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  1. Plot
    Humankind was formed from the dust of creation, a byproduct of a time long past and forgotten. Not long after, mythical creatures of darkness referred to as the Grimm appeared and were intent on destroying Humanity and all it had made.

    However, with man displaying ingenuity, resourcefulness, and passion, they found a powerful substance that granted the user the power of "Nature's Wrath," and appropriately named this spark of hope "Dust," after that which they themselves were born from. The use of Dust helped to drive off the creatures of darkness and secured the continued existence of Humanity.

    That said, it's also true that even the most brilliant of lights eventually fade, and the dark will eventually return to finish what it started and destroy Human civilization; furthermore, if Humanity relies on strength or Dust alone, then it will not be enough to defeat the Grimm a second time. Instead, it's believed that victory will come from something that is long forgotten: a "smaller, more honest soul."

    It is your and a few other students First Starting year at Beacon Academy, in which you will learn more about Grimm, Aura, Semblance, Dust, alongside being introduced to Combat, Tactics, and Leadership. All to become Hunters and Huntresses.

    You and a few others have just landed in one of the many landing pads to Beacon Academy, in front of you stands a large castle like school building. You have been instructed by Professor Ozpin and his Assistant Glynda Goodwitch to head to the ball room, where you will be allowed to interact with the other students for a few hours before heading to bed. Once you are awake you are to head towards the Rocket Locker's and get your weapons. Afterwards you are to meet at the launch pads on the cliff overlooking Emerald Forest where Professor Ozpin will explain your initiation.

    Character Sheet

    Name:(Can be anything but names that don't relate to a color are rare)


    Weight: (Height and Weight are just for those who want to make a character who are smaller/bigger than normal.)

    Age: (Can be between 15-17, if character is 15 then you must give a reason why they were accepted a year early. Remember the character you create is starting their First year in Beacon.)

    Race: (You have the choice of 4 Races, Human, Aura-Generating Android (Only 1 allowed, and this android is stronger than normal humans, smarter, and can remotely hack into things, but they are socially stunted, meaning they don't know how to interact with others like normal humans/faunus.) Half-Grim (Only 1 allowed, a Half Grim will not have an aura and only half a soul, but a Half-Grim can change parts of their body into Grim parts, or give themself extra Grim appendages (Like small Nevermore Wings, or a small Deathstalker Tail), Half-Grim also will have Beowulf like ears, or a Beowulf like tail, your choice.)) and finally Faunus (Faunus are basically people with 1 or more Animal like aspects (the more animal like aspects, the more they are animal like), can see in the dark, and have better hearing and sight than a human (For example, Cat Faunus will have cat ears or a cat tail.) But be aware that most humans discriminate against Faunus because of The White Fang, only a few humans don't, but almost all Faunus despise The White Fang because of this. If you choose to be a Faunus be aware that Attempted bullying and other such things may happen at Beacon. Which is one of the only schools for Hunters and Huntresses that accept Faunus and the Teachers and Staff don't discriminate against.)))

    Family: (Just list any family you have or know of.)

    Fighting Type: (Choices are Weapon Fighter (Someone who uses their weapon to the utmost effeciency, think Phyrra Nikos, Nora Valkyrie, or Roman Torchwick), Dust Mage (Someone who weaves a certain type of Dust into their clothing, allowing them partial control of said element, think Cinder Fall or Glynda Goodwitch), Aura Fighter (Someone who prefers to use their own body to fight while using Aura to enhance their moves and Techniques, think Lie Ren.), or Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter (Someone who uses their Semblance and Weapon in perfect tandem with eachother for utmost efficiency, think Ruby Rose, Neopolitan, Yang Xio Long.)

    Aura Color/Object: (You're aura can be a simple color or a colored object, for example a regular white aura or a Red Roses/White Roses Aura)

    Weapon Appearance/Capabilities: (What type of weapon does your character have, does it have a sister weapon (Like a Swords sister weapon is a Shield, or a Pistols sister weapon is another Pistol), how many mechashift forms does it have (A weapon/sister weapon usually has either 1 default form that doesn't change, or 2 forms they can alternate between, there are those with 3 forms, but they are rare, so keep that in mind), what do the weapons and their forms do?)

    Appearance: (What you look like, if you want/can then you're allowed to upload a picture. Please be as descriptive as possible, adds to the RP.)

    Battle Experience/Training: (What kind of training/battle experience does your character have? Did they train with the White Fang before defecting? Were they trained by a semi-famous/famous hunter? Did they train by themselves or were trained by their parents? Did they train at a regular Combat School before coming to beacon? Ect Ect)

    Past: (You're characters past, you obviously don't have to upload their Entire past, but enough to give them character that others will find obvious/un-obvious while you keep the darker secrets to your self. This is to keep them for surprises.)

    Beacon Admission: (How did your character become a candidate for a student at beacon? Did you sneak in with fake Transcripts? Were you scouted by a teacher or Ozpin/Glynda themself? Did you have enough credentials at your old Combat School to be accepted?)

    Personality: (Your characters personality, how they act, their mannerisms, ect. Doesn't have to be much, at least 1 4 sentence paragraph.)

    Dust Usage: (What colors of Dust does your character use and is said dust in Dust form or Crystal form?)

    Semblance: (What type of Semblance does your character have? Everyone's semblance is different from eachother's, no two peoples semblances are the same. Keep in mind that when using your semblance your Aura is active, causing your Aura effects to show. (Think Yang's hair, Ruby's red roses, or Pyrrha's black Aura with Polarity semblance.)

    Anything Special or Noteworthy: (Has your character done anything special or noteworthy throughout their life. Did they win the Mistral World Tournament 2 or 3 time in a row? Where they able to go toe-to-toe with a famous criminal the likes of Roman Torchwick or Cinder Fall longer than 2 minutes and live? Did they defeat an exetremely strong and rare grim? Are they from a famous family? If your character hasn't done anything special or noteworthy, or does not have anything special or noteworthy to put, then leave this blank.)

    1. All of the Iwaku Rules apply.

    2.Keep in mind that because of your Aura you cannot be damaged physically until your Auracaly Exhausted, All of the Laws of physics and such still apply though, so you can be thrown and launched. Only when you're Auracaly Exhausted will injuries and blood start to show and happen.

    3. Your character does not have an Unlimited Amount of Aura, keep this in mind.

    4. Only 1 Half Grim Character is allowed.

    5. Only 1 Aura-Generating Android is allowed.

    6. 1 person can make up to 2 characters if they believe that they can handle it.

    7. I will 2 teacher characters if someone wants to be a teacher.

    8. I will allow 1 villain if someone wants to make an antagonist.

    9. There can be couples and such but anything M-Rated or 18+ goes to the Mature Forums.

    10. No Godmodding and Overpowered characters. Teamwork is important in this RP.

    11. The world of Remnant is different from ours, Age doesn't really matter, but Race does.

    Character List
    ---8/8 Students---
    Holly Rousset (Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter)
    Charcoal 'Cherry' Caswell (Dust Mage)
    Blanco 'Ro' Cronus (Weapon Fighter)
    Dyedary Indigo Dirrge (Weapon Fighter)
    Tama Anaru (Weapon Fighter)
    Salmon Katnyp (Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter)
    Gavin Gunmetal (Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter)
    Hayden 'Haywyre' Abyssal (Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter
    Half-Grim Student: (Optional, doesn't have to be filled)
    Aura-Generating Android Student: (Optional, doesn't have to be filled)
    ---2/2 Teachers---
    Mr. Lumen Heilig (Weapon Fighter. Teaches Humanities (Music and Art) and War History)
    Professor Corona Talos (Semblance/Weapon/Aura Combo Fighter. Teaches Weaponry-Based Combat and Technological History)
    ---1/1 Villain---
    Kyoto (Coyote) Silver (Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter)

    We Need at least all Student spots filled in order to begin. Teams RWBY and JNPR and their subsequent members do not exist, but canon Villains like Roman Torchwick, Adam Taurus, Neopolitan, The Malachite Twins, Junior, Cinder Fall, all do exist.
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  2. Reserving a spot.
  3. Taking a human spot as well.
  4. Hey Rare, welcome back.
  5. Yay, rares here too :3.

    As you can all see, ill be making a student as well ^^
  6. Great to see you guys too. Unlike last time where my character was based off Ariel, it's going to be Rapunzel.
  7. no.png
    Holly Rousset

    5' 3"




    Father: Edward Rousset-Deceased
    Mother: Georgia Rousset-Alive

    Fighting Type
    Semblance/Weapon Combo Fighter

    Aura Color/Object
    Green Vines

    Weapon Appearance/Capabilities
    Void Slicer
    1 form-A giant pair of shears that are black at the handles and have silver blades
    2 form-A pair of dual swords which are just spilt from the original shear

    Holly has brown hair along with green eyes. She has white skin, but she cheeks have a slight pink tint to them. She usually keeps her hair in a side ponytail when going on missions to prevent from cutting it, and keeps her hair down when at school. Holly usually wears a white dress paired with a dark green cardigan over it along with brown combat boots.

    Battle Experience/Training
    She was trained for a while by one of her mother's friends, but that soon stopped. She attended Signal later after trying to convince her mother.

    Holly was growing up in a normal two parent household. Her mother being a scientist, and her father being a combat specialist. She always looked up to her father as a little girl because he was so strong, and seemed like he could do anything. When Holly turned 6, her dad died in a fight with a Grim which caused her mother to be depressed and overprotective. Her mother didn't want to lose the only family she had left, so she kept Holly at home where everybody could keep an eye on her, and nothing could harm her. Holly used to sneak out the house by using the vines that held onto the wall to escape at night. Outside she would just walk around, but wouldn't stray too far from home due to the fear of being lost.

    At age 11, she met a friend of her mother's who was a combat specialist. He taught her some skills he would use in battle in order to keep her occupied while her mother was taking care of some business. This confirmed that she wanted to be a huntress. Later, she tried convincing her mom about it, but it didn't go so well. After a certain series of events, she was able to apply to Signal and was accepted. That's where she was able to get her weapon and current skills.

    Beacon Admission
    She was accepted at Beacon because of the credits she obtained at Signal, and her mother's friend recommendation

    Holly is a dedicated person. Right now, she is dedicated to becoming a huntress for certain reasons to be explained later. She can also be a bit too curious and inquisitive which is the result of her being locked up for part of her childhood. She may ask things that are known not to be asked, but she'll say it anyway. She is still pretty innocent for the same reason above so she knows nothing, but kindness. When experiencing hate from another person of the same race, she will freeze and not know what to do since she thinks that the only thing people should hurt is Grim.

    Dust Usage
    Red in dust form. She uses it to cover the blades of her shears.

    Holly is able to understand the plants around her, and what they have seen. The plants don't necessarily have voices, but she can understand what they are communicating. Her aura turns white when this is happening.

    Anything Special or Noteworthy
    Her mom is working on creating artificial life so humans won't have to fight​
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  8. Nice Char, accepted ^^
  9. Ooo, interesting...

    I'll be making a character shortly~! A rather strange student at that.
  10. Wow way faster worker than I am, I might not even be done tomorrow.
  11. Alright then, can't wait to see it Krieg, and sometime it just takes longer than others Deer ^^
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  12. I just started planning on the bus home, and started typing it up when I got home. It wasn't hard since I had an idea of which Grimm Story I wanted to use.
  13. He is a lil frightening (open)

    Charcoal "Charry" Carswell




    Faunus [Half-Raven]

    Father - Alive
    Mother - Alive
    Older Brother - Alive

    ~Fighting Type~
    Dust Mage

    ~Aura Color/Object~
    A Black Raven

    ~Weapon Appearance/Capabilities~
    Bec de Corbin

    Otherwise known as a "Crow's Beak", this weapon is a two-handed poleaxe outfitted with a hammer's head, a spearhead, and a curved spike reminiscence of a bird's beak. The polearm stands well above Charry's own height, roughly around six foot to be exact with a slate staff. Interestingly, whilst the weapon is not technologically advanced like other Hunters and Huntress's weapons due to Charry's personal preference in Dust magics, it does have a one surprise. Near the bottom of the staff is a bolt, akin to what you would find on a hunting rifle, and just like an old-fashioned gun, there is a trigger as well. When the bolt is cocked and the trigger is pressed, the spearhead of the polearm will eject itself attached to a rope. If a target is hit, Charry can reel them back into the rest of the polearm or simply detach the rope holding the spearhead. Considering Charcoal's rather deceptive methods of attacking, this will surely surprise the enemy

    Charcoal rarely takes off his mask nor his robes, so his actual appearance is rather mysterious. What is known judging from the few times he has had to undress and the general outline of his body is that he is shockingly effeminate in some aspects. He has a very curvaceous, lithe, petite form, one that is teetering almost on the line of ambiguous. His hair is a thick, black bush, but one that is shockingly tamed and usually well-kept. From the brief glances at his skin texture, he generally is rather pale, almost unhealthy pale, but has a strange beauty to it. Otherwise, from those minor details, the rest of his physical appearance is largely unknown, even his Faunus traits are kept in utter secrecy. The mask he wears, also, is to be noted for having red streaks along it, eerily similar to how The White Fang wear Grimm masks.

    ~Battle Experience/Training~
    Whilst Charcoal has never personally fought a Grimm, he shockingly deals well in combat. Some hush rumors about him being in The White Fang, and that a large majority of his experience originates from that. However, as from most rumors surrounding him in Beacon Academy, they are all but equally wrong and right, the enigma truly living up to his name.

    Most of Charcoal's past is, as with his appearance, shrouded strangely in a misty history with manufactured documents and misleading information. What is for certain is that Charcoal was born into a very influential, respectable, yet Faunus family. His father, a doctor, and his mother, a radical, Faunus Progressive, were truly an unlikely pairing. Throughout his childhood, along with his immensely older brother, Slate, the two siblings often clashed on ideals and philosophies. Slate believed in more passive approaches and tended to follow more in the footsteps of his father. However, Charcoal, despite being seemingly the one to be more passive, was actually quite the opposite. In fact, he was a radical for Faunus equality, so much so that at the ripe age of fourteen, he went off to join the brotherhood.

    What happened within The White Fang remains unclear. Most reports indicate that they betrayed radicals such as Charcoal when the organization shifted their attention from equality to profitability. Feeling utterly distraught that he not only betrayed his family but foolishly hailed into a cause he thought was just and right, Charcoal spend the past few years of his life training to fight against the Grimm. In his eyes, underneath that mask of shame, he knew at the very least that enemy would be clear.

    ~Beacon Admission~
    Due to his medical knowledge from growing up underneath a professional doctor and his remarkable aptitude for finding purpose and sense of being, Beacon Academy reluctantly accepted Charcoal. They knew fully of his past with The White Fang, but for the time being, they kept it fully under the covers. After all, everyone should have a chance for redemption.

    Unexpectedly, Charcoal is rather soft-spoken, timid, humbling, and admittedly adorable to some. As someone informally trained in the field of medicine, he isn't afraid to tend to others and can often have a gentle, protective aura around him. He can come off a little awkward at first, and his methods of healing the ill and wounded are sometimes rather...experimental at best, but his heart is genuine. Outside of that, he tends to keep to himself, partially for the fear of revealing himself to the world.

    ~Dust Usage~
    Monochromatic; Charcoal will use Grey and White Dust in their powder form. This is especially important to him, being a Dust Mage. The majority of his abilities stem from this, and the wide range of them is impressive for a student. White Dust is used primarily to heal the wounded and create bubble-shields in a given area, although, these shields are extremely weak and only capable of blocking one or two attacks. Grey Dust is used for illusions and manipulations against enemies so that Charcoal can easily position himself for an attack. All-in-all, Charcoal uses his Dust to give him an aid in combat due to his physically weak stature

    Due to his connections with his aura being a black raven, Charcoal's Semblance allows him to have enhanced vision. He can often see in the darkest of nights and even sense the outlines of other's auras clearly. However, this does not apply to Grimm obviously, as they do not exhibit an aura, for they have no soul.

    ~Anything Special or Noteworthy~
    The RPer is tired of typing this really long CS in one go, so here, have a tad bit of info about Charcoal.
    He is bisexual, with a male lean, but he doesn't mind either sexes.

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  14. lol, that's very noteworthy XD, anyway, accepted ^^, glad you labelled the dust usage for a Dust Mage correctly ^^, just keep in mind, Dust Mages have to weave their preferred Dust into their clothing, so if he uses clothes that don't have Dust Weaving, than he can't use his Dust Mage abilities.

    Also, his semblance will make it very interesting if someone takes up the Half-Grim Student Position :3, which is what i might take actually.
  15. Name:
    Blanco (Ro) Cronus

    5’11 ft

    180lb pounds



    Pearl Cronus- Mother
    Iver Cronus- Father

    Fighting Type:
    Weapon Fighter

    Aura Color/Object:

    Weapon Appearance/Capabilities:
    Ready, Set, and Go- A set of three almost identical chrome colored revolvers that double as a two medium sized daggers for Ready and Set, and what could be considered a short sword for Go.

    Ro, just like most of his family, has white spiky hair, and bright blue eyes. His body is muscular and tanned due to the amount of time he has spent out in the sands of Vacuo. His usually outfit would be cargo pants with khaki boots and white cut off shirt. Ever since moving back to Vale has worn his light grey cloth cloak pinned together by his family emblem, a perfectly cut white crystal. He wears the cloak over his outfit claiming that since he isn’t acclimated to the climate it keeps him warm.

    Battle Experience/Training:
    While having no formal training in any school, Ro was lucky enough to have the famous adventuring pair of Pearl and Iver as parents. He grew on the road with them getting caught in their messes and subsequent learning how mix them as well. What he lacks in knowledge he makes up for in ingenuity, luck, and raw talent.

    As if a precursor to his strange life ahead Ro was born only hours before the largest subspecies of Serpentine Grimm was killed. Only after a short rest after being born his two adventurous parents continued their hunt and brought down their prey within its in own lair deep within the deserts of Vacuo. From that day forward he would follow this legendary pair on their adventures due to their stubbornness about raising him themselves.

    He received his first weapon, a simple short knife, for his own defense at the age of seven after his freeing his parents from a group of dust bandits who they had happened to cross. After that day he would no longer be content to just "Just wait and watch." While his parents wouldn't let him directly follow them into the face of danger, Ro would either find or make his own. While they would be deep in the heart of an old rotting temple, Ro would be "watching" a pack of desert Beowulf's roam across the sands. Although his adventures like this have recently stopped due to an incident with “Too many Grimm and not enough bullets” and has since been sent to Vale to keep him out of more trouble and to teach him to become a proper hunter.

    Beacon Admission:
    While he scored well in combat he had poor scores in testing, and though he isn't positive Ro is sure of his parents involvement as Alumni and donors in getting him into Beacon academy.

    Ro is a very adventurous individual with a terrible knack to get himself in the worst of situations. Even worse is his lack of sense for danger. Because of this he comes off as carefree a bit of idiot. While not unsociable he has trouble reading others emotions and is almost always in a good mood.

    Dust Usage:
    While he has no single powdered dust he prefers, he claims that red is his lucky color and uses its powdered form it in his bullets.

    Even though he and his family has been blessed with strong Aura control its is likely that he has no ability as none has ever manifested in any other of his relatives.

    Anything Special or Noteworthy:
    While doing nothing truly noteworthy himself Ro comes from a long line of hunters who have doubled as frontiersmen, adventurers, and explorers. Most notable are his two parents, Pearl and Iver, who have traveled much of the world finding new species of Grimm, which they then eliminate. While originally from Mistral and spending much of their time in Vacuo, the two have built up somewhat of a celebrity status in Vale due to their attendance of Beacon Academy in their youth.​
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  16. First, Dust Usage is where your supposed to put what types of dust he uses the most and how he uses them, including Dust Bullets. Secondly, just because he's a weapon fighter doesn't mean he doesn't have a semblance, it just means he's better at using just his weapons and prefers it that way, unless you plan on unlocking/discovering it later? Finally, Accepted :3​
  17. Ok changed the dust usage and I think i'm going to keep it as he just doesn't have an ability, mainly due to me not thinking of one. I could change it to him having one though if necessary.
  18. Well if you think of one later on, be sure to add it into your CS ^^
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