Ruseru and Roses

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  1. Jasmine Love
    Someone who is wanted
    Sweet | Funny | Loving | Caring
  2. Sir Monte
    Someone who is commanding
    Cold | Harsh | Demanding | Perfectionist
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  5. OOC: Where is the picture?XD

    Setting: When he is about to grab her.

    Jasmine sighed softly, as she was walking to her place, getting out her keys. She was very hot, she groaned softly and soon got into the house annd closed the door, she opened a window to let in cool air, she turned on the fan. She paused remembering her cats. She turned around and went to close the window and wondered. Looking around and sighed. She yawned, she was tired. She went to go to the bedroom, not even realizing that the back door has been open... She sighed and went to change.
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    Monte had grown thirsty tonight, but not for blood. He lusted for flesh, but not to pierce or rend. He wished for.. more lustful ends. His hunt had brought him to the house of young Jasmine, a girl he had taken special interest in. He waited outside the door until she closed it. He then slowly moved to the door. Once inside, he slowly moved to her room and waited for her most vulnerable moment. She moved to change. That's when he struck. He never was one for to make a scene. He grabbed her by the mouth and begun to drag her out of the house. He had to act quickly in order to avoid being seen. As he dragged her outside, his wings expanded and he took flight.
  7. Jasmine had just a bra and leggings on. She wasn't fully changed. She didn't know what to think. She felt Someone grab her. But she didn't know what to do she went to scream and tried to get him away but he was strong she whimpered as she thought. She felt her feet suddenly not touch the ground she gasped and whimpered
  8. Monte flew with a nightmarish speed. It was unnatural that he'd ever show a human his vampire form, but tonight was a... Special occasion. He landed at the top of his castle and kicked open the window pane.

    Within the castle he moved the girl to a basement dungeon, where he retook his human form.

    He chained her hands together and left the room for a moment. He always liked to give his victims time to think before he began. Though this was the first time he'd be doing something other than sucking blood.
  9. Jasmine frowned, she wanted to be let go, but not now. She gasped as she was moved to the window pane, and through it. She was scared. She was cold. Looking at her self, she was in her lacy red bra and black leggings. She frowned. She looked around and sighed. She gasped as he chained her. She tried to fight back, she whined. She looked around scared... She tried to get away. What he didn't know was she was a special human, she had powers, or gifts. She closed her eyes tryingto focus on the chains, trying to unlock them because she has telekinesis.
  10. Monte prepared many devices for the night ahead, none of which he would reveal before the time was right. He finished preparing when he decided to begin the act.

    Upon entering the room, he noticed her chains moving and her focusing. He sneered.

    "So you're a telekinetic? That'll make this all the more pleasurable."

    He came up and slammed her hands against the wall in a violent fashion. He moved his dark eyes close to her face.

    "Don't think you'll be able to get out of my hands you filthy bitch." He grabbed her arm and squeezed until it left a sizable bruise. He then moved his hand and hit her across the face.
  11. Jasmine sighed softly, she closed her eyes and noticed him enter. " not just that." She said in a snappy tone. She tried to get out but she gasped as he slammed her hands against the wall. She whimpered, as she felt pain in this. She tried to get out and gasped as he squeezed her arm. She shook her head, " What the hell do you want from me..." She whined. She closed her eyes trying tofocus on the chains she almost got herself free.
  12. "Don't speak unless spoken to, you devilish woman." He licked her neck, almost tempting himself to bite down into her, but he resisited. "The desire I have from you tonight is quite obvious." He reached his hand down and began to forceivly grope her breasts. He grew quite rough with his movements, gaining more movement with his passion.
  13. Jasmine gasped as she heard him. She shook her head and said, " No." She frowned and felt how he reached down. She glared at him, wanting to get away from him, she finally got the chains undone and pushed him away and went to run away from him, she glared and closed her eyes trying to focus on unlocking the door. She frowned and tried to stay away from him.
  14. "You thought you'd just be able to leave?" He grabbed her ankle and ripped her panties off. "I'll have to punish your misbehavior." He began to vigorously manipulate her vagina in a violent manner. His eyes grew lustful and he pulled her back to her chains, this time chaining her upside down by her feet. He continued to assault her vagina while in this position.
  15. Jasmine sighed looking over at him. Frowning as she felt her panties off. She tried to five him away. But feeling how he did this. She whimpered and tried to get away but now she was upside down. She whined. She glanced at him and closed her eyes as tears fell
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