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  1. The thread title is pretty correct. Hello Im Zach, but I usually go by my stage name Jacobi Sparks...which some of you might find out is also one of my roleplay characters. I'm a musician out of Ohio, I been playing guitar for 6 years and actually as of when this post is made, just released my first single a few days back. If you're interested in some music, particularly of the heavy verity, ask me about it or simply look me up on Facebook or Youtube.

    I have been roleplaying for 10 years now, its literally like half my life almost at this point, in fact this year will make it half my life I been RPing. I started at 11 and I'll be 22 this june. I love roleplaying, it served as my escape from the world, until I found music. Then, RPing became less and less prominent in my life, almost like a lost time now, I've grown rusty since all my former RPing buddies went their separate ways, I have slowed to the point I needed to find a site like this one, because any longer and my skills might dry up, and I don't want that to happen. I used to be a hotshot, what was considered advanced literate, posts with 30 or more paragraphs to them...but as I got rusty, I'm no longer that guy anymore, just a shell...But at the same time, I could be better, I may not write as much as I used to, but what I do write I try to take pride in and make up for lack of content with quality content.

    Ahhh...lets see, random facts...Im short, like no 21 year old guy should be this short, but thats life for you. I am a writer, I mean thats about needless to say in this, but I am working on a full length novel, its just taking a long time. Its about a band on their rise to fame, part of whats taking so long is I'M working on my rise to fame at the same time. I'm a graphic designer, any avatars/signatures you see from me I likely created...I also been doing that for 10 years as well. I'm lucky enough to be plugged into the music scene, I know quite a few well known musicians/bands. Of course, in my genres...I don't know your millionaire mainstream top of the charts musicians, but if you know bands like The Word Alive, Adestria, Dangerkids, A Skylit Drive...I know some or all the members of those mentioned, and many more. I'm pretty random at times, I think I deserve a cookie for some of the off-the-wall stuff I'll blurt out...haha. I'm also bipolar, so sorry if I seem off at times, I frankly can't help it.

    Om...Oh, I like anime. I know a lot of people hate it but if you dont, hit me up! I'm a huge Naruto fan, I know just about everything there is to know about the show as far up as the anime goes. I don't follow the manga so anything beyond the anime is beyond me. I also like Fullmetal Alchemist, Shuffle, Love Hina, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sword Art Online, and a whole bunch more...ask me, I'm likely to wanna do an Anime based RP.

    I guess thats about it. I just tried to think of as much stuff as I could...I hope you know a bit about me now haha. Hope to chat.
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  2. Hi Jacobi! <3 We have a couple people on the site that are both musicians and roleplayers, I think that is pretty cool! <3 Welcome to the site!
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  3. Thanks ^^""
  4. WELCOME!!!

    I just joined myself but I figured that I would say hello anyway. So. Hello.

    Trust me people on Roleplaying sites love Anime, I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of Naruto fandom RPs if that's you're thing. You'll find the people, OR THEY WILL FIND YOU. Whichever comes first really.

    Anyway, I happen to also be a musician, not of the rock'n'roll type but more of an electro producer / hip hop guy / sound engineer.
    ( Yay mixers and studios and Ableton and so little money... ) But I would love to hear your stuff, post a link to your soundcloud or bandcamp ( Or whatever you use. ) and I'll be sure to check it out!

    See. You. Later. O.O

    A ninja tip that I got from Cory Doctorow ( A famous Sci Fi writer. ) If you're writing something and you have this great line or piece of dialogue, don't write it down. Keep it in your mind so when you wake up the next day, or whenever you go to write again, you type out that line and theres no need to immediately sit down and think. It's useful advice and helps getting the creative process going a lot faster.
  5. @Barnaby Jones
    Thats cool that you're a musician, I actually do a little rap myself but I'm way more dedicated to the guitar. I only did some rap because it appears to be the only vocal talent I have, and I wanna get my lyrics out there somehow. If you wanna hear my single I just released, I posted it in the writing and art forum. No one has replied to my thread there yet.
  6. @JacobiSparks Alright awesome! I'll be sure to listen to it and reply with my thoughts and or comments.
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