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  1. RWBY RP Where team RWBY joins cinder fall, cinder rules the world and a rebellion forms to take back Remenant
    anyone interested in this?
  2. >.< Maaaybe, this definitely peaks my interest o.o
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  3. Cool. lets get a few more interested and i will start doing cannon claqims and then we will go from there.
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  4. Hm... I definitely might be interested, not throwing my hat in yet though. How much of it do you have thought out plot-wise? Do you have a good bit worked out or were you waiting to see how interested people were in?
  5. i want it to be somehting we work on together
  6. I'm interested in this
  7. well then lets start plotting.
  8. Might be interested.... but I want to see a bit more of a premise before I finalize anything
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.