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  1. @RaggingEskimo

    They didn't even wait. They didn't even wait! As soon as the line went flat and before the doctors even had a chance to time his death, they were already after her. Her. For his debt! She wasn't even at the hospital where he died, but they already had a track on her as soon as he was gone. Guns were trained to her head just as his heart gave its last beat.

    Her shoes hit the payment, travelling away from home. She knew they had already ransacked the place. They already put connections on any accounts that had her name on them. There was no going back there. Not with this debt over her head now.

    And all because of her no-good, drug addict father.

    She spun around the corner, pushing past people on the city street as she rushed through. She was a blur of dishwater blonde hair, paranoid greens constantly glancing over her shoulder. She was doing just that when she ran into someone, loosing her balance and falling back onto her butt.

    "Fuck! I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed to the stranger she ran into, her bag and some of it's contents that skittered away becoming the object of her attention as she quickly collected her things.
  2. He walked down the sidewalk wearing his red t-shirt and blue jeans as he looked up at the sky through his shaggy black hair with his green eyes. *Life is boring* he thought as he was walking home from work as out of no ware as he tripped forward falling to the ground as he. "What the hell was that" he spoke softly as he gets up and gets on his two feet he looks back at what hit him as he saw who ran into him seeing this dishwater blond angel making his heart skip a beat sort of speak. "It not a big deal" he laughs softly as he holds out a hand. "Here let me at least help you up" he smiles softly. "By the way my names Rune nice to meet you"
  3. Kurureenu blushed slightly when he offered to help her up and stuttered out a 'thank you'. The woman glanced behind her, seeing people beginning to get shoved out of the way by some persuers. "My name is... n't important. Sorry, but I have to run," she responded, quickly kissing his cheek in thanks before running past him and into the crowd once again.

    Shortly after she disappeared into the crowd, a couple of men stumbled through. One had his hand on his firearm, the weapon being visible to anyone watching as they ran through in a hurry. So much so, that they dropped a picture of their target along the way.
  4. Rune blushed softly feeling the other kiss his cheek as he then watched as she ran off as he turned and watched her leave he felt himself get shoved to the side as he saw two well dressed guys going after her and one looked like he had a gun. "Watch where your going jackass" Rune shouted knowing who the men were they wouldn't shoot him with so many other people around he sighs softly as he looked down seeing the picture of the girl as he reached down and looked at it as he turns it seeing a name. "Kurureenu..." he spoke softly.

    He had a gut feeling he should shadow those guys and see what they were doing then the image of the gun came to his head. *What if they shoot me?* he thought, but then he a different thought came to his mind. *What if they shoot her* Rune decides to follow them far enough so they wouldn't notice.
  5. Kurureenu kept running, eventually breaking from the crowd and bolting down an alley. She knew that she couldn't get much distance, but the crowd was preventing her from going any faster. She heard the footsteps behind her, knowing that the men had already noticed her path of least resistance. She turned down one of the paths of the alley, quickly coming to a dead end.

    "Great... This is cliche as fuck," she sneered, turning around as the men turned down the alley and slowed down.

    "Well, well... What a quick bitch, huh?" one chuckled out with a smirk.

    The other nodded. "We're not going to kill you... yet. We just need you to pay up in full before we do anything like that," he added, reaching into is pocket and pulling out some brass knuckles. "We can beat some sense into you."

    The dishwater blonde glared. "Cunts," she sneered.
  6. Rune followed them as he then stopped when they did as he heard about her needing to pay as he saw one take out brass knuckles as the thought of some one beating a women pissed Rune off as if out a second thought he charged as he saw what looked like a rusted metal pipe he picked it up and comes up to the one he knew had a gun and swings the pole right at his head as hard as he could taking the man out making him bleed as he then looks at the other man with the knuckles. "Leave this women alone or I'll do the same to you" Rune spoke feeling his heart race his hands felt numb from swinging the pole as he stars down the other man. "Well what are you going to do cause as hard as I hit your friend if you don't get him medical help he might not make it"
  7. It seemed to happen quick. One moment, two men were at the ready to cause her eminent pain. The next, the guy that Kurureenu ran into earlier appears looking wild with a pole in his hand and swinging and taking down one of the men. To say the least, she was shocked as wide eyes gazed between Rune and the man with the brass knuckles.

    The second man looked toward his partner, then toward Rune with a scowl. "I'll make you pay for that," he sneered, reaching back for his own gun before a dishwater blonde blur jumped on top of him, wrapping an arm around his neck and holding on as he tried to buck her off.

    "Get out of here, you dolt! They'll put a hit on you, too!" the woman hollered before the man finally managed to loosen her grip by slamming her against the wall. He used that moment to throw her to the ground and pull out his gun and point it toward Kurureenu.

    "You fucking bitch!" he hollered, leaning forward and whipping her across the face with the weapon. "I'll take care of your friend, then you're next."
  8. Rune got pissed as he watched the man hit Ku. "I warned you dammit" Rune roared as he runs to the man with the gun and swings the pull down onto the hand holding the gun breaking his hand and the gun as Rune got between him and the girl. "Now I'll warn you one last fucking time you dumbass fuck go now take your friend and get help before I kill you both for harming a women" Rune sneers anger in his eyes as he breaths heavily
  9. The man cried out as the pole came down and took out his gun and broke his hand. He fell back, gripping his wrist and yelling. "You fucking cunt! You broke my fucking hand!" he hollered, backing away. "You messed with the wrong people, boy! You'll regret not walking away!" He spat at his partner and turned, running down the alley and back toward the streets as he left behind the other man to die.

    Kurureenu groaned, finally coming back from being pistol whipped in the face. She gasped, sitting up quickly before her head spun and she fell back to the ground hard. "Are they gone...?" she murmured, her gaze bouncing around the alley before finding the stranger she met earlier. What was his name again...? Argh... My head. she thought, not knowing that her words were spoken.
  10. Rune smiles seeing Ku was okay. "Yeah one gone, but more importantly are you alright Ku?" Rune asked as he looks over to the other man as he sighs softly as he walks over to the other guy and kneels down. "You poor fool I'm sorry, but you asked for it" Rune then tried to help the guy up and carry him. "We need to get this guy help or he'll die you can go home if you want" Rune smiles softly looking at the girl
  11. Kurureenu glared toward the other, the knight in shining armor quickly becoming a fool in foil. "Help him... Help him. Do you know how many people this man has killed? And you're going to help him?" she responded, sitting up and ignoring the pain in her back and face. "And do you really think that I have a home to go back to with these people chasing me? You naive fuck."

    She shook her head and began to walk away. "Don't come crying to me when these guys destroy your livelihood, even after helping out one of their cronies!" she hollered over her shoulder, barely missing the dumpster on the way back toward the crowd. Fuck him... Fuck the mafia... Fuck everyone. I just need to get to the safe-house.
  12. Rune watched as Ku left and saw the way she acted as he sighs softly looking over to the knocked out man. "Well shit try to be the hero and save a life didn't work" he chuckles softly as he gets the guy on his back as he pulls out his cell calling 911 as he got out of the alley way and set the man down as he waited for the ambulance and cops.

    Half an hour passed till they got there and carried the man off as what seem like an officer walked over to Rune. "Are you the one that found this man?" the officer asked. Rune nodded looking at the mans badge. "Yes I did Officer uhm Rino is that right?" Arron nodded. "Yup and if you don't mind could you come with me for questioning?" Arron asked as Rune nodded. "Sure" they both got into the cop car and took off for the station.
  13. A half hour later, Kurureenu walked into a shop, falling over once she entered and panicking the shopkeeper. After a few moments, Kurureenu came back from her momentary fainting spell as someone was squirting a water bottle into her face. She gasped and sat up, pushing herself backward and against the counter.

    "The fuck is wrong with you! I hope that was water you're squirting at me!" she screamed, moving to wipe it off before flinching.

    The man in front of her, an older gentlemen with hard steel eyes, squinted at her. "It's peroxide. I figured it was better to apply it like this instead of touching that thing on your face. Geeze, Reeny, what happened to you?" he asked, the hard gaze softening.

    Kurureenu sneered. "I don't want to talk about it... I'm here to use the safehouse. The one dad set up a few years back."
  14. They reached the station as Arron took Rune to a room for questioning as Rune took a seat Arron took the seat opposite of him. "So your name is rune right?" he asked as Rune nodded. "Yes it is" Arron smiles as Rune felt a little uncomfortable about the others smile. "So you said you were protecting a girl from two armed men right?" Rune nodded. "Yes"

    "I see well I have some bad news for you Rune that women you save well she bad news" Arron spoke softly

    "How so?"

    "Well her and her father well they ran the local mob and those two men you defended her from were CSI agents trying to capture her to get intel on her father location and you let her get away" Arron smiles as he lies through his teeth to Rune as the other looked down.

    "I see"

    "Indeed so we have two choices we could make number one we arrest you for attacking CSI member or my favorite one and soon will be yours number two you help us find this girl and bring her in" Arron spoke
  15. The man nodded, helping Kurureenu up. "It's still there. I try to clean it up just in case," he informed her before pulling her into a hug. "I'm sorry about your father, Reeny. Sometimes they go too soon."

    Kurureenu scoffed, pushing the man away. "Scotty... If he was taken away sooner, I wouldn't have the mafia after me," she grumbled before gesturing to the back. "Am I going to show myself the way or are you?"

    Scotty sighed, shaking his head. "Still the sassy attitude," he muttered, patting her on the back hard before noticing her flinch. "How bad did you get beat?"

    She scoffed. "It wouldn't be this bad if that dolt didn't jump in and I had to save him from being shot," she sneered, feeling the bruise form on her back.

    "We're going to have to look at that, too," Scotty pointed out, picking up the spray bottle and getting a whine from the younger. "No buts! I can't have you getting an infection! Go!"
  16. Rune looked down at his hand thinking about Ku and how she acted about him wanting to save someone even if it was her attacker as he takes a deep breath. "I'll help you find Ku" he spoke softly

    "Good I knew you would like number two" Arron laughs as he holds out his hand. "I'll give you my number and once you find her call me and I'll be there your only goal is to keep her in one place till I arrive got it?"

    Rune reached out shaking the man's hand as he felt like he made a deal with the devil. "Fine Mr. Rino"

    "Oh and Rune call me Arron" Arron smirked as he let go of the others hand then walked to the door opening it with one hand and holding out a card with the other with his info. Rune got up and walked up to him taking the card as he walks off. "Oh and Rune if you back stab me well let's just say you'd wish I arrested you" Arron laughed as he shuts the door behind Rune.
  17. Kurureenu flinched as Scotty checked her back, gingerly pressing on the bruises that had formed. "Well, Doc. Are you done yet?" she asked with impatience.

    Scotty pressed a spot a bit harder, watching as the girl sucked in a pained breath. "I will be if you stop being so impatient," he grumbled before spraying at some of the scratches and standing up and walking to the dresser in the small room. "Here's a soft tank top. It'll be easy on your back so it can start healing. Don't put your bra back on because it'll hurt to try to," he informed her before heading to the door. "Let me know when you need something. If you stay off the radar for awhile, they might loose interest and leave you alone."

    He waited for a nod from the girl before exiting the room and sighing. He walked back into the store, glancing around the place before unlocking the door. Not a lot of people visited his shop, which was a hole-in-the-ground sex shop. The most he got in terms of a crowd came at night, anyway. So it worked for someone to hide out there.
  18. Rune left the station as he though about what Arron said. "I was right I made a deal with the devil" he sighs softly as he thought about Ku again. "How could some one so lovely be evil" he sighs again as he walks down the street seeing the sun was already down. "Dammit it's late and I have work tomorrow and to add insult to injury I have to find Ku and I don't even know were to find this women" he groans annoyed with himself as he walks down the street towards downtown were his place was. "I need to sleep thank god I'm only five blocks away way" he spoke.

    Rune was almost half way home as he spied the neighborhood sex shop. "Should I maybe they'll have something to help me relax" he chuckles to himself. "Your a dirty pervert Rune" he chuckled as he spoke to himself. "Yes yes I I'm" he laughs as he walks in
  19. Scotty heard the door ding as a customer entered and smiled. "Welcome!" he chimed happily before getting back to work on organizing some of the DVDs. He glanced over toward the front counter before double-taking and noticing that Kurureenu had dropped her bag when she had come in. He set down what he was doing and walked over, picking the thing up and bringing it behind the counter with him.

    "Forgetful," he muttered as he set it down and walked back toward the DVDs.
  20. Rune was about to start to look around when he saw the owner pick up the bag as he remembered Ku having the same one he thought to himself as he looked through the DVD. *Could she be here?* he sighs softly as he looks around the store for awhile and then decides to walk out as he reached in his pocket and pulled out his cell and Arron's card and calls him.

    "This is Arron who is this?" he asked.

    "It's Rune Arron I think I know were Ku is"

    "You sure kid?" he asked

    "Yes I think she lives at the sex shop down town of the city" Rune spoke.

    "Good kid you better go home I'll do the rest" Arron spoke as he hangs up and Rune starts to walk off
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