RWBY Henceforward (with Hospes)

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    R W B Y
    H e n c e f o r w a r d
    w/ @Hospes
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    Yang Xiao Long, the normally cheery and overly excited blond of the former team RWBY that was considered by many to be one of the best rookie teams of the year, was now lying in bed sad, depressed, and broken. Two weeks had passed since the fall of Beacon. Over that period of time Ruby Rose, Yang's sister, had awoken from her unconscious state and although Yang was no doubt happy to see she was well, it did little to get her out of her slump of losing some dear friends along with her right arm. Even her father's current actions to try and cheer her up were doing little.

    "Yang, you need to eat." Her father tried once more with a tray of food ready for her. "If you want something else..." He could make her something else. Heck, he'd go out into the town if it would get her to eat more. It's not like Yang had been starving herself exactly, it's just that she could be eating a lot more. Any meals he ever brought for her always had some food left over on the plate. About a good half of it. She drank water well enough, if anything, she drank more then usual. Though that seemed to worry Tai more then comforting him.
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