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  1. R.W.B.Y.

    Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past.
    Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness — creatures of destruction — the creatures of Grimm - set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void.

    However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named "Dust."
    Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life.

    But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone... darkness will return.

    Background (open)
    It is a time of darkness, yet it would not be noticed by the average eye. Cinder Fall has vanished with her subordinates, Roman Torchwick has been recaptured after a successful escape attempt, the White Fang has seen a drastic decrease in popularity and numbers, and the amount of Grimm on the borders of the kingdoms have decreased dramatically.

    And yet no lights shine, and no one smiles. Team after team of Huntresses and Huntsmen have disappeared, leaving the kingdoms increasingly defenseless. Political tensions between the Kingdoms of Remnant have increased dramatically due to this. And a feel in the air, a tingling running down everyone's spine, tells the citizens of Vale, Vacuo, Mistral, and Atlas that their hardships are far from over.

    The last straw was the disappearance of Teams RWBY and JNPR. While no questions would have been raised otherwise (Headmaster of Beacon Academy, Ozpin, had a tendency to send his students on secret missions), the quarters of both teams had been ransacked, and signs of struggle were blatantly clear. At once, all the pieces came tumbling together.

    Someone was targeting the Hunters.

    As part of a worldwide directive to increase defenses around the kingdoms, a notice was delivered to every citizen, in or out of combat school, from the core to the far corners of Remnant: Special privileges would be granted to each and every family of a student who applied and was accepted into Beacon Academy. A flood of new potential Huntsmen flowed into the academy, some cast out for failing the entrance exam, others for not being up to standard, and some who simply died while training.

    You are one of these new recruits. And you have a dark destiny ahead of you.

    PlotYou are to be a future part of the four-man Hunter Team AVNG, and a future student at Beacon Academy. Due to the rushed training and acceptance procedure, missions are assigned earlier than before, and students may not be as prepared as in the early days of Team RWBY and Team JNPR, much to the chagrin of Headmaster Ozpin.
    However, along with schoolwork and on-the-job training, Team AVNG will be responsible for investigating the disappearances of the missing Hunter teams, and, if at all possible, rescuing them. At the same time, Team AVNG will discover a shocking secret, one that could rock the entire world of Remnant. And could destroy their own lives as they know them.

    (If you needed me to say so, delete the parentheses when making the character)
    • Name: (Must start with an A, V, N, or G, and be or be related to a color)
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Appearance:
    • Personality: (List traits)
    • Weapon: (Make it original. Make it badass. The law of originality extends to anything already made in the RWBY canon, meaning you can't have a scythe or hammer-fists. You can copy and edit from other sources, but try to make it your own with your own special tweaks.)
    • Semblance: (This can be difficult. Please refer to the RWBY wiki for more information on Auras and Semblances, and please contact me before including it)
    • ???: (TBA later in RP)
    • Brief Bio: (3-4 paragraphs, four sentences each)

    • During OC/OC combat, posts are to be kept to a one sentence minimum, three maximum. Who wins is determined by popular vote, or, if the players choose, by myself. This is to prevent OP behavior or one-post KOs and increase the ferocity of the battle. These fights may go on for a while, so if you intend to fight a player, be prepared to sit at your computer and duke it out for a few hours.
    • Co-GMs are welcomed, but not necessarily necessary.
    • Any major changes or inclusions to the RP (besides major plot points) are handled via POPULAR VOTE. You can decide whether or not something gets included!
    • Only four characters will be accepted, including mine. Teams in the RWBY universe typically consist of only four Huntsmen/Huntresses.
    • And before I forget... All characters' first names must begin with a letter from the team name, and must be or be related to a color (both being the rules of the universe). That means that each character's name must begin with an A, a V, an N, or a G, and must be or be related to a color (simply because it sounds terrible, please do not name a character Grass or Green). However, the color does not need to begin with the letter chosen. (You could do Viola Rosé, and have her be red instead of violet.)

    All characters in the RWBY universe are gifted with extraordinary abilities. They can create duplicates of themselves, wield incredible weapons, and are the best fighters on the planet. And creating original characters in this universe is no doubt going to be an extraordinary amount of fun. However, it can be extremely difficult to come up with an original weapon for the universe. It can be difficult to understand and choose the proper Semblance and Aura. Therefore, these sources are provided to facilitate the creation of a character. More will be added as time goes on.

    • This RP will contain some mature content because, unlike Monty Oum (bless the poor man's soul), I believe in gore, blood, and the chilling images of skull-masked monsters attacking and tearing people to shreds. Monsters do bleed. You can chop off their limbs. And you can kill in-game characters. However, there is a bit of other content. I'm including the romance option here for the sake of variety. You will be able to hit on canon or original characters (with permission from the creator of OCs). I'm debating anything 18+ in that category, and will put it to a vote.
    • Each post should be around two to four paragraphs, four sentences each.
    • Posting should be around once a day to once a week.
    • If absences are going to happen, inform me ahead of time, and your character will be put in the hospital for some temporary treatment. (smiles evilly)
    • Be polite to others.
    • Keep profanity in the OOC to a minimum. (You can go nuts in-character, though.)
      [*]And under no circumstances are you to FLIP. YOUR. FUCKING. SHIT.
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  2. I see RWBY.
    I'll get a character sheet up soon.
  3. I've looked into what you've done so far. You might need some work, but I think you'll do...

    Remember to make bios relatively long, your grammar decent, and to be descriptive without sounding pretentious. That last one may be a bit difficult, but do try.
  4. Wow, you've done research. I don't know whether to be impressed, or scared xDD
    But yeah, I'll try. Though, character sheets aren't much of my forte, but I'll try.
  5. Name: Vi Amber

    Color: Orange

    Age: 15

    Gender: Girl


    Her shirt and eyes are orange.

    Personality: Energetic, Over the top, Chaotic, Limited attention span, Silly, Fun, Tells too many jokes that probably are not funny, Childish, Plays around too much, Always smiling, very bubbly.

    When she becomes mad or depress she does not drop her smile but she does get dark. She takes a lot of unnecessary risk like lunging head first into a a stronger opponent or saying how she really feels about others despite the fact that those feelings could really hurt the person.

    She has trouble trusting people. She is always quick do something solo because she thinks the world is cruel and caring for others would only give the world a new way to hurt her. She does not want to be this way but history as showed her different.

    Weapon: Shock n' Awe
    Dust infused Tonfas (Shock) which can turn into a bow (Awe) which shoots Dust bolts.

    The tonfas can cause blunt damage or release small explosions of dust on contact.

    The bow fires Dust bolts which can either explode immediately on contact or lodge into the opponent as a catalyst for another exploding arrow.

    Semblance: Impact
    When Vi touches something or hits someone with Shock, she can release a burst of energy. These burst of energy can be use to push things, propel her, or cause damage as if the target was punched/kicked/struck/ ect.

    This burst of energy does not have to happen instantly. It can be delayed for a period of time (no longer then 60 seconds) or stored inside of target to act as a catalyst for another Impact attack.

    If a target has a charge of impact stored in them. Making Vi lose focus will dispel the effect

    She can also add dust to her Impact to cause various effects.

    Each type gives a particulate affect

    Red (fire)- causes Impact to act like a explosion and deals fire damage. Along with Boosting the pushing power of impact.
    Blue (Ice)- causes Impact to form ice on the target and deals cold damage. This hinders the target because of the ice.
    Yellow (lighting)- Increases the delay or catalyst effects of impact
    Green (Wind)- removes the physical contact requirement to trigger Impact and increases the overall effective area while decreasing the effective power.

    These can be combine in different ratios to combine the effect. For example, Blue and Green allows Vi to hit a target with ice without making contact and cover more of their body, but the ice is also weaker.

    ???: (TBA later in RP)

    Brief Bio: Vi was the daughter of dust suppliers. Both parents were always busy and never gave Vi any attention. So what did Vi do about it, she got into trouble. She fought other kids and did anything that could get her negative attention. As a way to redirect her energy to good use, her parents enrolled her into a combat boarding school and gave her unlimited access to their dusk and anything she wanted. She became even more angry. Instead of paying her more attention, they moved her away. She thought her parents did not care for her so Vi started being reckless.

    Her thoughts were, if she could get badly injured her parents would have to look after her. So she put her self into dangerous situation. She fought without protection, she rarely blocked and avoided attacks at the last minute. She did not care what happen to her and just focused on the outcome.

    With this high risk high reward style, became nearly unstoppable. She was too unpredictable and she was enjoying it. All the attention supplemented the loneliness she felt from being away from her parents. Then she met her mentor. She could not beat him. He knew what she was going to do and punished her recklessness. This destroyed her and she felt she had nothing left. The mentor saw this and taught taught her the value of life. She started to calm down and stop taking pointless risk. This improved her fighting drastically and she even received an invitation to beacon. Before she could celebrate with her mentor, the school was attacked by a small Grimm, She watched as it killed everyone. Then it came to kill her. She froze, not knowing what to do. It attacked and blood squirted all over her face.

    It was not her blood which covered her face but her mentor. Something in her changed. She picked up her weapons and laughed while running at the beast. After a gruesome fight, she came out alive by smashing the creatures face into the ground. From then on she never complained about her parents. She stopped being afraid of anything. She never mentioned anything about the combat school nor could she remember it. All she remembered was seeing red and killing the Grimm. Her parents would visit her but she treated them like strangers. The only thing she could think of was Beacon.
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  6. Uh... Might want to work on the grammar. I made it through the weapons section, and then was confused by the constant boldface and lack of appropriate punctuation. You doing this from your phone?
  7. Name: Amethyst Abili
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    • Encouraging
    • Calming
    • Motherly
    • Confident
    • Mature
    • Merciless
    • Loyal
    Weapon: Freedom - Evoke & Geminate (High Heels + Duel Blades)
    - In it's first form, Evoke, these heels have a small compartment for dust, which is hidden on the back of the heel. These heels are made out of metal, as though to act like armour. They act to be a perfect one-size-fit-all, and can actually fit around other footwear. When used in combat, these heels can be charged up, and discharge electricity upon contact of the opponent, also making sure that in the process, the user is not harmed. Although it can also use other forms of dust, electricity is able to be conducted best due to the material. It can be considered some form of armour, weapon, or just a plain fashion accessory. Evoke appears as high heeled boots, stretching up just below her knees, and is also flexible like regular shoes, allowing her to move around swiftly and with ease. They are mainly white and purple, with a few golden trimmings and outlines. The dust is held in a compartment right on the heel, where you can open up the purple part connected to the white and insert dust.

    - In it's second form, Geminate, these heels can shift themselves into the form of duel blades, allowing her to use them as weapons in hand-in-hand combat. The blades may also use dust, however, she usually would rather use the dust when she feels as though she may be on a losing side. Again, electricity is easily conducted and so she uses electricity. In this form, the dust is kept in a circular department on the handles, which can be removed and have dust inserted. The blades are about 7 inches long, and the handles are 4 inches, making it a total of 11 inches long in each hand. They are also quite light, allowing her swift movements. In this form, she may use the dust in two ways; she may either charge the blades with the element, or she may shoot small, quick beams from the tips of the blades.

    Semblance: Tempest
    Tempest basically allows Amethyst to manipulate the air around her to a certain extent. She usually uses this in order to deliver a much more harder force upon the opponent, by simply accelerating the wind or air in the direction she is attacking. She may also use this when dodging, such as when jumping or trying to move back. She cannot use this to land direct attacks, however. This semblance is strictly limited to acting as a support. She may also use her semblance to help others, if they are in a close range. She may fly suspended in the air for a number of moments.

    ???: (TBA later in RP)

    Brief Bio:
    Amethyst was born into a relatively normal house hold. There was enough food, she played with the other kids down the street, and etc. Her parents originally didn't want their daughter to become a huntress, instead, they wanted to put her academic abilities to use rather than her physical skills. She, despite living a normal life, was usually sheltered and so lacked people skills. She had grown up in her house as a much calmer individual, however still wanted to go out like how she used to. She loved her parents dearly, along with the people around her, and so she obeyed. No one really knows what sparked her desire to become a huntress, however. Not even her parents understand why their daughter would want to do it, and have been against it for a long while until she finally packed up and went to train to become one, against their wills.

    Unbeknownst to most people, she had in fact, slipped out of the house time from time to go play. One day, as she was playing with a ball, she was attacked by a Grimm. Panicked, she tried running away but being a child at the time, her body was frozen from fear. Once her mind was finally able to process the danger in front of her, she tried her best to run away, however, resulted in a large scar across her back, and a number of cuts on her legs. As the blood was trickling down her legs and back, she finally thought that she was a goner. Right before the beast was about to kill the young child, the beast fell down and over, after being shot by a weapon. The child soon opened her eyes, mortified by the dead Grimm, it's body up in pieces and everything was just so.. Gruesome. She couldn't help but to faint at what had happened to her, from shock. However, before fainting, she had found a woman who was covered in the Grimm's blood. She was staring down at the girl, icy cold eyes staring daggers, as though telling the kid "You'll die next time".

    She was in shock for a next day or two, out for at least 2 days before finally waking up on a bed. She had found herself in some sort of cabin, with a bowl of poorly done food in the table in front of her. As she was about to eat, she cringed, looking down at her legs, and finding multiple bandages wrapped around, along with a couple of old bandages, soaked with blood. Of course, she felt very, very light headed, like she were about to die and pass out again. Hell, just waking up made her eyes sting from the light. Just as she was about to pick up the food, the door slammed open. There, she found an old couple walking in, and they quickly helped young Amethyst out. Afterwords, they explained that a woman had patched up the girl at first, then bringing her to them as the huntress didn't know where the child lived. They told the child that once she was recovered, they can walk her back to the main part of town so she can find her parents, and she agreed.

    For the next few days, she had been trying to recover and continue to walk. She then began helping the elderly couple with chores and cooking, as she was taught how to do it at home by her mother. Finally, after a week, she had more or less recovered from the majority of her wounds. In this time, she had grown stronger physically from the work that she helped with the elder man, and had learnt to work quicker from helping the old woman with her chores, not having anything better to do. Amethyst told the couple that she would visit them when she had the chance, walking with them back to town.

    Her parents found her in town, crying their eyes out the moment they found her from pure happiness. The couple and Amethyst explained to her parents what happened, and the two seemed to get upset. Though, their anger was drowned in the happiness of having their daughter back.

    A few years had passed from the incident, and her parents were even more strict after seeing that their daughter had been practicing actual fighting. After a number of arguments, she finally enrolled herself in a boarding school. She wanted to become a huntress because she wanted to save people who were once victims to the Grimm, like how she was on the verge to being killed in her childhood. This caused tension between her and her parents, as her little brother was an infant at the time. Finally, growing infuriated by their daughter, they sent her away on the boarding school, not wanting to put up with her constant desire of becoming a huntress.

    After getting into the boarding school, she practiced more and more, and appeared to be having fun as she was practicing. This was where she learnt more about combat styles, and she realized that she did much better close ranged, and so based her weapon off close-ranged fighting. She was glad that she attended, as this way, she was able to understand herself easier, and develop herself as a person.

    One day, she was allowed to visit her parents for a day, and when she returned, her parents shunned her, causing her to back up a little bit. Her brother had grown up a bit, and she tried talking to him, only for him to brush her off, telling her that 'Mommy and Daddy told me not to talk to failures.' he said, with such blunt face and monotoned voice. From that day on, Amethyst tried even harder to become stronger, to show them that she has grown, and all that time raising her didn't go to waste. Just as she was about to enter the house, a high pitched scream came from the edge of town, not too far from her own house. Suddenly, a Grimm in the form of some sort of bear appeared, and locked onto her family. Everyone was in a panic, running away. In the confusion, her brother was left outside by himself as the Grimm approached the small child. Flash backs and nostalgia hit her then, and since she was already wearing her heels, she activated them, opened the window, and just as the Grimm was about to attack the boy, she jumped out of the window, hitting the Grimm right in the skull. Worried that her brother would be mortified like her, she quickly moved forwards to grab her brother, picked him up, and covered his eyes. The Grimm's skull was crushed under her heels, the blood stained her heels, but she didn't care much.

    Once that was finished, she opened the unlocked door, and stood in front of the Grimm. She refused to let her brother see, so she bent to his level and started comforting him from such a scary experience. The Grimm was taken care of, and she returned to her boarding school. Her parents and her brother both grew more fond of her for defeating the Grimm, mending that tense relationship in the past. A year or two later, she had received an invitation to Beacon, much to her joy. She quickly accepted the invitation, and her parents, along with her brother, send her letters and ask how she is every now and then.
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  8. I am working on this in my free time at work. I put the WIP on top because im not done. Please dont kill me for mistakes yet mr. dinosaur
    • Name: Neon Navir
    • Age: 16
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: (Cat Ears hidden under his hair)
    • [​IMG]
    • Personality:
      • Bored
      • Helpful
      • Understanding
      • Berserker
    • Weapon:
      Fury and Wrath - Twin chainsaws that can be combined and outfitted with Dust.
    • [​IMG]
    • Semblance: Hero - Neon's Semblance passively gives super strength. However when active manifests a battle aura that shield him and increase his speed.
    • ???: (TBA later in RP)
    • Brief Bio: Neon Navir is the son of a well off family. His childhood isn't exactly tragic compared to some heroes he's read off. Problem was, he looked like a girl, sounded like one, and sometimes talked and acted like one. This prompted those around him to think that he was a girl that wore boy's clothing. Neon ignored those people and went about doing things that she wanted like fight and run.
    • However, during one of his little rumbles he was led to the forest on the outskirts of his home. He heard growling and ran away for he knew he was being chased by Grimm. He didn't look back as he ran into a cliffside and was cornered. He was then rescued by a Hunter named Baku who taught him everything and acted more of a parent to him than his actual parents, unlocking his Berserker state during trsining and his Semblance the first time he went with him on a hunt.
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  9. Kewl beens for all.
  10. You doin' a waitlist incase someone kicks the bucket?
  11. I might, but I also might reject someone here before we even start.
  12. I'm sorry, when people say that I always think that it's me and I get all anxious >>
  13. You've jinxed yourself. You know that, right?

    No worries, though. I haven't read your full CS yet.
  14. Oh joy..
  15. Dont worry @Citrus i believe in you and your heels.

    So can you fight with those heels?

    Mr. Dinosaur

    What kind of character will you make?
  16. Aha! I found a way to get rid of one of you! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    Both your characters are purple-based, @Unyielding and @Citrus. So only one of you can join... I give you two days to perfect your character sheets. And then... It's choosing time!
  17. its fine, i already did. To be honest i did not like my characters last name as Wolfbane anyway.

    im Amber which is orange. Orange is such an awesome color and unique because not many people use it.
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