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  1. I'm a little late to the party huh ? Anyway I finally got around to watching RWBY and it was AWESOME ! So , as an official fanboy i am now looking for other people ( 3 if possible ) to waste our time together while we wait for volume 3 .

    We'll make our own characters just the way we want them ( appearance , backstory , weapon or fighting style and even theme song if you so desire ) and tell the story of their adventure together at Beacon as part of a team. This adventure will take place during the same place RWBY does , starting from the initiation in Emerald Forest .

    Nothing is nailed down obviously . Interaction with actual characters from the show is possible if the other people want it .
    As always , overpowered characters are forbidden . That doesn't mean that this team of ours will get it's ass kicked everywhere it goes . Like in wrestling , you have to let the enemy hit you once in a while for the sake of entertainment . I'm not very good with RPG style fighting ( rolling dice , managing stats , etc ) but if you guys want to do it we can try .

    We will discuss the story together and end up with something all members can enjoy . Romance between characters is possible if you so desire . I'm hoping we can have at least one girl on the team , even if no romance is involved , just for diversity . I'll be playing a male ( mostly because I can't understand women and i won't even try to and plus my female character would just be some kind of tomboy... )

    So anyway , if you guys are interested just hit me up . I'm not strict about writing style . As long as you can write a few paragraphs that are understandable everything will be fine . Obviously you can't make any decisions for the other team members so in no way can you control them during your reply .

    So long fan boys/girls ! Don't be afraid to ask if something is unclear.
  2. Hello, i'm here and female and totally a rwby fan girl. I've been following since it first came out!
  3. This still going on?
  4. Yup , this is still open . If you join we'll only need one more member .
  5. Is the last spot still open? :)
  6. Yup , welcome to the team !
  7. Alright! Eh anything i should know beside from what you wrote up top?
  8. I'm down :)
  9. Sorry but spots just filled up . I should have edited that into the post but i forgot .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.