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  1. [BCOLOR=#999999]RWBY.[/BCOLOR]


    Welcome to Beacon!

    Students with the aspiration to become Hunters, whose duty is to keep the peace within the world, strive to attend Beacon. In order to be accepted into Beacon, students typically go to special schools in order to be trained in combat to prepare for the Academy's rigorous entrance exam or be invited to the school after showing exceptional skill. However, the combat schools do not seem to be technically required, as some invitees are talented enough to pass the exam immediately. The general age limit to apply to Beacon is around 17.

    After being accepted into Beacon, new students have to go through an initiation, where they will be placed into teams after its completion.

    The curriculum also appears to be rigorous and dangerous, as there is the possibility of death, even during initiation.


    Dress Code.

    All students are required to wear a uniform. The males wear black suits lined with gold, accompanied by a blue vest and a white shirt with a red tie. The females wear long stockings- an optional component; a red plaid skirt, and a brown jacket with a tan vest and white shirt.


    Students are allowed to customize their attire as LONG as they wear the basic uniform.

    Beacon Initiation.

    You will head north to an abandoned temple to find and return one of the relics. These relics are newly chosen by the headmaster himself for the test each year. Students will be watched by staff members, but that those watching them wouldn't help, because their job is simply to observe.

    The students will launched one at a time into the Emerald Forest, using their own landing strategy to land safely. Upon landing in the forest, each student will eventually find a partner either on purpose or by accident and the duos will start making their way to the temple. Along the way, the students may faced with attacks from different types of Grimm all over the forest. While some may manage to beat their enemies, others may fail and will be forced to retreat.

    Through the initiation, the students are put into teams comprised of four students each, who are formed based on the two pairs that took the same relics, with both pairs taking the white knight piece, or any other pair.


    (( Please ignore Yang and Blake. ))

    The City Of Vale.


    The cityscape of Vale seems to have a type of build similar to modern cities like New York and San Francisco. However, Vale appears to have very narrow roads, suggesting that the city is old enough to formerly have traditional roads.

    It is divided into multiple sectors, having an upper-class district, a commercial district, an industrial district, an agricultural district and a residential district.

    Vale has a large port area where passenger and cargo ships dock. The cargo docks include large-scale container handling facilities, indicating that the port handles large quantities of goods on a frequent basis. This is shown to include very large quantities of Dust, shipping in from overseas locations such as Atlas.

    To the southeast lies an area teaming with wild forests and deep caves, but is also known to contain the ruins of Mountain Glenn, a failed attempt by the kingdom to extend the city's borders. The location was eventually overrun by Grimm and had to be fenced off from the rest of the city.


    Ruby Rose. Weiss Schnee. Blake Belladonna. Yang Xiao Long.


    Jaune Arc. Nora Valkyrie Pyrrha Nikos. Lie Ren.


    Cardin Winchester. Russel Thrush. Dove Bronzewing. Sky Lark.


    Coco. Fox. Velvet Scarlatina. Yatsuhashi.


    Sun Wukong. Scarlet. Sage. Neptune Vasilias.
    Cinder's Faction.

    Cinder Fall. Roman Torchwick. Neopoliton. Mercury Black. Emarald Sustrai.
    Junior's Club.

    Hei Xiong. Melanie Malachite. Militia Malachite.

    The White Fang.

    Adam Taurus.


    Ozpin. Glenda Goodwitch Peter Port. Bartholomew Oobleck.


    Penny. Raven Branwen.

    1. PLEASE Follow Iwaku's Rules.​
    2. If any of you decide to think it's a marvelous idea to have two characters do any sort of sexual interaction, please keep it in your PM also do not bring anything of the sort from what happened into the thread.​
    3. At least three to four posts a day.​
    4. Have two-three Characters from the list!.​
    5. Kissing is allowed, but nothing else unless in PM.​
    6. About one Paragraph long will be the least allowed (( four to five sentences. ))​
    7. NO ONE LINERS!​
    8. Good Grammar.​
    9. Don't bully other people in the group, it's not accepted.​
    10. Characters will die off, I do not care. Don't say you're god and that you're not allowed to die.​
    11. HAVE FUN!
    Information on the Role-play.

    I would like for you guys to have at least Two, to Three Characters on the list. Some don't have to be used though, since I don't want to have a ton of people be in this. Maybe about.. Five-Six people will be accepted into this RP. I completely understand though, that some of the Characters aren't shown as much as others. BUT that doesn't mean that they can't be shown in the RP, you can just try to figure out their personalities by watching which scenes that they have already been shown. Or, if you don't want to do so, just make up your own Personality for the Character. (( All of us have to play one of Cinder's Faction! And then someone else has to play Adam, I don't mind. Unless someone would like to have Four Characters? Maybe? ;o. ))

    As I said in the Rules, please don't do anything sexual in the RP. There may be Adults who decide to join too, so I don't want you, or me, to get into trouble just because it's //illegal//. Kissing is totally allowed, only small pecks though. I guess I may encourage that? I'm not too sure. Make sure that whomever you decide to PM dirty scenes with is in your age group.

    Your posts don't have to be seriously detailed, I promise. I'm not the greatest at it, because I always seem to forget!. Also, if your Grammar isn't perfect, that is totally acceptable, as long as people are able to tell what you're spelling or trying to say, then it's allowed. I'm not English, actually, so sometimes I have a hard time remembering some words that are needed, so I normally just try to explain them the best to my ability. I promise, if I, or someone else has a problem with what you're trying to spell, then I'll kindly ask you to try harder. That, is not intended to be mean. I'm just stating facts that you need to now.

    Please! I beg thee to bring no One Liners!, not that I have a problem with them.. It's just.. This is a very serious Role-play and I've tried very hard to create it, so I would like for all of you to try your best. Now, I completely understand it if you don't have anything to work with, but that's why I said at least a Paragraph. Which means that it will be nice, and it'll give you, or me, something to work with.

    The way I would like for us to Reply is by whomever is closest to another Character, such as: Ruby sat on a bench in the Cafeteria room, slowly eating her food. Someone sat down by her, which of course she was completely oblivious to that fact, seeing as to how engrossed to her food she was. A tap on her shoulder was felt, finally gaining her attention. Raising her head, she stared at Yang, her sister.// Then after that, whomever is the Role of Yang would answer. I know, maybe it's not how some Group Role-plays work, but I find that this'll be very easy. So, if I see that some Characters aren't being brought up, I shall cease your Nonexistent Character by bringing them up!.

    NO bullying, it will not be accepted. If I find that anyone is bullying another person in a PM, or some subtle hints throughout the RP, whoever that may be will be reported and will be ignored in the RP. That is the only exception I have to not bringing up a Character. But that does not mean that I'm going to allow whoever joins this RP to do so too, unless given good reason.
    Character Sheets.
    Weapon (( If you don't know their weapon, just make one up! )):
    Likes (( Optional )):
    Dislikes (( Optional )):
    Rank (( How well they can fight, and in which Category )):
    Brief Backstory:
    The Character Sheets shall be up once someone joins. Which, I hope someone does join because this has taken me at least an hour to create!. Anyways, I hope that's all! Any questions, just ask me down below!.

    Anyways! So I never really explained the Characters, but you may be a Character from the SHOW! Or you can be a created Character. This is my first official Group RP thing, so please deal with what I've got so far!
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  2. Name: Kuro Hōku

    Age: 18

    Physical (open)

    Trademark Jacket (open)
    *Is worn over uniform in school
    *Usually wears it with a black t-shirt, black cargo pants, and black combat boots

    Team: SSSN

    Weapon: Hawke Arms A set of gauntlets and boots that Kuro uses to punch, kick, hack, and slash his opponents. He mixes this in with his martial arts in order to utilize them properly. Applying this to his superhuman speed and strength makes him a virtually indestructible opponent.

    Personality: Kuro is quiet and keeps mostly to himself about his feelings. He can be somewhat hypocritical whenever someone tries to help him with a problem, a rejects their help; he tends to give help and rectify another's situation quickly. Kuro is stoic, creative, and innovative in combat, and never stops looking for a way to make himself stronger.

    • Apples
    • Reading
    • Poetry
    • Silence
    • Meditation

    • Loud noises
    • Sloppy food
    • Bad literature
    • Distractions
    • Rudeness

    Rank: Master of Arms

    Brief Backstory: Kuro was born to a pair of career fighters. His mother, Mizuki Hōku, was a master martial artist. His father, Tadashi Hōku, was a weapons master; and both of them trained Koru since birth in their legendary ways.

    However, his grandfather, Jōhiro Hōku, noticed Koru's potential at a young age and decided to take matters into the hands of science. Jōhiro conducted intensive surgeries on Koru in order to enhance his body's capabilities in secret. In result, Koru's muscles work 250% harder, his liver has been replaced with a vat-grown organ to process toxins, his bones have been laced with a special chemical that renders them virtually unbreakable, and his nerves are infused with cybernetics to enhance intelligence and reflexes by 110%.

    For a while, his augmentations were seem less, and Korunwas able to continue training with his parents. They had planned for Koru to follow in their footsteps until they realized his capabilities were far beyond human reckoning, and began to show openly.

    Koru would show signs of his super strength by punching his trainers, and shattering an entire rib cage. His speed was able to outrun speeding sports cars and wild horses. And his reflexes left his mother and father trying to keep up, onLy to end in injuries. Realizing they were out matched, they enlisted him in Beacon Academy to hopefully teach him where as they could not.
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  3. Accepted,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are allowed to have two or more characters, I put that up in my rules. Which I'm sure you didn't read everything since it's very long, and probably very boring. I won't judge you for that though.~
  4. Thank you.

    And I made sure to read everything. I'm just waiting to see other characters before making another, if I so choose. ^^
  5. You've read everything? Well that's quite kind ^^' I worked very hard on making this, so I'm glad you got everything. Anyways, I'm creating my Character(s). So.. You'll be seeing two more Characters! :D
  6. Name: Mi Fuji.

    Age: 17.​

    Appearance (open)

    This is her. (( For some reason it wouldn't let me Insert an Image. So. Yeah. XD ))​

    Trademark clothing (( Completely optional. )) (open)

    Team: CFVY.

    Weapon: The Eiserne Drossel. It is a circular sword that when ever is in combat, red fire swirls around the weapon and the owner. It blinds its opponents for five seconds, giving whoever owns the weapon enough time to strike. Whenever the target is hit, it's critical. But it takes time to Recharge, so a lot of the time she uses it to just slash at things or people. Her combat is also quite well and she is very flexible and short, so her opponents have trouble catching her. It isn't impossible to injure/capture her though.

    Personality: Mi is quiet, whenever she speaks though she's blunt and very sarcastic. She has anger problems, so whenever someone touches her, she practically explodes and whoever decided to be an idiot is instantly in the hospital. Mi has a soft spot for animals, although her demeanor is very calm and mature, it's like it all changes whenever she finds an animal that is hurt, or one that is completely fine.

    1. Animals.
    2. Reading
    3. Silence.
    4. Poetry.
    5. Dark rooms.
    1. People.
    2. Annoyances.
    3. Messes.
    4. Sweets.
    5. Distractions.
    Rank: Master of combat.

    Brief Backstory: { Find out during Rp. }

    --- Other Characters will be made once one other person joins.
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  7. i took the time to finish my character's brief bio. Hopefully it gives the full image of his structure.
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  8. Aw I'm quite sad that only one person joined this :P.

    Thank you, Tenchi for joining by the way. I really appreciate it. If this is sent to the vault, then just remember that at least you were able to get the awesome part of the deal by trying! XD
  9. We can always start a OnexOne RP. That way, the characters we made stay up to date, and this story board stays alive. It may not be this thread, but it'll be better than letting go ^^
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  10. Could I reserve Mercury and Lie Ren?
  11. Yes you may.
  12. Name: Chorus Accelerando
    Age: 19
    Appearance: [BCOLOR=#ffffff][​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    Team: Cinder's Faction
    Weapon: The Wrath of Susano'o is a set of gauntlets belonging to Chorus which allow him within the context of his hands and arms to manipulate bolts of electricity, and with his speed and agility, makes him a dangerous foe.

    Personality: Calm, calculating and analytical, Chorus is a keen strategist and is able to formulate the moves his opponents make often before they make them. On the surface, as an alias type personality, he is bubbly and sociable to others, but deep inside, he would happily in his words "String their gizzards for the cats to play with".

    - The Art of War by Tsun Tzu
    - Quiet Environments
    -Feng Shui

    -Noisy people
    -Cluttered Spaces

    Rank: Combat Master. Could rival Cinder Fall.
    Brief Backstory: Chorus was always a happy and quiet child, however, when his parents were murdered by Atlas agents who suspected his parents of being in the White Fang, Chorus decided to take revenge on those who had wronged him, designed the Wrath of Susano'o and set out to find Cinder Fall and Roman Torchwick, who took him in.
  13. Accepted, quick question though. Who and what is Feng Shui?

    `` Also I changed my Character's Picture. ``
  14. Basically, it's a thing to bring about peace through order. Like, if certain things in a room point a certain way, it allows energy to flow through the room due to a lack of clutter. :D
  15. Oh, alright~ Thank you so much! ^^
  16. Name: Cypher "Cy" Scarletina
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Cypher's Appearance/Cypher's Jacket
    Team: Juniper
    Weapon: Alighieri is a gunblade of Cypher's design, a mix of a hunting rifle and longsword, at which he can switch between combat mode and scoped mode, in order to hunt and kill long and short range targets, human or Grimm, at any time. Cy has also managed to design a working cache of different types of bullet, made of different types of Dust, such as Lightning, Incendiary, Ice and other such elements.
    Personality: Cy's motivation for success in life is to become a weaponsmith for the academy. He's always designed weapons to the best of his ability and constantly works on new projects in order to keep this motivation flowing. If he sees someone in trouble, he will try to talk to the sides of the argument, and if it is more leaning to a combat situation, whoever attacks first, will be the one to be attacked by Cy.
    Rank: Skilled, but not fully a master.
    Brief Backstory: Cy along with his sister Scarlet has always been bullied for being a Faunus, but unlike Scarlet, he is willing to, if the situation calls for it, destroy his enemy if needs be, physically or through reputational destruction, in order to make them back down. When he moved to Beacon, he took a heavy hand in protecting his sister, but she wanted to make friends and told him to back off. However, with her Faunus heritage, she would soon get bullied. As Cy was about to step in and wipe Winchester off the face of the earth, but thanks to Jaune and selected others, Cardin and his prejudiced team were cancelled in their actions.
    Other: Can stop time within the range of five metres, as his Semblance is Space/Time Manipulation. However, if he uses it too much, he starts to bleed out, and can lose consciousness very easily.
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  17. Accepted.~
  18. Characters:

    Cypher Scarletina- Arcadia

    Chorus Accelerando- Arcadia

    Mercury Black- Arcadia

    Lie Ren- Arcadia

    Kuro Hōku- Shadow of Intent

    Blake Belladonna- C r o m i c a l♥

    Neopoliton- C r o m i c a l♥

    Mi Fuji- C r o m i c a l♥


    If anyone else joins then just.. Create a Character or choose one of the Free Characters up on the Sheet! :D
  19. The IC thread up? :D
  20. Not quite yet. XD No badgering! :P
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