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  1. Pretty much filled up on partners for now; might change in the future. :3

    Hey there. I'm Xilfer, or just Xilf for your fingers' convenience. I'm pretty much new to this site, having joined last Monday, or something. Ever since arriving here I've been itching to try out a one-on-one, so here I am.

    A little bit about me: I may be new to Iwaku, but I have a little over four years of RPing experience under my belt. That said, it's been a while since I last roleplayed, so I'm still getting the hang of it again. If you do decide to RP with me, you may have to bear with me a little bit. Despite my experience, I've never actually ventured very far from the realm of Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, and the like. Now, this doesn't mean I have no experience with other genres whatsoever. I may not have roleplayed them much, but I've read and seen enough material to be at least fairly familiar with most. I really want to expand my horizons though, so whether you want to play these or others is all the same to me.

    I don't expect too much from my partners. Usually I will write between one to three paragraphs, depending on how creative I'm feeling and how much content I can think to put inside my post. I expect a minimum of one paragraph from my partner, most of the time. However, I am very lenient. I understand this can be a bit difficult to keep up on some occasions, like when two characters are just having a friendly chat and there's not much else going on. Less than a paragraph, and even occasional one-liners are totally fine by me provided there's a good reason for them. I just don't want the entire RP to be that way, you understand. :3

    Well, I said I didn't expect too much, but there are a couple of major thing I do expect from a partner, and that's just that they communicate and contribute. I like to think up the plot of the RP with my partner, and like that they contribute to it as well. I prefer it when we are both contributing and planning the plot in equal terms, however I'm fine with taking on an aggressive role if my partner wants me to. Passive is really the only thing I can't do; I feel uncomfortable with it and I'm not very good with it.

    Friendly OOC banter and conversation is also nice and encouraged. xD

    Alright, a few more details. I only do MxF pairings for romance, and I only play male. I would like to try playing female, believe me, but I'm just... so bad at it. I prefer to only have one main character, but am perfectly fine with playing several supporting/side characters in addition. I prefer that my partner plays a maximum of three main characters. We can both control the supporting cast if you like, but I want to keep their numbers manageable as well.

    Now, on to the RP itself. ...Well, honestly, I have nothing particular in mind at the moment. However, there are a few genres I've been in the mood for lately:

    - Modern
    - Modern Fantasy
    - Romance
    - School
    - Thriller
    - Horror
    - Something anime styled. I am a big fan of anime btw.

    That's kind of all I can think of right now. Combinations of these and other genres are also welcome and in fact encouraged. I may add more to this list as time goes on. Now, that said, this isn't all I'm willing to RP; not by a long shot. Feel free to shoot anything you want at me, and we'll see if it works.

    Now, I guess I should include a list of things I don't want in the RP. I don't like:

    - Smut/graphic sex and such. Fade to black is your friend.
    - Too much gore or torture. Small amounts are permitted, on occasion.
    - Too much violent language. I don't have any problem with it unless you're using it every sentence or something. Too much can get kind of silly.

    I'd be cool with any kind of plot we can come up with. Though when coming up with ideas, whether it be for inventing a plot or deciding which direction to head in, I prefer that we are both direct and up-front with one another. We should be honest about our thoughts on anything and strive to make it as mutually enjoyable as possible. We're both mature people, I'm sure, and if there's anything I hate in an RP it's that one or both persons are not enjoying themselves.

    Well, that's more or less it. I hope to look forward to working with you, potential partner. .^.
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  2. I think you'd be perfect for my RP.
    Although it contains gore and violence, I am more than happy to take it down a notch (or few).

    My partners always come first. c:
  3. Well, I do like horror as well after all, so I'm fine with that. Feel free to message me with your plot anytime. :3
  4. Bump. .^.

    Btw, still accepting one or two more partners, if anyone is interested. :3
  5. Hey I saw your profile picture and I was wondering if you would like to do a deathnote rp with me (since I love that anime sooo much)
  6. Me too! Death Note is my favorite anime of all time! <3

    Feel free to PM me to discuss. :D
  7. I'd like to work on something together and see what we can come up with. I currently have no ideas on what it would be about but if you give me a push and a shove (gently) i'm sure it'll be good. :3
  8. Sure thing! Message me whenever. :]