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  1. 1) Alright I'm looking for someone to play a male charcter from Rwby, Adem, for one RP. I have a good plot and story line I will be using a custom characters . This will be a romance/action long term defently the plot I have thought of can go on for a while and has a lot of plot twists and turns.

    I will be tuning npc's as well and am hoping find another who can as well but you don't have to.

    If your intrested in this one let me know and I will send you over my plot details and we can get started.

    My kinda semi-rules
    [multi-para, detailed surroundings, no controlling other pc characters, and no rushing everything into one post you have to leave openings for both characters to react ]

    Character Sheet Byzantine (open)




    Name information: Named after Byzantine purple.


    Race: Human/Faunas

    Her mother was gay as and her father is humman.

    Animal: Ram her horns are curled and rather small she puts metal hair bands over them and pulls her hair through so they can't be seen. He father suggested the metal covers to hide them but she has no hard feelings about hiding them. Her father means more to her then her appearance and race and it was simpler in the military when she hid them. The habbit simply fallowed her after she joined beacon.

    Hair: Purple

    Eyes: Red

    Body type: Small but Strong

    Height: 5'6"

    Birthday: January 21st

    One word description of personality: Tsundere

    Most used phrase: "I'm not that good of a person. But, really is anyone as good as they try to appea? I just don't hid it."

    Personality and traits.

    Alway Trying to Be Better// soldier: "Back at the compound she would alway be training at her best. Even when her father wasn't watching its quiet remarkable." Byzantine always tries to be better but not in the eyes of her father. She works to better her fighting skills in hopes to one day revenge her mothers death and kill the ancient grim so few have ever seen.

    All Take Little Give// Byzantine often carries a aura of being spoils and she likes to take from others but she secretly likes to spoil her close ones as well but only them.

    Sexual Teasing// All though she is slow to see when someone has genuine feelings for her. She often likes to tease people trying to get a reaction out of them. The harder it is to get a reaction the more she tries and her jokes get more forwards. "Shall we kiss and make up?"

    Berserk Button// Any mention of the grim that killed her mother.

    Short fuse// she often gets mad quickly with some people but it never lasts long.

    Brutal Honesty// "Hey, I speak the truth nothing more nothing less."

    Compliment Brush Off// She often never believes the first compliment some one gives her retorting back with a crud remark. "Ya, I know I'm perfect right?"

    Cry Cute// When she lets her guard down with those close to her she comes of as rather girly.

    The Cynic// She believes that no one is as good as they seem to be. Every act of kindness had a selfish motive when the person has no emotional or long term connection.

    Daddy's Girl// Even though she claims to not care about the fact her father disagrees with her being a huntress, it bothers her inside and often is a touchy subject. All she has ever had was her her father and what he thinks means a lot to her.

    Girlish pigtails// They say a girls hair shows how they really feel inside though it's kinda hard to see in Byzantine.

    Heroic Self-deprecation// She pushes her self just as hard as she pushes others on her team when it comes to training and fighting.

    Hidden heart of gold// It's there somewhere. . . She truly cares for her allies and her good heart is shown also by how she never agrees to taking a human or Faunas life wether they are good or evil.

    Nice is not good// she dose not believe in sugar coating her words.

    Jackass// She can be a straight up Jackass at first with people she dose know. But, she often points out the good points in others at first as well.

    Loving Bully// Yes, she will pick on you then love on you.

    Tomboy and Girly-girl// she often shows both sides depending who she is interacting with some people just bring out her true girly girl when they are around.

    Pick me up// When those close to her get down she often tries to encourage them her favorite line being. "You are better then you think you are. So, don't make me regret how I think of you."

    Bit of a club girl// When she decides to take a brake she likes to hit the club.

    Fighting of course.
    Acrobatics and gymnastics.

    Having a team.

    People she doesn't know.
    Weak people.
    People who get in her way.


    Weapons: Two hidden blade Gauntlets and two crescent blades attached by chain

    Other gear: mechanical boots that increase her speed and acrobatic semblance.

    Combat style: Dust, Close range hand to hand emphasizing acrobatic maneuvers, long distance chain fighting with multiple opponents. Get as many hits in as she can before she is forced back. Her hits are not as hard as most but her defense using acrobatics and and speed is above average.

    She often hides her close combat skills at first because she is much stronger in close combat and dose not like to give up her advantage unless called for.

    Short History(I can't tell you all of her past well her present has yet to be written.):

    Childhood// Her childhood was rather normal up until her mother died during a mission as a huntress. Reports say she was called to check a area to the north where another hunter went missing. After taking helping a grim problem in a small town. When she got there the towns people pointed her to the north and no one saw her again. Reports say people saw a huge grim one that blocked the sun fly over the village and away few days after. Her father sent troops to search for the grim but it wasn't seen again.

    After her mothers death her father started training her to fight as a solider with his army squad. She listened to her father even though she wished to hunt grim one day. When the military turned to robots her father though not happy with it caved and allowed her to attend Beacon to learn more about grim and how to fight them.

    After saying good by to the soldiers and her father she left to take the test and passed. Now she starts her new life and finding clues to the grim that took her mothers life.

    The second thing is a random rwby rp. No real plot though up this is just so I can find other Rwby Lovers.

    2) I'm pretty much up to any Rwby rp just let me know I can play a male or female charcter from the story. It can be a school life starting where we get our teams and so on. I also don't mind doing a group in this either.
  2. RWBY? I am in. I do have a plot, which will only make sense if you finish Season 2, but I'm good with just about anything. PM me to plot?
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