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  1. [​IMG]

    Geat Village. A quaint, fishing-and-tourist trap area. At least for those of the Hunter/Huntress demographic. Famous for a particularly belligerent water-going Grimm taken down by Kringle, the replica of a tooth lies on the wall of the local inn, taking up twice the length of a King Taijitu fang. An airship landing pad owned by the school rests and in the local inn?

    They are already coming.

    The teacher has come and left, the flowers left in the snowy lawn of the front yard displaying the prerequisite flowers, lovely against the gleaming white of the puffy snow. A mass of red, yellow, blue and black flowers that resist the cold and endure the harshness of the land. An allegory perhaps.

    The air is thick with tension and in the distance, where Valhalla is located the mountains rumble with an approaching storm. Behind the innkeeper counter, where he serves warm, spiced cider(a popular drink for student), among other savory delicacies the radio announcer continues.

    "-In other news, the death toll for the city of Vale continues to rise as authorities continue the painstaking recording of what people are beginning to dub 'The Long Night' as Beacon Academy fell to a combination of Grimm and reportedly, the White Fang on an attack scale not seen since the war."

    The innkeeper grunts.


    And switches the news to a music channel, as the strains of Jazz fill the air.

    In the corner booth, one leg crossed over his knee sits a boy in black, a katana in a sheath leaning against the side as he nurses a mug of warm cider, yellow eyes reflected back before he sips cautiously.

    Outside, walking the long path towards the village approaches a green haired girl, a gas mask attached to her belt.

    And many more in turn, slowly by ones and twos. Valhalla is calling.

    And only the most worthy will make it to the top.

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  2. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|100%x100%]
    So this was it. Beacon was fallen. She had worked so hard making her weapon once she was inspired by probably a lot of the same people who fell to Grimm and the White Fang. There was nothing for it. Quitting now would dishonor their memory. And as frightened as she was deep down inside, she had to continue.

    Rachel wouldn't be able to live with herself if she just ran and hid. Besides, the world needed people like her now. Or rather, people like the person she was determined to become.

    She made her way into the inn, and forced herself to sit at one of the tables in the middle of the room and not slink away into a corner for once. Rachel also forced herself to not bury her nose in one of the several books she had with her.

    Instead she confidently (she thought) cleared her throat, and ordered.{/td}
    {td=left|top} "If I could have some tea please, that would be wonderful."{/td}
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  3. Enduring the bumps and potholes of the snow-covered and patchwork path leading up to the village had been hell on Lavi. She was lucky that she had upgraded the wheels of her chair to a more resistant and adaptable material, or else she had gotten stuck a dozen times over on the journey to Geat Village. All these Hunters and Huntresses and they can't even find the time to fix the roads... Great. As it was, her back and rear were sore from it all, and for a moment, the redhead wondered if she should have switch Arachne's form and simply ridden in its combat form.

    However, a sigh of relief escaped her lips as she pushed herself up and the sight of the village's inn was clear to her. "Finally... Come on, Tarantola, you can do it... Almost time to show everyone why you're here!" With a second wind in her heart, the puffball-hat-wearing girl began to speed up, catching up to the front of the line-like pack of prospects and with it, the girl with the gas mask. Slowing for a moment, she happily grinned at the woman she was now besides.

    "You ready for this? It's almost time for the test!"

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  4. The girl paused, turning to look at the wheelchair rider with something approaching confusion before looking out at the road.

    "Did...You come all the way like that?"

    She had fled on foot herself, and it was difficult enough. She couldn't imagine going off like that. Maybe that was the kind of spirit that made good Hunters and Huntresses. It was enough to extend her greetings as she pulled her coat around her more, hiding the mask from view temporarily.

    "I'm Rowena. Who are you?"

    Thunder rumbled in the distance, the grey skies bleak as the wind began to pick up.

    Almost immediately, a mug of lemon tea was placed before her, the innkeeper back behind his counter.

    In the corner booth, the boy in black finished off his cider before going back for more.

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  5. "Rolled all the way on my own. Did you come all the way like that?"

    Lavi held back a twitch of her eye as she kept her grin up, though the momentary sass wouldn't be held back as the mechanic turned the question around. While the girl seemed nice enough, she couldn't help but be annoyed at the judging. However, she would be friendly with the girl, knowing that she like many couldn't help it.

    "Name's Lavi, nice to meetcha, Rowena. Need to a blanket to warm up or something?" She reached around to the back of her chair, grabbing at a bag hanging off of it. After pulling it around, she stopped for a moment and began digging around in it, "Fairly sure I've got a spare quilt in here somewhere if you do..."

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  6. "Is that a familiar face I see?!"

    Lake's attempts to brood were rudely interrupted by a bright and airy voice that filled the air, before another teen slid into the booth across from him with a smile to match and rested their chin in one hand and twirled a golden lock of hair in the other.

    "I didn't expect to see anyone from anything even close to Blackwood out here. You're Angus right? You and your uncle were some of the few outsiders to trade with us inside the city walls instead of at the checkpoints."

    The conversation and enthusiasm certainly seemed genuine, but every few moments or so Minori's eyes wandered elsewhere in the inn, taking stock of their potential friends and foes in the test to come.

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  7. "Yeah. Didn't trust the bus, and I needed the exercise."

    And if the White Hand caught up, we wouldn't get innocents mixed up in things. Rowena thought darkly. Or some part of her did, the rest roaring and purring at the idea of violence.
    "Its alright, we're close enough as it is."

    She looked at the village, its current state and off past it, towards the mountain where the storm was looming.

    "Thank you though. Its kind of you." The sort you'd expect back home, to be honest. Among the Goblin Town area in Erebor- Ah, but that was another life. Not worth thinking about.

    Not yet anyway.
    Golden eyes flicked upward, regarding the other teen in white with a degree of mild surprise, before the hermits nephew frowned in recognition as he inclined his head. In a rough tone in comparison to the other, he spoke.

    "That's me alright. And you're related to Mr. Pendragon. I liked him."

    He ordered another warm cider as he added quietly.

    "Didn't treat me like an animal whenever we stepped in for long."

    Also, Mrs. Pendragon was really, really pretty he recalled. It was an offhand moment of kindness after he had gotten into yet another schoolyard brawl. But he never forget them. Either of them. The kid in white he didn't know quite as well though. Save maybe in passing.

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  8. So this was it, huh? He had said his goodbyes to his ma and pa and off he went. With a heart full of courage and a costume full of straw. Well, for padding purposes anyway. It'd been itchy at first but you tended to get used to it after a while. But while he may have looked like he walked straight out of someone's nightmares, the farmboy knew well enough that getting overconfident would be the downfall of many a huntsman and it just wasn't a healthy way to live life. You pushed friends away, surrounded yourself with people who only said what you wanted to hear. Was no better than an echo chamber.

    That's not the kind of boy Cillian Combs had been raised to become. While his parents would have liked him to stay a farm-hand forever, they knew better than to crush their only son's dream. Grateful for his parents not standing in his way, Cillian was hard at work. Sewing costumes day in and day out until he had a hefty amount of costumes to wear! Not because he was ashamed to show his ugly mug. But his folks always wanted him to remember where he came from. So that when there were children who saw how great Cillian was, he'd tell them that he started off as just a simple lad who worked on a farm with his family.

    It'd inspire those from less than stellar upbringings to rise above their status and the thought of that brought a smile to Cillian's face. Even if his costume meant anything behind his eyes was obscured. Carrying a bag filled with his costumes and syringes, Cillian had made his way up the road without so much as a frown on his part. His costumes weren't necessarily well-crafted due to Cillian not exactly having a degree in sewing but he knew enough how to keep warm when cold times rolled around.


    "What a quaint little place. Ain't too cold and folks can rest up here. I don't mind settling here. Not one bit, no sir..."

    Continuing upwards, Cillian gasped as his hat nearly blew off his head! Quickly grasping onto the rim, the scarecrow held it firmly onto his head. This was part of his costume, part of the makeup! He couldn't lose it or he risked ruining the image he'd set up!

    "Strong winds too, fitting for all the strong folks that'll be coming up here. I bet they're all just swell."

    As his mood stayed it's usual optimistic self, Cillian continued onwards. Even humming a bit aloud to amuse himself. It was a hum his mama always sang before she got too ill to work around the farm. It was one that kept Cillian's spirits up for if a woman who was fighting against illness could sing this to keep her own mood up, why couldn't he when he was going to risk his life helping folks?

    "Hum, hum, ho dee dum..."

    As he hummed happily, Cillian finally noticed others and grinned behind his mask. His pa always told him that enemies were just folks you hadn't made friends with yet. Which lead Cillian to wanting to befriend as many people as he could! Striding over at a meager pace however, Cillian smiled at the two. Which given the default expression he had stitched into this mask was a happy one was quite fitting!


    "Hello there..."

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  9. It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. Charles Spurgeon.

    And Midna Eclipse knew very much about having very little.

    The journey had been a long and hard one, though nothing she could not handle. After all, she was a girl recently thrown away, raised by poverty ever since the day. Yet she walked with an unspoken grace and elegance, her head held high despite the weight on her entire being threatening to cause her to collapse under it's pressure. But she held fast, knowing well she still had much to keep pushing through for. One of which things being the young man with golden hair that followed behind her, dragging his feet through the dirt, but never uttering a single complaint or inquiring just where this long journey they'd taken was leading them.

    Dark blue eyes softened as the girl consumed by a cloak of the colors of the night sky regarded the boy, though she fought to keep from letting a sigh pass her lips. Rather, she paused in her movement, watching as her brother caught up before looking to her with mild confusion. At which point, a hand was placed on the boy's shoulder, a warm smile offered to him by his eldest sibling. "Don't fret. We're almost there." And with a returned smile and a small nod from her sibling, she affectionately ruffled his rather long and unkempt hair before turning on heel, ready to resume the trek.

    Valhalla, here we come.

    It was perhaps a half-hour before they managed to find themselves at Geat Village, and it was appropriately... Underwhelming. Midna swore she saw her brother wrinkle his nose, And she couldn't blame him. Even compared to the streets they'd been kicking it on, this place didn't have the nicest smell. But still, no complaints were heard from either of the two, and they carried on. After a while of wandering, having passed the last of their water contents to her brother, the two finally found themselves at the place they'd been looking for. Or, well, Midna had- she was just quiet and didn't really speak her mind, and her brother was too compliant to ask. They had a system. Which was why Midna didn't hesitate to open the door to the Inn, holding it open patiently and waiting for her brother- and any nearby people about to go in -to enter before finally entering herself.

    If she really took note of the others in the place, it didn't show, her first and foremost focus being the following as she calmly walked up to the innkeeper with her brother in tow. Not one to beat around the bush, considering she didn't exactly speak much in general, she spoke. "I'd like a room, please." It was almost unnoticeable, as she spoke fairly softly, but there appeared to be a faint English accent on her tongue. Her brother of perhaps twelve years of age seemed mildly appalled, but Midna did not waver.

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  10. Save for a brief glance from the corner where Lake and Minori were sitting on Lakes side, their entrance caused little stir. The innkeeper looked at the kid before nodding slowly as he spoke.

    "Aspiring Hunters and Huntresses stay free for the first two days."

    He then reached beneath his counter as he placed drinks before them, pouring out hot chocolate. With a grunt to them to begin drinking, the old man went back to work as the program continued to play.

  11. Minori beamed and nodded in response, though it was caught midway as their head turned towards the door when it opened once more. Whatever they saw in the two newcomers caused them to smirk before they shifted their focus back to Lake. "Well of course he didn't. My father was one of the few in the town who knew how to keep to tradition and not be an ass about it. Either way I'm glad to see a friendly face here."

    So, what do you think so far?" They asked, their tone dropping to a hushed whisper that still carried the undertone of amusement. "Do you think the competition's gonna be tough this year? I don't remember, is there a limit to how many get in, or is it just whoever manages to make it?"

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  12. "Nah, it's not a problem. I was gonna get one out for myself anyways."

    After pulling out what looked like a rather fluffy bright red quilt, the young girl wrapped herself up and enjoyed the provided warmth and defense against the howling wind. For a moment, it almost as if she now hummed as she pushed herself alongside Rowena now that she was wrapped up.

    This isn't so bad... Maybe we'll even avoid running into any weird-
    Dammit, should have known I was tempting fate...

    The ginger mechanic stared up at the strange fellow who looked down at her and her new friend. Head covered by a mask and dressed like a scarecrow, the smile on his face didn't help present a friendly image for the man. In fact, it and the almost-jovial tone of his voice creeped her out more than the mask and outfit could have.

    "Hi... Not to be rude, but do you always creep up on cute, helpless-looking girls with the mask and outfit? Not a very reassuring image, big guy."

    Goddammit, Lavi's tongue was gonna get her in trouble by the end of the day.

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  13. Either Minori was truly friendly or he actually was just that desperate, to give Angus the time of day and call him friendly. It made him a little wary as he looked at him, his expression mildly threatening.

    Though honestly, that was his default face either way so yeah.

    He sipped his cider, slowly...Taking his time before he put it down.

    "....You hear stories about Valhalla. Less exams. More practical. Suits me fine."

    He clenched his fist and the popping sound of joints cracking echoed loud. Around that point-.

    Rowena looked the masked figure up and down before almost shyly, displaying her gasmask by her side.

    "....I have one too."

    Nice to know the masked club wasn't just her and she moved to the door to push it open, the warmth hitting her like a physical blow as she sighed happily and kept the door open for the other two.

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  14. Mystery for the ages that one
    They rolled their eyes and nodded.
    "That much I remember, but do only a few practically succeed or-"

    Again Minori cut themselves off and glanced towards the door, and this time they continued to stare with a slightly befuddled eyebrow as a girl in a wheelchair, a scarecrow, and... and well a completely normal girl-

    Oh. a gas mask o.0

    "...I'm not sure if our chances just went up or down but they certainly did.... something." they said mildly back to Lake.

    Nice to know the masked club wasn't just her and she moved to the door to push it open, the warmth hitting her like a physical blow as she sighed happily and kept the door open for the other two.

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  15. Well, that statement was quite a surprise. Midna's dark eyes briefly widened before she offered a rare wide smile and a grateful nod. She'd thought that she'd have to spend a decent bit of her hard-earned Lien she'd worked up before the start of their journey. Not only were they staying free, but the man had provided drinks. "There are no words to express my gratitude."



    Looked like the boy was thankful, too, with how he was drowning his drink. Midna mentally facepalm and gave her younger brother an exasperated look. "Ahem, Cyriac," she uttered almost under her breath, but just loud enough for the boy to hear. He startled, setting the cup down with a flushed face, obviously embarrassed. His new chocolate mustache didn't help as he offered a sheepish grin. "A-ah, thank you, sir!"

    What am I going to do with this child?

    Turning her attention to her brother fully, now, the pale blonde exchanged a look with him that seemed to hold a whole conversation. But nonetheless, she spoke in a quiet tone. "Why don't you set up in our room and enjoy your drink?" she inquired, only for the boy to nod and happily scamper off. Calmly, she, herself, took a seat and remained silence from then on out.

  16. [​IMG]


    Despite it being quite obvious that his attitude and appearance hadn't done wonders for a good first impression, Cillian wasn't deterred in the slightest. Both these gals seemed like they'd be the nicest of folks. Maybe it was just the boy's innate good nature doing the thinking for him but it was better than assuming the worst of people. As his eyes scanned back and forth between the two however, Cillian couldn't help but chuckle.

    "Helpless huh? You don't seem helpless or else you prolly wouldn't have made this far. Takes determination to keep pressin forward like you two have. I'm just glad to have my costumes. The straw helps keep out some of the cold. Saves me from the shivers, heh. Sorry for the bad first impression though..." His tone was genuine as he really didn't want people to think badly of him despite how he looked. If they were all headin to the same place then why not get along? Friends were always nice.

    Turning towards the other girl who had been looking him up and down, Cillian smiled once again behind his mask. It was always nice to see someone who admired the hard work he put into his costumes. Even if they weren't necessarily the best, he always tried his best. Noticing the gasmask, Cillian nodded.

    "Made all of mine by hand with my ma's sewin machine. Pricked myself a fair number of times but got the job done. Name's Cillian Combs. It's nice to meet both of ya.." He'd say happily as he stepped inside the inn and bowed towards the gas-mask girl for being polite enough to hold the door open. Now those were some mighty fine manners!


    "So this is where we'll be stayin huh? Nice place..."

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  17. Angus leaned back in a sprawled fashion, regarding the newest influx of fellow trainees.

    There was the lone girl sitting at the table in the middle, coiled whip at her side. Then there was the girl and her kid brother.

    Followed by the strange trio that stepped inside. At the attention to the gas mask, Angus grunted and gestured with a nod towards their weapons.

    Scarecrow spoke with a country drawl, but those syringes looked nasty.

    And the sweet looking kid had what looked like a lead pipe with nails in it.

    "Unorthodox." He growled simply, his hand tracing a circle on the table as something flared in him and the first degrees of a mad smile flickered over his face.


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  18. "... That's different. You're not just walking up to people with it and all..."

    Rolling after Rowena and into the inn (with a little effort to cross the doorframe), Lavi smiled as she smelt a hint of spice and cider in the air along with being enveloped in the inn's heat. Oh yeah, this is gonna be nice...
    "Wait, you sew too? And you made that whole outfit on your own?"

    All sense of judging was gone as she turned her head back and beamed at the man. It seemed he had just found her sweet spot in terms of connecting with her, and her hands moved to hold up her own work, the quilt wrapped around her at the moment.

    "Name's Lavi, and nice stitches, Scarecrow. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys working with needles..."

    Okay then, that was a little weird.

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  19. [xtable=bcenter|100%x100%]

    Rachel had done it again. She got involved in how good the tea was and daydreaming and suddenly, people!

    She liked people really. But she liked them a lot more when they wrote books she could read than when they were... right there, in person. Staring. Or worse, ignorning her.

    Okay so she had a bit of an anxiety problem.

    "So... It looks like a lot of you are headed for Valhalla too, huh?" She managed, while scanning the room in general.

    It wasn't the best way to break the ice, but this way she wasn't singling anyone out, right?{/td}
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  20. [​IMG]

    Well, well, what did he have here? Another partner in sewing? It wasn't exactly an activity most people got head over heels for but his ma loved the stuff. She used to sew closed tears in his and his father's jeans, shirts, etc. She even went and made blankets for the animals when they got cold. When she was too ill to use the machine herself, Cillian learned for himself and made a blanket for his ma. Wasn't exactly as easy as she made it out to be given he cut his finger open quite a number of time. But with practice you got...Well, not exactly perfect but not bad either. Middle of the road-ish?

    "I end up sticking myself more often than the fabric but I manage. The fabric I take off from scarecrows we had on our farm and stuff I bought with my own darned money. Put in straw for padding and to help keep warm when necessary. Ain't gonna do much against a sword or a spear but I ain't makin these for armor, no sir. Not that skilled, I'm afraid." Gesturing to the duffel bag he had slung over his shoulder, Cillian let out another giggle.

    "I make these so I don't forget where I came from. People might look at me as a brave huntsman someday. But I used to just be a dumb country-boy who worked hard to get to where I am. You work hard and it shows in that quilt. I'd be honored if you could teach me a thing or two. Hurts getting pricked lemme tell ya!" Cillian cackled before noticing he was being stared down again. Not wanting to be rude, the scarecrow waved to Angus.

    "Hiya fella. Like what ya see?"

    Raising up his left arm, he'd show off the gauntlet strapped to his forearms through a series of tight leather belt-straps. With syringes at the tips which appeared to be filled with some kind of liquid but like hell if he was gonna tell anybody what it was.


    "Call em 'Nocturnal Nightmare.' Scary name. I sure wouldn't want to fight someone with a weapon named that. Heh, heh."

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