Rusted Heart

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  1. Sam had taken the day off from work at the news firm he worked for. He had never been more excited then today. He could hardly believe that Justin was coming home. It had been eight years, and even though they kept in contact, he just couldn't get used to him not being by him. If it hadn't been for him, Sam wouldn't have made it through High school. He could barely make it now, even though he was more confident then before he still wasn't as strong without him there. Sam was sitting by himself in the airport waiting for Justin's plane to arrive writing his newest article and finishing his column.

    When he heard Justin's plane arrive his eyes shot to the exit gates and he shot to his feet trying desperately to see over everyone. After realizing he was to short he grabbed his laptop and pushed his way through the crowd of people to get to the front. He was more desperate to see him now then before. He was so eager to hold him kiss him, just touch him again feel his arms around him again that it was killing him. As he got to the front he set his bag with his equipment down and tried desperately to spot Justin through the crowd of people making there way out of the plane. You'd think it would be easy to spot someone in uniform, especially when you love them as much as Sam was.
  2. Justin was talking to another solider who was going home. He smiled to the man as he left to go meet his wife and his daughter. Justin smiled and looked through he crowd, looking for Sam. He smiled, seeing him jumping up and down looking for Justin. He chuckled and walked over to the crowded area and tapped Sam's shoulder. "Hi Sam," he said softly. His voice was deeper and he was taller and filled out. He had a smile on his face as he looked at the boy. He had missed him so much that he didn't care if anyone saw as he looked at Sam and then kissed him gently. "God I missed you..." he murmured softly, when he pulled back. He had wanted to kiss him for more time, but he knew people were watching and he rather go home and do what he wanted with Sam there.
  3. Sam was startled by Justin's hand tapping him but his shock only grew when he kissed him and he realized it was him. He pressed his hands to his chest lightly smiling from ear to ear. Looking up at Justin he smiled coily his face starting to turn a little flush as he said "I m-missed you t-too. . ." He looked up at him for a moment before saying "Uhm, everyone's staring." He looked around him for a moment seeing everyone staring at him and even though he didn't mind it was actually a little embaressing. He didn't mind much but it was a little nerve reacking to have everyone staring at him, judging him, like always. But at least Justin was back. Looking back at him and slowly leaned into him and buried his face into his chest as he wrapped his arms around him hugging him tightly. Not caring if people were staring anymore.
  4. Justin chuckled and just kissed him once more. "I don't care. Your important to me," he said softly to Sam, when he said people were watching them. He hugged the boy back and smiled, kissing his head. He smiled to Sam and walked with his boyfriend out of the crowd and outside. "So Sam, what do you want to do today now that I'm back," he said softly. He had no parents, they died just before he turned 18 and when he did turn 18 he joined the army. He kept in touch with Sam but he was always saddened by his parents death. He didn't want to think about that now. He had Sam in his arms, and he wouldn't let him go. He leaned down once more and kissed Sam again.
  5. Sam looked at Justin smiling softly before saying "Well uhm, I was thinking we could go home, watch a movie and just relax. After all you got eight years of movies to catch up on." He smiled coyly now as he took him by the hand and led him out to his car. Sam had bought himself an old 1970 Dodge charger. A classic muscle car, which really didn't fit his personality, but he loved it anyways. Leading Justin to it he Unlocked the car while still smiling and said "Get in I'm driving!" His coyness was now replaced with a devious smile. He loved his car, and he loved it even more when it went fast.
  6. Justin chuckled at the excitement in his voice as they got into the car. He got into the car, and set his bag in the back seat. "I'd love to watch movies with you," he said smiling to Sam as he buckled up. He watched Sam as he got in and buckled up, wondering how Sam would have wanted this kind of car, but then again, Sam had odd quirks, and Justin loved them all.