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  1. Everyone who discussed in trest in this, lets get togethe rand plan this out- this what i have so far.

    Cinder Fall and her faction to gained the perfect victory in the downfall of Beacon. This was achieved when Cinder used Black Dust, combined with her Maiden powers, to turn Team RWBY. Now, Remnant is ruled by the Fall,Summer and Winter Maidens and their disciples. The Spring Maiden sided with The Underground.

    Keep in mind only the members of Team RWBY have their personalities changed. You cannot decanonify any others. We don't need Semblences which can manipulate the universe, stop time, tear space etc, as they are OP
    DON'T: 1.Be A Godmodder
    2. Troll
    3. Mistreat moderators, owners or other RPers.
    4. Start arguments with people for no reason other then to fight.
    5. Be racist, sexist, or bully others.
    6. Post NSFW content. It will be deleted, and you will be banned.
    Avoid these things and we should all get along, and enjoy RPing together. Failure to meet these rules will result in a warning, and potential ban.
    CURRENT MAIDENS: Winter : Anastasia Stardust
    Fall: Cinder Fall
    Summer: open
    BLACK DUST: Black Dust was created by Cinder Fall to turn literally anything good evil. It comes in just dust and crystals, and comes from imbuing elemental dusts with the darkness of the corrupted fall and winter maiden powers.

    Status: (Teacher/student/freelancer/villain/hunter/huntress)
    Race: (Human, Faunus, Robot/Android)
    Semblance/Special Ability: (Description)
    Pets[Kinda like Zwei]:
    Killable: (Y/N)[Are you okay with your charecter dieing or not]
    Points: (Students = 40 points Teachers/huntsman/huntresses = 70 points Villains = 75 points Freelancer = 60 points)
    Unarmed skill:
    Aura power:
    Weapon skill:
    Weapon strength:
    Special ability/Semblance power:

    These points arent ameasure of who will win in a fight, they are just your carecters personal battle stats.
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  2. ned help developing the plot.
  3. Oh! Uh, I could definitely help with that, if you'd like >.<
  4. How did Cinder create the Black Dust?
    How did she get the other maidens to side with her?
    Who is The Underground?
  5. hm cinder created the black g various ones together. She created it by accident when mixing 3 diffrent dusts together. Movement, earth and Fire.]
    she used the dut to turn the other maidens onto her side by force....

    The underground is the name of the rebellion against cinder
  6. I see I see
    So how did the Spring Maiden resist the dust?
  7. she wasnt in the area......she was off in atlas
  8. Ooh ok
    I'm just asking questions on stuff I couldn't tell from the first post since I know nothing about the plot you've made
  9. Need help planning eh? well why don't we have it so the RP takes place after the events of Volume 3? that much should at least be a given. and What about the Grim? surely they would play a big part seeing as they are still on a rampage? there also those who are neutral to the conflict to think about, and those who fight off evil but do not ally them selves with "The Underground" (I My self might have a Character like this, using one in a RWBY rp that I never could join because it was taken down before I could) . we also need to think about the White Fang, no doubt they will also be out causing more trouble than Cinder.

    These are all things I could help out with, I sort of fancy my self a writer and would like to be a part of this RP. What you have so far is great, but could use some beefing up. Like maybe the Underground could LITERALLY live underground? out of sight of Cinder's Forces and harder to find than one might imagine. we also need to discuss how the Underground was founded, and by who. Could be the Maiden of Spring as she is a part of the faction but thats just my idea.
  10. sure the mroe help the marrier!
  11. okay then I'll see about writing out something cool so we can flesh out the premise a bit more. in the mean time let's see about getting some more people in here.
  12. I'm down for another RWBY game.
  13. That brings our player total to five, a good start and possibly enough to begin.. but I am not the GM of this so I can't make that call.
  14. its enough now we ned a betetr plot
  15. You seem to be set on the idea that Cinder and the White fang taking over the world, how about we start with just how that panned out... details on the war, key battles and skirmishes, what happened to other places all over Remnant. Might be a good idea to give us some ideas as to what kind of story you would like to tell. All this and more would be a good place to start. do this and we might be able to make a good plot
  16. uhm well i havent thoguht that much on it
  17. That's okay, that's the point of plotting :)

    even if we have a few simple details we can come up with something fantastic.
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