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  1. Azher whistled to himself as he strolled through the courtyard, largely ignoring the presence of people and the amazingly put together scenery around him. All that mattered was the tune. No distractions. Keep it going. Keep it going. Keep it going... His trench coat swayed to his side, blown about by the wind. Oh, the solo is always the hardest part. Bending over, he scooped up a rock and started tossing it back and forth between his hands to produce the beat of the drums, whistling the guitar as best he could. A few people flashed him a look as they streamed past in the direction of the amphitheater.

    Suddenly, one of the stones missed a beat. "Dust be damned!" Azher chucked the rocks off into a bush. At least, he thought it was a bush. The grunt and squeal could have been birds, for all he knew. "Four years of trying to learn it, and I mess up on the last chorus repeat! Ha!" He chuckled with no one in particular. Adopting a serious composure again, he said "Going to take me forever to learn it again..."

    With little better to do, he truly gazed at Beacon Academy for the first time. And was as thoroughly unimpressed with an up-close view as he had been in Vale from a distance. The grounds were gray, a magnificent expanse of gray rock. He heard that there was a forest or two beyond the campus, but it was out of sight. In the plaza on his right, a massive statue depicted two triumphant Hunters standing on a cliff, a Grimm creature helplessly left beneath their feet. The avenue he had walked on the way to this main area was lined with trees, masking the relatively bleak landscape around him. And then there was the academy itself.

    A castle, in truth. Massive towers stretched to the sky. One, marked by the green orbs at the top, towered above the rest. It stretched for a great distance to either side, including the amphitheater, dormitories, dining hall, and various classes. Probably much more that Azher didn't notice. And despite the grandness, the magnificence, the sheer size, he was completely bored. Nothing to do. Nothing to kill.

    "Patience, blue." Mother's nickname did nothing to soothe him. If anything, it only made him more irritable. He hated his mother. "They always want something dead sooner or later." A bird tweeted nearby, but fled when Azher shot a glare at it. "Red-tails. I hate red-tails." His eye followed the bird as it flew towards the towering structure. He tried to stay serious. He really did. But he couldn't help it when the laughter rocked his chest, making his steps shaky as he followed the last dribbles of bodies into the amphitheater.
  2. Are people suppose to be this small?

    Gren asked herself quietly as she walked out of the airship. She stood a good head and shoulders over the tallest human. It was almost freakish how huge she was, and she relished in it. She could feel the stares. The envy. The fear. It was titillating. But Gren kept her composure. She wasn't going to start faltering just because people noticed her. If she wanted to hide in the shadows she wouldn't have taken the shuttle. She wants them to know who she was, to remember what she did. There was no hiding for her.

    Melancholy aside Gren was troubled at one of Beacon's most fatal flaw, the lack of doughnuts. But there was still time. Instead of heading to the amphitheater like other students Gren headed towards the kitchen. She made her intentions clear with a simple word.


    With the kitchen cleared out Gren started to work. She pillaged the cabinets for flour and found milk and eggs in the fridge. She struck hard and struck fast, and by the time the kitchen staff had returned with reinforcements Gren was gone, and in her place laid a plant of fried, honey glazed treats with a note on it.

    Welcome to Beacon!

    Gren walked away with her spoils, a veritable cornucopia of fried dough confectionery. From the simple ringed doughnut to sweet cinnamony sticks of chorros, Gren stuffed her face with the sweets. Sweet deliciousness. She could spend the whole day doing nothing but baking and eating. But no matter how delicious the meal she needed a drink, and she thirsted for blood. Today was the day that she became a hunter. Her belly was full of food, and now it was time to spill blood out of the bellies of her enemies. And god willing, she'll drink of their gore with a side of scones.
  3. Neon stepped off the airship with excitement. He took a deep breath and marveled at the large structures before him. All his hard work had led him here. The finest combat school ever. In his opinion, atleast. He couldn't help but smile. He felt like a giddy schoolgirl. He began walking towards the amphitheater as he had been informed before landing.

    He walked with a spring in his step. He could feel the gases in the air. Oddly enough, he mostly felt the presence of methane. He stopped in front of a statue of two hunters standing over a dead grim, and his thoughts took a darker turn. He dreamt of slaying his first. Perhaps one of those scorpion things. They were pretty wicked. He would not forget what they took from him. His parents met their end when the Whitefang blasted a hole in the cities outer wall, letting the grim flood in. They would both meet an end at his hands.

    He decided not to dwell on those thoughts now. He continued to the amphitheater. Though, he was not sure whether he was heading in the right direction. He looked around for someone to ask. He spotted a large girl and walked up to her. "Excise me, do you know the way to the ampitheater?"
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  4. Violet had sat in the back of the airship quietly resideing to her own accord. She had her eyes closed most of the time to make sure people thought she was sleeping. The smell of the others and the noise of all the commotion would have made that sleep impossible if she had truly chosen to go about it. Never the less when the ship had landed she stood up and stepped out of the airship. Immediately she gazed around as she eyes took in everything that was extravegent about to academy. To her, it was the beginning of a new life. The scars of her parents death still fresh but it would help to be following in their foot steps.

    When she began to walk towards the front of the school she realized she was getting looks from many of the other students. What had happened to her parents and her feat with the Colossal grim was not unknown. But she played it off like she wasn't paying attention. She didn't want sympathy or condolences from anyone. She simply wanted to work to achieve what her parents were unable to see her do. Without them there it would feel shallow but never the less like a weight taken off her already great burden.

    She had been at the school when she was younger with her parents and had known the basic areas of which she could go making her movement rather easy. She hadn't been there in a good while but never the less the general layout was mostly the same. With the layout in her mind she began to quietly hum a tune as she toyed with the collapsed weapon in her hands. It was far easier for her to conentrate and move around when she had somthing in her hands to toy with. For her, it was relaxing.. it calmed her anxiety of being around people she didn't trust and she felt concrete knowing that in a split second she could dissappear like a startled cat.

    When she finally neared the entry way she simply gazed up straight and then around at all the people who seemed to be doing the same. To her, she felt like she was adapting rather well and not standing out like an awkard turnip among carrots. With that small confidence booster in her head she simply turned around and waited to see if anyone else was going to do the same. It always intrigued her... Would anyone be smart enough to ask? Never the less she turned around after a moment causing her hair to twirl around before walking into the castle and beginning to forge her way into the crowd.
  5. Azher strolled through the main gates of Beacon, taking in the clean, refreshing stench of a thousand other bodies packed into one room. Like sardines in a can. He licked his lips compulsively. And I am absolutely famished. Hundreds of new students, all lined up in rows, faced the stage. The amphitheater itself was massive, and partially an arena. The seats above the floor were stretched around the stage, where no doubt one-on-one duels would be fought for practice. And entertainment, Azher thought to himself. A curly-haired girl stood in front of him, glasses as thick as his little finger nearly falling off her face. Her black curls fell to her waist, and bounced around as she did, struggling to get a view of the stage. A bit cute, if he did say so himself. Azher stood at least a head taller than her, and could clearly see the blonde woman strut on stage, so closely bound to a white-haired man it could almost be said that they were physically conjoined.

    He remembered who they were from conversations back in Vale. Glynda Goodwitch and Headmaster Ozpin. Both Hunters, and no doubt some of the most powerful and experienced in the lot. Wasting their talents teaching pathetic children how to fight. Suddenly, Azher was staggering backwards, a girl falling into his chest. He impulsively swung his arms in, grabbed the projectile, and threw her forward, pushing her down. It did not stop him from stumbling backwards. He collided with another student behind him, and he could have sworn that that one fell into the one behind him. The girl was up again, brushing herself off. She was suddenly on him again.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I? Please say you're alright!" He brushed her off, perhaps a bit too aggressively.

    "Watch where you're going, and walk in the opposite direction," he growled. Preferably off a cliff. With Beowolves at the bottom. With tentacles? Ooh! Maybe lasers! Laser Beowolf! Sweet! Pushing past her, Azher moved further through the pool of bodies. Turning his attention to the stage once more, he realized that he'd missed Goodwitch's preamble. "Probably not too much of a loss." The blonde woman stepped back from the microphone, leaving the white-haired man to speak. White-haired, yet hardly old. He looked no older than as if he were in his late thirties, maybe early forties. Stress of the job, perhaps? Without any ceremony, Ozpin began.

    "Students. I welcome you to Beacon. And those are perhaps the only words you want to hear from me. But in truth, they are not the ones you need to hear."

    Ooh! I like where this is going.

    "Students, you have not requested to come here. You have been summoned. Summoned to ward against the darkness, to be a dim light to illumine man's path in the cosmos. However, many of you do not belong here. Not for lack of effort or will. Simply because you have not the strength. Some of you will walk out within the first few weeks. Many of you will never leave here at all."

    Bloody truth, isn't it? Many of the students were grumbling now, others on the verge of plain rebellion. Not the best way to greet them, admittedly. Insults make the worst of crewmates. Unfazed, Ozpin continued. "But your strength, your skill, and your spirit mean nothing now. As of this moment, you are not students. Until the day you die, and do not believe for a second that you will not, you are soldiers. Soldiers who live solely to defend and protect the people. You are all that is left to light mankind's way. And there are too many creatures lurking in the shadows for you to fail. That is all." That shut them right up. Not a student said a word, simply staring like idiots at the stage. Even Goodwitch seemed a tad in awe as Ozpin strolled off the stage, not even turning to regard her or the students again. Or was that disbelief that painted her face?

    Ignoring either, Goodwitch marched up to the microphone, nervously adjusting the ridiculous cape she wore. "As this is your first day at Beacon, all students are to gather in the ballroom. Initiation begins tomorrow. You are dismissed."

    She left before anyone else did, and the second she was out, someone in the front rows yelled "What a douche!" The sound was a faint echo by the time Azher had reached a door, eager to be out of the amphitheater as soon as possible. Lacking anything better to do, he took the first corridor he saw and hoped for the best. It wasn't long before he reached the second-year dorms, opened the first door he saw, and was chased out by a gaggle of girls wielding pillows and miniguns.
  6. Violet having reached the auditorium took a place standing rather than sitting among all the others near the back up untill two people took the stage and began to speak. She listened closely and understood perfectly. To her, death was just the beginning of another. To her, she had little other purpose now that most of her life had been torn away. As morbid and depressing the thoughts were.. they made perfect sense to her and she was determined to follow through untill challenged.

    With the meeting over and everyone fieling out she followed out but instead of moving with the group she turned down the hallway and broke out of the storm of individuals. It was nice to be away from people but was soon to run into somthing she had never expected to see at any point in her life no matter how drunk she may become in the future... and that was a swarm of girls chasing a boy out of a corridore and nearly striking her. She moved out of the way but had left her foot out on accident.

    In that very moment she locked eyes with the individual and just watched him pass by her just missing her foot but causing all the girls to fall like a sack of bricks on the ground. The looks she got were that of pure death and before they had a chance to blink she disappeared like an octopus inking into a cloud of smoke. The girls that had fallen gasped and looked around absolutely stunned by what had happened. They had no idea where she went but a sound down the hall to where the boy had gone made them guess.

    Out of a cloud of purple smoke Violet appeared once more. Now only three feet from the man the girls were chasing. "You should be careful... Females can be very... Ravenous when invaded in their sanctum." Violet said rather monotonicly but it was obvious she was smirking under the purple/blue hair she had flowing down her shoulder. She shifted her weight to the side and pushed the hair out of her face and looked up at him. "Aren't you slightly old to be here... then again... we are here to become defenders... so age does not matter.." She mumbled out before taking a breath.
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  7. "Oh, you are just a treat." Great. A sour one at that. Thanks a lot, Ozpin. Now I get all the crazy ones. A little voice in the back of his mind suddenly burst out laughing. And you're one to talk? With a flourish of his coat, Azher shook out the bullets that had been caught in it. Thank God for auras, huh? He'd really have to talk to someone about handling these crazy Valian girls. As the coat settled, just a flash of metal managed to peek out from underneath it, a menacing grin of mandibles. Was that the word for it? He shuddered slightly at the thought of relying on someone for protection.

    Fully taking her in, Azher felt a small tingle of pride. Finally he finds someone who shares his enthusiasm for hair coloring! Of course, he'd never admit to anyone that his majestic blue mane was anything but natural. Of course, purple is hardly the same as blue. But it looked good on her. Matched her eyes. She wore a black, high-collared jacket, the hem closing in around her knees. They'd both have to shelve their personal wardrobes after today in favor of those dull Beacon uniforms. His royal blue shirt and pants would have to find some closet space, somewhere.

    "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to remark about a stranger's age? For that matter, did you never learn 'stranger danger'?" He flashed a smile at her and stuck his hands in his pockets. "Though, I suppose I must thank you for intervening. I can't personally say where they pulled the machine gun from, but I wouldn't have been surprised if one whipped out a rocket launcher." Turning about on his heels, Azher continued walking down the hall, this time in the opposite direction he had come in. It would take him forever to find a suitable replacement for that coat, though...

    "Well, I must be going. Balls, and the what, you know? Goodbye, purple person!" He was already halfway down the corridor as he yelled back. That's right. Play it cool. Just keep walking. Oh! Look! A person! Should probably follow them to the ballroom!
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  8. Gren snacked on her treats when she heard a voice near her. She didn't pay attention to it at first, thinking that it wasn't directed to her, but when she glanced back at the direction of the voice she noticed the boy looking at her. Short guy, seemed to be lost. Gren finished off her doughnut and pointed in the direction of the amphitheater.

    Aye, I'm heading over there myself. Follow me if you want. Wanna doughnut?

    Gren arrived to the amphitheater before the opening speech was made, but somewhere along the way she either lost the boy or he went his own direction. Didn't really matter to her. She finished off her stack of doughnuts and tossed the stick into the trash. Gren was one of the more noticable people in the crowd if only because her head and shoulders stood above the mass of students. There was a lot of chatter, some which Gren picked up, but most of it consisted of talking about days past. Now that she thought of it, she didn't know anyone here at Beacon. Granted she was certain a lot of people felt like that, the first years that is, but still she hasn't really made any friends yet. There was that boy, but she had completely ignored him.

    Damn. Way to blow it, Gren...

    Soon the crowd quieted down and the opening speech began.
    This speech hit Gren pretty hard. At first she she thought about it jokingly, being "Summoned" here. For Gren it was either this or death, so summons wasn't what brought her here. When he began to talk about how some students don't belong because of their weakness, she nearly scoffed. Gren was certainly strong enough to earn her place here. It was the last few things Ozpin said though that really mattered to Gren. For Gren, it was truer than most. She wasn't a student, there was nothing for her to learn here. She was, and always will be, a soldier. Only this time for Beacon, for "Mankind". That word irked her, mankind. It made her wonder about what sort of things Beacon would do for Faunas; will they defend them, or are they not part of mankind? And defend and protect the people? That's what the White Fang told her, and look at where Gren was now.

    The speech was concluded and Glynda sent everyone on their way. One idiot next to her shouted something stupid, which earned a nonchalant punch across his eyes by a flash of green. After leaving the amphitheater Gren debated what she should do now. They had to go to the ballroom for curfew, but surely there was some time left for exploration! Gren was thinking that she could grab a bite to eat, but she also remembered that she just had a stack of doughnuts not too long ago. Shrugging her shoulders she decided to wander. Surely something would occur that'll catch her interest.

    And sure enough she found something: The garden. It wasn't like the decorations and flower patches that dotted around Beacon. This was the botanical garden, containing various fauna and flora. It was much less uniform, but it had it's own wild elegance. More importantly it was quiet here, so Gren though she'd be alone. And when she was alone, she wanted to sing. Busting out her headphones Gren began to walk around the botanical garden, singing a song she was listening to. She... Wasn't that great.
  9. "Thanks and no thanks." Neon replied. He followed her to the amphitheater but lost her in the crowds on the way there, though. He didn't think much of it and listened to Ozpins speech. He had arrived just as he started.

    As the speech ended, His heart sank. He knew he had skill but knowing that the reason he was here was not because of that irritated him. He saw the faces of the more...concerned attendees. Many looked worried. No doubt a few will be leaving before initiation. He thought. As the speech concluded he followed the rest to the ballroom. He could see a person here and there split off and run. Cowards he thought. It left a bitter taste in his mouth.

    He was eager to explore but stayed the course to the ballroom. He didn't want anyone thinking he was deserting. Oh, but he had heard of a nice botanical garden with much greenery and burnable things. The allures of this school were many. He spotted a map of the school on the wall. The garden was close. Suddenly he found himself side stepping out of the crowd and walking down an adjacent hallway towards it.

    As he got closer he thought could here singing, bad singing. He walked slowly so as not to startle whoever was there. Then he stepped on a leaf that crunched loudly. He looked down. Really? A leaf? Cliche.
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  10. Violet looked up at the man and tilted her head "Stranger danger? Also, My parents are both dead." She said plainly. She wasn't sugar coating it at all but it was then she noticed his hair color. Hmm.. it was different an alot like her own. Her hair color was naturally Violet in nature making it very odd and it definitely stands out. "As for Stranger Danger... I have not met anything so far that makes me question my ability to defend myself or retreat if I need be." She said before she began to walk.

    As for her intervention it was entirely unintended. She would have found it far more entertaining to seem him get mauled by the ravenous girls than to save him but the way it worked out.. she had met somone rather interesting. "Not an issue... It was purely coincidental.. I would have found it rather enjoyable to watch them devour you for walking in on them." Violet said as he to began to walk downt he hall way. "But, with us... you never know what to expect..." And with that like the Ceshire cat she disappeared in a cloud of smoke an appeared down the hall way as he yelled out to her from down the corridore.

    She had already known where to go and took another path to the ball room. In doing so she stepped inside and saw an opening in the middle but was unreachable other than to herself due to the mass of individuals. In a split second she appeared in a dark purple cloud in the middle of the opening and gaed about. Within seconds that place was already beginning to fill but she had claimed her spot happy enough with where she stood.

    Now on her own once more she didn't know what to do next. Never the less she sat down on the ground in the mass of people and simply remained there. She had the broken down weapon of hers called 'MindStorm' in her hand. It felt good but she didn't want to show everyone what it was. It looked so useless but it topped a Colossal Grim and it made its impression... The school knew of her but the others only likely knew some of her story... after all it was broadcasted everywhere.
  11. Geez... What did I ever do to you? It made him laugh out loud, and an even louder guffaw when she had left. Dead parents? Oh, the sob story! Produce the bodies, purple person. Something tickled his memory, something about a violet, teleporting, guitar-wielding chick who had decapitated a Grimm for butchering her parents. She and everybody else... He shook visibly as another memory surfaced, and was promptly squashed. "Oh, how dreadful. None of that, now." Sometimes these strange memories called on him, memories of blood and gore and death. Strange faces cut down around him, only to be avenged in God-wakening booms that splattered murderer-goo all over the walls. "Then again, those might be mine."

    It seemed that his wandering had done him some good. Pushing open another door, Azher found himself in a large room, the high arches holding up a vaulted ceiling, a fine glass dome topping off the structure. Multiple staircases wound up to the upper level, which would no doubt allow for casual onlookers to watch over the dancers during an actual event. Elaborate columns supported the higher level, and wound up much higher than any Azher himself had seen before. Goes to show that you need to travel more, blue. What was with that voice in his head, now? Maybe see a psychologist about that. Regardless of the wonderful details, the ballroom had found a different use tonight. Sleeping bags and small indoor camps wound in and out of the colonnades, and seemed to stretch up the stairs and all over the upper levels, taking up every ounce of space that could be found. Suffice to say, people had begun sharing bags. The lower level was absolutely covered with new students, and Azher didn't want to even try the upper levels. The enormous amount of people in the room had already set him on edge, but the shrill voice that called out from somewhere to his right sent chills down his spine.

    "Hey! Guy in the blue! Over here!" The dolt from the amphitheater again. She seemed too eager. Well, normally I'd say to hit it or leave it, but if a girl asks for you twice, you run at twice the speed she talks. He might have caused a sonic boom at the pace he ran. Dodging in between resting students, columns, stray weapons, and slipping on the occasional piece of loose underwear (Damn those harlots in nightgowns that barely come up to their wastes! Perfect for foreplay! Terrible to leave lying around when someone's running away!), the latter of which earned a book narrowly missing his head, Azher made it up the stairs and into a darker corner. Peering over the rail, he saw that the girl had managed to lose him. Despite the terrain being essentially flat, aside from a few people standing or waiting in line for people to leave the bathrooms, which had become makeshift changing rooms. And she's one of this generation's saviors? Standards, Ozpin. Standards. Against all appearances, Azher did feel rather tired. Too many crazy women. Too few walks. And no fish... Not long after arriving, Azher was slumped up against the wall counting bleeding sheep.
  12. Touring the botanical gardens yielded more fruits than Gren had thought. Like literal fruits, though most were not ripe enough to eat. Give it a month or so however and Gren was certain they would be ready for harvest. The gardens also proved to be quite spacious as it was scenic, as soon enough she found herself at the location of an artificial waterfall. To a casual observer the waterfall looked much like how one would expect a tower of water descending from a steep cliff would look like, but Gren was able to detect it's falsehood by looking at the water's edge; instead of a natural river bank the dirt and stone were cut, to increase the water's flow. It was also getting somewhat dark, as Gren noticed her night vision activating. She simply smirked as she continued her song however.

    This would be a good chance to wash up.

    The green faunus tested the waters and found that it was clean enough for her to wash in. At least as clean as any other chemically treated tap water would be. It almost pained Gren as she slowly began to realize how artificial everything in this garden was. From the city water to the chemically treated plants, this garden was just a synthetic simulation of a natural environment. But despite that, Gren found it oddly peaceful. I guess I'm not the only one who's a bit artificial.

    Gren began to strip off her armor, followed by her clothing, with The God Eater in it's Terror Form, stabbed into the ground. Soon enough Gren was standing stark nude at the side of the artificial river bank. She was just going to go for a bit of a dip, letting the water wash over her body. It was as cold at night, but her body was tough enough to adapt. To the guest who Gren was only somewhat aware of thanks to the noise he was making, he would see that Gren's body was highly muscular, but had layers of fat that actually made her body seem more shapely than cut. Her form wasn't like a body-builder per say, but it certainly showed the physical evidence that she was quite adapt at swinging around The God Eater, which even while stabbed into the ground at an angle stood a bit taller than Gren herself.

    Before taking her bath, Gren took out a device that looked similar to a SCROLL, but function differently. It was more like a miniature boombox. She played the some sort of symphonic opera to a song and began to sing again. This time, since she was using her deep voice instead of trying to do something more girly, it sounded much better. She was better at doing the "fat lady singing" than a pop idol. All the same to her; singing helped her keep calm. Helped her keep her cool. And it also helped her forget that there was some guy who might be peeping on her. It reminded her that she had nothing to be ashamed of. They can bare witness to her glory.

    Requiem æternam, Dona eis, Domine...
  13. Neon took a step small out to see the person who was singing, only to find she was nude, in a public area. He was weirded out by this. He quickly and silently turned 180 degrees on his heels and walked away. He kept his hands in nis pockets to hide the fact that he had pitched a tent. (*wink wink*) The girl was indeed hot. Best not to get distracted now though. Not knowing what to do next he headed for the ballroom.

    He dodged a few people running around in the halls before getting there. He entered the room and scanned it top to bottom. All the good spots were taken. He walked around for a few minutes before finding a decent spot to sleep. Unfortunately, all the mattresses were gone. He would have to make do. He pulled up a spot against the wall. His exoskeleton froze in place, keeping him in a standing position. He fell asleep in seconds. The jet lag was getting to him. Atlas time a little different from Vales.
  14. The minutes passed and everyone seemed to be settleing down Violet laid back against the ground and curled up every so slightly to keep herself warm. The biggest issue with her was that she got cold rather easily and she didn't bring much in the way of warm cloths. Luckily enough the school provided sleeping bags which she hastily eveloped herself into like a cacoon before passin out for the night. It was warm enough for her to be comfortable.

    That night things were rather relaxed over all for her mind. It was a rarity on a whole for such things to happen. That boy she met raised her suspicions highly. His hair was much like her own.. a different color and that made her rather interested in watching him from afar like she did with others that made her think about the. It was weird and she knew it was but others thought was was weird because of her abnormal hair color. It isn't her fault her hair was stained with dust when she was younger.

    The next morning she slowly awoke but remained curled up like a cat on the floor of the ballroom before gazing around aimlessly. She saw the people were still sleeping.. atleast most of them were and decided to let them continue without making any kind of noise to keep herself busy. So, in the end she curled back up slowly and lowered her head back into place inside of the sleeping bag itself. The only siigns of the girl inside was the Violet colored hair flowing out the entry way. She was skinny enough to fit inside easily. Lucky enough for her, she kept her clothes baggy to hide the beauty of her body from others for fear of social awkwardness. She didn't know how to deal with being hti on.
  15. After her bath Gren figured it was getting late. Donning just her clothing, leaving her armor bundled in her arms, Gren headed back to the ballroom for some sleep. Because she arrived late most of the space was already taken. She eventually did find one however, and after securing a space and storing her belongings into a locker Gren changed into her pajamas and settled down. She was quite excited for tomorrow and could hardly sleep. She just laid there, fantasying about the battles she'd be in. For once, she would be able to fight along side humans and faunas instead of gunning them down.

    Morning arrived hours later. Gren couldn't really tell what time it was, but since most of everyone was still asleep and the sun wasn't shining through the windows, she guessed early morning. She tried to get some more sleep, tossing and turn in her sleeping bag, but eventually she sat up. Let's get some breakfast. However looking around it seemed like more people had chosen to sleep near her location, and she was more or less trapped. On all sides were sleeping students who gave her very little footing to navigate without the risk of stepping on one of them. Still, she didn't want to go to sleep and her stomach roared for sustenance. So carefully Gren maneuvered through the mass of sleeping students, careful not to step on anyone.
  16. Neon woke with a jolt. He stumbled forward and nearly fell on a sleeping faunus. He shook his head. Bad dream involving ice cream, bats and an encyclopedia. He looked around to see mist were still sleeping but some had awoken and were walking around. He felt a sudden surge of energy as he remembered that today was initiation day. He couldn't wait to smear some grimm. He almost whooped loudly enough to wake everyone, but he caught himself before doing so. Instead, he just tip toed through the sleeping peeps and attempted to find his way to the mess hall.
  17. Light shone through the massive glass windows, piercing through the darkness of sleep. And such a good dream... Something about terrifying tater tots. And maybe a talking trout. "I knew I should never have taken that Language Arts class." A second thought occurred to him, racing through the second of three brains dotted across his body. "Now. Where do they keep the food in this place?" Picking his way over the remaining sleeping bodies and around the a-holes that were just standing around while they were awake. Upon leaving the main hall, Azher was struck with just how bright it really was outside. And by the body of a person he hadn't noticed in the glare. The other person fell down. Azher barely felt the blow.

    "Eyes on the prize, girlie." Feeling particularly generous on that particular morning, he knelt down and helped the girl to her feet. "Keep falling down, and people are going to get the wrong idea." He didn't realize who it was until he was face to face with the same girl from the prior night. Her eyes widened and brightened when she saw his face. In wonderful contrast, his darkened and promptly tried to burn a hole through her head. Unsuccessfully.

    "Oh my God! I finally got you!" Quite literal in her meaning, her arms wrapped around his. Amazing how tiny she was this close; about a head shorter and an arm slimmer. "You always seem to be busy when I need to talk to you!"

    "I'm terribly sorry, do I know you?" The girl was surprisingly strong, though. No matter how hard he tried to break free, she kept pulling him around. He stopped struggling when he saw the people carrying food trays. Whoo! Hats off to food girl. Something would have to be done with the voice in his head. Electroshock? No. Too extreme. Maybe banana therapy. Not even a thing.

    "Oh! I'm so sorry." She spun him around to look him in the eyes, dragging him away from the food court. "Mom is always telling me I forget things too much. I'm the girl from yesterday! I bumped into you in the theater?"

    "Sorry. Not ringing any bells. If you don't mind-?" He strained against her grip, desperately reaching for the handle to the door. Despite his efforts, she managed to hold on.

    "Really? I don't think anyone forgets that easily. Anyway, I just wanted to say how terribly sorry I am, and wanted to see if you wouldn't mind having breakfast with me as compensation." Azher perked up at the mention of breakfast.

    "You know what? I think that would be great."

    Unsurprisingly, it had not been. The food had been amazing (though it was ridiculous how much prodding with a knife it took to get a man to cook Spicedust Seasoned Tuna with Buttered Pecans properly), undoubtedly. If Ozpin could get one thing right, it was the food. But by God, the conversation. The girl was ridiculous.

    "Did you know the lockers are rocket-propelled? Does this dress look bad for hunting? Wanna see my gunblade? Wanna go to the park? Did you know that that one telephone thing a little ways into town can reach all around the globe?" The girl had no off button. Azher had tried many times, passing it off as a silverware malfunction. And she had ignored it. And she had continued. By the time the intercom went off, a fine puddle of pink fluid had begun to form around Azher's ears.

    "All first year students, report to the Initiation Launch area."

    "Oh my, look at the time. Gotta go, by!" It had begun to occur to him that he was a bit too good at running. In fact, it wasn't long before he had reached the staging cliff. Without instruction, Azher took up a position on one of the metal pads arranged in a neat line at the edge. Goodwitch and Ozpin were already present, and did little more than raise their eyebrows (or Goodwitch did, anyway. Ozpin was busy staring at a bird) while scribbling something down on their holopads. And now we play the waiting game.
  18. Gren enjoyed a plain but hearty meal of eggs, bacon, and toast. They had a little grill in the mess hall where they fry the food right in front of you. The eggs, the bacon, even the toast, all grilled before Gren's eyes. It was fairly impressive, though she knew she could do better. She didn't mention that however and just enjoyed her food as it was. She didn't know anyone here at Beacon yet so she sat by herself, at least until this fellow arrived. He didn't even seem to notice Gren and just sat at her table. His breakfast was... Unique. To put it plainly, it was white rice, with an uncooked egg on top, and what Gren identified as salmon roe. Salmon roe...? Gren said under her breath. For some reason this made the guy looked up and than she realized why. The dude was blind.

    Oh! Sorry! I...

    Gren just chuckled at the boy. She waved her hand dismissively, but stopped when she remembered he wouldn't see it. It's fine. That's a nice breakfast you got there. Not a lot of people who'd eat their eggs raw. You need protein or something? Gren asked jokingly. The boy looked a bit nervous at first, but then he spoke up with confidence. Actually I made this myself! I... A hunter needs to know how to take care of themselves with limited resources. I caught my own fish and brought my own rice, even found an egg this morning. The boy said with such conviction Gren wondered if she had offended him somehow. But thinking that she didn't she just smiled, finishing her meal and standing up. I'll admit that does sound pretty impressive, but that's child's play. You wanna know how to cook a breakfast? I'll show you how it's done.

    What followed was Gren leading the boy to the kitchen, where she painstakingly taught the blind kid how to create a hamburger steak. It took a few tries since the boy really had a hard time coordinating his hands, made Gren wonder if he'd make it as a hunter, but their final result was something to behold. The two enjoyed their new meal despite eating a fulfilling breakfast a few moments before. Eventually there was an announcement that called for all the new hunters to the Opening Exams. Well, looks like this is where we part ways kid. It was nice meeting ya, good luck out there.

    Gren arrived to the launch platforms fully armed and armored. The God Eater laid flat across her shoulder in it's Destruction Form. She had a faint idea of what was about to happen, and was prepared accordingly. One thing she did before they started was put on her helmet; a white mask in the visage of a Boarbatusk, and the only reminder of Gren's past. She wasn't ashamed to admit her sins, but that doesn't mean she was going to talk about them. Somethings were best taken in silence.
  19. Finally gathering enough strength to get up Violet stood still covered in her sleeping back before throwing a change of clothes up into the air. She had stripped out of her current clothes while inside of the sleeping bag and suddenl disappeared in a cloud of smoke before appearing in one part of the clothes and doing the same with the other grouping untill she was fully clothed and standing on the ground. Many of the guys tried to catch a glimpse of her nude form knowing what was going but got only purple smoke.

    Now dressed she found her way to find food and sat down to eat a rather nice helping of eggs and ice tea that made her stomach full enough but still able to do the thing she planned on doing without getting sick. To her, the food felt alittle bland but it was still better than eating bark which was her second option. She had only done that once when she broke herself... those few years ago. She shook her head before taking a deep breath and throwing away what she didn't eat.

    It was then that an annoucement filled the school and made her gaze around before making her way to the launch area. The clothes she was in was abit odd looking. But, for her they were comfortable and didn't trip her up at all. She wasn't in the sweatshirt anymore but a tank top showing off her arms and the odd looking collapsed weapon on her side. Unlike many of the others her weapon wasn't readied at all. It was built for power and speed in its entirety. Its transformation from stages zero to two was fast. The third and most powerful took a small ammount of time but it was worth it.

    She was told of the methods employed by the academy by her parents. Luckily for her, these launchers would fling her farther but she did not have to risk hurting herself on landing when she could simply rift down to the surface to land safely. But, whatever was down there and whatever she ran into would have its hands full. She was a slippery one to say the least. For that... she loved it. She loved being hard to get even outside of fighting. With that she cleared her throat and took out a long cord with a ear peice and microphone. The cord seemed to disappear and in her hand was a odd looking plug which she jacked into the broken down form of the weapon.
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  20. Excited for the days events, Neon walked with a spring in his step. "Gonna fuck up some gri-im. Gonna gonna tear their lungs out and- burn their carcasses. With other hunters." He sang in his head. He showered and changed into fresh clothes. They were similar to his old ones but were made from a tougher fabric, designed for high stress. After that he found the kitchen. He enjoyed a quick breakfast. Sauasage and milk. Practically choking on it because of how fast he scarfed it down. He went about checking his weapons. One limb at a time he took his exo off, cleaned it and reattached it before moving on to the next part. It was tedious with now many bolts there were.

    Next was his flame throwers. He sat crosslegged at the mess hall table. The six small canisters per arm that fueled his fire were laid in neat rows before him. For a few minutes he contemplated what to fill them with. Methane, hydrogen, gaseous napalm, explosive dust. He wanted to use dust but prices were high on that sort of thing. The superior performance was well worth it though. After a few more seconds of contemplation he chose the dust. He produced a small vial from his pocket and tapped a few sprinkles into each canister. Potent stuff, not much was needed. He inserted the canisters into the rotating holsters on his forearms. The full ones ready to replace the ones empties.

    With good timing, the announcement sounded as he finished up his maintenance. He rushed to the initiation staging cliff. A few more were there when he arrived. Seeing that they were all standing on metal pads, he took up position on one. His smooth black helmet unfolded from the back of his exoskeleton and encased most of his head, except for the upper half of his face. Teeming with excitement he looked at the guy next to him. "Ready to rumble?"