RWBY: Dust to Dust.

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  1. Lila stood began her slow walk up the path towards Beacon Academy after being dropped off with the other new arivals. She didn't speak to anyone on the flight in at all as she felt distanced from them all. People had seen the aura that seemed to follow behind her making them keep their distance from her. She understood why... she already had a reputation for being deathly but everyone also knew her for her talents with music.

    It was through this that she earned the nickname the 'Siren' due to her unique gift with singing. Her entire weapon designed and built by her was a Gravittional nightmare. An anamoly among Dust Scientists. Developed in a combination of she and her mother to create this destructive MindStorm.


    Viridian stumbled out of the airship and threw his arms up in the air "Well then! Here we go!" He said before taking a deep breath and fixing his wrinked and slightly torn up shirt. How did he get here? Somthing that even he knows very little about. The last thing that he remembered was taking a test and when he woke up he was on the airship bound for beacon. Was he upset about it? Not at all but he was rather surpised to found out he scored in the top five ever.

    He looked out at the academy in the distance and began a slow half walk if you would call it that up the long road. He saw a girl walking by herself and found himself heading in the direction without even knowing it. He kept his distance but studied her as he continued. His mind almost as blank as the inside of a empty sea shell but he knew somthing was bothering her.

  2. "Oh my gosh look at all the cute guys! Brother look look can you see huh huh!" A bubbly voice of a girl spoke out. As Azure was fast to zip around her older brother. Auriel did not even need eyesight to know where the hell she was. "Um sis have you forgot I can't see anything now quit speeding around we're going to be late." Auriel said as he followed his sister though someone shoved him and Auriel caught himself. The guy was suddenly sent flying off his feet after Auriel swung his walking stick sweeping his footing out from under the jerk. Catching up to Azure he grabbed his sister dragging her along by her shirt collar behind him while she was still chittering away excited.
  3. Viridian approached behind Lila silently nearly scaring the girl half to death. Lila spun around with her as her bladed guitar formed. Viridian blinked and stepped out of the way "Woah there baby! Calm down!" He yelled out as Lila's chains began to form "Don't tell me to calm down... Don't freak me out.." She mumbled as the bladed guitar broke down again into its carrying form. "What do you want?" She asked him. Viridian walked up near her suddenly "Well..... dudet I am here because I got accepted I think... you give off some bad vibes..." Viridian said making Lila scowl "Are you on somthing.." She asked him. Viridian smirked "Not right now..."
  4. Auriel blinked when he realized he was just dragging a stuffed dummy along suddenly. Azure who had seen Lila's weapon zipped around her saying, "Whoa that was so cool your weapon rocks literally! All I got is this dull thing!" She had whipped her weapon out so fast it transformed and accidentally shot off projectile. The arrow streaked and several students had to throw themselves to the ground dodging it and a boom went off after that as it took out a bench. "Oops... heehee sorry I get so excited I tend to let my aura lose..." Azure said as she switched it back to blade mode and sheathed it quickly. "Azure dammit you trying to get us expelled watch where you aim that thing! And where did you get this from?" Auriel asked holding up the straw dummy. "Borrowed it from over um never mind just toss it.." Azure said giggling. Auriel sighed as a beacon staff member came up and took the practice target from him. Walking over he was now mad as he cornered his sister saying, "Listen this isn't like our old school if you can't get your act together you'll be packing before we even get to our first class! Now be calm and follow me you think you can do that?" "Sorry..." Azure said softly looking down sad.
  5. Lila looked over as the explosion rocked the ground. Her hair shot up from the shockwave and she grumbled as Viridina jumped "Woah man! Watch the shoottin... " He said before latching onto Lila. Lila looked at him and just didn't bother. It was evident that he wasn't all there. When the girl left Lila let out a sigh of relief and shoved Viridian off of her. "Get off me.." She continued. Viridian laughed and the two began a walk up to the academy itself. When they arrived Lila walked up the steps and looked back at Viridian. Viridian looked back at her as he made it up the steps.
  6. Later that night they were all having a big sleepover session in the main hall before their big test tomorrow. Azure was zipping around exchanging emails and phone numbers with the students she wanted to be friends with. Everyone was just either amused and accepted her hyper personality or just told her to get lost. "Look brother I got fifteen potential boyfrien-- ahem friends I mean!" Azure said and Auriel sighed and shook his head at her hyperness.
  7. Lila who had been sitting next to the bubbly girl less out of choice but out of necessity just glanced over before turning her head away to see Viridian sitting next to her. How did he get there? She didn't remember him walking over.... what was he?! She took a deep breath to calm herself. She just moved her bluish black hair out of the way and just fell back onto her sleeping bag. She felt the Mindstorm weapon pressing against her thigh and let out a subtle grunt. She pulled the folded down weapon out and placed it by her side. Meanwhile Viridian had taken his place next to the Introvertent girl "Hey baby cakes.. Whats good?" He said to Lila and Azure. Lila sighed "You are incourageable..." She mumbled.
  8. "Now that I get a look at you you're kinda cute too!" Azure said to Viridian though Auriel got in between her and him and said, "Sis... he's a modern day hippie so not your type..." "So I like tree huggers to brother say wanna be friends there blondie?" Asked Azure leaning over her brother winking at Viridian almost irresistibly cute like. "Um sis not to complain... But I ain't your pillow not get off me!" Auriel said shoving her off.
  9. Lila heard the commotion and sat up getting between Auriel and Azure. "Will you both knock it off.... I find guys and girls to be balanced... Just... whatever..." She said before curling up in her sleeping bag. Half being hovered over and half being kneeled on. Lila wanted to slap the two of them but just before Viridian coughed loudly causing the room to go completely silent. "I dank ya missy.. I be likin the compliments on me person. Its makin me feel all fludderin and stuff," He said slowly almost like a sloth. Within seconds he fell back with his legs still in a crossed position. He slowly lowered his leg as he began to laugh. Lila looked over to him "Hes lost... Just... quiet..." She mumbled before covering her face with her hair.
  10. Azure giggled and said, "Wow I can so understand that... I have a feeling this will be a good year. Welp time for bed because we're acing tomorrows placement test. Goodnight brother good night blondie and good night miss stiff." She flopped down onto her sleeping bag after that and soon quiet had come over the hall as they fell asleep for the night.

    The next day the four of them along with a crowd of other students were each positioned around a grass maze. Azure was confused but they each were separated upon showing up and put at different points to stand.

    Finally a voice came over the speakers a teacher saying, "Alright listen up everyone and give your full attention if you would please. What you see before you is a maze now then the test you are all about to be put through is a simple one. There are sixteen of you initially to be made to four teams of four. The rules are simple on the signal fire you're to all enter this maze the first four to come together are to stay together and work together as a team through the maze. Your goal is to reach the center grab the designated flag and make it back out alive. There's no limits or rules on how you fight or combat. Inside this maze there's a series of robots if you get caught by one you're automatically out and so is your team. Now that's clear I'm sure everyone's more then ready now remember the key to this is team work and those you end up with are the ones you'll be spending the next four years of school with so you better hope luck is on your side. Now then wait for the signal and as soon as it sounds off the test begins."

    Azure was jumping up and down completely excited for this and she unsheathed her sword and crouched down getting into a ready position. Seconds after that the signal went off with a pop and the test had started. She shot off like a bullet and ran through the maze going left right straight and a thud was heard as she ran into none other then Auriel who was trying to get his bearings thinking a robot got him. "Oh big brother yay I found you!!!" Azure squealed as she hugged him and he said, "Azure dammit OK OK get off me and let's move I hear something mechanical coming our way!" Auriel cried out. "Oh must be a robot OK big brother I'm ready." Azure said getting off just as it rounded the corner. She and Auriel were fast to get back to back in combat mode weapons drawn ready to take it out.
  11. The next morning Lila stood at her start line and began to focus inwardly. The ethereal chains around her began to form untill the shot rang out and she broke focus. She immediately began to stalk through the maze. When she turned corners she appeared at the other end in a large puff of smoke. She turned the corner and repeated as the chains stretched out and latched onto any surface. Almost like a large demon she moved her way across the maze as she rifted using her Semblance. When she turned the corner again she saw a man standing there asleep against the side of the maze "No... no way you are here.." She said before Viridian looked up at her "Hey gurl... Whatcha doin here.." He said to her. Lila just stared as she noise of the robots far behind her entering the maze was heard "I am stuck with you now... Oh... wonderful.."
  12. As Azure and Auriel were fast to swiftly move through the maze they encountered more robots and plowed through them leaving them in shambles as they continued making their way through. Flashing to the left and right getting the robots attention while Auriel stabbed their weak points. The two siblings flipped away and skid back as the robot took one final shot from Azure's bow went haywire and exploded into bits. "Onward!" Azure said and the two continued running their way through the maze. Azure got smart and had a can of spray paint. For every robot zone they ended up in she'd just spray the wall after they defeated their enemy and rush on with her brother. It was a battle tactic to avoid having them get lost. "Brother go left we been through the right path!" Azure said and Auriel said, "Got it!" The two then ran left after that.
  13. Lila and Viridian looked at each other before he rose up to his feet and shrugged "Sleepin 'ere for like ten minues my sweet...." He said making her just shake her head "You are rediculous.. absolutely rediculous..." She said before the two trudged forward. "Well... we have no choice now.. come.." Lila said and drug him forward. His feet dragging as he began to gather himself. The staff on his back not forming down as it was created for Dust's crystal form. Lila turned to see several robots get cut down not far from her but the noise of two behind her got her attention. Lila's guitar formed and she instantly strummed it causing a massive wave of energy to shoot out. The wave reached the robots before being to shake them to peices. She reached down and turned up one of the knobs before strumming it in a rythme. The waves began to collect into a finger beam like way before pulsing and rippign through all of the robots in the area infront of her.
  14. "Oh why hello friends its so good to see you!" Azure squealed running up along with Auriel. Another robot came landing and as her bow turned back to sword form Azure hacked through it. It exploded to bits and whipping out the can of paint she said, "It's made from plant oils so it's harmless. X marks the spot time to move on troops!!" She capped the bottle before giggling as she saw Viridian just going with the flow.
  15. Lila nodded and began to follow behind them before moving up to the front. She saw trhe middle of the maze ahead and looked back to see Viridian latched onto her hand still. The robots behind them began to swarm as it seemed like they were the only ones still in the trial. She flipped over one and looked like when she was struck she exploded. She disapeared entirely before appearing at the exit and waving. She had left them all among the Robots as Viridian began to laugh and stumbled into the middle "Dat girl is somtin... isn't she" He mumbled before falling down and groaning. The robots stopped and powered down before disappearing entirely. Lila just mumbled and collapsed her guitar back in once more.
  16. "WOO HOO!!" Azure yelled as they continued rushing through the maze and she plowed through another robot. Forty five minutes had passed and when they reached the center of the maze there was the flag they needed to bring back. But Auriel stopped them thinking it far too easy. Listening closely he heard the sounds of metal clinking. Seconds later all exits to the maze closed them in and Auriel said, "Damn...This ain't good." Though he suddenly went flying up as a chain grabbed his ankle and screamed out. "Is this like the final boss in those rpg games I played... Hang on brother I got you!!" Azure yelled slicing through the chains and a thud was heard as Auriel landed painfully.
  17. Lila was knocked back as well and rose to her feet to see Viridian on the floor just sitting there "Get up your ass up!" Lila yelled before she saw Azure calling out. Lila picked Viridian up before his normal lazy attitude dropped. A staff appeared in his hand before he began a slow walk forward. Lila came up behind hm and readied her guit. Meanwhile Viridian continued his slow march forward "This Cat aint gonna bother us." He began as he spun his staff around like a helicopter blade.
  18. Finally the final robot had shown itself with the flag on top of its head. "That's fun we can play capture the flag hehe!" Azure said giggling. "I'm going to trash this thing up so bad it'll be running him crying to his motherboard once we're through with him." Auriel said as his staff suddenly split into two and he had two even sized swords in his hand.
  19. Lila immediately put a finger to her guitar and drew a finger pick from her pocket. She placed it on her finger and looked up at the robot before beginning to run her finger down hitting all the strings at once. A massive shock wave shot out of the guitar before she began to turn up the volume. "Alright! Lets go." She said before Viridian made the first move. The robot swung down at him but the normal sloth like teen bent backwards almost sickeningly avoiding the blow entirely before grabbing ahold of the hand and going for a ride.
  20. Though he got grabbed and before it could fling him Azure cut through it something didn't seem right about this blasted robot from what Auriel could sense. The more they hacked and slashed the more violent it got. "Ow!!" Whined Azure as she went smacking into the ground hard. Standing up she whined that could have ended badly just now. Though seeing a hole in her favorite shirt she suddenly snapped and said, "OK now I'm MAD!!" Rushing it she slashed it six times yelling, "You stupid hunk of crappy piece of junk how dare you wreck my outfit!!" Landing the huge thing went still but something didn't seem right it just started moving again and Auriel said, "This isn't good maybe there's a power source or something inside it we need to destroy?"
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