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    • Disclaimer: Though this is much like the series, this will not function exactly as it did. Some Beacon functions will be altered and antagonists will be those of my creation. Though I can ensure that any alterations I make is for everyone to be able to enjoy the same rp and the same thing.

      Hello everyone and welcome to my RWBY rp thread! This rp has no relation to the canon story, but the mechanics are all the similar!

      Something strange is happening within Remnant; the Grimm aren't just getting more powerful, but they are also becoming a thing to be feared; Intelligent. Not only are they learning from their hiccups, but they also are beginning to show actual intelligence, such as teamwork strategies.

      The worst part? A new organization named the Grimm Reapers appears to be the reason why the Grimm are beginning to exhibit this behavior.

      The citizens of Remnant are restless, the authorities doing all they can to buff the power of the Huntsmen, but it just isn't enough...

      Will the new students of Beacon even survive the initiation?

      This rp WILL follow the color rule. It's as simple as a google search of "Names Associated With Color", so it's not hard.



      Signal Academy

      Signal Academy is a facility for training warriors, located on the island of Patch, just off the coast of Vale. At Signal, all students are required to craft their own weapons.

      Beacon Academy

      Beacon Academy is a facility located in the kingdom of Vale for training teams of huntsmen and huntresses to slay the various monsters that plague Remnant. The academy is currently run by Headmaster Denvurr.

      Students with the aspiration to become Huntsmen, whose duty is to keep the peace within the world, strive to attend Beacon.



      Beacon Academy is a residential/boarding-type school, with its students residing in dormitories on the campus. The school seems to provide all living facilities, including hygiene, food, and laundry. However, students are not restricted to the campus outside lessons, and frequently spend their weekends in Vale.
      In order to be accepted into Beacon, students typically go to combat schools, such as Signal Academy, in order to prepare for the Academy's rigorous entrance exam.

      However, attending previous combat schools does not seem to be a prerequisite, as some entrants are talented enough to pass the exam without them. Students are generally admitted at around age 17, though it is possible for there to be exceptions.

      In the lead-up to the Vytal Festival, Beacon also participates in an exchange program with the academies of the other three kingdoms of Atlas(Atlas Academy), Vacuo (Shade Academy), and Mistral (Haven Academy). Exchange students may participate in some activities, such as sparring matches, and attend events such as the Beacon Dance.

      Dress Code

      Examples of the male and female uniforms
      Beacon has a uniform that students may wear. The males wear black suits lined with gold, accompanied by a blue vest and a white shirt with a red tie. The females wear long stockings as an optional component, a red plaid skirt, and a brown jacket with a tan vest and white shirt with a red ribbon tied at the collar.
      Students are given the freedom to customize their attire. The dress code doesn't seem to be upheld very strictly, as students are often seen in casual attire during classes, assemblies, and field trips. Students tend to avoid wearing their uniforms during combat practice.

      Students attend lectures on a variety of topics
      The very first words mentioned before the entrance exam is that teams will be formed and kept for four years. This strongly suggests that this is the length of the education at the academy.
      After being accepted into Beacon, new students have to go through an initiation, after which they are placed into teams.
      Students attend lectures, given by staff members on various topics intended to prepare them for their jobs, such as the different kinds of monsters they may encounter.
      Practical exercises appear to be a significant part of the courses; of these, some are held in the Emerald Forest. Other out-of-campus activities include field trips to locations such as Forever Fall.
      In addition, the curriculum includes sparring matches that pit students' skills against each other in a controlled environment.
      Students are also sent on missions as part of their time at the academy. First-year students are generally limited to lower-risk missions, such as accompanying detectives into the city, and must be accompanied by a professional Huntsman or Huntress on their first mission. Upperclassmen are known to go on higher-risk missions.

      Roman's map of Vale with Beacon circled and labeled
      Beacon lies along the east edge of the city of Vale, and has a wide river that runs through part of it. Airships are used to transport new students to the academy.
      A port is seen at the bottom of the cliffs next to Beacon Academy, implying that naval transportation is also possible.
      Beacon's boundaries appear to extend rather far, including the large Emerald Forest and some surrounding terrain, such as the Beacon Cliffs. The academy also holds field trips in areas such as the Forever Fall forest.


      The cliffside, showing the docking area
      Beacon is situated just before an impressive cliff's edge that overlooks the city across the sound. At the top edge of the cliffside are several large, circular aerial docking bays, where airships and Bullheads can dock and allow their passengers to disembark. At the base of the cliffs, a docking bay is also available for water-going surface vessels, and a path from there leads upwards to the top of the cliff.
      Main Avenue

      The main avenue
      After arrival, new Huntsmen and Huntress cadets are deposited on a long, wide avenue leading up to what appears to be the main academy buildings and their large, impressive main doorway, which opens up to a large amphitheater. The avenue is marked with trees and flag-draped light-poles, as well as a number of impressive aqueduct-like features and archways.
      In front of the entrance to the main amphitheater is a large statue and fountain of a Huntsman and Huntress standing atop a rock, beneath which a Beowolf cowers. There's also a large circular pond feature surrounded by a pathway and a garden of red trees. The main avenue is also referred to as the courtyard.
      Beacon Tower

      The Beacon Tower
      The most prominent part of the academy buildings is a large tower. The tower is surmounted by a number of green spheres or lights (possibly the beacon after which the academy was named), as well as an intricate clockwork mechanism consisting of many interlocking cogs and gears. Situated immediately below this is the Headmaster's office, which sits high above the clouds and affords an impressive view of the surrounding area.
      Cross Continental Transmit System

      The CCT at Beacon
      Forming the base of Beacon Tower, the CCT allows for seamless communication between locations within the other kingdoms outside of Vale. It is very tall, with an elevator in place to take visitors to a level of their choosing.
      The interior of the communications room has several video terminals where a holographic AI operator will patch users to the location where they wish to send their messages.
      Beacon Academy Statue


      The campus of Beacon Academy includes a large statue featuring two figures, one a male and the other a younger-looking female, standing on a rock outcropping. They are both dressed in a robe with hoods over their heads.
      The male has a sword in his right hand, raised in a seemingly triumphant gesture. The younger female has a double-edged battle-ax in her left hand and looks off to the side into the distance. Below the two figures is a Beowolf looking in the same direction as the male figure.
      The Amphitheater

      Students gathered in the amphitheater
      The assembly area takes the form of a glass-domed amphitheater with raised bleachers arranged in a circle around a circular stage that has a tall, ornate (possibly wooden) backdrop with blue lights. There is also a large, open area in front of the stage where students can stand.
      As well as being used for meetings of the student body, the assembly area can be used for dueling practice, with the raised stage serving as the fighting area. The lighting in this area can be carefully controlled, making it impossible to see the rest of the area, thus giving duelists the illusion of being entirely on their own.
      This also appears to be the location from which missions are assigned to students. The missions are displayed three at a time on numerous screens, listing the type of mission, location, and mission start time, among other extra details. Teams assign themselves to missions by selecting one and then entering their team name.
      Lecture Hall

      A Lecture Hall
      Beacon Academy has at least one lecture hall not unlike those found in universities.
      This hall has sufficient space for practical demonstrations in front of the students' desks: The front of the lecture area may be used for combat training. One of the classes takes place in a lecture hall rigged for a history lesson; the Remnant world, map overlaid by a complex pattern of notes linked with strings, is displayed on the wall behind the lecturer.


      All the dorms at Beacon appear to be co-ed dorms, with males and females sleeping in the same room. This allows all members of a team share the same living area, regardless of differing genders. The students note that these rooms are somewhat cramped. However, more organized teams generally find that there is sufficient room to meet all of their needs.
      The doors to the dorm rooms are secured using an electronic lock, which can be disengaged using a student's Scroll. It is possible to get locked out if the door closes and a student does not have their Scroll with them.
      Dining Hall

      The Dining Hall
      The Academy includes a large, formal dining room running down the length of a cloister-like hall. The dining room features four long tables running the length of the hall with benches to either side and walking areas located in between. Students are able to sit not only with their teams, but other groups.
      Like all parts of the academy buildings, the dining hall is somewhat gothic in appearance. The walls are marked with the academy's crossed-ax logo.
      It is established that students are allowed to eat in their dormitories.

      The Library
      The library is a repository of books and other sources of archived information within the Academy. It is generally meant to be a quiet place for students to read and study, though students often use the area as a gathering place, playing board games and socializing instead.
      It can also make transcontinental calls to areas outside of the kingdom of Vale, like the CCT can. The library also has access to several holographic computer terminals, which can be freely accessed by the students.

      There is also a ballroom that is used in the Beacon Dance. The ballroom also doubles as a living area that new students may sleep in until they are assigned proper quarters.
      Locker Room

      A unisex locker room with washroom facilities is also present. After the initiation, to store weapons and extra armor, each student is assigned a rocket-propelled locker that can be sent to a custom location based on a six-digit code.
      Emerald Forest

      Beacon Academy uses the Emerald Forest as the location for its initiation. The forest is filled with dangerous wildlife. Students are catapulted into the forest from Beacon Cliffs, on purpose-built launch pads emblazoned with the academy's insignia.
      Vytal Festival Fairgrounds

      The Vytal Festival fairgrounds
      During the Vytal Festival, a large fairgrounds consisting of many temporary buildings and tents are set up at the Beacon campus, where visitors from all the kingdoms can congregate and intermingle. There are shops and stalls set up to get food, one of which is run by the Shopkeep, as well as tables and chairs for people to sit.
      The fairgrounds are surrounded by a lightly wooded area, but it is not known where it is situated in relation to other Beacon buildings.
      The Vault

      The Vault
      Located deep beneath Beacon Academy tower and accessible by an elevator, the Vault is where Amber, the current Fall Maiden, is kept on life support. The Vault appears to be a very closely guarded secret.

      Forever Fall

      Emerald Forest

    • Rules to keep in mind

      1. What your character does affects both their development and the story entirely. If your character is forced into a spot they cannot possibly escape alive or unwounded, like being surrounded by Ursai, without a weapon, no way of contact, etc. DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO SURVIVE. Real life is the same way and i'm sticking with it as to give more of a connection with the characters.

      2. This rp is intermediate, so be able to type at least a paragraph for a post.

      3. No one liners. They're difficult to reply to and lack the detail needed. You're all great writers so show it off!

      4. Post every 2-3 days. I want this rp to remain active, so if you're even leaving for a week, TELL A GM BEFOREHAND. It's a double decker rude act to both leave people hanging and to not even warn people that you'll be gone.

      5. Respect is a must. Above all rules, this is the most important. If you even act like a toxic person or push 18+ content at people, both IC and OOC, I will hand your ass to you, bleeding and smothered in fire.

      Character Rules

      1. Make sure your character's name follows the RWBY color rule! The entire name doesn't have to be based on a color, but some part of it has to work.

      2. Your character's Semblance is not going to automatically be very strong in the beginning. So if it's telekinesis, your character isn't going to be able to move an entire room of tables. There are things it has to be weak with as well, such as Ruby being unable to carry a heavy load when using her speed.

      3. Please, no Mary-Gary sues. We're all great writers right? This is literally the number one rule in making characters.

      4. Your character cannot be any younger than 13, or any older than 17. Beacon does have exceptions but they wouldn't allow 8 year olds to train to become Huntswo/men.

      5. You're allowed up to 4 characters.

      6. A single team cannot consist of two or more of one person's character. It's unfair to any new members.

      7. You may make a Faunus/Hybrid.

      8. You are not allowed to make a specialized character without permission.
      Note: I will not be accepting any specialized members as of yet. I want to see how everyone RPs and such first, especially use of Semblance. Specialized members are lone characters who are more powerful and skilled than the average Huntsman and in some conditions, heavily watched.

      IC RULES

      1. Students are allowed to leave the school grounds when classes are not in session.

      2. Students are not to fight each other unless in the dueling chambers.

      3. Students are not to consciously bring back any living/ living piece of a Grimm. They will be suspected as being a member of the terrorist group and brought into custody immediately.

      4. Students have a curfew of 1 AM. If not checked into their dorms by this time and not having permissions to be past curfew, they will be brought into custody.

      5. Students are warned that it is possible to die in the field.

    • Team ---









      Age (And date of birth):
      Detailed appearance -A description if the picture didn't explain exactly what you meant-:
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  1. Do you have a CS you want followed or are the players free to do whatever?
  2. Sorry. I've had my computer taken so everything's incomplete.
  3. CS IS UP
  4. -Appearance-
    Name: Ferr Ironhart
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 (10/17)
    Race: Human
    Color: Gray
    While it is named Gungnir, the weapon as three forms it can take on. One being the standard "Shatter" form. Where it takes the form of a greatsword. Able to dish out shattering attacks. At medium range. Then there is the Protect Form. Where the weapon turns into a large shield on command. Offering a large field of protection from small caliber bullets and strikes. Though it takes two hands to wield. And Lastly is the Gungnir mode. Where the weapon takes on the form of a spear. Which, when equipped with dust, is able to be thrown. Causing a controlled explosion which will deal that dust type of damage.

    Semblance: Odin: Activated when Ferr's aura surrounds him and then is focused into his right eye. The eye is then covered in a black layer of aura. When this happens, Ferr's vision and reaction time is heightened to astronomical levels. His mind beings to process things at a faster rate. Allowing him to analyze the battle field, his opponents, and think up of a battle plan within seconds. Thus making everything seem slower than normal to Ferr. However, this semblance causes an enraging effect on Ferr. At his current level, Ferr is only about to use his semblance for five minutes without becoming bloodthursty. Yet once he does, he require to be knocked unconscious to be stopped.

    Detailed appearance -A description if the picture didn't explain exactly what you meant-:

    Dream: Bring honor and respect into his family's name. As well as become a model for Huntsmen in the future.

    History: Born to a clan of highly decorated warriors, Ferr is the only child of Stella Ironhart and Putter Darksmith. Born June 5th, he came into this world screaming and fighting. A good trait seen in the Ironhart clan. Thanks to the families well-off position in Mistral, Ferr was raised on a very well-picked diet and visited highly regarded physicians in preparation for his years of training to come. And as the son of the eldest daughter of the family, he would inherit the ancestral weapon Gungnir.

    Before the child was placed into the training, he spent the first eight years of his life being taught elementary studies by his father. Whom was a retired professor and huntsmen. Knowing the kind of brutal person Ferr could have been should certain principles be left unintroduced, Putter made it the most important objective of the boys life. "Be a good person. Be righteous, not self-righteous. Be a Knight for a brighter day." Words and ideas that would constantly be pounded into Ferr's head till the day he would leave home.

    During his early teenage years, Ferr was on a training mission with his mother and father while on break from school. They were teaching their son about aura and how to manifest it and manipulate it. In the forest they were training in, a pack of Beowolves attacked in large numbers. Though Stella and Putter were strong warriors, their son had not ever seen a frightening display of Grimm before. Attempting to defend Ferr, Putter stood in front of his son before being clawed down due to the shear number of Grimm. At the sight of his father falling, Ferr's semblance activated in his time of stress. It was a foreign feeling for him. Time seemed to slow down and his eye burned with pain. This was a time before he had trained his abilities. One would expect to send out a surge of power and then be extinguished. With Ferr, his rage began to consume him and he entered a berserk state. Taking up his training weapon, the youth fought the Grimm off his father with the assistance of his mother. As minutes turned into an hour, the monsters retreated but now a new problem rose up. Ferr wanted to fight more, see bloodshed. He even took swings at his mother before she knocked him out.

    Returning home, Putter was rushed to a hospital and his life was saved. However, Ferr was kept under watch. The family feared his semblance but knew it well enough. Stella informed Ferr of the similarity between his great-great grandfather's semblance and his own. In the past, other family members have had similar side effects when using their semblance. Yet Ferr did not waver at this. Instead, he would spend the next few years training his body, mind and soul in tandem to over come this crippling blow to his combat ability.
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  5. Okay, as far as the name, I could go out on a limb with the color rule, and say that 'Iron' relates to the color Gray. A letter off and I would have had to ask you to alter it.
    Accepted ;u;
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  6. Wow. I can't seem to spell for anything. XD Thanks
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Slate Immelmann
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Color: Black

    Weapon: Duel circular shields, slightly convex in shape. They're colored a reflective black and have a 3' diameter. The edges are as sharp as a swords blade and they're nearly indestructible. Slate can use his semblance to throw both a great distance and return them like a boomerang. One of them has a large dent right in the center.

    Semblance: Magnetic manipulation. He can control certain types of metal, but only if they're magnetic. Non-magnetic metals are beyond his control.
    Detailed appearance:
    Dream: Slates dream is very simple. It is to kill grimm. In the defense of others or not, he believes humanity to be at the top of the food chain.

    History: Slate is from a nomadic tribe located south of Vale. The tribe was stayed in constant movement to avoid grimm. The tribe survived for a long time. They did well. But eventually all good things must come to an end. Ancient grimm trampled their camp. Slate was 16 at the time. He had crafted his shields but hadn't learned how to use them. He hid in a hole and covered the entrance with his shields. An ursa pounded the shield for an hour before a team of hunters came to the rescue. Slate was the only survivor. He was inspired by the heroics the hunters displayed. He decided to become a hunter. After two years of training in a minor combat school he is finally ready to attend beacon.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Amarilla Cuprum
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16 (April 30)
    Race: Lizard Faunus
    Color: Yellow


    "There are few things in this world that I love more than my dear Excavalon. Those three things? My Mother, My Freedom, and My Life. And really, they should be called Excalibur and Avalon...but that's a mouthful for some people. So...they are just my Excavalon. "

    -Amarilla on her thoughts on Excavalon

    Excavalon is a pair of select-fire, bladed tonfa pistols that utilize Dust Rounds. Made of a surprisingly dense and strong metal, Excavalon features two reinforced blades on each gun, a stabilizer combination grip, and reinforced magazine impregnated grip. The magazine grip allows her full use of the traditional trigger, while utilizing it as a sword. The stabilizing grip offers its use as the anchor for a tonfa like weapon, whether the swords are extended or not. There is a secondary trigger hidden along the stabilizing grip to extend the blade. The gun is not usable while Excavalon is being wielded like a tonfa and is only capable of semi-automatic fire in sword mode.

    The real treat though, is that Excavalon is two independent weapons. So Excalibur could be wielded like a traditional tonfa while the Avalon is being used as a pistol or sword, or vice versa. A delicate balance of brute force and cutting edges, offense and defense, Excavalon is Amarillo's life work thus far. And she loves her an almost unhealthy degree.

    Semblance: Energy Empowerment
    Amarilla's semblance allows her to gain some sort of buff from passively absorbing different types of energy. The two types that she absorbs most readily are: Heat energy and Kinetic energy. While she cannot control the rate of absorption, she can control how that absorption is put to use, and normally uses it to power up her strength and reflexes. This semblance is mostly passive, as she gains most of the needed energy by either absorbing heat from sun rays (or other souces of heat) or from taking hits.

    Her semblance's main weakness is a lack of source for her to absorb. While she is able to absorb many other types of energy, her lack of practice with them renders the buff neglible. She would end up wasting more energy than she would absorb. Of course, stormy, cloudy, or cold weather is a weakness, as well as night time. To combat the later weaknesses, Amarilla is able to store a finite amount of energy throughout the day to carry over into night time. However, this requires foresight as it is the activated ability of her semblance.

    Detailed appearance:
    Amarillo is a tall at just over six feet. She has a fairly balanced build with a good ratio of muscle to fat, with the fat being more concentrated at the hips and chest. Her arms and core have the most muscle definition while her legs are a little less defined. She has long legs and arms and usually has Excavalon holstered at the small of her back in pistol form.

    The physical indication of Amarilla's faunus heritage is her long, forked tongue (along with the accompanying Jacobson's Organ to process the information gleaned from the tongue) With it, she is able to gauge and detect non-volatile chemicals which gives her a heightened ability to scent teammates, enemies, trails, directions of scents and changes in the weather, amongst a few other things. While she can flick her tongue out to gather the information more accurately, she prefers to curl her tongue under itself to protect the sensitive forked tip and to give the impression of a human tongue at a glance. This way, she can speak fairly normally and can gather scent information when she speaks. She makes for an excellent lie detector.

    To see the faunus accepted into society with equal rights.

    Amarillo was born in the deserts of Vacuo to Miguel and Jennifer Titania, a Chameleon Faunus and a Human. She was a fairly small and quiet baby that was doted on by her five older brothers. Often just because they wanted to mess with her tongue, since she would flick it out in response to almost anything in front of her face.

    Amarilla grew up in a friendly but competitive environment, and often participated in the ridiculous games that her brothers cooked up. As time passed, the brothers began to become fiercely protective of the faunus girl as they attended school together. As she was young, she didn't have much control over how often her tongue flicked out. This didn't matter to the girl since she was a curious child and enjoyed exploring the world around her, but it exposed her to the cruelty of human children imparted by hateful parents. This caused Amarilla to curl in on herself emotionally and she shoved herself into her learning to escape the names and taunts. However, the abuse didn't stay verbal for long.

    By the time she was old enough to start pre-combat school, the sparring practices and pranks turned malicious. It'd gotten to the point where four of her brothers had to walk beside her to protect her from cold water balloons and scores of bullies. One by one however, they graduated and could only watch helplessly as she came home day after day, soaked to the bone and shivering.

    Her father had decided that enough was enough, if the school was going to ignore his daughter's pain, then he was going to do something about it. He called up an old friend of his to train his daughter in combat so that she could protect herself. With the support of her family, the science dork trained and practiced constantly for nearly over four years.

    By the time the girl hit 10 years old, she was skilled enough in combat to place second in the Vacuo Junior Tournament. This drew the ire of her peers however, and led to an incident that saw four of her six main bullies in the hospital. But of course, she was a faunus, which meant that the bullies spread a rumor that she had joined the White Fang and cited her combat skills as proof.

    She didn't find out about the rumor until she was taken in for questioning to determine the validity of rumor. Even when the accusation was proved to be false, many of her peers had already judged her in the court if public opinion, and her mother though it would be best for the family to move.

    The youngest of her elder brothers disagreed fervently and demanded that his sister tell him where her fellow terrorists were hiding. Her father immediately stepped between then when her brother made as if to grab her and flung him outside to cool off while their mother comforted the betrayed girl. She had been closest to that brother when they were younger due to the lack of a large age gap. So his words had cut her deeply.

    From that point, the family moved to Vale though two of her brother stayed to attend the Beacon equivalent of the region. Amarilla transferred to Signal Academy to finish her schooling and engineered Excavalon as her entrance exam. Of course, puberty had hit at the age of 13...and it hit her with a sledgehammer.

    Now, she has recently graduated from Signal Academy, was able to gain an invitation to enroll into Beacon Academy and passed the preliminary test. Having just turned 16, the young woman holds a darkness and tempered rage in her heart after a lifetime of bullying, isolation, and betrayal--and the teenaged angst of her second puberty--that could become even worse now that she is separated from the loving embrace of her parents and new brother. Or not. Who knows?
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  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Mauve Juniper
    Gender: Male (Mistaken for a female constantly)
    Age (And date of birth): 16 (2/14)
    Race: Human
    Color: Purple
    Dragon's Fire
    (The blades flicker, similar to flames)

    Possession -
    Mauve can possess the body of a living creature with consciousness. Once able to have control, his body is completely vulnerable, since his soul left, though is still connected to his body. If he were to get harmed in the other body he usurped control, his body would suffer the same injuries, thus forcing him to have to take care of the body as he's in it. He also cannot just hop into a new type of body and expect to control it properly. So far he only knows how to properly control human bodies.
    The effects of this last either until the owner of the body's soul takes control back, or 15 minutes have passed.

    Detailed appearance -A description if the picture didn't explain exactly what you meant-: He normally wears proper attire, keeping himself straight and clean.
    Dream: To become the "perfect" hunter.

    Mauve was born to a lone mother who would soon be a part of the Grimm Reapers. She was frequently depressed through the first seven years he was with her, since her husband had fought with her just before commiting suicide right before her. She kept pushing her son to be "perfect". Task after task, not even telling him how to do it, and then reprimanding him after he did it incorrectly. This caused his insecurities to form; he tried doing things absolutely perfectly, and then punished himself whenever he did something incorrectly, rather that be poisoning himself or cutting his arms. His teachers at Signal were very concerned for him, one woman in particular, Mrs. Arrow, who lived near him and constantly heard a ruckus near his house, day and night.

    One day, his mother brought home a Beowolf, but there was something strange about it.. It had multiple white teeth-like spikes coming out of it's body, and it seemed rather violent. His mother said that "It was a test" and instantly broke the lock open, sicking the mutant Grimm at him. He thought it was the end.

    Mrs. Arrow had come to his rescue, crashing through the window and fending off the Beowolf. Plenty of others crashed through the window and killed it, arresting his mother on the spot. Mrs. Arrow was thankful he was alive, but he stated "I wish it killed me..." before breaking out into tears.
    She let him stay at her house until his time at Signal was over. Before he left, she said there would be a surprise waiting for him there, which made him gently cringe. She sent him off to Beacon with a smile on her face and waving.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Miyuki (Does not have a last name)
    Gender: Female
    Age (And date of birth): Presumably 14 years old
    Race: Human (Victim of the Grimm Reapers)
    Color: White
    Incredible strength


    Forget - An ability she uses unconsciously. If she experiences a traumatic event, she will instantly forget what happened. It's not like her memories are erased, but they pass over to her second personality, which was what it was created upon. If she were made aware of her ability and could control it, she could remove memories she selects herself, and even with practice, the memory of others.

    Detailed appearance: She has what seems to be the Grimm Reaper's emblem, crossed scythes with a skull in the middle, over her left breast.

    Dream: For Mauve to stop being so obsessed in his perfection mindset.
    History: The first thing Miyuki could remember is that she was lying in a hospital, heavily hooked to life support. A lot of people in weird suits were there, thankful she was awake. Later on she was taken into a small conference room. She was asked a lot of strange questions which she had no answer to. She was rather frightened about the questioning, though the only solution was to keep her at Beacon with a close eye on her. Headmaster Denvurr proposed to care for her, even taking her out for ice cream afterwards. Miyuki wasn't even capable of speaking. After a year of teaching her as much as he could, even naming her the name she bears now, he put her to be enlisted as the first Specialized class student, partnering her with Mauve. She tended to have "violent" outbursts, and thought Mauve's Semblance would help with controlling her.

    Name: GREN-12 (Chamois)
    Gender: Female
    Age (And date of birth): Presumably 14 years old; Behaves like an adult
    Race: Human (Victim of the Grimm Reapers)
    Color: White
    Incredible strength

    Psychokinesis - Chamois is able to move things with her mind, sometimes only out of impulse. It doesn't require much effort to actually move something, but it does require focus if she's trying to move it to a particular position. It requires no hand movement, though it does require her to have the items in her field of vision.

    Dream: To reset all..

    (This will be added later, since it is a crucial plot point and won't be dissected yet.)​
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  11. -Appearance-
    Dropbox - ^DFC0D596FF470269D3C5F8E3DF6B189DCC59B558FD476B84B6^pimgpsh_mobile_save_distr.jpg
    Detailed Appearance: Mardi stands at a good 6'5 taking pride in his height as its one of the few things he can lord over his brother. The tattoo on his left arm was a form of blood bond he got with Helio on their 16th birthday to show just how deep their friendship runs. His form leans more on the muscular and built compared towards his brother's agile and lean build as he was always referred to as the "meat shield".

    Name: Mardi I. Blackwell
    Gender: Male
    Age (And date of birth): 17, 5/7/98
    Race: Human
    Color: Black
    Weapon: Strength Enhancing gauntlets
    Justice and Pride (Painted red and black)-

    Rage Meter: As a battle rages on while others would grow weaker, Mardi gains more power leading drawn out battles with him to end poorly for his opponent. His aura which he never really had full control over always came out when tensions ran high, but at the price of him losing his mind to the rage until he was either knocked out, no other hostile targets were in sight, or his body finally gave in to the fatigue which was still felt regardless of the power boost. As of right now Mardi has partial-control of it being able to activate the full power at will, but the power still tires him out at an increased rate than normal allowing him to only go for 10 minutes before he gives out.

    Dream: To one day have people pass him by and go, "There he goes, the best that was ever in the game."

    Mardi Ignacious Blackwell, or M.I.B as he prefers to call himself, grew up within a small little household within his homeland of Mistral. From birth Mardi always had a "fighter's flare" as his father always called it since he would constantly pick fights with the other local children to prove his might. His main rival for much of his childhood was always his brother who constanly riled him up on purpose to prove how much better he was than him, but most of the time their fights would always end in draws. It was a good life which had everything he could have hoped for, but it was all taken away from him with the untimley death of both his parents which forced both himself and his brother to be transported towards the Vale at the young ages of 5. Upon arrival they were entrusted into the care of their uncle, Marx Blackwell, who took the boys under his wing out of sympathy towards his late brother. While not a cruel man he certainly was a stern one as he prepared the boys from an early age to join Signal Academy to become Huntsmen like himself. His work with Mardi was a special one as the boy could hardly be called a fighter more so than a wild animal, as he based his strikes one brute strength and instinct.

    At age 10, Mardi finally tapped into his aura during one of their sparing sessions after becoming angered due to a combination of his brother teasing him and not getting the lesson. Allowing the pressure to get to him he let go and let his anger take control causing his mind to go blank as he just let loose on both parties involved within the training session. It took him a week to recover from the event as he woke up days later feeling sore...but strangely stronger. For the next 3 years Mardi and his brother, Helio, began to work harder each finding their own reasons to strive forward, with his being the fact that he needed to become strong to overcome the weight of his Sembalance. Finally, upon their 13th birthday Marx decided that they were ready for the Academy and made preparations to send them off that day, but not before granting them with key knowledge of everything they might face and some suggestions on what they should pick as weapons when the time came.

    The next few years basically flew by as Mardi and Helio both pushed themselves to their limits during the training programs. When it finally came time he asked his brother to assist in the making of his weapons in the form of enchanting them with dust which turned out better than they both expected as his newly made gauntlets granted him strength even beyond what he was normally capable of. Finally, the time had come for the boys to say goodbye towards the Academy and move on up to the big leagues towards Beacon, and Mardi was excited beyond words as his dream was finally starting...but can he live long enough to see it done.

    Random Fact:
    -He can lift 500lbs
    -He got his nickname from his friends due towards his fighting style which is mix of wrestling and brawling.
    -His current win streak against Helio is currently 0-99
    -Has the habit of naming everything he owns

    Character Theme:
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  12. Lapis and Sunil Winterval

    (To give you a basic idea)

    Full body Lapis

    Full body Sunil

    "If I can't care about you, I won't protect you. I expect you give me the same treatment."

    Name: Lapis Winterval (Left)
    Gender: Female
    Age (And date of birth): 17 (12/2)
    Race: Human
    Color: Blue
    Weapon: Frostbite

    An incredibly strong sword with the capability of breaking into a whip extending up to 50 feet. When used as a whip, the tip will not break flesh, but rather create the same numbing effect on the spot it strikes as if they're freezing. If the same limb is struck enough times, the affected area will need to be amputated, hence its name.

    More details of the weapon's usage:

    Frostbite in blade mode extends out to roughly 2 and a half feet in length while being half an inch wide. Its material is incredibly durable, made to even block bullets if the wielder's reflexes are quick enough. The blade itself gives off a cold mist, though nothing too bad.

    When in whip mode, the blade breaks apart and the cord beneath is extended to whatever length the wielder wants. On the grip are buttons that can be pressed to shorten and lengthen the whip's cord. The tip is enchanted to cause a numbing effect on the opponent, making movement and usage of that limb more difficult. Depending on the person will determine how many times they can be struck before Frostbite's strikes take effect and amputation is required.



    Lapis' misdirection allows her to confuse the opponent of her whereabouts by making herself "disappear", while making small noises away from her to make them believe she is elsewhere. Her footsteps become silent, she becomes faster, and escape is made easier. Misdirection is not an offensive ability and mainly used on the off chance that she has to flee or trick the opponent. Her Semblance can be made useless if she attempts to attack her opponent while in use or her opponent has her trapped. Can be activated when not being looked at but can only be used for a certain amount of time before deactivated and putting her into exhaustion.

    Detailed appearance -A description if the picture didn't explain exactly what you meant-:

    Dream: Continue the family name and become a respectable huntress


    Lapis was born as the first daughter in a line of Hunters, so her future had already been predetermined before she opened her eyes for the first time. At the young age of 5, her training to become a hunter had begun.

    Train, study, eat, sleep, and repeat was all that Lapis could recall of her childhood. The only instances of her days that made them different was her sister Sunil. Because Lapis was the favored daughter between the two, her sister did whatever she could to gain attention from her parents. Lapis had appreciated her sister's attempts since it broke her usual routine for even just a couple of minutes. Sometimes catching her sister would become one of her training exercises.

    By the time Lapis had become 12, her reflexes, speed, and fighting capability had become remarkable within her family. She was able to capture and secure Sunil in five seconds flat no matter where she was, another reason why Lapis was the favorite daughter. She had been given her sword whip after being taught how to properly use and maintain it. It was only a matter of time before Lapis would be sent away to officially become a hunter, but there was a problem.

    What was her sister going to do? Her parents had been so focused on Lapis, Sunil would only become "something gross and boring", as she had put it. Sunil had been badgering to their father about wanting to be trained and becoming a huntress, but they had given her false promises. Lapis had been sure that Sunil would only be left waiting, so she decided to train her. Of course, Sunil was nowhere near as skilled as her older sister, but she was at least capable of taking care of herself... Mostly.

    By the request of Lapis, and the demand of Sunil, they were both sent to train in a combat school. But before leaving, their mother had given them blue vest... jacket things and gray belts as a gift to remind them of her. Lapis never wears hers, but Sunil wears her vest all the time. There, Lapis was able to refine her combat skills and tap into her aura while Sunil was able to get more of the training she needed. Alone, the two helped one another train with their weapons and train their Semblance.

    Extra: Lapis is usually snacking on something. She will share if she cares about you.

    "Dammit I'm just as good as Lapis! Wait and see! I'll surpass her one day!"

    Name: Sunil Winterval
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 (1/19)
    Race: Human
    Color: Dark blue

    Weapon: Frosty (Left shoe) and Gale (Right shoe)

    Frosty and Gale are mainly close ranged combat weapons styled around ice skates. It is meant to help the user move faster and swiftly during combat, as if they're gliding. If someone were to use these weapons, they must be able to revolve their combat around their legs. Underneath the shoes are two sharp blades which will extend reach of the kick and cause more damage.

    They are crafted out of not only durable and protective material to keep the user from breaking their legs. This means the shoes are capable of absorbing most of the impact the user faces when kicking or falling down heights.

    (If Sunil is kicking someone, her shin won't shatter on impact from the speed and force of it because of the shoe structure and material. If she's falling from a certain height, her shoes will absorb most of the impact so it's softer than it would be without them. For instance, jumping off something 20 foot high will feel like jumping off the top of a step ladder so long as she lands on her feet. There is still a limit the shoes can handle so death by heights is still possible, regardless if she landed on her feet.)


    Enhanced Speed

    When her Semblance is activated, the world around seems to slow down while her speed increases to near blinding speeds. If used for too long, she will become exhausted and her legs will become useless for a week at most.

    Detailed appearance: Sunil wears the white shirt without the bow tie around her neck. Instead of black pants, she wears navy blue. I drew her with the same outfit as Lapis because I was brain dead on clothes at the time.

    Dream: To become a better huntress than her sister


    Sunil was born as the second daughter in a line of Hunters, but she was nowhere near as favored as her sister Lapis was. In fact, Sunil's mother being pregnant a second time was an unexpected surprise.

    For most of her childhood, she was raised by the housekeeper they had. Her name was Luz, as she had recalled, and she was who Sunil could consider more of a mother than her biological one. Despite being told to be good, Sunil would find any means of causing trouble within the house. From breaking simple vases to unleashing stray (domestic) animals in her home, anything for attention. If it wasn't her mother or father who captured her and put her in her room, it was Lapis herself. Instead of getting a scolding from her big sister, Lapis would smile and say "thank you". Hearing those words encouraged Sunil to continue to cause trouble.

    By the time Lapis had become 14 and Sunil 11, she noticed just how great her sister had become just by hearing how her parents spoke of her. Only good with high hopes regarding her, so much faith and pride in their eldest daughter. Sunil had become envious of Lapis because of this. She wanted to be spoken highly of too! Something her parents could be proud of! But... She wasn't good at anything! Sunil did have her hobbies, but they were hunters! Craft projects were not going to make her noticed in a family of butt kicking hunters and huntresses!

    What was she going to do!? She was going to grow up to be gross and boring! Nothing to look forward to in her life except the day she died! No excitement! Nothing! Sunil had asked multiple times, practically begged for her parents to teach her to be a huntress. But she was only met with "Once I'm done teaching Lapis, we'll teach you something". But problem was, they were never finished with Lapis. Days turned to weeks, and by then Sunil had given up asking. But then one miraculous day, Lapis herself went to Sunil and offered to train her. Even though it was only a limited amount of time, Sunil took what she could get. As a quick learner, she observed Lapis' teachings like a sponge, but it still wasn't enough.

    By the request of Lapis, and the demand of Sunil, they were both sent to train in a combat school. But before leaving, their mother had given them blue vests and gray strap belts as a gift to remind them of her. Lapis never wears hers for obvious reasons, but Sunil definitely wore her vest every time she could. Sometimes over her uniform, because it was one of the few gifts she received from her mother. While there, Sunil was able to get more of the training she needed, making her capable of defending herself, but somehow Lapis (and some others) were always able to beat her. But before they signed up for Beacon Academy, the two helped one another train with their weapons and their Semblances.

    Lapis had passed without much of a surprise to Sunil, but seeing that she too had passed the preliminary made it one of the best days of her life.
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