Rusted Heart

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  1. Lupe stared silently out of the window of the plane as they slowly began there descent. The lower they got the more nervous she got. It had been so long sense she'd seen her. could she possibly still want her. They hadn't talked in three weeks. Karyn didn't even know she was arriving. She was kind of planning on surprising her seeing as how she was the only person she had to surprise. As the plane finally touched down with a lurch Lupe looked around the cabin slowly watching as everyone else grabbed there things and headed for the exit. Lupe stayed sitting for a little while letting the rush die down before climbing out of her seat and grabbing her duffel bag from the over head storage compartment. As she made er way out of the plane and into the terminal she sort of spaced out not paying attention to her surroundings as she made her way towards the front entrance.

    As Lupe reached the escalator her attention shot to the sound of a gunshot to her left and she quickly ducked down instinctively and stayed there for a moment before slowly standing up. Looking around slowly that's when she saw a group of kids in a near bye arcade playing a shooter game. She smirked half heartedly before noticing people staring at her. She grimaced to her self before tightening her grip on her duffel bag and making her way to the front entrance. Upon stepping outside she looked around and quickly hailed a Taxi. As she climbed inside the man behind the wheel turned to her and said "Where to lady?" Lupe stared at the man silently for a moment before reaching into her duffel bag and pulling out a sheet of paper she read off Karyn's Newest address. She had gotten her address from her before when they last spoke and was glad. The man took the address and nodded saying "Gotcha, buckle up." And with that they left.

    The whole drive to Karyn's Lupe stayed silent, staring out the window and watching the scenery pass by as she waited to arrive at her destination. As they pulled up to Karyn's house Lupe reached into her duffel bag and pulled out $50 and handed it to the man saying "Keep the change." As She climbed out of the Taxi and began to make her way up to her door, Lupe began to grow more and more nervous unsure what to say if she was even home, and if she wasn't what was she supposed to do? Would it be stupid to wait for her? Lupe wiped the thought's from her mind with a frail sigh before ringing the doorbell twice and knocking three times just like she'd always done before when they were in high school.
  2. Karyn had been given the day off by the firm, mostly because they weren't swamped with files and cases at the moment and she had gone the longest without a day off. Not that she had cared either way = what else was she going to do? Her schooling was out of the question, since she was busy enough that trying to study and get into law school was pointless right now. The lawyers she worked for didn't really want her to go anyway, since she was good with the paralegal work. And that was because she'd thrown herself into staying busy while Lupe was at war.


    Karyn sighed and went to the kitchen for a bottle of water. The house was small, but it worked for her. It had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, unfinished basement, and a garage. Plus there was a nice expanse of yard around the house as well. It was a nice family home for a young family...

    That thought brought out another sigh before she shook her head. It has been three weeks since she last heard from Lupe. It wasn't unheard of for the other woman to take a while to contact her, but that didn't stop her from worrying every time the contact did have such a large gap. There were so many stories about the war and how dangerous it is over there. It was likely that Lupe-

    Luckily for Karyn's train of thought, it was halted by a very unique bell and knock combination at the door. Karyn paused and stared at the wooden structure before capping her water and, setting the bottle down, went to the door. Opening it wide, her jaw dropped at seeing the woman she'd been worrying about only moments previous standing on her door step.

    "Lupe..." she whispered softly on an exhale. Then she smiled. "You're really here? Come inside and sit down! Can I get you a drink? Or are you hungry? I have some leftover meatloaf from last night, or there's cold cuts in the refrigerator if you are."
  3. Lupe smiled softly at Karyn as she stumbled over herself inviting her in. She could tell how shocked she was and in all honesty so was she, just being there in front of her. Lupe Smiled softer before stepping inside, closer to Karyn, letting her bag drop to the ground and wrapped her arms around Karyn tightly hugging her. She held her close to her for a long while burying her face into her shoulder to hide the tears of Joy in her eyes. She took in everything about her the warmth of her body the feel of her skin the smell of her hair. SHe'd waited so long to hold her again and she was so glad she could hardly contain herself. After a couple of minutes Lupe pulled out of the hug and wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her jacket the rough worn down cloth running over the scar across the bridge of her nose as she shiffled to herself. After quickly composing herself Lupe Looked at Karyn smiling again and said "I missed you." She stepped further inside not wanting to keep the door open any longer and took a moment to take in the living room, a nice coach the center piece angled at a rather nice TV and a coffee table in front of it. Lupe could Imagine spending a lot of time there.
  4. As she felt Lupe's arms around her, Karyn sank into the hug they were enveloping her into. It felt so nice to finally feel the woman again, to have her close like this. Karyn sighed wistfully against Lupe's shoulder, trying to reign in her desire to just nuzzle her face in Lupe's neck and hold onto her tight without ever letting go.

    Sadly, the hug ended after some time, and Lupe stepped further in after wiping her tears. That action made the scar on her face suddenly seem to appear to Karyn, who hadn't paid attention to that detail until know. Her heart clenched as she thought about the pain that Lupe had gone through. The war was so dangerous... Karyn was sure Lupe had been in many situations where she would have worse problems than scarring, and she wasn't sure if there were any now, and being reminded suddenly only made her want to be close to Lupe right now even more.

    "I've missed you, too," she said softly after a moment. "I've missed you so much..." Karyn stepped closer to Lupe and put a hand on her arm gently, just wanting to touch her.
  5. Lupe noticed the hurt in Karyn's face and quickly masked her own with a heart felt smile as she leaned in and wrapped her arms around the girl again saying "I'm glad to be back. Sorry I didn't get in contact with you these last couple of weeks something happened that I'd rather not talk about right now." Her grip tightened slightly near the end of her sentence and she closed her eyes shut trying to forget about it. She just wanted to focus on Karyn in her arms. She stayed there for a moment before pulling back just a little keeping her in her arms. Looking down into her eyes Lupe smiled softly before leaning in and kissing her deeply and passionately. As they kissed Lupe's mind hazed over and her thought's grew fuzzy as she got lost in the kiss, and the feel of Karyn in her arms. As Lupe finally broke the kiss panting a little, she pressed her forehead to Karyn's saying with a sigh. "You have no clue how much I missed being able to do that."
  6. Karyn was curious and concerned when Lupe mentioned something that had happened, but respected her need to refrain from discussing it for now. Instead she basked in her presence and leaned against her a little to feel her against her. When Lupe kissed her, she felt like she could melt, her arms going up and wrapping around Lupe's neck as though to hold herself up. This was just one of the many things she missed about Lupe. When they would kiss like this, it was like there was nothing else around and there were no worries at all. Karyn was happy that Lupe had initiated, having been unsure of what was acceptable right now.

    Lupe pulled away hesitantly and touched her forehead to Karyn's, causing Karyn to smile nervously. It was like it was their first time again, she thought. In a way, she supposed it was. 8 years was a long time without physical contact from the woman she loved. It made this kiss, this moment, feel so much more special. But at the same time, Karyn felt a little sad because of how little time they'd had like this in the past.

    "It it was as much as I've missed it, I might have a little clue," Karyn teased with a giggle. She planted another small kiss to Lupe's lips before reluctantly pulling back. "We should get your things in the bedroom and feed you if you're hungry." Karyn paused as she walked a couple steps. "Unless... Are you planning to stay someplace else?" That wasn't a favorable option to Karyn, but she'd accept it if Lupe would be. It wouldn't be right of her to immediately assume the woman would be staying with her. "I mean, if- If you are, that's fine..." she added softly.
  7. Lupe looked at Karyn for a moment a little confused. Why would she have anywhere else to go. She had stayed faithful, and she would rather be here then anywhere else. After the shock of her question sank in she smiled softly stepping forward and cupped her hand to her cheek gently saying "Chica, your not getting rid of me that easily." She smiled a little softer before kissing the bridge of her nose. Leaning back she brushed the hair out of Karyn's face saying "What say we have a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie?" She'd missed being able to spend time with Karyn. And she'd missed out on eight years worth of movies, so she had plenty to catch up on. She had always had a been of a soft spot for Horror movies too. She'd always loved them. Lupe took a step away for a moment before saying "Why don't you pop some popcorn while I go and change. Where's the bedroom?" Lupe wanted some time alone to change. Mostly because she didn't feel comfortable getting changed in front of Karyn. Not with how damaged her body is now. She didn't want her to see the scars. She didn't think she was very beautiful any more now that her body was scard.
  8. Karyn wasn't sure why Lupe seemed shocked with her question. The military helped soldiers with civilian housing, she thought, so she wasn't sure if Lupe would have a place or not. Still, when Lupe assured her that she would be staying she broke out into a big grin and pointed down the hall. "It's the very last door to the right. The door before it is the bathroom." Going left through the entrance to the hall took you to a second bedroom and a den. "I'll get the popcorn ready and pick out a movie for you!"

    Kissing Lupe again excitedly, Karyn made herself separate from the woman to head to the kitchen. She recalled the way Lupe like her popcorn and, hoping her tastes hadn't changed too much, took care in preparing it. Since Karyn herself had less time than she used to, she rarely made popcorn and had began splurging for kernels instead of microwavable. She hadn't gotten a fancy popper, though, and instead just pulled out a pot and lid. Once the kernels were on heat and covered, Karyn went to the living room to scan her movies.

    "Lupe likes horror movies..." she reminded herself as she scanned titles. Karyn, however, wasn't a fan of horror movies and had very few of her own. Since Lupe liked them, though, she did occasionally pick one up when she was told a good one had come out or if one had a high review that stated Lupe's interests. She grabbed a few movies and laid them out on the coffee table for Lupe to look at before returning to the kitchen.