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  1. Alright here's a RP based off of RWBY. It will take place at the same time as the original RWBY story line, but the original RWBY characters, don't exist (Except the enemies like The White Fang, Roman Torchwik, Cinder Ect Ect.) The RP will be going through a story line which i have created, but at the same time you will be going through your normal lives and classes of Beacon Academy.


    The Story

    Humankind was formed from the dust of creation, a byproduct of a time long past and forgotten. Not long after, mythical creatures of darkness referred to as the Grimm appeared and were intent on destroying Humanity and all it had made.

    However, with man displaying ingenuity, resourcefulness, and passion, they found a powerful substance that granted the user the power of "Nature's Wrath," and appropriately named this spark of hope "Dust," after that which they themselves were born from. The use of Dust helped to drive off the creatures of darkness and secured the continued existence of Humanity.

    That said, it's also true that even the most brilliant of lights eventually fade, and the dark will eventually return to finish what it started and destroy Human civilization; furthermore, if Humanity relies on strength or Dust alone, then it will not be enough to defeat the Grimm a second time. Instead, it's believed that victory will come from something that is long forgotten: a "smaller, more honest soul."

    It is your and a few other students First Starting year at Beacon Academy, in which you will learn more about Grimm, Aura, Semblance, Dust, alongside being introduced to Combat, Tactics, and Leadership. All to become Hunters and Huntresses.

    The Setting

    You and a few others have just landed in one of the many landing pads to Beacon Academy, in front of you stands a large castle like school building. You have been instructed by the Headmaster and his/her Assistant to head to the barn, where you will be allowed to interact with the other students for a few hours before heading to bed. Once you are awake you are to head towards the Rocket Locker's and get your weapons. Afterwards you are to meet at the launch pads on the cliff overlooking Emerald Forest where the Headmaster will explain your initiation.

    Character Sheets

    Each person is given two points towards their Weapon or their Semblance. A Semblance is a special ability that your character can do thanks to their Aura. Each point you put into your weapon lets you add another Form to it. For example, if you put all your points into your weapon you can have 3 forms for it, 1 default form, and 2 secondary forms, For example, A Default form of a Bo-Staff, that can change into a Sniper Rifle, then can change into a Tonfa-Shotgun hybrid by collapsing in on itself. Each point you put into your Semblance gains you a new Semblance for your character. For example, you put all your points into your Semblance which you choose to give yourself a Strength Semblance which gives you Hulk-like strength, and a Fire Semblance, which allows every hit you do to also hit them with fire or launch fire from parts of your body in different shapes and forms with different effects if Dust in Fog or Dust form are hit by said fire.

    If you do put all of your points into your weapon for the 3 forms then don't worry about not gaining your Semblance, because a Semblance is your Aura Ability, you will eventually get a Semblance (only 1) much later on. (possibly 3rd or 4th year, or during an event that happens much later on)

    Also if you do put all your points into your Semblance then your weapon will not be gaining any other weapon forms at all. So if you do put all you're points into your Semblance then it's best to have your weapon have both Ranged and Melee capabilities (Like Yangs Shotgun Gauntlets). But over time your Semblance/'s will get stronger or you can possibly gain a new one.

    Name:(Can be anything but can relate to a color like in the show too)

    Age: (Can be between 15-17, if character is 15 then you must give a reason why they were accepted a year early. Remember the character you create is starting their First year in Beacon.)

    Faunus or not: (Faunus are basically people with Animal like aspects (For example, Cat Faunus have cat ears and a tail.) But be aware that most humans discriminate against Faunus because of The White Fang, only a few humans don't, but almost all Faunus despise The White Fang because of this. If you choose to be a Faunus be aware that Attempted bullying and other such things may happen at Beacon. Which is one of the only schools for Hunters and Huntresses that accept Faunus and the Teachers and Staff don't discriminate against.)

    Aura Color/Object: (You're aura can be a simple color or a colored object, for example a regular white aura or a Red Roses/White Roses Aura)

    Weapon Appearance/Capabilities: (Describe you're weapons appearance and what it can do, If you put points into it for multiple forms describe those too(Be as descriptive as possible, adds to RP). You can also have a max of Two weapons (Unless their quad weapons like Pennies 9 Swords that she can control with her Wire control and Telekinesis Semblances while her weapons only have 1 form that when controlled properly she can fire giant green beams with Green Dust in crystal form in each swords hilt), but it must be understandable (like a sword and shield) but only one of those two weapons can change forms, Unless their pairs (like a pair of pistols, or swords), in which both gain additional forms to use, If you want/can the you are allowed to upload pictures, but you must upload all of it's forms appearance's too, and it must be believable (like a Bo-staff that can split into a pair of Shotgun-Nun-Chucks, of course the shotguns are much smaller than normal Shotguns though).)

    Appearance: (What you look like, if you want/can then you're allowed to upload a picture. Please be as descriptive as possible, adds to the RP.)

    Past: (You're characters past, you obviously don't have to upload their Entire past, but enough to give them character that others will find obvious/un-obvious while you keep the darker secrets to your self. This is to keep them for surprises.)

    Personality: (Your characters personality.)

    Favorite Dust to use with your weapon: (Could be in dust form, Crystal form, or Gas form, and keep in mind that different Dust have different effects on your weapon and it's capabilities. The colors of the Dust add even more to this effect.)

    Semblance: (Your semblance that your character can use, keep in mind that some Semblances are common. Your Semblance will be showed that it's in use when your Aura is active. Keep this in mind for RP and Battle purposes.)

    If a player takes The Assistant position then they will be following and helping the Headmaster with anything they ask of.

    The Rules

    1. All of the Iwaku Rules apply.

    2.Keep in mind that because of your Aura you cannot be damaged physically until your Auracaly Exhausted, All of the Laws of physics and such still apply though, so you can be thrown and launched. Only when you're Auracaly Exhausted will injuries and blood start to show and happen.

    3. There can be couples and such but anything M-Rated or 18+ goes to the Mature Forums.

    4. No Godmodding and Overpowered characters. Teamwork is important in this RP.

    Alright, i will also be creating a Character, but i will also be controlling the NPC Enemies. I will be the one creating the Enemy Encounters and 'Summoning' the Human and Grimm Enemies. The players they are attacking are given control of the enemies (Meaning everyone in the encounter if their's multiple people) to make the fights more Interesting and fun. If it is an important enemy (Like Roman Torchwik or Cinder themselves) then i will be able to control them to a certain extent. Meaning the players will still control them but if i want them to run away and succeed then it will happen.

    If players create characters with a weapon that has 3 forms or has 2 Semblances, i will be deciding when they gain their Semblance (in the case of 3 form weapons.), their Semblance get's stronger (in the case of 2 Semblance's.), or when they get a third Semblance (in the case of 2 Semblance's.).

    If you put 1 point into both (a 2-form weapon and 1 Semblance) there is a chance to gain a new Semblance or for your current Semblance to get stronger. But only much later, At no point in time will your weapon gain new forms though!
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  2. Hmmm. I love RWBY, so expect a character from some point ^^
  3. Name: Brendan Lilixan
    Age: 16
    Aura: Blue
    Weapon: It is a longsword, slightly like a katana. It is a one-edge sword, but the tip is sharped to stab and slice, but the back end is straight and not sharp. (You will see it in the picture. Don't know why I can't be descriptive at the moment...)

    Appearance: Brendan is a sixteen year old male, his hair is a bit shaggy with a few strands coming in front of his face. He wears a black, sleeveless tank top, a blue cloak, tattered, strewn across his body and hiding him. The hood normally kept down. His jeans are a gray-ish blue. He stands at a total height of 5'11" and he weighs around 168 pounds. His eye color is an electric blue, his hair is a raven black. He has an athletic build, able to fight and run for long distances and even fight.


    Past: Brendan and his family had nothing special going for them. Average jobs, average life, no Hunters or warriors in the family, but Brendan didn't want that. He wanted to be different, pull away from the current life he lived in. His parents were content with how they lived and didn't care that they had nothing going for them. They were living and that was all that mattered. So Brendan sought out people to help train him. It took a lot of work, and he got most of his training at Signal Academy, it was well worth it because he pushed himself and tried his hardest to get through and accepted to beacon. He hardly had time to talk to anyone or make friends, he probably had no friends because of how much he focused on fighting and work over friends and leisure time.

    Now that he was accepted into Beacon, he felt like everything he did in Signal would seem like childsplay. His mind fully set on working as hard as he could to become a Hunter and break away from his families traditions of just "living" and being content with it. He found himself alive while fighting and he enjoyed it.

    Personality: Brendan is extremely quiet and observative. He is talkative if you can get him going and he is extremely nice to his friends but can come off as rude to people that he doesn't like or has the wrong impression about.

    Favorite Dust: Powdered

    Semblance: He has two

    Speed- This one is very simple. This Semblance allows him to move at high speeds, allowing him to close in on his enemies so he can stay close and be in a melee fight. This Semblance is important to him because his weapon doesn't have a second form at the moment.

    (Working on a Name)- The cutting edge of his blade seems to spark electricity/lightning. Because of this, he is able to improve the cutting capability of his blade and cut through things that normally can't be cut through. (Enhanced defenses, thick trees, etc. Will be maintained so it can't cut through everything"

    Sorry if this CS isn't great at the moment. I'm tired and if I don't make my CS now, I will forget about it, etc. I will work on his past and add more description to things if you wish ^^.
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  4. @Urdnot Grunt The CS is fine, just one quick thing. It looks like you used both your points in Semblance (remember you get 2 points, if you put both points into your Semblance then you can only have a 1 form weapon, which is always in it's default form, but you have a chance to have your Semblance's to become stronger, or gain a 3rd Semblance, or both. But your weapon will never gain a second form. Same with if you had a 3-form weapon, except you DO have a chance to gain a Semblance, but only because it's an Aura gained ability that is common throughout the world. The reason i gave two points is because you can put 1 in Semblance so you have a Semblance and 1 in Weapon so your weapon has 2 forms.)

    Also you forgot to give a color to your Favorite Dust XD.

    Also, can't wait to see what your characters past will be! ^^
  5. Oh. Blue dust xD, but yeah. I know he doesn't have a second form on his weapon. I made it that way on purpose.
  6. @Urdnot Grunt Ah, i gotcha, was confused cause in your CS it said that his weapon didn't have a Second Form at the moment, implying he would get one later on. Thanks for clearing that up for me though!

    Your CS is Accepted! Just don't forget to upload his past later! ^^
  7. Sweet. Yes, I will work on the past ^^
  8. Name: Tama Anaru
    A p p e a r a n c e (open)

    His slender build allows for a more complex combat style with backbreaking spins, and unreal kicks. at 5'11'' he towers his opponents.
    Weapon: His weapon is a mechanized arm. Lethal on it's own, but deadly with his Semblance. The arm is capable of shooting large shells full of Black dust in gas form. Basically a cannon on his arm.
    MECH ARM (open)

    Past: Tama grew up in a neighborhood where talking wasn't the smartest. As such Tama developed the habit of not talking unless necessary or comfortable. As he progressed he was pushed out of this and became a more sly figure. He learned various fighting styles to make a street cred that would mask him from any unecessary confrontation. When he turned seventeen he received an invitation to Beacon academy.

    Fav. Dust: Gas


    -Super strength: Self explanatory really. 20 times the strength of Mr.Universe. Harder throws, kicks, punches, etc.

    -Passive state:Allows thing Tama comes into contact with to go through objects. The state lasts 4 seconds.
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  9. @ShiroKiyoshi Nice CS! Accepted! Didn't put too much into your past so he keeps his secrets, added the implications of his Semblance and his Weapon all at the same time, and had his weapon in it's default form since he had 2 Semblances have equality in Range and Melee combat, and the fact that he uses Black Gas Dust in his arm makes his Melee and Ranged Capabilities even more dangerous.
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  10. So here's my CS before i head to bed!

    Name: Headmaster Cordin Gale
    Age: 28 (Because he's the headmaster)
    Faunus or not: Not a Faunus, but does not hate them.
    Aura Color/Object: Light Cyan Sparks that scatter across and around him like Electricity.
    Weapon Appearance/Capabilities: Wield a duel bladed Scythe can detach to become duel wielded miniscythes, at the top of each scythe at the end where the blade is at a hole is shown where bullets come out of while a pop-outable scope is on the sides of each end, the triggers are by the handles on each poles, the mag insertion point is a few centimeters in front of the trigger, allowing him to fire in 2 opposite directions at once, though the recoil is extreme, the only thing keeping him in place without being launched when firing, is if he fires from opposite directions at the same time. The blades are pitch black while the poles they are on are silver. It has a very Techno look that could be compared to that of Rubies, Crescent Rose Scythe/Sniper Rifle.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Stands at 6"0' and weigh's at 158 pounds, Has an athletic build that allows flexibility and easy dodging while when up close can attack multiple enemies with his 2 weapons, though his arms are more toned and well muscled than the rest of his body due to having to deal with the recoil on his Scythes.
    Past: Started out as a standard Team Leader on his 3rd mission while in Beacon, before a massive tragedy struck and all of his teammates died besides him, despite this he puts on a cheery face and attitude up front, but when confronted with dangers he turns deadly serious.
    Personality: Will always act friendly and nice towards others, though he won't bother to engage them unless it pertain's to Beacon or is something important. When confronted with danger he turns deadly serious and by the end of his battles, only his opponent's body parts can be seen fading away into Dust before disappearing.
    Favorite Dust to use with your weapon: Red Power Powdered dust.

    Ruins: Unlike Glyphs, which are about speed, defense, and enhancing attacks, Ruins effect the same way, a spiraling circle that changes color and design depending on it's purpose, but instead of increasing speed,defense or enhancing attacks, it increases strength, power, but still enhances attacks the same way. The drawback is that he can only use his Ruin's in short intervals, or 1 long continuous interval of spamming ruins. Both of which can only happen every 5 seconds, which means 1 Ruin every 5 seconds or 5 seconds of a line of Continuous Ruin's.

    Alright Done! As you can see i chose to be the Headmaster, which means someone else can choose to be a Student ( 6 slots are left) or fill the position of the Headmaster's Assistant.

    Also, before you guys ask, No i didn't make him OP or Godmoded, i used the points properly, 1 point to weapon allowing it to be detached for Duel Scythes, while also adding ranged capabilities to it's default form which carried over to it's 2nd form (for obvious reasons) and 1 point to Semblance, to which i gave him a unique one with decent Drawbacks. His real skill lies in his Experience on the field, and his Skill from 13 years of practice.
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  11. Come on guys, need some more Students to sign up and for someone to take the Assistant character! Though if we get the slots for Students filled (which is currently still 6) then we can start without the Assistant and can have someone make a new CS later to become the Assistant and be introduced later on.
  12. Psst. leaving soon. Try partner requests in Fandom. And PM people who seem interested and Idle.
  13. Also, make a banner.
  14. @Urdnot Grunt I have a Banner and Ad made already >_>, it's all the way at the top XD

    @ShiroKiyoshi What's a Partner Request, though i am trying everything else you listed XD.
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