RWBY: A Chance at the Lime Light

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  1. @SkyWhiteRose @Salt Lord @EddiEddi @~Lone~ @CasketCase @Veloci @Jageroux @Justaddnutts @Legi0n
    Team RWBY and JNPR may get most of the attention at beacon, but they are far from the only teams that attend. This story follows two teams that have not yet made a name for themselves, but seek to do so, despite the ever growing popularity of teams RWBY and JNPR. Will they find their claim to fame? Or will they merely fade into the background of others success? We shall see.

    this is where we make our characters and hold any OOC discussions that may arise. The character sheet is as follows:

    Equipment (armor, weapons, etc):

    Please try to keep your characters balanced and not OP. Thank you
  2. Name
    Alexander Cobolt

    Character's Color



    The Arc Ripper;

    In long range weapon form the Arc Ripper fires bolts of lightning in one of two forms, The first is a continual stream of energy that is used to electrocute a single target. The second is a single, very high power blast that arcs from target to target several times before dissipating.

    ((Ignore the colour scheme)
    In Melee form the Arc ripper becomes a sword with a chainsaw like blade that rotates at high speed, ment for ripping through armour and flesh alike, The blade can be energized with lightning, but it is not done very often due to the chance of burning out the motor.

    Arc Rippers lightning is powered off of the wielders Semblance.

    Dust interaction; Arc Ripper has 2 dust chambers, 1 contains 'capacitor crystals' a rare type of dust that stores semblence and aura energy which Alexander uses to power Arc Ripper. The second is a standard chamber which can be used to store any type of crystal, the 3 most common are; Yellow, to further provide electrical power for the weapon, Red to produce lightning that explodes in to flames on impact. and White to provide ice lightning. These are interchangable at a moments notice via the 'battery' at the back (the black cylinder) in ranged mode, and the crystal (the red gemstone) in blade mode.



    Alexander's Semblance takes on a far more tactile form than most, He is capable of generating immense amounts of electrostatic energy and manipulating it through his body as well as channelling it in to bursts. This ranges from a standard arc bolt to a ball of St.Elmo's fire. He mostly uses this to power the Arc Rippers fire in its ranged mode, Though he does use it as a stand alone weapon should he have no other option. The primary limit is the raw output in any given moment. While capable of charging up strong blasts, the outright output at any given time is not high enough to do real damage, It'll char and scar, but not incapacitate. Which is why Arc Ripper continually has a low level of drain on his Semblance.

    What happens when a huntress gets pregnant on a mission? and then decides to not tell anyone, even the father? I'll tell you what happens. The child's sight is of a grim, Specificly a Grim exploding as his father kills it. His mother and, to some extent, father decided that rather than stop their job and settle down that the child should come with them. in backpacks, on foot, in sleds or carts of some kind. Alexander grew up watching his parents and their team fight grim. His first memory is of his dull brown cart being lined with the fur of a grim to keep him warm. He's never seen the Grim as scary, only as a challenge to be overcome. Never as anything other than a obstical. His semblance manifested early, electrocuting a baby beowolf to the point at which its body started to melt. At that point his pearents decided that they should slow down and take time to train their child.

    From about the age of 6 untill he was to enter the Vale education system for hunters and huntresses he was trained by his family and taught in the way of dust and weapon construction. While his parents went on jobs he would stay with granpearents or uncles and aunts. His family was not of just hunters and huntresses, his grandfather ran a weapons shop, his uncle held a research position in the Schnee dust company. He was well placed to just walk through school with no effort, pulling on his family whenever he needed. He did so for a year, untill he realised something He'd never get anywhere like this. So he thanked his family for all their help, and explained his thinking, before jumping in to the deep end. The only support he gets now is regular shipments of dust and a subscription to his Grandfather's supply catalogue.

    While he retained the 'they are just a challenge' opinion to the Grim he slowly grew as a person in to someone who, while kind and happy to help, had a sharp side He often alienated people via a icy or cynical comment though he has managed to rain that side of himself in somewhat. Though it does sometimes show itself when he is stressed or annoyed.
  3. Onyx Thornhart


    Name: Onyx Thornhart
    Age: 18
    Race: Faunus

    • A little over six feet in height - around 184 cm.
    • Mid-length and generally messy, black hair; bangs frame his face.
    • Red, snake-like iris.
    • Has noticeable scales around his eyes.
    • Pierced right ear.
    • Casual attire.
    • A sleeveless, slightly form-fitting bleached shirt with a skull motif on the chest.
    • Black jeans with red and purple faded legs.
    • Black denim jacket with a hood sewn into it.
    • A pair of converse.
    What is distance? To Onyx, it's nothing more than his playground. He is capable of blinking between spaces, akin to teleporting, but this only extends to a maximum of 6 feet. He cannot blink to a location he does not have clear vision of, but so long as he has a clear memory of a location he can blink to it. For instance, if her were to blink forward, he could blink back due to being able to clearly picture where he was previously.
    Nighthawk - Sword - Rifle - Shotgun


    Sporting a sleek design, this weapon was made to give its wielder a plethora of means of combating grimm. To quick and relentless cuts to high impact dust rounds from yards away, with an added shotgun for those that manage to sneak up on Onyx. He is fond of utilizing Red and Light Blue Dust Crystals to empower his weapon.

    • He's somewhat of a recluse - having mild trust issues when it comes to interacting with others.
    • Onyx is resilient - he's a fighter through and through.
    • Resourceful - when push comes to shove, he's prepared to resort to irregular means if it can ensure the safety of himself or others.
    • Passive - Onyx is an introvert. He'll never start a conversation - only speaking when spoken to. Is never one to instigate or start a fight, to the point he's willing to turn the other cheek if it means avoiding unnecessary conflict.
    • Awkward - Onyx's social skills leave much to be desired. He doesn't really know how to talk to people, as the very thought of willingly talking to others is alien to him.
    Brief History
    • Born on the outskirts of Menagerie a few years prior to the Faunus Rights Revolution.
    • Was orphaned almost immediately and grew up taking care of himself, frequently finding shelter in abandoned buildings and dumpsters.
    • Wandered away from the shanty town that was his home into a forest. Was cornered by a grimm but was saved by a huntress name Vayne who took him in as her ward.
    • Being raised by the huntress, he frequently traveled with her all throughout Vale. Observing her deeds and action, being unbiased in who she helped, he began to idolize her work and skill.
    • Seeing Vayne more as his mother than caretaker, he asked her to help him to become a hunter so he could help people like she did. She soon began train him in combat.
    • Not long after, she sent him to Beacon Academy to further hone and polish his skills to become a Hunter.
    I'd like if his more in-depth history is revealed over the course of the RP.
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  4. "The unseen blade is the deadliest, is it not?"
    Name : Qurvali "Val" Zhangwo

    Age : 17​

    Appearance :

    - Shorter than most males, stands at a meager 5'8"
    - A red, long sleeved jacket with two, seperated white lines going down side of the arms, the space in the middle of the white line has a black coloring.
    - He usually wears a light chainmail underneath his get-up.
    - Black, baggy pants with a red line going down the sides, with two chains hanging in the side pocket connected to the back pocket

    Semblance :​

    -Val's semblance is...unique, for the lack of a better word.

    His semblance allows him to summon a shadow copy of himself, but unlike other similar semblances, the copy is actually sapient. Capable of higher thought and speech, able to flicker from tangible to intangible, and to mimic what Val is currently wearing (including his weapons). Although the copy is sapient it still follows Val's orders, and since it is a copy of himself it can read his thoughts and converse with him telepathically.

    Val is also capable of switching places with the clone, provided the fact that the clone is within a certain range.

    Equipment :

    (Different color scheme, silver with metallic red as highlights.)

    He doesn't need ranged weapons, as he believes his close combat skills and semblance are sufficient in dealing with enemies.

    He prefers to use light armor or no armor at all, as he also believes that it hinders his mobility.

    Personality :​

    + Kind | Considerate | Calm | Nice | Intelligent | Adventurous

    - Cynical | Manipulative | Proud | Tunnel-minded | Ruthless | Independent

    Brief History :​

    - Born in Atlas to an upper class family before the Faunus Rights Evolution

    - As a child he was unlike the others, instead of socializing with his peers he would rather spend his time training alone, thus his independent attitude.

    - He admired his parents being Hunters, so he set out to follow in their footsteps.

    - At the age of 12, he was sent off to the far corners of Atlas to train in hunter academies with harsher and more dangerous situations

    - While away, Val's parents were killed by the emerging White Fang, he swore to find and kill whoever was involved.

    - Graduating with top marks at his academy, he continued his research, until it ultimately lead him to the location of the base of the White Fang, Vale.

    - He applied to Beacon Academy, in hopes of becoming a Hunter and finding the perpetrators.

    ( I like what @Jageroux did to his history, keeping it brief and revealing more later on, hope you don't mind if I copied it. )

    EDIT : Decided that the old backstory was kinda hard to write, so I changed it.

    EDIT 2 : Added a more detailed explanation of his clothes, changed the picture.

    EDIT 3 : Changed name and made it more groovy.

    EDIT 4 : Added quote. Clarity, formatting, and overall grooviness.

    EDIT 5 : Removed "carefree" from personality, more clarity.
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  5. only four/three?

  6. Name: Chartreuse Kurama
    Age: 17
    Race: Faunus

    • Long and slender, stands at roughly 5'10"
    • Most noticeable faunus feature are the feathers that grow with her hair
    • Bright yellowish-green eyes
    • Possesses wings, but usually attempts to hide them
    Combat Default Outfit
    • Green one-piece kimono
    • Purple obi sash
    • Brown leather jacket
    • Purple han koto forearm guards
    • Brown leather lace-up boots
    Casual Default Outfit
    • Green pull-over hoodie
    • Black snapback cap with 僧正坊 ("Sōjōbō") written across in purple
    • Numerous bracelets of various materials and designs on her right wrist
    • Black wristband on left wrist
    • Navy blue denim jeans
    • White and green low top sneakers
    Known as "zephyr", Chartreuse possesses the ability to manipulate the element of wind. Usually utilized by creating a gust of wind through various means (although she can use a naturally occurring source such as a breeze), she can control the strength, size, and direction in which the air flows. Once activated, however, she must continually pay attention to the gust, or else risk it dying out; however, she has developed a form of "rest" for this ability, which has the wind encircle her.

    • Intelligent, but scatterbrained
    • Observant: Can remember faces, but horrible at names
    • Can be seen as an ice queen, but is just socially awkward
    • Indecisive and generally lacks passion for most things
    • Guilt complex

    "Midnight Dreary", classified as a "Machete Dispersal Fan Revolver" (or MDFR) is Chartreuse's signature weapon. Resembling a an over-sized rigid hand fan with five metal blades designed to look like feathers. This fan form, aside from being used for melee combat, also provides the means for Chartreuse to activate her semblance. By pulling a trigger located near the top of the grip, Chartreuse can launch four of the blades out like projectiles. These four blades, bent like kukri machetes, can be used for melee with built-in grips in the lower backs of the blades, thrown like boomerangs, or be manipulated through her semblance. Once the four blades are fired, the fifth blade, double-edged and straight, splits in two and reveals a revolver barrel. The section that was once the handguard spins freely and acts as the chamber of the pistol, and the hand grip can be pivoted into a pistol grip.

    From the earliest memories she could recall, the Kurama clan had always been passionate about the causes they fought for. Her parents had been involved in the Faunus Rights Revolution, and her siblings involved in civil rights protests and the White Fang. As for her, Chartreuse found only apathy. "Is there something wrong with me?" That question often plagued her, leaving her to contemplate her existence and purpose. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that she would need a change in her lifestyle if she was to find that passion. It was with that decision she chose to become and huntress and made her way to Beacon.
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  7. Remember most names have a colour refrence!
  8. Most not all
  9. So far, I'd say that only Guan Yu was the only name without a color reference
  10. I know. it was just a general point. (sure we're using OC's but dosn't mean we can break with the universe)
  11. Isn't yours unrefrenced? Your first name is a type of wine, the second is Japanese mountain.
  12. Chartreuse is also a color, named after said liqueur. It's essentially the middle point of green and yellow, with either variant known as Chartreuse green and Chartreuse yellow.
  13. Well, You learn something every day. I only ever knew it as a liqueur (having drunk it before)
  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Merah Tua
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Semblance: Merah's Semblance allows him to control and create fire. He can make it take any shape he wants, and can use it in combination with his sword strikes, often using it to give himself a fire sword or fire shield. This may sound as though it makes him all powerful, but there is a limit as to what he can do with it. Currently, the largest object Merah can make with his fire is an orb, measuring 3ftx3ftx3ft, the furthest he can throw his flames is up to 50ft, and the hottest he can make his flames is 1375o F (hot enough to make metal red hot)
    Full suit of leather armor with cloth under-padding

    Dragon Fang, a one handed sword whose crossguard can split into two semi-automatic pistols

    Bio: When Merah was a boy, he often read stories about heroes and villains, fairy tales. He knew they weren't real, but he always wanted to be as much like those heroes as possible. Then he learned of the hunters and huntresses, and he knew immediately what he wanted to do with his life. Merah dedicated his life to persuing this dream, training hard and graduating near the top of his class at Signal Academy. Now that he is at Beacon, Merah wants nothing more than to prove himself to his team mates and his instructors, thus his fighting style is often a bit showy and exaggerated.
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  15. Oh dang, I forgot about that the names must have reference to a color, should I change it or is it fine?
  16. wait....we have lightning, air and fire? someone do earth and we can play avatar while we're at it!
  17. Your name does not need to reference a color, I mean just look at the names of Team JNPR. Jaune? Norra? Ren? Those names do not reference any colors, at least as far as I know.
  18. @EddiEddi we still need water as well if we're to do that :3
  19. Lie Ren.
    Ren is a refrence to Lotus flower, specificly the Green Lotus. whats ren's main colour?

    Nora is a refrence to both Thor and Eleonora the greek for light. Hence Nora's use of light colours

    "Jaune" is the French word for yellow. pretty simple

    "Pyrrha" is derived from the Greek adjective pyrrhos (πυρρός), which means "flame-colored."

    So JNPR's names do actually refrence colours. sorry bro.
  20. Eh, I'll change it anyways.
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