RWBY: Beasts of Remnant

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  1. Baron Amber, at his 6'7" height and semi-bulky body, stood on a platform that, supposed from what his parents had told him, was to launch him into the forest in front of him. Due to his height and semi-bulkiness he could already see that most of the students were wary and somewhat afraid of him as his black hair flowed in the wind. Though once the students noticed his black furry ears on his head or the tail behind him they started to glare and openly stare at him with disdain, which he shrugged off easily. He was easily the tallest there from what he could see, which made him smirk a little bit at the potential tall and short jokes he could make. Also standing in front of him stood Headmaster Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch, both famous Hunter and Huntress in their own right, that was, until they started talking. "Alright, for the initiation you have 3 objectives in order to be accepted into beacon academy. Your first objective is to find your partner for the rest of the entirety of your education at Beacon, the first person you make eye contact with will be your partner. Your second objective is to head to the ruins located to the north and grab a relic, 1 relic per pair. Your final objective is to pass through the ruins atop a large Chasm behind the ruins of which you got your relics, and reach the top of the cliff face there. I only have 1 single peace of advice. Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path, or you will die..." Ozpin finished on a serious note before he quietly sipped the brown drink from his mug and muttering, just slightly so you could barely hear him "still can't believe they forgot to add more sugar and milk for my coffee..." he finished with a frown as Glynda spoke up. "We will also be monitoring you through our scrolls, so we will know if you try to 'switch' partners, as some have tried to do before. If we see any of that then you will be immediately picked up, alongside the person/s you were attempting to trade with and shipped back home..." Glynda glared at all of the potentials, daring them to speak up at her, before she whipped her riding crop-like weapon into her hand, giving a resounding and echoing smack that unnerved most of them, except for Baron of course, and with that students started launching into the forest.

    Baron noticed he had a moments to spare before he launched so he looked to the people beside him, to his left was a gorgeous girl that nearly made him blush due to her beauty, with her long black hair and stunning eyes, alongside her swords. To his right was a young man with green hair wearing a fedora and a suit with an almost permanent smirk on his face. He bent down so he was level with them, putting his arms around their shoulders, and started to speak with a kind grin on his face that radiated happiness, excitement, and friendliness. "I wish the both of you luck on finding your partners and passing this thing, who knows, maybe we can become friends once this silliness is over!" He proclaimed happily with a wink and let go the 2 of them as he stood back to his full height, once again towering over everyone, before he activate his weapons in preparation for the launch, the black slightly spiked bands on his wrists expanding out to become menacing black gauntlets that looked like they could harm you just by touching you. The blue bands on his ankles also expanded out, becoming sleek grieves that covered most of his feet and ankles, they had an appearance that looked like they were meant for the upper class, but from what the others could see of Baron, he looked anything but upper class.

    As soon as Baron was launched he started whooping like a maniac, enjoying every second of this, as he continuously did spins and tricks while firing off shots from his shotgun gauntlets and shotgun grieves in an effort to extend the flight and allow him to enjoy it more. Eventually gravity pulled him down enough until he almost crashed into a tree, punching to his left with his right hand to fire off a shotgun blast just barely dodging said tree. He then grabbed another branch and did like an olympic gymnast and spun forward before letting go and landing on the ground, rolling to reduce the damage, and as he finally lost enough momentum and speed he stood up, black sunglasses somehow at some point appearing as he spoke. "I guess you could say i fell from heaven!" He laughed at his joke to himself before taking the sunglasses off, crushing them in his hand, and tossing them into some random bush nearby. He looked around to find that he was in a large clearing, surrounded by trees, and he could already hear gunshots and explosions, meaning others were already fighting Grimm. Baron decided to get the show started and proceeded to walk to the north, think that he could meet someone on the way there, and if he didn't he could just wait at the ruins for someone else without a partner to arrive.
  2. Tama was bent down on the platform listening to the two teachers' voices in the back of his head as he thought about how hungry he was. The more the two talked the more Tama felt as if he needed a snack. The boy began to glance around for any food in sight, but sadly he found none and slumped back onto the platform sighing. Tama looked up as Goodwin and Ozpin ceased talking. All he had heard was the first two steps, the last was a mystery to him. Ozpin's destroy everything in your path resonated through Tama's mind like a catchy tune. As Tama got deeper in thought another man brought him back to reality as the man placed his hand on Tama's back. Tama looked up and notice another student wishing him luck and hoping to become friends and just as quickly he readied up and was launched. Tama knowing he was next got on his two feet in a frog squat and was launched in the air. "Luck? I don't need luck! I'll just punch the crap out of everything in my way! But it was a nice notion!" Tama was flying through the air backwards as if he were on an invisible chair, this soon turned into a spin.

    He flipped and spun at an extremely slow rate, almost inhuman at moments. This infact was inhuman as Tama was using his power over kinetic energy to slow his spin and speed up his descent. As the impact of the ground became more imminent Tama increased his kinetic energy, flying through trees using his fist like a shield at incredible speeds. Tama halted, piercing his hand through an Ursa's head. There only seemed to be two more, but he couldn't see them. Tama looked around while simultaneously pulling his gauntlet free. When Tama pulled his gauntlet free he flicked the blood off and took one last look around for the two Ursa. "Gramps always said don't go looking for trouble." With Tama's last comment he walked off only to be lunged at from in front and behind by the hidden Ursa's. Tama stopped and scoffed cocking his arm back and activating his Kinetic semblance again. "How annoying!" Tama's arm was going back and forth, elbowing the one behind him and jabbing the one in front. At 200 hits Tama gave the forward Ursa an uppercut followed by a shot straight through the head sending it up on two feet. Tama quickly focused his aim on the dead Ursa's feet knocking it over and plunging its spines through the Ursa's head that was behind Tama. "Wonder how that guy from earlier is doing?"

    Tama dusted his hands off and continued to walk forward to the relics.
  3. Toupe was in a state of focus as she always was before a huge event. She needed to be a hundred percent ready for such a monumental event as this since her performance here would determine if she'll get admitted to Beacon or not. Though her eyes were closed and she was practically meditating while standing, she didn't neglect to listen to Headmaster Ozpin and Professor Glynda's announcements. She did not lose her composure at all when they announced that they were gonna launch the hopefuls hundreds of meters in the air only to land to their deaths in the forest, should they not stick the landing. However, she did release a startled yelp when the guy next to her wrapped his arm around her neck. Such familiarity was foreign for her even from her relatives so she was left flabbergasted at the stranger's approach. Though she managed to breathe a sigh of relief when he began speaking since he seemed to have good intentions to say the least. Just as soon as he had wished the luck, the over-familiar stranger was propelled to the air, just like the others. Such an eccentric person... she wouldn't mind having him as her partner.

    When Toupe turned to her right she saw a beautiful girl with wavy brown hair that was around her age. She regarded her and gave her a smile before she, herself, was propelled towards the Emerald Forest.

    "Well, I hope nobody dies because of this over the top method. I feel sorry for the poor chap that would be tasked to clean the mess left behind by the unfortunate ones." She mused.

    Her flight was short lived as gravity quickly acted upon her. What goes up most come down after all but when she landed, instead of getting squashed like a pancake, she went through the ground and emerged from behind a nearby tree. In that split second, she used the shadow of her own descending figure as a gateway and opened another gateway using the tree's shadow.

    "Whoo... that was fun." She muttered cheerfully before heading further north. It turns out that she needn't search long for her partner as she spotted the same eccentric stranger lumbering where she was headed. He hadn't noticed her yet, and the rules specifically stated direct eye contact so she still had a chance to find someone else but something in her told her it would be interesting to be paired with him. Though she wouldn't just approach him conventionally. No... that would be too plain. And besides, she wanteed some form of payback for earlier.

    Using yet another nearby tree's shadow as a gateway, she entered it and re-emerged behind Baron's back. See, whenever she does that to living beings, they experience a sense of dread and feel chills running down their spine. That should be enough to startle him for now.

    "Hello there. It seems fate has decreed us to be partners. I wish I can meet your expectations and hope we'll get along." Toupe said cheerfully with a childish grin on her face.
  4. Sapphire stood on top of the metal platforms, ready for action, with her weapon in her hand. She had heard about the platform launch from her parents. That sort of took the fun out of it, but nevertheless she was prepared. As Sapphire listened to the instructions given to make sure there was nothing her parents missed. The whole entire 'trading partners' thing wasn't something that her parents went over. It seemed sort of self-explanatory since the whole point was the first person you see to be your partner, but apparently not. If everybody got that, then it wouldn't be covered.

    Soon enough, the launch started. One after another they started to fly into the air. Sapphire looked to her left to see a pretty woman with fantasic long black hair next to her which she had not noticed before. The woman noticed her and smiled at her. Shocked by the fact that she noticed her, Sapphire struggled to give her a smile, but managed to, before the girl was propelled into the forest. Sapphire made a mental note to keep her in mind, just so she can find out more about her.

    A few seconds passed after the girl was sent to fend for herself before Sapphier was sent. The metal plate sprung out at a quick speed. Sapphire was practically flying through the clouds before she started to desend towards the Grimm Forest. She waited until she got close to one of the trees that inhabited the Grimm Forest before swinging her double sided scythe in front of her, and attaching to a branch of a tree. Unfortunately, she ended up slicing through the tree branch instead of swinging off of it like intended. She did a quick roll forward to prevent any injuries. "Well, that could've went wrong." Sapphire said to herself before she started to move forward again.

    Sapphire ran aimlessly around the forest since her main objective was to find a partner, and later get to the relics. She came to a sudden stop when 5 beowolves came to surround her, and tried to threaten her with their growling. "Easy blood." She spoke while waiting for the beowolves to close in on her. Once they were close enough, she took her weapon out and spun it around 3 times, hitting each of the beowolves. One time would've been enough, but she was just making sure they are dead.

    Due to the death of the beowolves, the growling stopped and there was silence. Well almost. There seemed to be someone else walking around as well. It could be partners, but Sapphire decided to take that chance. She headed towards the origin of the sound where she met someone alone. Particularly, someone in a fedora. "Nice hat. I'm Sapphire. Guess we are partners, huh?" Sapphire said in a genuinely excited tone.
  5. As soon as the dreaded feeling washed over him Baron was reminded of all the times he had felt a familiar feeling, all the those times had also lead to scars and threats to his family, before he quickly reminded himself of his location and held himself back from reacting by punching the lights out of whatever had released the feeling. He turned around and a massive grin quickly found place on his face, while also silently noting the beowolf corpses a little ways back, normal humans wouldn't be able to see them, but his Faunas eyes further enhanced greatly thanks to his Grimm Blood, he was able to see them in such detail that he could even see how they died. "AHA, I see my own little Angel of Death has walked into my life!" He chuckled a little at his flirtatious joke before resuming. "Well then, it seems we're partners, and if nothing else, i'm glad it's with someone who seems to be able to put up with me! My name is Baron Amber, and i'm fairly glad that you seem to not have any resentment towards faunas, like the Schnee's, or most of the human population in general! I hope we get along greatly!" He finished by picking her up into a large bear hug, making sure to keep his spiked gauntlets and near superhuman strength in mind so he didn't harm her with them, as he picked her up off the ground due to the hug. Instead of putting her down he just lifted her from the hug and placed her on his shoulder, his palm out holding her feet so that they wouldn't dangle and therefore hit him repeatedly as he walked, making her look like a princess sitting atop her bodyguard.

    "Passengers please keep your hands and feet inside of the vehicle as it's moving, and enjoy the ride! Hold on tight!" He warned her as he activated his semblance, his aura flaring up causing flames to appear around him, not harming her or the area around them though, as he waited for her to brace herself, before he seemingly disappeared from his original spot, and reappeared around 10 feet away little more as a red and black blur as he headed north, wanting to find the relics soon so that this farce of an initiation could end quickly. As he was running at his superhuman speeds he spotted a Ursa Major, surrounded by what looked like 2 other regular Ursa, and quickly did a spin kick, hitting with his hardened skin and superhuman strength, causing it's head to fly off, as mid spin he punched towards the other 2 Ursa nearby, red blasts of light firing from his hands as they launched towards the 2 Ursa, hitting them dead on in the face causing their heads to explode. Their bodies dissipated into red flames, same as his aura, as he studied the clearing he had landed in and spotted the large circular ruins, with the pedestals and what seemed to be gold and black Chess pieces atop of said pedestals. He gently grabbed Toupe off his shoulder and set her down and spoke. "Since i took all the fun with the Ursa, how about you go pick the relic for us, while i keep a lookout." He finished with a large grin.
  6. Before she could introduce herself, her partner, who had introduced himself as Baron, deftly picked her up in a bear hug before placing her on top of his shoulder, with of course, her releasing a startled yelp as he did so. The color on Toupe's face drained when she heard the announcement of Baron moving while she was on that position.

    "Surely, he can't be serious, right? No matter how you look at it, only someone insane would do that. Yes, he's definitely bluffing" Or so she thought.

    A few moments later, her worst fears were realized as

    "Are you insane! Put me doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown!" Her protests were soon replaced by shrieks and cries as Baron accelerated while he was carrying her on his shoulder. For the first few minutes, she was cursing him as he zipped past countless of trees. However, once she had become accustomed to the feeling, her fearful shrieks were soon replaced by excited cheers as adrenaline rushed through her veins. She couldn't help but be amazed at her partners capabilities when he manged to take down three Ursa while carrying her, a feat she deemed impossible until he, himself, had proved otherwise.

    In no time, the two of them arrived at their destination, the large circular ruins mentioned by the Professors. She spotted pedestals arrangeed in a neat arc with gold and black chess pieces placed on top of them. She smiled at Barry's courtesy when he insisted that she be the one to pick their chess piece.

    "You're really good, Barry. I'm thoroughly impressed... Though next time, you might wanna give me a little heads up before you pull a stunt like that again... I know we're partners and all, dude, but we girls need a wee bit personal space, you know? I know we have to get accustomed to each other's presence but we just met and you seem to have grown over familiar with me all of a sudden, not that it's a bad thing but you should do that in moderation until we really get to know each other a little more. Besides... if I had an extreme case of motions sickness, that little thing you did right there could have given me a heart attack." She said in a calm yet stern manner before deftly picking up a black knight piece.
  7. Tama heard the approach of the female and immediately whipped around with a roundhouse kick to her head, but stopped when he saw his target. It was a girl and she had complimented his dress style. Tama lowered his leg and fixed his hat, he was slightly embarrassed at how he reacted. "Yeah, I guess..." Tama looked forward ready to move on now that he figured out his partner, next he had to get a relic and figure out the third step. Tama made a picture frame out of the sky positioning it just right.

    Lowering his hands he looked to Sapphire and started counting down as he swooped her off her feet. "Blast off!" Tama exclaimed taking off in the air being able to see everything in sight, including the Nevermore flying straight at them. "How pleasant. We're gonna ride it, so you're gonna have to trust me." Tama launched Sapphire in the air and gripped onto the nevermore's face as he pounded and pounded until it felt dizzy and looked like a drunk bird. Right around this time Tama mounted the bird and began flapping his arms which in turn flapped the bird's, hovering until Sapphire landed on its back. "You alright?"
  8. Sapphire was confused at the countdown. "Huh? What's the counting for?" She questioned. It was a bit odd for the counting to happen for no reason. Well, there was one, but she didn't understand until the 'blast off'. They both went into the air, making this the second time Sapphire was flying today. They managed to be next to a Nevermore, which her new partner went after so he could ride it, leaving her alone... in the air... to fall. "If you are going to bring me up here, you could at least take me back down!" Sapphire complained while trying to figure out a way so she can land safely.

    Before she was able to figure out a safe plan, she landed on something. It wasn't the ground, it was the Nevermore. "Yeah. I'm fine" She said as she repositioned herself."Wow! We are really riding this?" Sapphire noted in amazement. She never tried to do something this gutsy. Even though that's part of the job as a huntress, it was better to not get yourself killed while trying to kill. Sapphire looked at her partner in front of her. She realized she didn't know her partner's name. "What's your name?" She asked while they were closing in on thier destination
  9. Baron looked down as she scolded him, not wanting to speak up, his grin was still present, but it was a little less 'grinny' then before. He looked up to her, right hand rubbing the back of his head, and then he spoke."I apologize, i shouldn't have done that, i've never had any friends before, or people who actually didn't outright hate me, so the only experiences i have had were with my family, of whom loved it when i did that, and-erm-certain other types of people' i'd really rather not talk about right now, how about we start again? My name is Baron Amber, or as you and my apparent family like to call me, 'Barry', i'm a faunas, as you can see, and i'm 17 years old. I hope that i didn't cause you distress with my little stunt, and i'll be sure to ask for permission whether or not i should do that again. " He finished with his large grin upon his face as he waited for the beautiful girl to introduce herself, before he spotted something shortly after he finished. Up above he could clearly and easily spot the green haired boy from before and another beautiful girl with him riding a nevermore. That brought a memory back to Baron, of him getting stabbed in the gut by a nevermore and taken to a large nest of them where he had to fight off a little over 10 of them, and coming back home riding one that he had managed to tame somehow, covered in blood and seeing his family cry causing him to promise to himself that he would never allow them to cry again.

    He re-focused himself when he heard a lot of rusting from the bushes and tree's nearby, when all of sudden what looked like a pack of 20 beowolves, 2 Alpha Beowolves, and 1 Ursa Major came out of the forest and into the clearing they were in, nearly surrounding them, but not getting any behind them since that was where the ruins were located. Baron's first thought of action was just to control the 20 or so regular Beowolves and have them attack the Ursa Major and Alpha's, but he couldn't do that since Toupe was here and he didn't want her to get suspicious. He looked towards her before speaking in a slightly serious tone.

    "Alright, i see around 20 Beowolves, 2 Alpha's, and 1 Ursa Major, up above a Nevermore with 2 people riding it are headed our way, I don't know what you can do, so think of this like a field test for the both of us!" He finished with a bright grin before activating his semblance, not enough for his special 'Armor' to come out, but enough for his super human speed, strength, and regeneration to activate. It wouldn't be a lot, as his semblance, and therefore the abilities of his semblance, get stronger the angrier he gets, but with his current mood he could confidently say he had 2x more strength and speed than a normal Melee Aura Hunter/Huntress, and he could confidently regenerate any wound's he'd sustain, if any, from this fight.

    Immediately he was out of sight and appeared in front of one of the closer beowolves, going so fast that to normal civilians it looked like he teleported and to seasoned fighters like he was put on fast forward. Before he did a right hook punch, the gauntlet firing off a black dust shotgun shell into the beowolf, launching both Baron and the Beowolf in opposite directions, the beowolf smashed into 3 others behind it, launching all 4 of them through 3 or 4 tree's before their bodies hit the ground, bounced on said ground at high speeds and proceeding to fly though 2 more tree's, before finally smashing into a large boulder, leaving the indent of 4 beowolves that were slowly dissipating as red fire due to the massive amount of damage they took. Baron on the other hand was launched backwards due to the gravity dust, causing him to fly towards another group of 2 beowolves, before he spun mid-air and did a split kick while firing 2 red dust shot blasts from his right and left legs aimed at the 2 beowolves, launching them back and into more tree's as they dissipated along the way. All of this only helped prove that Baron had massive amounts of strength and skill with his weapons and body, even though he was hardly trying at this moment in time.
  10. Toupe smiled mischievously upon hearing Baron's proposal. She hadn't used her powers offensively since she left Signal Academy and she was itching to leave a strong impression on her partner. She watched as Baron made quick work of of 6 Beowolves. It was indeed impressive to have been partnered with such a dependable person but she, herself, needs to prove him that she can fend for herself.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Barry. My name is Toupe Lunaris McNight. I'm 16 years old and don't worry. I kind of enjoyed that experience so I may ask for something like that sometime soon. As for now, I think I should take care of our remaining uninvited guests..." She said with a casual smirk on her face.

    An oppressive aura suddenly could be felt around her as gray wisps of smoke began surrounding her. As 5 beowolves started charging at her, a dark wall appeared behind her and various black weapons were sent flying towards the beowolves, impaling them dozens of times until they disintegrated into black wisps of smoke. The remaining 9 Beowolves and one Alpha decided to try a different approach They formed an arc all around her and attacked all at once from different angles. They were trying a tactic with the leadership of the alpha but this strategy was pointless when facing someone like Toupe.

    Toupe conjoined her swords into its bow form and pulled on the string.

    "Your efforts are just gonna end up in vain. The moment you decided to go up against me... You were already dead." Toupe said in a foreboding tone before saying one final thing. "Ephemeral!"

    Toupe let go of the string and launched a single black arrow towards the sky that pretty soon duplicated itself to the point that it nearly blocked off the light coming from the soon. An innumerable number of death descended upon the 9 Beowolves and the Alpha, impaling them countless of times. She also used the shadow that the falling arrows generated and used it as a gateway to emerge behind the other Alpha. By this time, she had already morphed her weapon to it's sword form and as she emerged from the Alpha's shadow, she spun in mid air, sheathed swords in hand, and repeatedly sliced the Alpha into minced meat.

    "So... are my skills up to your expectations, Barry?"
  11. Tama looked back at the girl and smiled pointing at his chest "Name's Tama Anaru! So, listen up! As my partner we never back down! And we're extremely late to the relics and..." Tama's voice began to trail off into minimal volume as he quickly spat out his words. "I don't know what we're doing." Tama looked forward and laughed before he could get a response. "Oh, yeah I need a favor!" Tama dived toward the relics. "Sever his head." Tama jumped off its back toward the relics, slowly falling like a leaf. The Nevermore would suddenly gain control over itself again and squawk back at its sole passenger.

    Tama landed and went window shopping for relics.
  12. "I don't know what we're doing." Sapphire heard from Tama's mouth. Are y-" Sapphire started before being cut off by Tama. "Oh, yeah I need a favor!" Of course, Sapphire would do it. She heard from her parents that being partners means that you look out for each other, aid them in combat, work together, and so on. She probably wouldn't deny this request. "Sever his head." He said as he leapt off the Nevermore, which was ... new. Sapphire was left alone on the noisy. She didn't have a choice to deny the favor now. "I would be mad if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a talented huntress-in-training."

    Sapphire inched her way up to the neck of the Nevermore, making sure to hold on tight when it tried to shake her off. Once she finally reached the neck, she slowly stood up to keep her balance. Sapphire took her scythe, and placed the one of the edge at the bottom of the neck. She pulled it so it started to cut it's head. It didn't go through all the way, but it managed to stop it's reckless flying. She pulled 2 more times before the head fell off. She was still on the body, and she rode it down to the ground.

    The body didn't fall at the relics location, but not too far from them. Sapphire rose up from the body that was now fading away, and opened her PDA. She turned west, which was where the relics were from her current location and started marching in the direction with her weapon in her hand.

    Sapphire walked into a middle of a conversation between two people who were paired as partners as she reached her destination. "Sorry." Sapphire said before rushing towards her partner that was looking at the multiple relics displayed. "We need to establish a warning system for when you are going to do something reckless. I can't be left to kill every Nevermore we ride." Sapphire mentioned from behind him. She did like the fact that she discovered a new type of person, but she didn't like the fact that this new type was going to surprise her at any second.
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  13. "Haha! Wonderfully Done! I do believe i've found the perfect partner in you!" Just as he finished his sentence he saw the green haired person land nearby and a loud BOOM a little ways off from where he was keeping track of the Nevermore where it fell. He watched as the girl passed him to talk to her own partner as he resumed his conversation. "Well! For now since we have our Relic, we should probabl---" Baron, however, did not get to finish his sentence, due to the large claw now sticking out of his stomach, blood splattering outwards and onto Toupe as Baron fell to the ground with a wet splat. He was wondering where the Ursa Major went and now he knew, as it had somehow sneaked by everyone and got behind him, however, just before his vision blacked out due to his death, unseen by the others, his face now held unaccountable and un-describable rage at what the Ursa had done. It reminded him too much of the Nevermore incident and this Ursa Major had the NERVE to try to take him away from his family. Almost instantly killing intent filled the entire clearing that was so searing and heavy it would feel like they were choking and were being set on fire, though to these people most likely not.

    Baron slowly got up, his armor started forming over his body slowly starting with his feet, inch by decadent inch, until eventually Baron was now standing straight up, like he hadn't been injured, and his visage of absolute rage was visible to the others in the clearing for a moment before it was covered by the death like mask that was his armors helmet. He slowly turned around, ever so slowly like he was savoring the moment, as his power continued to increase more and more by the second, until eventually he was facing the now stunned by fear Ursa Major. He slowly walked over to it, the forest and environment around them silent, as if not wanting to anger this red armored monster nearby, until he eventually reached the Ursa. His right leg disappeared for a split second before reappearing, the only indication that it had done anything was the now cracked ground on which it was placed and the fact that the Ursa Major was now a little over 20 feet in the air and it's height was rapidly increasing.

    Baron slowly looked up, and pointed his palm upwards toward the Ursa Major, and a small ball of fire, about the size of his pinky, formed just above his palm. And then Baron fired the small ball, except it wasn't small anymore... As soon as Baron launched it, instead of maintaining it's small size, it had increased into a HUMONGOUS beam of red hot fire, easily Dwarfing the clearing they were in by it's size alone, making the Ursa Major seem like a black ant that was quickly disintegrated due to the move. As the great beam of fire ended and dissipated, the armor on Baron slowly started de-materializing, the hole in his clothes in which the Ursa Major had once had it's claw sticking through, now showed a large circular scar there, adding another to his scarred bodies collection.

    Baron looked to the others as his armor finished de-materializing, showing his face now was of a calm visage, before a large grin like before spread across it. "Well then! I guess you could say i lit him up!" Baron finished his joke with a large laugh and slapping Toupe on the back, not too hard, and he continued laughing until he eventually calmed down. This wasn't the first time he had let his rage get the better of him, he really had to work on controlling it, because whenever he got mad he couldn't hold back his powers, which meant that he couldn't use his semblance, his weapons, or even his other abilities to their fullest potential because of this. Hopefully learning from the greats at Beacon and his partner, and eventually his team, could help him with this problem. "I'm sorry if i scared you guys any, that just sort of happens when i get mad, i can't really control it." Even though the others in the clearing with him might not see it in his eyes or hear it in his tone, he was truly regretful about what he had done. What if it caused them to be scared of him like everyone else? What if they tried to hurt him like everyone else? If only he could control himself! He could have simply just activated his semblances regenerative powers and upped it's power with his other abilities, but no, he had to lose himself to his rage, like always, and even though the others might not see it, a small tear was starting to well up in his right eye, wondering what they would say about what they just saw...
  14. Sheer horror was apparent on Toupe's face as she witnessed her partner get impaled right before her very eyes. She had hesitated to kill the Ursa since she thought Baron would have preferred it if he finished what he started but it seems he forgot about the damn beast ever existed. She hesitated and now she would be blamed for his death... something that would haunt her for the rest of her life... Or so she thought. When Baron is supposed to crumple on the ground and die of blood loss, he slowly got up and was encased in armor, accompanied by the extreme rise in killing intent present in the area. That wasn't what bothered her, though. It was the fact that somebody like her existed that came as a surprise. The sheer violence he demonstrated was astonishing and his power was incredible. Compared to him, the Ursa who had almost pushed him to the brink of that was reduced nothing more than an insignificant ant for him to crush under his foot.

    After practically vaporizing the bear-like grimm, Baron tried to make a pun in an attempt to lighten the mood. It didn't help much since Toupe was still dumbfounded by what she had witnessed. However, once her ridiculously tall partner started sulking for what he'd done in front of them, Toupe kicked him in the groin in order to bring him closer to her level. Afterwards, she embraced Baron tightly and carressed his hair gently in order to calm him down.

    "Do you realize how scared I was? I wasn't terrified by your insane abilities... I was afraid that I had failed in protecting you. I was afraid that I had indirectly caused your death by neglecting to finish off that Ursa! I was afraid that I failed you! If you had died, your death would have haunted me for the rest of my life." Toupe said on a shaky voice as she fought back the tears that were threatening to escape her eyes.

    "Don't scare me like that again, you hear!" She snapped at Baron with an authoritative tone. By this time, she had regained much of her composure though she was still a bit shaken up.

    "And don't overdo the puns... or else I'll send you to your puneral" Toupe jested.
  15. Tama leaned over the pedestal of the black knight chess piece picking it up and bringing it to eye level. The relic looked strong, an aspect of himself and others he took great pride in. Tama sighed when his partner reached him and he threw his hand into his pocket. Rubbing his head with his large metal claw he turned to face Sapphire. "But, if we did that this wouldn't have been any fun--" Tama held his arm out and froze the Ursa's muscles before it could do more damage, but the next series of events would not shock him rather he wouldn't know what to make of them.

    Baron recovered quickly, adrenaline driving him back up, Tama instinctively let go of the Ursa and watched as Baron obliterated its being. Tama lowered his arm and stood shielding his partner with his body. "Didn't I tell you... warnings are no fun." Baron attempted to calm the three with a joke, this obviously did not work. He then came and apologized, his partner still rejecting this kicked him downstairs and then tied it all up with a tender hug. Tama relaxed his stance and looked away. "Even though it isn't me, I can feel his pain. They ache. Now on to more pressing matters; What shall we do about that?" Tama pointed to a mechanical thumb behind him toward a Death Stalker. It swung its tail down on top of him, but Tama pushed it to the side avoiding its stab. The Death Stalker tried many times before Tama yawned and was gone in a flash. The spot where he once stood now a crater.

    "Okay, gonna do this quick and easy." Tama continued to free-fall from the Death Stalker's stinger to its back like he was at a community pool. "10 for style." Tama landed with a hard smack onto its back and a giant wave of air shot out in all direction because of the impact despite the fact he was not even going 2 miles an hour when he fell. "And 10..." The Death Stalker's hard shelled armor was obliterated leaving it bare, but Tama's impact wave was still going and it broke away its skin, followed by it dissolving into a black gas. "...for your execution." The King Taijitus then came out and the black one lunged at Tama, but he jumped over it. The white one then came out while Tama was airborne and without anytime to react, Tama was being pushed into a tree.

    Too busy using his Semblance to stop their constant jabbing at him, Tama had been subdued into the forest. "Help!" During their drawback he vanished leaving a crater where he once was. "Thanks a million, now cut their heads off." Tama was behind Sapphire now with her in his hand. Spinning around once and then tossing her at the giant snakes.
  16. Baron quickly recovered from the groin hit, glad that he had his healing factor still active at this point, and was surprised when she embraced him. He nearly cried when she forgave him, before he quickly gather himself and stood back up straight with a happy smile layered onto his face. "Thank you for that, no-one has ever said that to me besides my family... But your puns could use a little work." He finished with a mirthless chuckle, and spotted the green haired boy utterly obliterate a Death stalker that Baron had failed to notice. He then watched as a 2 headed King Taijitu came out of nowhere and started attacking him. As soon as Baron heard Tama's "Help!" He started firing red dust blasts from his hands and feet to distract it.

    Baron continued firing as he watched Tama pick up his partner and toss her, to which he chuckled and stopped firing blasts so as he wouldn't wind up accidentally hitting the girl. Baron closed his eyes and started focusing his Aura into it's regenerative effect, so that it would heal him faster, and waited as his body finally fully healed him. Before he tried to continue helping them he suddenly rushed towards Toupe and hugged her gently, a tear threatening to fall. "Once again, thank-you, you have no idea what that means to me..." Before he kissed her forehead, and then darted off towards the King Taijitu.
  17. "But, if we did that this wouldn't have been any fun--" Shiro replied, before being cut off. Sapphire turned his head to see what he was looking at. It was the sight of the male of the pair that she passed by earlier stabbed by an Ursa. Slightly disturbed, Sapphire took out her weapon ready for anything while Tama froze the Ursa's muscles. It was unnecessary since he guy over-cooked the Ursa, and regenerated. "Didn't I tell you... warnings are no fun." Tama said to her while a lame joke was pulled. Usually, Sapphire would give a pity laugh, but after the events that occurred she didn't feel up to it.

    "Even though it isn't me, I can feel his pain. They ache. Now on to more pressing matters; What shall we do about that?" Tama asked after the tsundere hugged her partner. Sapphire gave him a look. She could help him defeat it, but then she remembered the Nevermore. Before she was able to say anything the tail already started attacking Tama. "Karma is a jerk, isn't she?" She yelled while he was defeating it. "I'll give you a 9 for speed." Sapphire rated.

    Since the Death Stalker was dead, there would be no more trouble, right? Wrong. Next, King Taijitus came out. She thought Tama had it, but after he was pushed into a tree, she wasen't so sure anymore. She ran towards the cry for help with her weapon ready. "Thanks a million" She heard him say. She looked at him with confusion. Was running over here the easiest thing she has ever done to get a thanks? "Now cut their heads off." With that said, everything made sense and she was flung into the air.

    She was a bit nervous since there were a bunch of bullets being shot, but it seemed to stop as soon as she was flung. While she was in the air, the white snake had it's mouth open ready to bit down on her. Instead of getting hurt, she turned the tables and used her scythe to slice down the middle of the snake, starting with it's mouth that was wide open. Once she landed, she snake was fading away.

    "Do I get a 10 for style?" She joked while she switched her scythe into pistols. "I'll keep it busy" She yelled while she shot at the remaining black snake with bullets filled with yellow dust. They acted as a taser that would keep the snake from getting too wild.
  18. Toupe would have come up of a retort for her bland puns but she redirected her attention to the other pair present. The green haired faunus wasn't a pushover himself as he made quick work of a Deathstalker all by himself. However, when it came to the King Taijitus, he seem to have some trouble. Luckily, the girl whom she met at the start of the initiation was surprisingly really skilled. She managed to take down one of the King Taijitu's heads and stun the other, leaving it defenseless to anyone else's attacks. Since everybody was showing off at this point, Toupe decided she shouldn't get left behind as well.

    Molding the darkness coming from her very own shadow, she took apart a portion of it, and enlarged it before molding it in the form of a frog made out of pure darkness. The frog was the size of a minivan and each time it croaked, it sent miniature shock waves towards the ground.


    Toupe said, which seemed to fully form the frog's essence. It eyed the King Taijitu greedily and looked at Toupe as if asking for permission. She smirked and nodded casually in response. Given the go signal, the frog of darkness deftly made its way towards the King Taijitu. When it was only a few meters away, it opened its mouth, which stretched quite unnaturally beyond the limits of how it could stretch based on its physique, and shot its tongue towards the snake grimm's head. Then, as if slurping a huge piece of spaghetti, the frog swallowed the King Taijitu whole, from head to severed head, in one gulp. It let out satisfied yet noxious burp which instantly withered the plant life around it but was otherwise only as unpleasant as a bad fart.

    "Good job, Glutus! I think that was your tenth King Taijitu this month!" Toupe cheered as she brought the frog familiar back to its basic source.
  19. "No, but you score a 10 for teamwork." Tama stated stretching his arms. He found his partner and got a relic now what was the last thing the headmaster told them to do. The dilemma irked Tama and he began heading toward the mountain to get an aerial view, unaware of this being their next objective. With his kinetic power he made it to the top quickly and with ease. "Now where are the headmaster and staff..." Tama looked out across the land.
  20. Baron was easily surprised at seeing Toupe summon a massive frog out of nowhere, but the shock quickly grew into awe as he saw it slurp up the King Taijitu like it was spaghetti. He looked over to Toupe just as the frog burped, and spoke. "Haha! Looks like i wasn't the only one hiding something!" He finished with a large grin, and decided to follow the green haired boy up the mountain. Baron quickly turned and grabbed Toupe, lifting her up and putting her on his shoulder once again, his right hand acting as a platform for her feet. "You said to give you a warning, so here it is. Warning!" Before he focused his Aura into his feet and landed next to Tama, as Baron looked around trying to find Ozpin and Glynda.