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  1. It was getting dark and Nicholai was still wandering around the streets of Tokyo. He lifted the collar of his jacket and stuck his hands in his pockets. He should probably be getting back to his hotel but maybe he should just sleep in the park or something. It was always a tempting thought. Everyone had told him Tokyo was a bad place for a vacation. "Everything bad happens in Tokyo," they'd said. He figured it was just bad press. He'd been there for three days and the his biggest worry had been whether he should try the sushi place right around the corner from his hotel room or not. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

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  2. Manami Shinobu

    Manami's stolen bus ride lasted a good fifteen minutes touring around the streets of Tokyo until the bus driver caught her stowing away. At a street corner, he was shouting at her to get off - especially when her bad Japanese had her calling him a stinky fish face. When he REALLY got mad, Manami took that as a good sign to get running! Holding on to her head like the sky was falling, she darted down a sidewalk and turned the first corner she came to.

    A person she might have expected to run in to, but not the door that suddenly swung open in her way! Manami crashed face first in to the door before crashing to the ground dazed and stunned!

    A little old lady with a fuzzy purse and giant glasses peered down at Manami before snorting Kids These Days and stepping over her.

    Manami groaned! This was officially the worst day ever!
  3. *I melt myself*
  4. "That's it, bitch! You're going to pay for that!" The thug with the switchblade had had enough! He started to charge for Manami but someone grabbed his wrist, pulled it back and broke it in one fluid motion!

    Nicholai was at least a foot taller than the thug and far stronger. He released him, only for the man to curse for all he was worth. The thug was going to show this stranger to mind his own friggin' business! With one broken wrist, he flung himself at the guy. But Nicholai sidestepped and then turned to put his foot against the man's butt and push! The thug went barreling into some trash cans and knocked himself unconscious!

    "Miss," he turned to Manami.
  5. Manami Shinobu

    "That's right! Eat garbage, jerk!" Manami kicked a rolling can back at the thug now potentially unconscious in the trash! The first guy was still writing on the ground, groaning in pain. She had half a mind to literally shove her heel up his nose. ...but that'd would be kinda gross, in retrospect!

    Manami straightened her dress, planning to give her helper a simple thank-you for assistance (unless it was Daiki, then she was going to kick HIM in the balls), but a shocked look came across her face!

    "NICHOLAI! AIIIEEE!" Quick as could be, she pounced for a hug! Throwing her arms around his neck and squeezing the daylights out of him! "Oh my god, I am so glad to see you! It's been forever! Oh man, you have no idea what kind of day I've been having! Oh hey, what are you doing in Japan...?"
  6. Nicholai blinked. Manami! He coughed and gasped for breath! She still had one hell of a grip on her! "Manami--I--uhh!" He waited for her to loosen her hold a bit, then smiled a bit sheepishly. "I think my story can wait. I didn't expect you to be here." He began to look around. "Where do you live? I should take you back to your parents before they get worried about you."
  7. Manami Shinobu

    Manami laughed letting go of his neck just so she could hug his waist! Seeing someone familiar and NORMAL today was a breath of fresh air! Nicholai never did anything out of the ordinary!

    "My parents moved here a couple weeks ago. It was the third move this year, but my dad said it would be permanent this time! Wait, let me see if I have the address, I don't even have it memorized, yet." Manami let go again to fuss through her pockets and found... nothing! All of her school I.Ds, pocketbook and everything must have still be at Daiki's apartment!

    "Um... maybe I don't... Ugh! This SO figures! I swear, today is like the worst day of my life. Besides running in to you! This is actually a nice surprise! I haven't seen you in two years and I haven't been able to write you a letter since we left Panama!"
  8. Nicholai lifted his arms as Manami hugged his waist. She'd been the last person he'd expected to be here ... but then he remembered her dad had often spoken about returning to Japan. It looked like his dream had finally come true. "I had wondered what happened to you but I thought if anything, you'd be safe." He looked around. "Let's go. If you don't know where you live, the least I can do is take you out for a burger."
  9. Manami Shinobu

    "Yeah, real safe..." Manami obviously didn't believe it, but that wasn't something she could explain to Nicholai. There was no way he'd believe her! She nodded!

    "Food sounds great! Maybe I can remember my street name later." She hooked her arms around his and hugged his arm as they started down the street. "So what are you doing in Japan? I didn't think you even liked to travel. What about that weird ex girlfriend? Is she still sending you crazy video messages? I think you're taller now too and I'm even wearing heels today!"
  10. Dragon Ball rp (open)
    Name: Aix
    Age: 14
    Appearance: (open)
    Aix is a young though very rapidly growing dragon girl. She had green eyes, red hair, and soft sexy skin. Her clothing give her more of a dragon appearance. Her tail is thick and long.

    Now Aix is growing just as quickly as her family with her large C cup breasts. Something unique to the draconic race is that they sport two vaginas. Most dragons turn what they eat into energy with no waste, meaning they do not have an anal but instead have a second vagina. Some have two vaginas and two wombs, some have two vaginas but only one womb, some lack a womb completely and lay eggs
    Aix has two vaginas and one womb, her vagina located where the anal would be is purely for pleasure, it has two clitori, one at the top and one at the bottom. She is not a virgin here, though shes only ever had one lover, and only a hand...well a fist. (Her one 'lover' was her mother)
    Her second vagina is located in the 'normal' spot for most. This one is deeper, tighter, and is far more sensitive. It has a rather impressive one hundred clitori nubs inside, one simple rub is enough to make Aix orgasm, and sex itself would probably drive her up a wall. She is a virgin here, hymen and everything, she also has a womb. Now something to note is that her subspecies of the race guarantees pregnancy each time they are fucked in this vagina. And 'every time' means every time, they can get pregnant multiple times at once. Their bodies can handle up to six pregnancies at the same time, technically they can get pregnant more but it is dangerous.

    Bio (open)
    On Aix' home planet survival of the fittest is the major rule. So Aix grew up fighting, thanks to this her body was able to utilize her Zenkai boosts to a dangerous extreme.
    Aix' father is a Saiyan, and he was around for about seven years of her life. He taught her about her ancestors, two powerful Saiyans who saved the world and universe multiple times. He taught her how to use her ki, how to focus and do strong beam attacks. He even showed her a transformation called 'Super Saiyan' and teased that there was so many different forms of this transformation.
    But then he left. The very last thing he told her was that when she gets older and stronger to find him, beat him in a fight. If she is able to do that then she will definitely be strong enough to be 'god' (she doesn't understand that he was talking about Super Saiyan God)
    That stuck with her for a long time.

    Recently Aix' mother died, which is understandable considering where she lived. But she left Aix with all the money she needed to leave the planet. So Aix took that and decided to go to the planet where her father said her ancestors used to live. Earth.
    She figured that there was a reason for this planet being where such strong people wound up. She is incredibly strong, but she lacks speed, or patience. See her draconic pride combined with her Saiyan pride, further combined with where she lived...yea right now she is extremely prideful. In her mind she is practically unstoppable, in her mind all she needs to be able to beat up her father is to simply figure out that whole 'super Saiyan' thing.

    Universal Code Geass (open)
    Name: Aya
    Age: 21
    Appearance: (open)
    Aya is...well...she is very visibly no longer a human. After all how many humans have long pink bunny ears?
    Her pink hair is long, reaching past her ass, while her eyes are a lovely violet color. Her body maintains a sexy hourglass figure. Her chest is large D cups. She wears a white tshirt, some slight armor pieces, and short tight shorts. She also carries two glowing energy blades.
    Now Aya's been...experimented on, and thanks to this Aya's body is quite a bit different when compared to humans. Her bunny ears is one notable difference, but her stamina is another difference. She only needs about four hours of sleep each day, five if she was quite active that day.
    However the...biggest difference was lower on her body. There is a soft sensitive spot above her clitoris. The sheath here is practically least right until her member starts to grow from it.

    Her member is...well...lets just say her ears aren't her only animalistic feature. It is a wolf member, twelve inches, knotted, tapered tip.

    Bio (open)
    Aya was taken from the hospital not long after she was born, so she grew up in a secretive organization known as the Geass Order. Her role was to be a knight, a soldier to destroy the orders enemies. She was taught how to pilot a knightmare frame better than the others, punished when she was so much as scratched.
    She didn't even receive a Geass until she was sixteen and already a deadly pilot. Her Geass is quite dangerous to any knightmares since it works on mechanics. When activated her Geass will cause any technology she focuses on to malfunction, if she applies more 'pressure' she can even control that technology. Given time, once she perfects her Geass she may even be able to use her power on a person.

    Now Aya is no longer a part of the Order. Giving her a Geass, one that allows her to pretty much destroy tech, well...she escaped not long after gaining her power. They tried to get her back, after all she was their weapon, but thanks to a princess Aya was not recaptured, she was able to fight. Now she is the bodyguard of that princess.

    Shark Pet (open)
    Name: Izma
    Age: 14
    Appearance: (open)
    Izma is a young shark girl. She was born in captivity so she only knows that her world is her body of water. She has soft sexy pale skin, soft gray hair, golden vertically slitted eyes, two pointed ears. Parts of her body is dark blue, along with above and below her breasts is dark red accents. The back of her arms, along with the back and sides of her tail fin has soft but tough fins. Something worth noting is the two larger fins at her hips have quite amazing flexibility. Normally she simply uses it to turn easier or to make playful spins while she swims. But when she gets a lover she will find that she can use those fins to wrap around her lovers waist similar to a land walker's legs would do.

    Now the red spots under her breasts are her gills, these are extremely sensitive. So her lover can play with her breasts and tease those gills. Her lover just needs to be careful not to cover them, sensitive teasing is fun, suffocating is not.

    Now she doesn't wear cloths but she does wear some specially carved coral. This is all carved by her.

    She is a virgin, and is still fairly small. But her lover may enjoy how much more growing she has to do.

    Something to note about her skin. It is exceedingly soft, in fact its softer than even a kittens fur. But at the same time when angered, scared, or during sex her skin gains some unique properties. When angered her skin becomes sharp, just a touch even on her hair, will shred the skin from the bone. When scared her skin will have a similar effect to her being angry except it wont cut as deep. But sex is where something fun happens. See when she grows excited her skin becomes even softer but at the same time sends a kind of...poison into her lovers body. This poison is not deadly, no, it makes both her and her lover have more stamina.

    Bio: (open)
    Izma was born in captivity, labs would capture Merfolk to run tests on them, rich would capture some as a strange kind of protection or to have on display. Some places in the world even have zoos with merfolk within.
    However Izma is not just a merfolk, she is a rare breed which has aspects of a shark. Their kind act as perfect water guards as they tend to take intrusions into their 'home' as threats. So they will often bite anything that enters the waters they swim.

    Now Izma is a young shark girl so shes still quite curious about everything. So while she will still nip at things, shes also not quite as...dangerous as the older ones of her kind. If something, say a hand, enters her home she will give it a curious nip, before wondering what it will do. In fact this can be seen with food. She will give it a curious nip then play with it for several minutes.
    Thanks to her curiosity she isn't as dangerous, not yet at least. So a brave person could touch her, though getting into the water itself isn't safe, not until she grows used to one's scent. After all if something fully enters her water that means its food, and food she can play and enjoy before eating.

    Now a rich family is about to buy Izma. Why? Who knows. All Izma knows is that she is going to feel a sharp pain, fall asleep, and when she wakes up she will be in new waters.

    Traumatized Girl (open)
    Name: Reia
    Age: 13
    Appearance: (open)
    Reia is an unfortunate young girl. She is thin, fragile, and scarred. Her hair is long, thick, and often kept up in one long tail. Her eyes are a orange-red color, though her left eye is closed and a long scar goes from above her eye all the way down to her stomach.
    Clothing wise she wears a blue button up shirt and a black skirt along with thigh high stockings. She still has her tattered cloths and will sometimes wear them as a reminder...though honestly the scar is a good enough reminder.

    Reia's breasts are only A cups, and her fragile figure means that sex cant be too rough, especially since she no longer has her magic to protect or heal herself. She is not a virgin, and this is not by choice. She still sees herself as attractive, and for her lover she will even try and make herself look sexy with lingerie.

    Bio (open)
    Reia was born in a small village, it is an out of the way village which sees almost no traffic. The only outside contact they normally have is the occasional adventurer, and the maybe four times a year that two of them head to the nearest market village to learn about whats happening in the world and trade some of their crafts.
    Reia's small village makes the greatest runes and enchantments in the world. They will put runes on rocks or paper to allow discrete protection, or enchant jewelry with various different enhancements. They will then sell these in the markets for more jewelry (they don't make their own so they need to buy them to enchant them) or for unique foods.

    Now within the village there is only one family who actually has magical potential, and that family is held in high regard since its their life blood. The magic of the family line is often counted as exceedingly weak, yet extremely refined. They cant cast spells, not even the most basic of spells, yet they can weave their magic into items to create enchantments and runes better than even a master enchanter or rune-smith.
    Reia was the exception to this rule. Reia's magical potential was immense, it grabbed the attention of a powerful wizard when she was born, who came by and tried to kidnap the girl, but he was stopped by her families protections.
    He attempted to kidnap her a few more times since then, but was stopped each time and ultimately gave up with one of the runes nearly killed him. But he did get his 'revenge' when he told a much stronger person about this small village.

    This stronger woman was -_- who had been traveling the world gathering power. As she was told how much power this young girl had -_- couldn't pass up the opportunity to take this for her own.
    How much power did Reia have exactly? When -_- arrived and ran her scan on the girl she found that Reia had enough power to rival the leader of the magic council. Thus this young girl had the potential to become the strongest magic user on the planet, and gaining her power would make -_- one of, if not the, most powerful magic user alive.

    -_- easily broke the runes in place, killed Reia's parents, then kidnapped Reia.
    At first all -_- was doing was using rituals to drain Reia's power. But this is a long process made longer by Reia's huge power and the fact that the girl was resisting. So -_- started to beat the girl, attack her, use magic on her to put her in immense pain. And when that didn't work -_- stripped the girl, then raped her.
    -_- used a magically created member to claim Reia's virginity, to claim her mouth, vagina, and anus. She did this daily, often going so rough that she would break the girls bones.

    For nearly a month Reia was trapped with -_-, tortured, abused. Then when her energies were finally drained completely -_- used a powerful wind magic and hit Reia, cutting the left side of her body. The blow was meant to kill the girl, but due to luck Reia didn't die instead wandering, half blind and bleeding out until she collapsed.

    She was found by some adventurers who took the girl to a healer where she was healed, then returned to her village. Her people had been terrorized by -_- all that month, -_- keeping them from trying to find Reia, keeping them from doing anything to fight back. So when Reia returned she came back to her village in ruins. She was hugged, apologized to, and everything. Her parents were dead and all that remained was her grandparents who happily took her in. However there was a lot of whispers in the village, with Reia's magical power removed what was going to come of their trade?
    The grandparents would come out of their retirement, but what about when they die?

    Now a new adventurer is arriving...and she looks similar to -_- which scares everyone. Who is this woman? Why is she here?
  11. Manami Shinobu

    "They're right, you know! You should totally get out and do stuff more often! Maybe even about Japan too. Oh my god, the first couple weeks here was super fine! But today has been one thing after another." Even now she was spying around waiting for some monster to pop out or that stupid Daiki-in-Drag to be sneaking around. If he was right and monsters were going to keep after her, was she putting Nicholai in danger? She might have to protect him from getting tentacle molested or worse!

    "Actually, yeah, Japan was a really bad choice! I think you should try somewhere with a nice beach. Jamaica has a lot of deals for flights this time of year. We should pick up some brochures for you after we eat"
  12. "But I haven't even been here that long!" They were approaching a burger restaurant. At least, the restaurant had the picture of a hamburger on the window. It was brightly lit and it looked open, although there were only about five or six people eating at the tables. He opened the door for her. "Manami, is everything alright?" She kept looking around as if she expected a werewolf to show up and start howling at the sky.
  13. (Well what ended up happening was we get a free turkey each thanksgiving from one of my family member's workplaces, and my relative swore it was going to be fifteen, but we ended up having to use our own weight scale to get the correct number XD)


    He moves closer to me and my breath escapes me. Oh no. I am going to explode I swear to good prophet Elijah! He asked me if I am okay or if I am tired and I nod rapidly "Oh yes. Yes yes yes. I think that is the problem." I chuckle softly and readjust myself so it is not as awkward as it was. I clear my throat lightly "Winnie is adorable and I accept it I accept it fully." I claim quickly with a grin and a nod. I must look so ridiculous.

    I shrug at his question "We can either stay here a little longer or we can head outside or...something." I shake my head "I just sort of want to keep hanging out with you you know?" I tell him with a smile, hoping I am not dissolving.


    A date? W-what am I supposed to do on a date? Oh God I am going to screw this up so badly I just know it. Time for internal meditation. And by that, I mean internal screaming. Here we go!

    "M-maybe you and I c-could go to the l-local bookshop l-later? W-we can grab a cup of coffee and read some trashy books?" I offer, stuttering and blushing and looking like a mess. I have never felt this way before. I like it, but I am also frightened out of my damn mind. You are a mess dude! A mess!


    "I do too." I admit as I couch the stench out of my lungs

    "You two brats back already?" I hear Warren's voice, clouded with huskiness and smoke call back from us. I turn my head to see him. He doesn't have his usual cigarette dangling from his lips, but his fists are covered in ice. He is having one of his heat waves and he's shaking somewhat. He is inhaling and the ice crawls up his arm. "Show me what you got." I hand him the files once he walks over. I hold my breath as he stands a little too close to me. He smiles

    "Wow. I thought you were really going to screw this one one up, but not bad, you little piece of..." He stops himself and instead ruffles my hair as if to be affectionate. Instead my skin crawls and I feel a lump grow in my throat. "Did you get anything else?"

    "No sir." I lie to him smoothly and he raises his brow.

    "Turn out your pockets Valentine." He commands me and I grumble as I do so, exposing the spare change and crumbles of food. He snatches them away and pockets away the money. In retaliation he takes my hand and causes it to freeze over, but I have to hold back my shout of pain otherwise he is going to spread the pain up to my arm, I know he will. It ends as quickly as it starts and I retract my hand from him. The ice has melted but it still sears onto my flesh.

    "Thanks brat." He says and heads inside into the cottage. I shake slightly.


    I stiffen as she comments that none of us have powers that could help up. Don't remind me. Goodness gracious. I wish I still did, but no. We have a problem and are useless in that department. Go us. Dream team here.

    "Yes. Please." I tell her with a nod. "Get that done as soon as possible. I am going to go scout out the downstairs rooms and make sure there is nothing there. Once the kids know that this is a practice lockdown, we will examine this house from every corner of every room. Got it?"


    "You are going to take my help." I command of her and watch as she tries to clean up the mess on her own. "Stay steady okay? I don't need you to faint on me." I am still shaking as I go to grab napkins from the tables to help clean up the mess. There is going to be a stain here, and unless we can get bleach it is going to stay this way. I don't want to get anyone into trouble over this, because I feel like this is my fault. I never should have opened my mouth and commanded such an awful thing. In reality, I should be the one getting in trouble for all this.

    I am glad though that she takes my sweater to help with her bleeding. I don't care that I might not get to wear it again, I am just glad I don't have to carry her to the infirmary. My imagination clearly pictures her waking up while I am dragging her limp body and suddenly decides to attack me. But I can't think like that now.

    "Please, I can let you lie down in my bed and regain your strength. I want to help you out, I shouldn't have done what I did and I am determined to help you feel better, capiche?"
  14. Nicholai slipped into the seat beside her and ran his fingers through his white hair. He'd tried to dye it countless times, but the dye never stuck. He was cursed. He smiled a bit. "No, I haven't. Things have been ... pretty busy since you went." And on the scale of weirdness, from 1 to 10 (1 being boring, 5 being normal, and 10 being something out of Outer Limits or Twilight Zone), it all equaled to at least 11.

    The waitress returned to take their orders! He ordered a deluxe hamburger, an order of french fries, and the largest chocolate milkshake they had. "But in other news, it's great to see you again. Things haven't been the same without you."
  15. Manami Shinobu

    Manami made sure her order had no tomato or onions, and lots and lots of ketchup! With a strawberry shake. Her favorite! While they were waiting, she grabbed a bunch of the sugar packets out of a jar and was trying to build a little house.

    "Really? I think I was only there for a few months!" she cast him a wide grin. Every school she went to was different, and the one in Russia was like most of them. Sometimes there were people that really stood out though. Nicholai had spent the entire time trying to improve her Russian. It seemed it didn't really matter what language it was, she was really bad at learning new ones!

    "You should be in the middle of college right now, shouldn't you? Is that what you're on vacation from?"
  16. Anyone here?
  17. People usually lurk.
  18. Fighting demons? Nicholai decided she'd been reading her manga again and that is why it came up. But it still struck a little too close to home ... He smiled. "So you do remember him." He nodded. "I am sure they will be the greatest clothing line of pet clothes the world has ever seen." He put one straw into his chocolate shake and licked the whip cream and chocolate sprinkles on top.

    The waitress returned with their order and of course, he had to try the french fries first! "Mm." Hot, crispy, and fresh. Boy, did he love a fresh helping of french fries! "And you? Have you found a boyfriend yet?"
  19. Manami Shinobu

    Manami wasn't going to shove a giant burger in her mouth, so she was cutting hers in half with a knife as she laughed at his question. "No luck! The first week I met someone super cute and he was so shy he wouldn't even talk to me! Then there was the boy at the candy shoppe but he already had a girlfriend. And today I met this Greek God super hottie but he was more confused than I was and that's kinda bad, you know? HE should have known what was going on. Girls want guys that are gonna take care of business, not stand there and look pretty!"

    She took a bite of her burger, and she might of well had died and gone to heaven. The sound she made said as much! Manami was starving! She didn't get any lunch that day and she always skipped breakfast out of bad habit. Half that burger was gone in two minutes and she was wiping ketchup of her face by the time she could speak again.

    "Mrrph, I think I might go after smart boys now instead of just really cute ones. What do you think? Like, I know I'm not the smartest girl ever, so if I feel like a genius with him, then it's not going to end well, right? I don't want to end up marrying some crazy cult leader, or be the bride of squidzilla, or get dragged around for no reason. Not that I want to marry a super genius, either. Actually, I think I'm pretty tired of feeling stupid about everything! Can people actually make a career in paranormal or supernatural investigation stuff? Er, well, I know people DO it. But can you make a LIVING from it? I'd hate to go to college and take the courses, but then not get any of the investment back!"

    Manami had likely chatted his ears right off, but chatting was what Manami did best. In between all of that blabbering she had managed to make all the fries on her plate disappear and was occasionally sneaking one of two of Nicholai's.