RWBY - A War for The Light

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Which designated Roleplay Area would you like to see this done in?

  1. Libertine Area - More Freedom with Violence , Language and varying Situations.

  2. Normal Roleplay Thread ~ Open Age

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  1. [​IMG]
    A War is Brewing in the Shadows... Who will Rise Above or be Crushed in the Battle Ahead?
    Beacon Academy. The dream destination for males and females alike who show an interest in hunting. The most prestigious school for huntsmen and huntresses, offering the best training for ensuring the safety of the world's people from the creatures of Grimm. Each year, thousands from all across the world apply for one of the few openings in this prestigious school, and many are turned away, never to train at the academy.

    However, the time has come for the latest accepted applicants to show they have what is needed in order to be accepted into Beacon. Arranged on the platforms overlooking the Grimm infested forest, the new students are amidst the people that may one day save their lives… or endanger them, depending on how the future unravels. Now a Darkness is arising and lead by those of immense power and their followers. A New Generation must rise up and face what those before them had to. Will they fight? Die for love and being a True Hero or become one of the True Monsters in the End?

    Alright! Now you all do not have to have watched RWBY to understand the basic gist. Feel free to ask questions , learn and know we are more than happy to answer you all! We will offer up the CS later on and Threads when enough interest is shown! We would love for dedicated and willing writers from all whom join us. Will will also take a vote to see if a majority want it done in the regular area or in Libertine as well so when expressing interest please vote!

    GM ~ @Unbound

    Thank You & I am only doing this to help out and will not be in the RP itself!
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  2. Still looking!
  3. Didn't see this before. I'd probably be interest in joining, unfortunately I'm going on a trip starting early tomorrow morning. I'll still have my pc with me but not sure how much time I'll have to be on it. If you're still looking for people on June 7th, I'd be happy to join :)

    Also, in terms of appearance, what do you prefer? Anime? Real? Text?
  4. Well, I haven't actually watched RWBY (not a fan of 3D animation outside of games) but I've played that new Grimm Eclipse thing (which is really good btw. Lots of promise) and I've read quite a lot around the universe so I'm certainly interested.

    Also, for the sake of including enough people, I'm going to point out that Libertine is only required for purely sexual roleplays. Roleplays that only feature a small amount of it or fade to black are OK with using spoilers, and even extreme violence is also OK outside of libertine provided you use spoilers. All you actually need is to warn people that the content can be considered 15+ / 18+.
  5. I'm always interested in something RWBY related! Count me in!
  6. Count me in for tenative interest.
  7. The first thing about RWBY that suckered me in was the music, haven't taken the time to watch the series properly, but I have a passing familiarity with it, so consider me interested, sure as sure!
  8. What he said. Minus the trip :c
  9. Well, considering my name IS Weiss and my picture's that of a white haired girl, and that I've watched every single episode and I'm currently waiting for the next volume to start... No, this doesn't sound interesting to me at all.

    Just, you know, tell me when the OCs are up so I can make a CS.

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  10. I may be interested.
  11. THank you to everyone who has shown interest so far! The OOC and Sign Up threads will be created soon, with everything required to make this an absolutely rocking RP! BEcause of the vote, it will be a Libertine RP, to allow more freedom with everything, so just hold hold on tight and we'll tag everyone who has shown interest when the new threads are created.
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  12. You realise that because it's libertine that.. ok nevermind, I was going to say that any under-18s wouldn't be able to participate but that doesn't seem to be a problem here :D
  13. I may possibly be of some interest in this as well.
  14. It was a fairly close vote between libertine and not libertine, to be fair, but I'm rather excited to see this kick off.
  15. I'm down for some RWBY if there's any space left.
  16. There is plenty of space left for everyone, we haven't begun deciding on any limits or anything yet. Ideally, we want a character amount that is divisible by 4 (for teaming purposes), but I'm sure we can adjust things around once we have a solid headcount from everyone (which will be when shay gets the proper threads up and running).
  17. Some people may want to make multiple characters, though, so counting purely the number of players will likely result in a different number to the number of characters we end up with.
  18. Yes, that's what I was trying to say, but I seem to have made a ham fisted attempt at doing so. We'll see how many are participating, and using that will set a suitable character limit so that we should have complete teams for all characters.
  19. Plopping interest here. Hopefully the RP is fairly fast.
  20. Well, dont want to sound impatient, but any ETA on an OOC or at least a CS to start working on folks? Been brain storming stuff lately, got some ideas that I think could be fun, sure as sure.
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