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  1. So the first episode of Volume 2 is out. While the plot continues to thicken like left out cooking oil, I've been wanting to explore a bit more of the origins of the world of RWBY. Mainly that of Ozpin, the spectacled headmaster of Beacon. While anything about him remains mostly unknown, would you care to join me in creating some fanon about his past?

    I have this in mind:

    Some years before the current events of RWBY, before succeeding the position of Headmaster, Ozpin was a youthful and well-reserved teacher who saved the city of Vale--after nearly destroying it. A secret project was under development, jointly funded and produced by the Schnee Dust Company and the Executive Committee of Beacon Academy. The goal was to create an elite army of Huntsmen and Huntresses, infused with the destructive powers of Dust and the frightening capabilities of the Grimm. After several failed experiments, a small team survived and Ozpin was assigned to personally train and nurture them.

    Players will get to assume the roles of these characters, members of the special op team codenamed The Shades of Black.

    Well, that's just about what I have.
  2. That sounds like a fun idea. I'm a huge fan of RWBY and was just thinking about starting up on my self. So count me interested.
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  3. Oh, Vegnya, You didn't tell me you started the thread yet D:
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  4. I am down for this! Color me interested.
  5. Wait, how many people did you want?
  6. As soon as I read the this thread I have been putting together weapon combos, now all I need is a blank CS.

  7. About 3 or four to start with. It's a unit made of huntsmen and huntresses who have survived raw Dust exposure and infusion with Grimm DNA, so while small it gives many others the opportunity to join.

    Here is something you can work on:

    Character Name:
    (Accepting from 13-18 only; yes CHILD experiments)
    (Images are acceptable, provided a worded description is also available upon review)

    Weapon: (Either issued by Ozpin or built by your own hands)

    Semblance: (An often supernatural or superhuman ability unique to every Huntsman and Huntress)

    Corruption: (Another type of semblance obtained as result of experimentation infusing the human anatomy with raw Dust and Grimm DNA. The ability itself must deform or corrupt any aspect of your character, whether it be a physical distortion of the human anatomy, e.g. glowing red and skin turning leather black, or an obvious change in mood and personality, e.g displaying psychotic and feral behavior.)

    **Note that Personality and History are not required. I've always believed these things are best witnessed and revealed in-character.
  8. Username: Razilin

    Character Name: Teal

    Age: 18

    Gender/Sex: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Weapon: Broken Bandit, a pair of gauntlets that have spring-loaded blades and, as a secondary weapon, launch missiles (Hidden Blade-Rocket Launcher combo).

    Semblance: Imperviousness. His skin is nearly unbreakable, making most penetrating or lacerating injuries useless. He is resistant to burns of chemical, electrical, or flammable origin. However, his imperviousness does nothing to prevent blunt force trauma or the sheer impact of most attacks.

    Corruption: Glowing veins. Each time he uses his powers or is in an emotionally charged situation (such as combat), his veins glow a bright teal color, making it very easy to spot him and effectively reducing his ability to be stealthy.
  9. Username: TheGDeer

    Character Name: Slate Bjorn


    Gender/Sex: Male

    Appearance: 6’1 and 215lb pounds, Slate is built of pure muscle making him extremely large for his age. He has crew cut black hair and is clean shaven with dark blue eyes. Because he loves to show off his physique, he often wears no shirt with the only upper body covering being bandoliers and heavy metal bracers on his wrist. He wears heavy boots where he usually keeps Bite and camo cargo pants, also covered in more bandoliers.

    Weapon: Gnash- A Zweihänder with an extremely thick blade, doubles as a gatling gun.
    Bite- A foot long knife doubling as a six shot revolver.

    Semblance: Improved Strength- Is able to lift objects around twice his size.

    Corruption: Anger issues- Often prone to fits of rage, can be uncontrollable during battle when adrenaline runs high.
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  10. Username: Urdnot Grunt

    Character Name: Jon Zji

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male



    Weapons: Katana/Sheath. (Basically Adam's weapon) The sheath is a shotgun, trigger is near the opening where the hilt guard is.

    Semblance: "Energy" He can send shockwaves of energy by gathering it against his blade and swing forward. He could also just keep the energy around the blade to improve its cutting ability.

    Corruption: His hair and eyes are pure red, and every time he uses his ability the mark on his neck begins to grow. It travels down his chest and across his face. The mark begins to burn as well, the mark does revert back to its smaller form the longer he doesn't use his abilities.
  11. ACTUAL sign up thread to be put up later this week. -_-
  12. But look at the enthusiasm! You just got a battery of CS's
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