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    • These children are tired of their headmaster. The headmaster doesn't care about them and doesn't take very good care of them. They're in horrible condition and need to get away from the orphanage they live in. No one wants to adopt them because of the condition that they're in. They pack up what little belongings they have and run off. Soon enough, they find themselves far enough away from the orphanage and the city that they can care for themselves. It takes them a long while to find a place they can sleep in so they were without beds and plans for a few weeks. They find an abandon house and make their own. Over the years, the older kids work jobs to provide for the younger children and to keep them safe. It's tough to provide for these children and themselves when some of the older children are without jobs from the time to time.
      Set during the Great Depression.

    • Name:

      Age (between 6 and 18 years) :

      Physical Description:

      Personality Traits:

      How They Got To The Orphanage or Bio:

      Disabilities (if any) :

  1. Name: Paige Aksakov


    Physical Description: A petite little thing and she stands about 4'3". Has frizzy red orange hair that goes about the middle of her back, it looks uncombed most of the time, and her eyes are deep brown that are hidden behind her glasses. A thin girl and she looks very weak strength wise, a very pale complexion as well. She wears baggy clothes a lot and doesn't like tight clothes. Is often seen with a baggy sweatshirt on and a simple pair of baggy pants. Her hair isn't styled and it often stays down, her bangs always getting in her face so she's constantly pushing the hair away.

    Personality Traits: A very sweet young girl but she has the brains of a young genius. She's very smart with math, finding it enjoyable to work on Sudoku puzzles when she can. Quiet and keeps to herself unless she's around someone she knows. Loves to be around those she cares about and often keeps in close contact with her doctor, whom she considers a close friend. Isn't judgmental about hardly anything and she believes happiness comes in all different ways, and isn't bothered by much, rarely ever bad talking about someone. Likes to read, mostly mystery novels, and is found curled up somewhere with a book in her hands. She's an awkward girl, very shy as well, and often twiddles her thumbs, looking towards the ground if she feels that someone's angry with her or if they're upset. Loves to go on long road trips and always looks forward to getting into a car or on a bus, wanting to know where they'd go next. She is scared of horses and other large animals like it aside from bears and giraffes, she loves those two animals and finds them to be lovely creatures.

    How They Got To The Orphanage or Bio: Paige was accidently given up for adoption when she was a newborn, her parents were given the wrong newborn and they had no idea at the time. She lived in the northern part of Russia for most of her life until they sent her to America, thinking that she'd be adopted there. Her English was terrible and so that made communicating hard on her for the first year and a half. Even after being at the orphanage for nearly two years, she has yet to really get close to anyone and feel somewhat wanted.

    Disabilities (if any) : Asthma, allergies, horrible eyesight.

    Extra: -
  2. Name: Lewis Stone

    Age: 14

    Physical Description: Marcus is tall, lanky, tanned skinned kid with short curly hair. He stands at 5'6" and weighs about 120 lb. He always appears to be sleepy when he really is not. He has tired dark brown eyes that always look tired. He wears a simple white t-shirt with an old dark
    brown leather jacket and blue jeans and back Converses. He has short black curly hair that kind of looks like a mini afro.

    Personality Traits: Lewis is a confident, charismatic, kid with a plan. He tends to push the ones he does not trust away with accusing words and is very secretive, bit does not distrust someone when be firsts meets them. He is kind and warm to people he actually trusts, willing to fight for them if need be. He is an
    easy person to approach and to be friends with. He acts like a gentleman and is always looking for away to solve the next problem, always thinking outside the box

    How They Got To The Orphanage or Bio: Lewis was born into well off immigrant family from England and moved to America at age 3. Before the Depression, he was given everything he wants as long as he worked for it, and he did. He would work at his
    father shop, selling and making money in ways no one would have thought. But when the depression hit his family lost everything. They had to sell there shop and they were
    going to be kicked out of there home. His father me one last ditch
    effort to get his family money and sold everything. There clothes, furniture, and food. They only left with the clothes on there back, but the attempt proved futile. They sent
    out of the house and forced to live on the streets. His once loving parents become cruel ones. After about a
    month of living on the street his father sent him to the orphanage to live. He has live in the orphanage for a year and has made many good
    friends over the year, and has shown that he was a hard worker.

    Disabilities: N/A

    Extra: He has a slight British accent, but he does not know we're he got it
    from, he has no memory of him living in England at all. He believes that he picked it up from his parents.
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  3. Name: Annabel Leigh Patterson

    Age (between 6 and 18 years) :13

    Physical Description:
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 100 lbs

    Annabel keeps her hair done as well as she can, covering the frizziest parts with her father's old cap.

    Personality Traits: While Annabel doesn't look like the strongest of gals, she will not hesitate to sock you in the nose, so if you have anything mean or foul to say or do then you better take it somewhere else because she won't tolerate it. Annabel is very motherly, despite never having a mother of her own, and loves younger kids. She will often be found cooking, straitening up, or patching up one of the younger kid's boo boos. Second to her love of kids is her love of music. At night she play's the orphanages' old beat up piano or her violin to help the younger kids go to sleep, that is until the drunken head master yells for her to go to bed. Over all, Annabel is tough, sweet, and caring little girl.

    How They Got To The Orphanage or Bio: The day Annabel was born was the happiest and saddest, well second saddest, day or Mr.Patterson's life. His wonderful wife, Amelia, had become deathly ill during her pregnancy with Annabel, and died shortly after she held her daughter for the first time. After grieving the loss of his wife, Mr.Patterson was determined to become the best father a little girl could ever have.

    Annabel was raised in above her father's music shop, a place where many different string, brass, and key instruments were sold. All of which were hand made by her father. Annabel was inseparable from her father at a young age, and he loved her with all his heart. They bonded the most when he would give violin and piano lessons to her. She even learned to play a song he wrote for her, a song she remembers even till this day.

    When Annabel was seven, there was one grey summer day that would change her life forever. Her father had been making some deliveries around the town, and Annabel was left alone. It started as a drizzle at first, then it became a down pour, and then a tornado. Poor little Annabel was huddled in the basement of the shop, and her father was desperately trying to get back to her as the tornado reached the town. No one really knows what happened during the tornado. All Annabel knows is that some government men came and told her no one could find her father. She was hauled off to an orphanage under the name Annabell Lee (a first and last name rather then first and middle). Her only possessions were her mother's old necklace and one of the non-destroyed violins from the shop.

    Unknown to Annabel or the government workers, Mr.Patterson was discovered a few days later, and was nurses back to health in a neighboring town. His daughter was pronounced dead, since no one had seen the girl go with any government workers. When fully recovered, Mr.Patterson moved to a large city in order to restart his life. Besides a deduction in his pay, he was not greatly effected by the economic drop.

    Annabel has lived in her dirty old orphanage for six years, hating every second of it. She used to play piano for a local church on Sundays, pocketing every dime for when she would run away, but she was soon fired after Black Tuesday. She raised a total of $260.

    Disabilities (if any) : Annabel has a hard time reading due to dyslexia. It is possible that Mrs.Patterson's illness is genetic, but so far the only evidence of this is that when Annabel gets sick she gets really sick. Not deathlike, just really sick.

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  4. Name: Agnes Birch

    Age: 17

    Birthday: February 5th

    Personality: A very suspicious young woman, mostly of those around her, and is very quick to jump to conclusions. Always wary about her surroundings and tends to stay off to the side if she spots something strange. A bright young woman, in terms of knowledge, and she's good with surviving in the wilderness, having gone camping and hunting when she was younger. She is a skilled fighter with hand to hand combat but isn't the greatest with weapons and often only prefers to use her hands despite how others insist that she use weapons. Very protective of her younger sister and will do anything to keep the child happy and safe. Doesn't like reading and often strays away from libraries. Her little sister, Gabrella (Gabby as she calls her), is her weakness and she will act drastically should anyone threaten the child. Agnes does like animals, specifically red pandas, and loves taking her sister to the zoo every so often to see them all. She does try very hard to participate in her sister's life and tries to stray her on the right path, showing her what's good and bad. Likes hunting and often goes out to hunt during the winter, killing bigger game like elk and bears or something along those lines. Hates cooking and often eats fast food or takeout, never cooking despite how she believes her sister deserves a home cooked meal. It's surprisingly easy to make her embarrassed and make her blush, if someone were to point it out to her, she'd deny it the whole time.

    Appearance: 5'8" in height and somewhat voluptuous, never really showing her feminine side so it can be difficult to see that. Since she doesn't act like a girl sometimes, she doesn't feel the need to dress like one. She wears jeans and simple short sleeved t-shirts, sometimes button up shirts as well, along with simple tennis shoes. Her hair is a red orange, that goes to her shoulder blades, and her eyes a dark hazel in color. Never does anything with her hair, aside from putting up into a ponytail every now and then, and doesn't wear makeup, she prefers to go all natural. Has a simply gold locket that she wears, the chain is long enough so it goes between her breasts, that was her mother's and she wears no other jewelry. The only time she would ever dress up is if her sister asked her to or she had to go to a fancy gathering or something and she was forced to look nice. She has a small tattoo on her right inner forearm that has her parents' handwriting on it. It simply says in Swedish "We will love you forever" with both her mother's and father's signature. It was the last note they wrote to her.

    Bio: Agnes was born in Sweden and grew up in the far northern part, being used to the bitter cold. She grew up with a very happy life and wanted for nothing, her parents both working and making enough money to support them all. When she was fourteen, her mother had gotten pregnant and thus, Agnes' little sister, Gabrella, was born. Agnes dearly adored her little sister and the two were very close, rarely doing anything without the other being attached to their side. She helped take care of the child, doing simple things like babysitting and bathing her, and helped out her mother when she could as well. Things went smoothly until she was sixteen.
    When Agnes hit sixteen years of age, her parents got into a car accident and died later that night. Both were hit by a drunk driver on their way home from work and Agnes was asleep with Gabrella when this happened. The children were forced into an orphanage in the States and Agnes refused to be separated from her sister, causing an uproar with anyone who attempted to take the toddler from her. They have spent the last two years in the orphanage and Agnes wants nothing more than to run away at this moment in time. Her sister, however, had died not long ago from sickness, causing Agnes to go into a slight depression for a while before she started to look after the younger kids.

    Disabilities: None

    Extra: -
  5. Name: xavier McIntosh

    Age: 6

    Physical Description: Xavier is avarage height for his age. He has brown hair and eyes, he is white but has a slight tan. His eyes are usually bright and wide, except when he is sleepy.

    Personality Traits: Xavier only likes a few people, white he cares about everyone in the group he doesn't like many of them. He is very clingy and will always try to be near the one or ones he feels comfortable with. Due to the time period he often looks down on the girls thinking that men are superior to woman.

    How they got to the orphanage: Xavier's parents died shortly after he was born, neither of them had any living family members this Xavier was sent to live in the orphanage. He has only a few faint memories of his parents and often wishes he would have gotten to know them better.

    Disabilities: none

    Other: he has a metal Cross necklace which is the only thing he has of his parents' it is his most prized possession and refuses to take it off his neck.
  6. Name: Jealyn Cooper
    Age: 6
    Physical description: Small for her age looks four instead of 6. She had short black hair and blue eyes.
    Personality traits: Too trusting, can be stubborn when she really wants something.
    How they got to the orphanage: Jealyn's mom got pregnant as a teen and didn't want to care for a child, so she gave her up for adoption, thinking it would be better than just having an abortion.
    Disabilities: none
    other: none

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  7. As soon as @Mits gets her profiles up, I'll approve and disapprove of characters.
  8. Can't wait for this to get started!
  9. Name: Isaac, and Iris Ledovski

    Age (between 6 and 18 years) : 17

    Physical Description: Isaac isn't very masculine at all, and it's very easy to mistake him for his sister. Both of the twins are very tall. Isaac and Iris take after their mother more than their father. They have medium dark skin, blackish brown hair, and oddly enough, amber eyes. Since they're twins, they share a wardrobe, but they're wardrobe is mostly unisex clothing. Isaac's hair is usually messier than Iris's, despite being the same length as hers. Isaac and Iris are both very skinny, and it only makes their height seem more lengthy than it normally is.
    Despite being 17 years old, Iris doesn't seem to be as developed as the average girl her age. She is is flat chested, and her figure is pretty straight. She finds it annoying when people question if she is actually a girl. Since the twins are both pretty androgynous, they both have to deal with the constant questioning of their genders.

    Personality Traits: Isaac is honest, and likes to get a word in whenever the opportunity presents itself. He is also highly critical, and seems to think about things for long periods of time, getting into all the deep little details of any situation. Because he likes to think, and Analyze everything, he often develops his own sarcastic take on situations, and only people with a dry, or deadpan sense of humor would find him funny. He's a realistic thinker, and a lot of the time, fantasy ideas, or over imaginative people will get on his nerves. Sometimes figures of speech will fly right over his head.
    He can get frustrated easily, and has very bad, almost uncontrollable anger issues. If he makes a friend, or finds that someone is nice to him, he can get emotionally attached to that person quickly, and almost seems to need constant affection, or emotional validation, or else he does stupid things. He is afraid of being alone.
    Iris seems to be obsessed with proving her femininity, so she often occupies herself with tasks that are seen as feminine in societies eyes. She isn't very good at cooking, but she likes to believe she is. Other than her obsession with proving that she is a girl, Iris likes to make sure she is well rounded in as many skills as she can keep track of. She's not a picky person, and seems to be more bold than most people. "Getting dirty is part of the job" is one of her life motto's, so she often tracks dust and mud all over her shoes, and clothing. She does bathe regularly, but her clothes, and shoes have seen better days. Since she is one of the older girls, she likes to prepare the younger girls for adult-hood as well as she can. To her surprise, the little ones talk about a mysterious "Mother nature" that plagues them every month. She has yet to figure out what they mean.

    How They Got To The Orphanage or Bio: Isaac and Iris were visiting with their grandmother in America. News got to them of what was happening across Europe, and their grandmother made the decision to keep them safe in America until she heard from their parents. Their grandmother was a very old woman, and she knew she couldn't wait much longer. Soon, the grandmother was finding herself spending more time in the hospital than with her grand kids. Their grandmother felt they'd be better looked after in an orphanage, so she sent them to live in one. (Though she did love her grand kids very much, she wasn't exactly a wise old woman.) Shortly after they'd moved into the orphanage, she passed away. Her house has been abandoned, and is now heading down the road of being forgotten. Whether or not their Parents are Alive is a mystery to the Twins, but soon they will be old enough to start being responsible for themselves.

    Since they've been in the orphanage, Isaac hasn't had much luck as far as making friends goes. He doesn't like young children, and the older kids seem to be more interested in their own self preservation than anything. The situation they're in isn't exactly one meant for making friendships either.This situation has been making Isaac very anxious. Iris, however, seems to be trying to do something with her life. Currently, she is trying to learn how to cook, but is having bad luck.

    Disabilities (if any) : Isaac has Borderline personality disorder.

    Extra: Isaac doesn't understand the concept of Monogamy, so he often crushes on multiple people at a time. Iris has not experienced 'mother nature's wrath' yet. This only further's many people's belief that she isn't a girl. You're better off taking her word for it.
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  10. One thing, how the heck did he get the accent?
  11. I forgot to mention how he was an immigrant also.
    I'll add that part.
  12. Is he a British Immigrant or? All we wanna know is how he got that accent, despite never being to england. Are his parents from England? Did he get the accent from them?
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  13. His parents are from England and he got it from them.
  14. Name: Mabel

    Age (between 6 and 18 years) : Sixteen

    Physical Description: Tall || Moderately Scarred || Green Eyes || Blonde hair || No piercings/makeup

    Her tall body (as in, very tall. 6'2, on the point of being weird for a girl of her age) is flat in all the wrong places, giving her the sharp, angular figure of a New York city slicker. Her complexion is smooth, but lined painfully with juxtaposing white lines and nicks of scar tissue gracing her entire form. Her limbs are wearily thin with malnourishment, the faint bumps of her ribs just visible around her chest. Over time since her escape from the Orphanage, Mabel will begin to show muscle tone from extended work.

    Mabel's prominent cheekbones frame her yellow-green eyes, giving her a predatory and hostile look. Her nose is thin and sharp in shape, and she has thin lips which are usually pursed together in solemnity. On her face specifically, a short but wide slash mark down her right cheek to her jaw is visible, white and shiny against her pale skin.

    her hair is a pale blonde colour, wispy and straw-like in consistency. She keeps it messily cut short using whatever she can find, being as meticulous as she can with the tools around her. It is split at the ends and shows signs of being once well-looked after, especially based on the amount of time Mabel spends trying to make it look like something similar to whatever she had once before, in vain.

    She has absolutely no make-up and no piercings, or tattoos. She wears little to no jewellery, save for a gold choker with a single, small set diamond.

    Personality Traits: Quiet || Practical || Protective || Defiant || Hard-working || Introverted

    To say that Mabel is particularly warm and inviting would be a lie. She remains somewhat to herself, her secrets fiercely well-guarded and her friendship-making capabilities limited, at the very best of times. Due to her lofty, thin and angular figure she tends to give off a hostile and aloof first-impression; but the orphanage kids would know better than to judge her based on the cold green stare down the thin bridge of her nose. It seems like her default setting is "Glare".

    She's a woman of few words, but this doesn't exactly make her wise or intelligent, though she certainly spends a lot of her time in a pensive, reflective mood when she's on her own. This makes her seem much older than she really is, giving her an air of maturity. She keeps conversations to the bare minimum (despite the best attempts of the orphans) and thus doesn't seem to really present herself to others, making it difficult to tell whether or not she's entirely interested in the kids at all.

    However, one would only have to watch her behaviour a little longer to realise that looking after everyone seems to be her priority. She gives up practically everything for the kids, and takes a very hard-working and practical attitude to life, never complaining until someone notices something is wrong. Naturally, since she was rather subservient and took orders quite well, this made her quite the favourite of the guys in charge.

    How They Got To The Orphanage or Bio:
    - Arrived in the Orphanage 5 years ago, wounded.​
    - For the next 2 months she was in recovery.​
    - After recovering, she spent a few weeks completely to herself.​
    - The kids eventually brought her out of her shell a little and she started to look after them and the orphanage in general by doing housework.​
    - In time, the older/smarter kids would notice that she takes on most of the work to look after everyone else, even going so far as to skip out of meals to ensure the well-being of the others.​

    The first eleven years of Mabel's life are a complete mystery. The only thing the orphanage kids know is that she just walked on up to the building, covered in cuts and bruises. She spent the next couple of months in recovery and refused outright to talk to anyone or leave her bed. This worked perfectly well for the Headmaster, despite having nothing to fill a form in with - not even a surname.

    The next year and a half could be called 'Rehabilitation'. At first, Mabel was completely and utterly self-absorbed; she didn't like people approaching her and she remained completely to herself for a few weeks. Eventually, though, the kinder mannerisms of the children coaxed out some semblance of communication out of Mabel. She didn't make friends, but she was inquisitive, and usually sat on the staircase or on a chair out of the way to watch the kids play and have fun.

    She was probably one of the very few children who actually knuckled down and got some proper work done. As soon as she could move, some sort of habit kicked in and she began to clean and make beds and even help the cook. She became something of a 'teacher's pet' in a sense, as the adults seemed to praise her but she didn't really acknowledge it.

    It would've been the older kids who noticed that she was giving up more than it looked to ensure the well-being of everyone. She usually ate after meal-times in her room whilst the others were at the dinner table, but the more observant and the smarter children would've been able to count the bowls and see that, when food became scarce, Mabel sorted her portion out between everyone.

    When she cleaned and cooked instead of playing or studying, she made certain that the asthmatic Paige wasn't in the room and did give a brief, blunt warning that she would be kicking up a lot of dust to the youngster so she didn't have an attack. She got up earlier than she had to so that she could finish some of the worse jobs before Lewis gave her a hand in cleaning, knowing that he too was a practitioner of hard manual labour.

    Disabilities (if any) : None.

    Extra: The closest people could really get to figuring out even a shred of Mabel's life when she was at home was when they'd ask about her scars - she admitted that most of them were inflicted, and weren't accidents.
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  15. Thank you very much. I look forward to the IC!
  16. It should be up today or tomorrow. Probably today.
  17. Going to get the forum up today. We just need some more male characters.
  18. I felt the need to add a bit more depth to my characters before the roleplay begins, Specifically Iris, so Here's a refined version of my character sheet. Expect a plot twist from me maybe...
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