was in the backpack was something that put even his physique to the test on a daily basis. This trial of walking without falling was one that would make his back as strong as a god. Finally rolling onto his stomach he managed to get to his feet and continued walking like nothing ever happened to the information desk. He just stood there getting his barrings back before a girl approaching him and began to speak to him. He simply looked up and smiled "Hello, as for being nervous? Not entirely... I have my father and my mothers life work with me... Compliments of Helios Industries." He said motioning to the backpack that looked just like a backpack "Trust me, the only thing I am worried about is it not working." Prussian finished.

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  12. [​IMG]
    Lea looked up as a voice pulled her from her thoughts, causing her to once again raise a hand to block against the sunlight that shone from behind the academy, casting shadows across the grounds. The architecture of the academy was amazing and it caused one to wonder how such a place came to be and who had worked on it's design. "Oh, uhh... it was nothing, just... talking to myself" she said sheepishly before she stood up. She appeared to be only a little bit taller than the boy, though it'd be hard to tell unless they stood back to back. The boy had a pony tail and a peculiar look about him, though he seemed friendly and so she returned the smile in kind.

    After an awkward moment she decided to introduce herself, "It's nice to meet you, my name is Magnolia Cadenza, but people tend to just call me Lea" she said before noticing another boy who walked by looking to be in a bad mood. She blinked at what he'd said but paid it no further mind as she returned her attention back to the boy. She couldn't say she'd met many guys who chose to wear their hair in a pony tail, but then the look appeared to suit him well. She was also curious to what kind of weapon he chose to wield, which reminded her of her own which is why she pulled it closer to her back via the red strap wrapped around her arm, ensuring it didn't clip the wall.

  13. [​IMG]

    "Ugh, seriously? I go one day without filing my nails and they are this uneven? Geez... stupid genes. Why can't I just have normal nails and normal ears and a normal-- hey wait!"

    Clay had been busy just roaming around, pouting and ranting to herself about little things, when she finally noticed some things about some of the students. They had some kind of device and seemed to be using it to find their way around. How had she been so oblivious as to forget to pick one up. Approaching a random person, she tapped their shoulder, asking them where they got the device. She pretended not to notice the guy staring wide eyed at her for a moment, as if he hadn't seen a faunus girl like her ever in his life.

    "Excuse me, I asked you a question. I dont think the answer is gonna come out of my ears, do you?" she asked, sounding a tad bit irritated as she looked up at the guy. The boy flushed and rubbed the back of his head.

    "Oh uh, sorry. You mean this thing right? It's called a Scroll." he asked, holding up the device.

    "Yeah that's the one. Where did you get it?" Clay asked, putting her nail file back into her pocket and placing a hand on her hip.

    "Well, some people got it at different times, there are two people over there handing them out with fliers to help find your way around." he said, turning and pointing at a pair who were passing out fliers.

    "Oh!" she giggled. "I can't believe I forgot about that. Well, thank you." she said, turning and waving over her shoulder as she made her way towards the helpful pair. After getting the flier and scroll from the helpful pair that seemed a bit too excited, she ended up following the mass of people who were going into a pretty big hall. Seemed like everyone was gathering there, so she followed, hanging around at the back since she wasn't sure where to stand.

    Seeing a girl sitting alone on a bench, she casually went over and tapped the girls shoulder. "Uhm... excuse me, this seat taken or what?" she asked, hoping there wasn't anyone she was reserving the seat for.
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  14. Hazel Grimhilde


    "Hello," he replied, breathily, shaking his head so that the sun caught shades of blue throughout his dark locks. "As for being nervous? Not entirely... I have my father and my mothers life work with me... Compliments of Helios Industries." She noticed the backpack for the first time slung over the shoulder of his detailed jacket and wondered how such a thing could be possible. That backpack was of notable size and his suit stood out. "Trust me, the only thing I am worried about is it not working."

    Hazel laughed along - at least she hoped it was joke.

    "That seems like a pretty big something to be worried about. You're a Helios, huh? I'll file that away in "information that could be of some use, but not necessarily". What should I call you? Wait."

    Her memory was working now that she put it into use and she recalled something about the company in an article recently, specifically noting the only son of the tech mogul and his recent acceptance to Beacon Academy. "It's not Prussian, is it? I think I read something about the Gerhardts' a little while ago when..." she trailed off. Her memory might've been working, but that didn't equate the same thing as her brain. She was a Grimhilde, who weren't exactly the greatest proponents of the Helios company, and running in the same circles meant it was pretty well known that this was the circumstance. Maybe letting him know that was the case wasn't the best idea, so she paused to figure out how she wanted to continue the conversation only to realize exactly how she left it, and her brain started catching up with her, if that's what one could call it, then she looked up.

    His blue eyes were blank. Hazel wasn't sure why, but that blank expression, like the rest of him, was notable. She wasn't one to care about these things, material, but she wasn't dense either, so this introduction was best described as impressive. He nodded in confirmation and the wind took that moment to crawl up her spine. Gooseflesh broke-out across her body and the shiver quirked her mouth into an awkward smile that she couldn't imagine being described as impressive - unless it was in the worst sense possible. Whipping her hand behind her head, she scratched at a spot alongside her ponytail, emitting a laugh that she hoped didn't come across as too girly or ditzy, since that was how she felt, to cover up the sudden reaction. "Sorry, you probably hear what people say all the time, you don't need to hear it from me. I think the backpack's pretty cool, though you probably know that, too, even if it looks a bit heavy. Anyway, I'm, uh, I'm Hazel, obviously, I said that, but you can call me Haze or Zelle, if you like - it's nice to meet you, Prussian! Should I call you Pru or Sian or something, or just Prussian?"

    Oh god, what was happening to her? Did she just start rambling? This was going to be harder than she thought. She sighed, "Heh. Told you I was nervous."

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  15. @Shadowy


    Connie kept on reading getting near the end of a chapter. The next time she looked up she would find that many more people had entered the hall. Good thing she had found a seat before the crowds came in. "Yikes. Guess I'm lucky..." She smiles as she closes her large book with a loud smack before she felt a tap to her shoulder.

    Connie would look to the side of her before spotting another student asking her about her currently unoccupied seat. She set her book aside and smiled budging up a little making sure the girl had plenty of room to sit "I think you've got the last seat in the house!" She chuckles and smiles looking over the student beside her seeing she was a faunus! Connie herself thought nothing about the rumours spread by others about the Faunus. Just because some work for their own ways doesn't mean they are all bad!

    "Hmm...seems you've acquired a paper cut from that little pamphlet of yours" Connie said sliding a packaged sticky little bandage to her new friend and smiled "sorry if this seems odd. It's just my little sense of mine" the pink haired girl giggled softly before extending her hand in greeting "Connie Magenta. Medical huntress in training. A pleasure to meet you!" She said cheerfully and calmly as to not appear as too excited or drive the student away from the seat beside her.
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  16. [​IMG]
    ou can see for yourself... That's not a sheep, its a ram. It has horns..."

    - Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

    Niyol turned around swiftly at the sound of another's voice. The owner of said voice was a tall male, with rather intense blue eyes, and an... Interesting(?) hair style. Or at the very least, it appeared to be museum-worthy. He certainly seemed a bit rough at the edges and even at first glance, he appeared to be quite stocky - no doubt, a sign of physical aptitude. In his head, Niyol imagined him to be the type of person to initiate an arm wrestling match... And win, too. But, at the same time, he wasn't much on judging based on first looks. After all, many book covers simply didn't do much justice to their contents. He contemplated saying something to the retreating figure, but ended up pursing his lips and keeping his mouth shut. Since they went to Beacon, he figured that it wouldn't be uncommon to meet them again at a different time.

    Shaking off his thoughts, he turned back around to regard the girl. "Magnolia, huh?" Niyol mused. Once she was faced towards him, he noted a lot of the smaller details about her. Standing, they seemed about the same height, though he couldn't really discern that exactly. Her blue eyes complimented her well, in his opinion. "Nice to meet you Lea, I'm Niyol. Niyol Tate," he said amiably. "Seems like there's an interesting crop of people here at Beacon, huh? I didn't actually realize how many people there actually were until I actually got off the airship," he commented.

    'Well, that's also kinda because I was glued to a window sick, but... Nothing to it, right?' he internally shrugged.

    Niyol's curiosity was peaked when he noticed Lea move the strap that rested against her arm. Following the strap, his eyes rested on the guitar-like shape at the end. It certainly didn't appear like any old acoustic guitar, more like some electric hybrid. It had a sleek, white body and gave off a sort of modern vibe. Granted, his knowledge of guitars was rather limited, so it was hard to really make out any details.

    "Is that a guitar?" he asked, pointing at it.
    [​IMG] [​
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  17. [​IMG]

    Lea smiled and extended her arm to shake Niyol's hand as she replied with a polite "Likewise", giving a nod as Niyol continued and spoke of the other students that were arriving from the airships, "It's nice to see that there are others willing to join this line of work to help those who need it" she replied, "It just goes to show that bravery walks in all paths of life from many different backgrounds" she said with a slight amount of optimism. Her words were soft, refined yet befitting a girl of her age, although they would convey a degree of wisdom seen in years beyond her own. She turned to look into the crowds as she spoke, allowing her eyes to linger on the many different people that flocked through towards the main entrance hall. She made sure to keep an eye on the time as to not be late to the ceremony, returning her attention to Niyol as he pointed at her weapon. She gave a small smile as she brought it around in front of her, looking upon it fondly like one would with a treasured photograph or heirloom.

    "It's kind of like a guitar I suppose" she began as she held it in front of her, the light glinting off it's surface. "It's my weapon, I call it Deaths Crescendo" she said before she shouldered the guitar, which might have looked strange at first before the weapon transformed into a rifle. The neck remained mostly the same apart from the end splitting to reveal the barrel, but the larger bottom half began to shift and shape till the top edge moved out to reveal a scope while the bottom edge moved up into the guitar, a trigger extending for her to grip. The length of the instrument almost exceeded her height and the bulk of it suggested it was heavy, however it was surprisingly light considering the tough alloy used in it's creation. "It has two other forms, though I think it'd be best I didn't show them here. You know... for safety reasons" she said before the weapon quickly transformed back into it's docile form. "It can play music too" she said with a small shrug before holding it out for Niyol to inspect for himself.

    She didn't worry much about him dropping it. It'd take nothing short of a bomb to detonate next to it, causing a building to come down on top of it to even dent it. "So, if you don't mind me asking, what do you play?" she said, obviously asking about what he used for a weapon with a light joke. She was always interested to see what other aspiring hunters and huntresses used to fight with, finding their use of creativity and ingenuity to be fascinating, especially when some of the weapons she'd seen looked so trivial before latter becoming some of the most brutal looking weapons she'd ever seen. She vaguely recalled a weapon she'd seen where a basketball transformed into some kind of metal ball with spikes that could be manipulated via the hunters glove. An impressive design and it had devastating results from what she'd seen during the demonstration, but in any case it left an impression on her that she wouldn't soon forget; that the most trivial of things could often be the most powerful.
  18. Prussian Gerhardtd

    Standing almost completely still in a stance that seemed more akin to a military rest than a civilian standing still he simply nodded as she spoke before she began to laugh. His right eye brow raised up and he simply smirked "Well then, I guess it is a very interesting backpack... But, as with most objects people around here carry.. it is not what it seems in the slightest. What I carry is exactly that... unknown and it will make its debut here.." He said before watching her continue her ramble. "Well, you can call me Machina or Krieg which is what I am known as in the company itself." He noted before turning around and looking out across the area in which they stood. Taking it all in he turned back to her "Hazel is fine enough for me. Also, there is no need to be nervous.." He said before leaning towards her.

    Near her face he smirked with a face that could only be described as a high class deviousness. "That comes later my dear.. Soon when the entrance ceremony is over.. Nervous shall come." He said before leaning back to his regular standing motion like nothing happened. He brushed himself off and looked back at her. "Well, I think its best if we make our way to the Auditorium" Prussian finished before turning and beginning to walk towards the Auditorium. Once inside he made his way to an area with two open seats and sat down. Unsure if the girl had followed him or not he decided it was best to leave a spot for her regardless. Sitting forward he moved his backpack into his lap and began to tinker with it. Opening one of the pockets he pulled out a small wrench and set it in his lap before zipping it up.

    Opening the main area of the backpack up he shoved his entire hand into it before beginning to turn something inside of the backpack. The noise of a metal on metal contact could be heard before a curse in another language escapes Prussian's lips. Hit punched the side of the backpack making part of his combat uniform glow brighter. A long static arc shot from his hand into the side of the bag making the person int he seat next to him nearly jump back thinking the back was going to explode. Prussian looked over and almost growled "Worry about yourself." He grumbled before going back obviously getting into what he was working on.

  19. The architecture was impressive, sure. It was quite obvious that for such a renown academy, they would spend the big bucks on it. While it was definitely up there on the list, Tabitha felt that it probably wasn't the best she'd ever seen. Her gaze shifted, briefly focusing on some of the other new students here to get a grasp on just who she would spending her time with. Despite their flashy attire and weapons used to compensate for the insecurities, she could probably guess the life stories of a majority of them: "I wanna make a difference!", "I wanna be famous, and rich!", "I'm following the steps of some relative!", and the ever popular, "I have a tragic past! See how cool and brooding I am?!". Or something like those. While it would be hypocritical to say she was any different, Tabitha chose to ignore that thought.

    Feeling that she had probably spent enough time looking around, she refocused her attention on the reading material she had been given earlier. Glancing from the scroll to the major blockage leading to one building in particular, she could only imagine that that was her destination. Allowing herself to give a tiny sigh, Tabitha gathered her messenger and duffel bags and made her way towards the chaos, preparing to swear vengeance on all those who so much as brushed against her. Little did she know that the amount she would have to avenge herself against would fill at least a few dozen epic tales.

    Eventually, the ordeal had passed , and despite her outward composure remaining dull and indifferent, Tabitha was rightly pissed. At the very least, it was done. All she had to do now was try and find a seat with some room and wait out the entrance ceremony.
  20. [​IMG]

    Without stopping, he passed by the couple, walking towards the direction of the auditorium. He had already taken a student-guided tour of the Academy a month past, and despite how Beacon’s training facilities and architecture were a step above other schools of its calibre, it was nothing that he needed to gawk over. There was, what, twenty minutes until the entrance ceremony? Hardly worth the effort to explore the school further then. As the crowds of fresh-faced special snowflakes, Rococo couldn’t help but narrow his eyes at the ratio of humans to faunus, before taking in a deep breath and closing his eyes. When he opened them once more, he placed those inhuman beasts out of his mind and sped up his walking pace.

    If those of Beacon were anything like he expected, the backrow seats would be filled up quickly, as they were prime seats for those who didn’t actually want to pretend like they were listening to the Headmaster’s speech. And, even though first impressions were important…Rococo really wasn’t in the mood for any more sugar-speech. He pushed past the crowds and almost ran over a raven-haired girl along the way, only barely managing to evade her petite form on his way to the backrow seats. A quick ‘sorry’ was passed (because a human deserved at least that much), before he hopped into the center back row, snug between some slacker brat too busy twiddling on his phone to pay much attention to anything else.

    By association, this was terrible for a first impression…but first impressions didn’t matter until he could show off his combat skills, so until then, Rococo wasn’t inclined to car. He made himself at home, hovering just a single inch above the plush seat in order to do some isometric exercise. Some sweating should be able to burn away the frustration mounting in his forehead, at least.

    Or maybe the amount of positive bullshit the Headmaster was going to toss in their direction would cause him to explode instead.
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