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  1. Mauve Juniper
    First Year

    "Why me..." Were his first words when he laid his tired, bloodshot eyes on the girl. Mrs. Arrow mentioned a surprise, and he supposed... This first thing he saw as he left the airship... Was the surprise. A girl? Was a weird albino girl seriously his present or something? Was this a sick joke? He groaned as he held onto the girl's hand, who seemed pretty merry herself.

    "So uh... What's your name little girl..?" He asked her, conversation feeling strange to him. He never really socialized before... Hopefully she wouldn't get nosy and pull his sleeves.

    Specialized Unit

    Miyuki was overjoyed when Mauve stood in front of her. Pink eyes sparkling, she panted much like a dog, getting only more excited when he spoke. She was so excited; Mr. Denvurr had enticed her to be extremely excited for his arrival, even though his appearance was lackluster. Her heart was fit to burst when he held her hand.

    "Miiiii-yuuuuu-kkiiiii!" She said in a singsong voice, keeping a good hand held tightly to his.
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  2. Amarilla Cuprum
    First Year

    The day had been a nice one, fairly quiet and sunny with the sun positively beaming. Amarilla had found herself happy that she'd boarded an earlier flight, since she could just soak in the day while other first years arrived. No stress, no lost bags, just her and the nice warm sun on the nice warm concrete.

    She heaved a content sigh then adjusted her left open fingered glove, damn thing was getting loose again. She had decided to go simple for the day: Some loose fitted but still form fitting jeans, a black blazer, white button down, and a black lacy bra, which was currently visible as she had unbuttoned her shirt to better feel the sun on her stomach. Her black, combat boots had been kicked off and laid beside high, as were her two tonfas, Excavalon.

    Her rest was interrupted by a very...excited someone more than a few paces away from her spot. She cracked open a lazy eye and shifted her head to look in the direction and then winced at the rather loud voice at it sing songs some name she didn't care to learn. She groaned to herself then sat up, her shirt still opened though had shifted a bit to show just the valley between her ample twins. She looked down and smirked as she ran her thumb over her own abs. "Alright. New school, new me. Confidence is what Papa said I really need it when I look so damn good?" She asked herself jokingly. Chuckling to herself she stood up and retied her black tie so that it hung fairly loosely around her neck and ran her fingers through her bangs as she began to psyche herself up to meet new people.

    Just...not the loud one yet. Nor the other girl that the loud one seemed to be dragging along. She wasn't THAT ready.
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  3. Sunil and Lapis


    Both girls sat by one another side by side, Sunil bouncing up and down in her seat excitedly while Lapis was eating her snacks next to her. The older sister sat with one leg crossed over the other while the younger had to grab the edge of her seat. Had anyone been sitting near them, the small pile of bags that was forming next to Lapis would have been noticeable. It was a common characteristic of her to have either a snack or her weapon in her hands. Sunil had told her sister that those snacks she ate were going to going to give her a heart attack, but as usual, she was brushed off. Lapis enjoyed her snacks too much to exchange them for fruits or vegetables.

    It had been about an hour (or rather 15 minutes) that Sunil had expressed her excitement about Beacon. Lapis, as she usually did, didn't express her emotions as openly as her sister. The older sister looked significantly less thrilled and more tired than the younger. Had it not been for their hair color, or that they were near each other a lot, no one would have suspected that they were sisters.

    "Isn't this great, Laps? We're going to Beacon!" Sunil silently exclaimed to her sister, obviously trying not to bother anyone. Her first day, she couldn't be a nuisance to anyone. Maybe after the first week it would be unavoidable, but she could handle a little self restraint on the first day.

    Lapis gazed over to her, waiting until she swallowed before speaking. "Yeah, really great. Maybe it'll be better than that combat place we went to."

    "Of course it will! It's Beacon! Maybe once you and I finish up, we'll be the best huntresses ever!" Sunil had to cover her mouth to keep from squealing out loud. "Ahh~! The best!"

    "I think there's going to be dogs waiting when we get off the airship if you keep up that high pitched squealing..."

    Now, Sunil still couldn't seem to control her contain her excitement, but Lapis understood why. She and Luz understood this very well. So, like a good sister, she didn't tell Sunil to stop. If anything, Lapis allowed it to continue and ignored any looks they got.

    As she was eating, her eyes gazed around at the students and noticed a blonde appearing to wake up from her slumber. Lapis had a hard time determining whether this girl was trying to flaunt her figure, or was completely unaware of the kind of show she was putting on. She, not one to stare, turned her gaze away and waited until she swallowed what she was chewing to speak again.

    "At least we know which tree the boys will be climbing." She commented to her sister, who stopped bouncing in her chair just long enough to see what she was talking about.

    "Oh come on, that looks like high self esteem and confidence to me. You jealous or something?"

    "Totally." The look Lapis gave Sunil and the tone in her voice made the sarcasm obvious. "You know I do my best to stay out of that department. But you can't deny she's going to get some attention; wanted attention being my guess."

    "Nothing wrong with a little attention. Heck, if I had goods like that I'd want to show them off."

    "You'd be wearing baggy sweaters if I have anything to say about it."
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  4. Slate strode confidently off the airship. He cracked his knuckles as he did so. He looked upwards to the large looming school and took in a deep breath. "Ah, I can already smell the burning grimm. I love it." He walked slightly quicker than usual in his excitement. First year. He had come a long way. And there was still a ways to go. He kept his wits about him and looked around. All the different styles of weapons were incredible, and attached to each was a just as unique fighter. He was eager to meet teammates. Much like a game, murdering grimm is more fun with others.

    As he walked along the path to the school he quickly did a 360 to get a better look at his surroundings, and noticed a blonde girl with big fun bags. It took him a few seconds to pry his eyes away. Hopefully, she didn't notice his 3.4 seconds of gawking. He silently condemned himself. Slate was raised in the wild but he was still taught some decency. Very little, but still.
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  5. With a quick rub to her eye, Amarilla stood up and stretched out her arms and yawned. She was happily relaxed as she stood up and buttoned up her shirt. The faunus girl looked around quietly as she quickly worked on her shirt.

    Not too far away, some dude had been staring at her, kinda slack jawed. She smirked and winked at him then continued to look around. She tightened up her tie a bit then waved at the two girls she saw looking in her direction. She bent down to pick up her tonfas and shifted them to their pistol form before she holstered one of her right thigh and the other across her lower back.
  6. Mauve Juniper
    First Year

    "Oh god, people are staring..."
    He groaned, though forced himself to have a proper posture. This girl cannot possibly ruin his reputation, right? He needed to be perfect... Perfect grades... Perfect attendance... Perfect...
    He flinched when the white haired girl practically screamed out her name.
    "P-please don't scream, that's ill-mannered."
    He stuttered, biting his fingernails. He looked to the yellow haired Faunus waving at them and hoped Miyuki wouldn't follow his gaze. He tried quickening his pace along the cobblestone ground, looking to the gigantic building before them. Beacon is a place too late, too far, to fail.

    Specialized Unit

    "But screaming is fun..." She frowned, coming closer to him and puffing her cheeks. Why was he such a butthead? He also had those weird dark marks under his eyes, did he like painting or something? That's kinda funny! She soon was smiling wide at him again, before she noticed his gaze toss to somewhere in particular; a new friend!
    "Fwaaannndddd!" She cried out, letting go of his hand, and running to the girl, "Fwand! Fwand! Fwaaand!"
    She literally jumped on her, alerting Mauve of this.

    -Mauve EXTRA

    "Oh my gosh ma'am, i'm so sorry..." He said as he came over, staring at the girl snuggling against her.
  7. Amarilla
    Year One

    Amarilla had never, ever regretted anything so quickly in her life. While that little wave was meant for the cutey whom was next to the hottie snacking on some...whatever she was eating, the two girls that had been in front of them the entire time obviously caught the wave. Well, the little one did anyway.

    Before she could even say anything, she had an--admittedly adorable--girl clinging onto her for dear life...and snuggling her way deeper into her cleavage. The faunus wrapped her arms around the girl's waist gently and shifted the girl so she wasn't near her pistols. She looked at the other girl...whom was a guy apparently if her sense of smell was correct, then smiled. "Uh...this is unexpected's OK, I suppose. Is she always this...excitable?" She asked as she looked down at the kid again. "You've got a good headbutt there, Miyuki was it?" She asked since she'd heard the kid practically scream it before.
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  8. [BCOLOR=#000000]Ferr Ironhart [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]First Year[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Beacon [/BCOLOR]

    Ferr could already tell this was going to be a wild ride. Good thing he had gotten plenty of sleep on the ride here. Otherwise he might have been irritated by the sounds of screaming people. Not something he likes to hear for a number of reasons. With his gigantic blade strapped to his back, Ferr followed fellow students off the airship and onto the school grounds. An interesting and impressive design and architectural piece.

    Adjusting his sweater's collar, which kept raising up as the ride had progressed, he paused and took a moment to look over his fellow shipmates. Or former shipmates that is. It was a colorful bunch. Something new and different from his usual scenery. Taking in a deep breath, Ferr strolled

    "Could have more trees. But that's just me." Ferr muttered to himself as he noticed a white haired girl attacking a blonde haired girl. It was more like a rush hug more than a rush tackle. Ferr smirked at this before passing a man who had gawked at blonde's chest.
    "Impressed I see." The man joked before crossing his arms. "I personally am more into wide hips."
  9. Sunil and Lapis

    Sunil had been about to wave back at the blonde girl when she was rush hugged by another girl. The blue haired girl pouted, thinking that perhaps the other girl was waving at the white haired one and Sunil so happened to be in her direction. Lapis stood up with her and gathered up the bags she had around her. Once she cleaned her spot, the older girl stowed the bags away in the pockets attached to her belt to throw away later.

    "Should have known girls would be climbing that tree too." Lapis commented to her sister as the two started getting off the airship with the other students.

    "Oh come on, I'm sure she's nice." Sunil said in the unknown blonde's defense, earning a shrug and munching sounds.

    "Didn't say she wasn't. It's not good to assume things, you know it and I know it. I'm just saying what I know is going to happen after that little show."

    "Maybe that "little show" wasn't on purpose?"

    "Doubt it."
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  10. Mardi I. Blackwell
    First Year
    Beacon Academy

    "I'm finally here." Looking out onto the campus he was rather impressed as the school certainly lived up to all the stories that his uncle had told him about. Taking his time to gather his thought and take it all in he was watched the wide variety of students there were to interact with, especially the ladies. The obvious sister duo were the main ones that had caught his attention the whole ride over as seeing them interact reminded him much of himself and Helio on a daily basis. The lone thought of his brother did get him down a bit as they had parted only recently with Helio deciding to head back home and join the hunter program there instead of heading to Beacon together. "Eh i'm worrying too much i'm sure he'll be fine he is my brother after all." Picking his head back up he focused more upon the group he would be spending the next few years with instead seeing that getting to know them early would probably make things easier down the rode.

    Tossing his duffel bag over his shoulder he decided to pay the sister duo a visit walking over to catch up with them as they made preparations to get off the ship. "Hey there ladies nice to meet ya." Going with the standard greeting seemed like a good approach in Mardi's mind as he gave a small wave putting on a smile. Just then he almost forgot the one lesson his uncle used to beat into his head: always introduce yourself first when greeting others. "Oh sorry almost forgot to introduce myself. The name is Mardi Ignacious Blackwell or M.I.B as my friends call me, and yes each letter is said on its own in that order before ya ask."
  11. Sunil and Lapis

    First Year

    Both sisters turned their attention to the man that was speaking to them, but their eyes met chest and forearm first before they realized this man was much taller. Compared to Sunil, this man could make up two of her if she stood on her own shoulders and five in girth measurement. Lapis too wasn't nearly as tall or wide in muscle mass as him. If anything, this gentleman looked like he could break the duo in half. At the same time. With ease.

    "Okay, Mib. Pleasure to meet you." Lapis said before eating another piece of what looked to be chocolate from one of her snack bags.

    "Wow~ He refers to himself by his initials!" Sunil said this to her sister, knuckles white as she clutched the strap of her bag then looked back at Mardi. "You don't see that everyday huh? For a second, I thought you were going to say your name was something like Tiny or Death Lord." It took her a second before she realized he didn't have anything to call them. "Oh, right! I'm Sunil and this is my sister Lapis! It's nice to meet you too Mardi! Or Mib! If you wanna go by initials, you can call me S.E.W. and her L.A.A.Y.N.W."
  12. Slate grit his teeth at having been noticed. He shrugged. "I'll admit I am. BUT, I'm not here to gawk at girls. I'm here to kill grimm. Or, learn to kill them I mean." Slate gestured to Beacons tower. "Now, I believe we all have places to be?" He adjusted his shields on his back and took the final step off the airships ramp. His first step towards a bright future.
  13. "Learning to kill and killing are both one in the same. If you look at it a certain way." Ferr stated as he carried his own bag by his side. He looked up to the tower Slate had pointed to. His blue eyes looking up to it with an impressed smile and glint in his eyes. He would follow the fellow for some steps before stopping to see the sisters speaking to lad with a certainly...weird name. There was no other way for him to classify it. A shrug would come before he continued towards the building.

    Not here to gawk at girls huh? Ferr's reviewed the statement. Finding himself charmed by the blue haired Lapis. Just a glance is all he took from the experience. Anything longer and he would find himself at the risk of being made fun of. Similar to what he had just. Following said man, Ferr continued the conversation. "That is a nice shields you got. What's it call?" Hoping to at least have a small chat before they were exposed to an entrance ceremony. Those took forever and bored Ferr.
  14. @Aura

    Slate was too busy admiring the beautiful architecture to notice the first thing the other guy said. "I haven't named them, yet." He said as he used his semblance to make the shields levitate in front of him. They spun at a slow pace, showing off the sharp edges. The sun reflected off the black metal. One of them had a dent in the middle with scratches around it. "I made both about three years ago. Right now their known as shield #1 and #2." He smirked and returned them to their place on his back. They weren't secured in place by a strap, but instead clinged to him like a magnet. He held out his hand. "I'm Slate by the way. From Vale... Sort of."
  15. Mardi I. Blackwell (M.I.B)
    First Year
    Beacon Academy

    Mardi only laughed once the girls responded to his greetings and realized that maybe using his real name would just do for now. "Well I guess you can just call me Mardi for the moment and we'll work on the nicknames later okay? At the very least its an honor to meet you both and i look forward to possibly working with you two in the future." He looked around and saw two of the other students begin to step off the airship and decided that it was time to make their descent as well. He looked at the bags in their hands seeing that even though Sunil and Lapis could probably handle it, it would be polite to at least offer to help out. "Ya know if you need help with carrying those off I wouldn't mind. Besides i've only got the one on me so I can deal with carrying a heavier load just fine." Its true as the only items he really carried in the bag were simply his weapons, a spare change of clothes that looked the same as he wore now, and other such daily essentials that were needed.
  16. Sunil and Lapis

    First Year

    Sunil and Lapis looked at one another then back at Mardi after being offered help with their bags as they started getting off the airship with him. They were a little bit surprised, but not in the bad way. Especially since this man was being more polite than he looked and needed to. Who knew this giant was gentle?

    "No thank you, Mardi. But you get points for kindness." Lapis said to him after swallowing down her next bite.

    Sunil, on the other hand, would have taken the offer. But seeing as Lapis had rejected it, she couldn't appear lesser than her by allowing someone else to carry her bag. She would look lazy in comparison to her older sister if she let a person she had just met carry her stuff while Lapis was woman enough to carry her own.

    "R-Right! Thanks Mibdi- wait, Mardi, but we can carry our own stuff! Still, really nice that you offered." Sunil smiled in hopes that her mistake would glossed over and quickly asked him, "Oh hey! We might work together in the future and stuff! Wanna tell us a little bit about yourself? As Lapis always said, "Those that trust each other survive the longest". I mean you could be working with just Lapis, or with just me, or with the both of us, but it wouldn't hurt to know the basics of what is Mardi Mib Something Blackwell."
  17. @Xytheus

    Aura offered a somewhat charismatic grin when he took Slate's hand. Giving it a few good shakes before introducing himself. "I am Ferr. From Mistral. Its good to meet you Slate." Placing his bag on the ground for a moment, Ferr took his sword down form his back. He wrapped it's strap around his fist so it didn't dangle. It was a small thing, yet annoyed him for some reason. "This big boy is called Gungnir. I didn't make it. Been in the family for some generations. Though I have done a few impressive modifications to it."

    Gripping it with both hands, Ferr twisted the hilt of the large blade. In a moment, the sword transformed into a round shield. Large, needing both hands to hold it properly. Offering a smirk, the warrior placed looked to Slate. "Not as flexible or versatile as your shield one and two I bet." With a small grunt, the spiky haired man held his hand against the shield. With another twist of the hilt, the shield turned back into it's prior form. A weapon Ferr was proud of. Useful in many combat scenarios. Most of them anyway.
  18. Slate was impressed by the swords size. He agreed with what Ferr said. It must take some serious strength to hold the thing. "I feel bad for anything, or anyone, that finds itself at the business end of that thing." Slate crossed his arms over his chest. "I've been thinking about serrating the edges of my shields. Right now they're not exactly armor busters."
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