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  1. ~Oooo look a thing!~

    Long story short, I haven't RPed in over a year.
    So now I am on a journey to figure out what I like as an RPer, I have some basics, but not much to go on.

    ~What I expect:~

    1. You don't have to be perfect, but I do of course expect something I can work with.
    The more you give me the more I can give you.

    2. I don't mind a bit of smut if it's contributing to the story , but for the most part I prefer time-skips.
    Story over sex, sorry, not sorry.

    3. I generally don't RP with people who are under the age of 18. Better safe than sorry.

    4. Please do not take control of my characters, kill, overpower, etc, without discussing it with me first.
    I can get rather sour if you don't have the courtesy to ask about important plot developments.

    5. I do NOT do series or fandom based RPs. OCs and original stories only.

    6. I don't RP over messaging services(email, skype, etc), so please choose between forum based or PM based RPs.

    7. If I don't reply right away please do not ask why or pester me unless it has been over a week.
    Unless life takes hold of me I will generally reply rather quickly.

    Some of my Characters:


    Devoura Vericotti

    Age: 18

    Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

    Race: Demon

    CharaHub Link:


    Aeris Procel

    Age: Unknown/Ageless

    Sexual Orientation: Straight (sometimes bi-curious)

    Race: (Fallen) Angel

    CharaHub Link:

    (will add more as I have references to post)

    Please post here or Message me if interested.

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  2. I'm interested
  3. I checked your recent posts and your resume, and I'm not sure we'll be compatible.
  4. I usually adapt to others what they write I write unless I hit writers block.
  5. I feel that you and I are just are not compatible, I am so sorry, but I am looking for something different than what you provide.
  6. Alright I'm sorry I guess.
  7. Thank you so much for the interest though.
  8. Your welcome
  9. Just bumping my friend. <3
  10. I am interested if you are looking still??
  11. I am interested, what did you have in mind?
  12. Well I'm a little low on idea's so I thought we could work together to come up with a plot to both our likings ^-^
  13. Hello there, I'm certainly interested in doing a 1x1 with you. Now I was thinking of doing something with a mix of sci-fi and fantasy setting
  14. alright just PM me and we'll discuss it c:
  15. I used my only good idea as a group rp but i am interested if you are still looking my rp experience isnt great but i am a capable writer and with what most would call a unique sense of humor, basically i am throwing my hat into the ring
  16. If you're still looking for people and want to try out less-used things (sci-fi, experimental, spiritual, mindfuck and puzzles and the likes), PM me. I have a few plots you might like (though admittedly, most of them probably wouldn't be able to carry your characters for lore reasons but we can probably work something out)
  17. ~spritzes some WD-40~
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