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  1. In the region of Vale lies a school called Beacon Academy. In Beacon, students are trained to become Hunters and Huntresses. It is said to be the best school for the sort of job. Turned into fighting machines they are tasked with protecting the world from evil. However what you do after Beacon is up to you.....well it doesn't really matter for now since you're just a first year student.
    1. No Godmodding.
    2. Romance is allowed but any 18+ you will have to take to PM.
    3. You can play as either canon or OC.
    4. If you want to quit or are going away for a while let me know.
    Character Sheet
    Age: (Everyone is 17.)​
    Theme (optional):​
    Name: Genya Suzuki

    Age: 17

    Appearance: He pretty much looks like this guy but his hair is a little bit longer plus it's grey, he doesn't have any guns and his jacket is grey and black instead of blue and red.

    Color: Grey

    Weapon: A long medium sized sword named Slayer. He mostly uses it for ariel fighting but it's good for ground combat too of course. It can also be morphed into a chain whip letting Genya grapple onto things or onto monsters. There's also a small hole on the left side of the swords grip where Genya can insert capsules of dust which of course have different effects.

    Personality: Genya can sometimes come off as a complete asshole towards people. He acts cocky, says what's on his mind, and can be a real smartass. Deep down though he's pretty nice guy once you get to know him....well that's if you don't annoy him.

    Theme: Here.

    Name: Phacia Rene

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Here.

    Color: Purple

    Weapon: The Bow Blade. It's pretty much like an bow and arrow which she use for long range attacks. However the edges of the bow are blades which she used for close encounter fighting. The blades and also extend giving her more range when fighting close. Each individual arrow she has is laced with some kind of dust weather it be fire, ice or lightning. Of course she has just regular arrows to show off her aiming skills.

    Personality: Phacia comes very timed and shy at first. Once she feels comfortable around people she becomes more open minded and cheerful.

  2. Name:
    Refer to attached picture.
    Her weapon is a single ribbon fabricated of the thinnest steel thread. The edges of said ribbon are very, very sharp. Each end of the ribbon is weighted down by a singular, steel ball which allows Blane to cast out the ribbon, and ensnare any who are unfortunate enough to be caught in it. There is another part to her weapon, a small, metal "Y" shaped rod that is really only used for when Blane has to fight with range. Her ribbon is able to fold, and is surprisingly elastic. Hooking it to the "Y" shaped rod, her weapon then becomes a sort of sling shot. Each steel ball at the end of the ribbon are able to be removed. They are also able to be filled with dust causing each projectile to have different effects when it hits the target.
    Blane is a rather quiet person, and prefers to stick by herself. Unfortunately, with the irritating team specifications of Beacon, she cant exactly do so. She likes to keep herself, and her past a bit of a mystery, and will continue to do so even when the term "friends" is tossed about. There are entirely too many secrets, and skeletons in her closet to just let anyone in. Even if she has become close to a single person. She chooses to keep herself secluded from others because she isnt only dangerous to the monsters the students of Beacon are fighting, but she is a danger to any friends she may make. Especially if her darker side comes out. She is a Lone wolf, as much of Beacon has deemed her, and she lives up to the name quite well. A fierce student, and combatant even though her weapon, and even her quiet, and reserved personality is seen as somewhat odd.
    Theme (optional):

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  3. Name: Soriku​
    Age: 17​
    Show Spoiler
    Color: Green​
    Weapon: The claws he's holding but they can also be used as grenade launchers​
    Personality: Soriku tends to be the hot headed kind of guy and likes to a make a nuisance out of himself to make others lives difficult. He can be nice if he chooses to be but other than that he's usually quiet and keeps to himself whenever he isn't giving others a hard time.​
  4. Name: Nolan Veel​
    Age: 17​
    Appearance (open)
    Color: Dark red​
    Weapon Appearance (open)
    Weapon Description (open)

    Nolan was inspired to make a custom weapon by a game and crafted it with similar abilities and his own touch.​
    His weapon has many build in gadgets which make it unique. The currently known are:​
    -Mode Change-​
    The "Keyblade" has 7 forms that can be used at will as long as the Core is active. Each mode can be used only for limited times since the Core overheats over time.​
    When the core overheats, the Keyblade returns to it's Standard mode and will not be able to change it's mode until the Core Cooled down.​
    -Standard Mode​
    A double edged sword. It may not seem special, but by holding it with even one arm it can deal quite some damage. When wielding it with two arms, even boulders can be cut/broken in two.​
    -Combat Mode​
    The sword splits into 2 one edged twin blades. More attack speed for the cost of striking power. Does not affect the core much.​
    -Assault mode​
    The sword splits into 2 Twin guns which allow rapid fire. Each shot heats the core a little.​
    -Fatal Mode​
    The Tip of the sword reveals a cannon, which deals damage with projectiles made of heat and pressure. The damage increases with the time that was used to charge it, and so does the heat of the core.​
    -Relentless Mode​
    The sword splits into 2 separate weapons. A Short saber and a Blaster which enables Charged shots. While the saber uses constantly energy, the cannon does only when used.​
    -Chaotic Mode​
    The energy core overloads itself and creates 5 energy blades at the head of the blade which increase range and make blocking more difficult. While swinging, it leaves afterimages of itself. Overheats the Core quicker then the other modes.​
    -Hunter Mode​
    The Sword turns into a bow by splitting itself all the way but the bottom. It fires piercing arrows (not explosives) with a great range.​
    This weapon is able to teleport back to Nolan by using it's core and a small ranged Targeting system that only locks on Nolan.​
    -Lockpick system-​
    The tip of the sword has a build in "Wireless Hacking System" (Or WHS for short) and a automatic lock pick.​

    Personlity: Nolan is usually calm and reserved, but when he gets into the mood he turns into a hot head.​
    In his non-fighting time, he is generous and likes to talk with others, train his body, mess with random mechanics that he finds and relax from time to time.​
    Since he has not much experience, he lacks the knowledge of actual battles, but he does know that killing is unavoidable sometimes.​
    Theme (optional):​
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  5. Is this charrie acceptable?

    Name: Lusala Hari
    Age: 17
    Color: Brown (No, I'm not being racist. I just don't think the colours white or yellow really suit her... and there aren't many others left. Please tell me if you have a better colour! :))
    Weapon: She use two long whips, with detachable blades on the end. She has different blades she can attach to the ends for different purposes (ie. A hook for grabbing, and a needle shaped blade for poison injecting). The whips are best used at long and mid-range. If she has to fight close range, she will only use one whip. One of her favorite ways to use her whips, is to tie/trip people up with them. Since the whips are very strong, she can also use the whips for swinging/climbing.
    Personality: Lusala is not somebody to mess with. She doesn't have a short temper: she just gets angry at anything straight away. Even accidentally bumping into her can add you to her hate list. While she is harsh to just about every-one she meets, she is brave, and is not scared enough to back down from anything. Sure, she's stubborn, but you wouldn't be arguing with her in the first place. Anyway, you could interpret it as 'determined' instead. She enjoys seeing pain on the enemies face, and can get carried away in her attacks. Despite this, she has a passion for bringing 'justice'. If you even think of doing something wrong, she'll be at you before you can blink. As for her attitude for her team mates...well she puts up with them as she can at least see why they're necessary. And she's surprisingly loyal. Even if she acts a bit hostile towards her team, she wouldn't let any harm come to them really.
    Theme (optional):
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  6. Your character is fine E-Claire. They all are. I'll have the IC thread up later today.
  7. :D Great, excited for the IC to come up!
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  8. Hey, just wondering, shall our charries be in the same teams?
  9. Still accepting chars?
  10. Yeah I'm still accepting characters.
  11. Name: Tevik Syrin​
    Age: 17​
    Show Spoiler
    Color: White​
    Weapon: Gunstaff. This staff has barrels at both ends capable of firing large rounds. He can also separate the staff into two fighting baton/guns. His main strategy is to utilize the shots to propel his attacks for maximum damage. He dislikes conflict and is more likely to run away. But when pushed he will try to end it was quickly and efficiently as possible.​
    Personality: Tevik is extremely shy, constantly avoiding people like the plague. He enjoys cute things like small animals. He just loves taking naps in the oddest places. At times he can be quite bold, but only if he is pushed towards something he believes in. People often remark on the his strange ways of thinking and even stranger questions. His mind is always spinning in weird ways. Tevik's persistence in doing what he considers to be worthwhile is a funny and oddly refreshing sight. Trying to make a flower grow faster by singing to it every day would be one of these things.​
    Theme (optional): Yield
  12. Unfortunately due to real life issues that are going on right now I'm afraid I have to drop from this roleplay. That doesn't mean it has to die though. If any of you want to take this roleplay over let me know.
  13. I really want this RP to continue, so I'll take it over if nobody else will. I say if nobody else will, as I've never seen the series.
  14. I'll gladly take it over if no one else will. I've been up to date with the series so far but if anyone has ideas to keep this afloat go ahead and take over or it can even be a co-gm thing for it.
  15. Im so sorry ive been gone for so long. I dont have internet at my house till next month, and im kidnapping my Gran's net while I can ):
  16. Soriku I'm happy for you to take over it, but if you ever need some help, I'll become a co-GM!
  17. I'd be thankful if you did E-Claire. Also guys you don't have to stop posting just cause the GM has changed. I'd like it if it can still continue.
  18. Ok then, I'll help you co-GM. And I haven't posted as I felt it would be strange for my charrie to just walk off after saying boo, sorry!
  19. Turns out i am the impatient type. If you wish to give this rp a new try, with a new gm, feel free to click this.
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