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    26th /June/2028

    Dear Diary and Followers,

    I know I probably sound like a complete nut case to most of you and I understand if you clicked "Ignore" for future blogs but deep down I know there has to be someone who believes me, someone who cares. "It's" been following me again, I see it everyday now. Those creepy pointed teeth that outshines the darkness, those gleaming red eyes, I don't even know what it is because it just lurks in the shadows. I have not slept a wink except for in school but even then I get hit in the head with a book by Mrs. Tuba and sent to a suspension class. "It" has me running every night all throughout town. Its going to kill me I just know it but its waiting for the perfect time. I tried doing what you guys said and let my parents know but they turned their backs on me saying if I didn't hush down they would send me away. I'm not going insane I know what I am seeing! I just have to keep running and running.... Just run that's all I can do now. I don't even want to be here anymore...​

    6:53 p.m Fawna Academy for Special Writers

    Roxius/Info on RP (open)

    Name: Roxius Hetour
    Age: 20
    /The Academy is a graduate school for those who wish to be an author or something of that sort./
    Roxius just recently joined the Fawna Academy after her graduation from High School in hopes to become a professional writer, but ever since she joined the Academy something has been haunting her. Now fearing for her life she has been reaching out in a Blog she is commonly on for help but no one seems to be responding to her like they have been ignoring her. Roxius is convinced she isn't going insane and that this shadow creature is real./

    A fair-red haired girl sat in a far corner of a classroom that was specifically for students who were misbehaving. It was an evening class similar to a detention, where students had to write out why they were there and how they could fix their mistakes. The girl's hair was tied in a braid as she stared blankly at her paper with her saddened blue eyes. All that was written on her paper was her name, "Roxius", and bunch of dark doodles. There was seven more minuets of class as Roxius tapped her pen anxiously like she was in a hurry but was interrupted when Mr. Edmund walked up to her asking her to stop. The teacher stepped up to her in his white polo shirt and tan pants as he pointed at her for her attention.

    "Roxius stop tapping your pen. You been here for almost an hour and all I see is scribbles!"

    Before Roxius could even explain herself a student in class shouted rude commentary across the room, "She has to hurry home to her parents so the big scary monster does not get her!" Most of the class busted into laughter as she stood up angrily telling them to be quiet. The teacher hushed them all returning to his desk. Roxius stared at them all coldly as if she was about to say something more, then and there time appeared as it froze as shadows crept up from behind. The teacher remained frozen in his step as students faces froze with their disgusting faces, but the shadow was very close in the corner. She heard whispers or growling, she wasn't able to tell the difference even if it was in her ear, then Roxius covered her ears and screamed, "Leave me alone!" Darting out of the classroom. There was only a minute left so the teacher decided not to pursue her as one of the students could be heard calling her a "Psycho". The classroom was small and had about 15 students in all with a few empty desks, some where there for things like beating someone up or just slacking in class.

    Roxius ran down the Left Wing trying to get to the exit, and sun was already setting. If she didn't run fast enough "It" would trap her in the building. Being trapped in the school would be terrible, though she was unsure if it would be worse than being trapped in her own house. It felt like hours before she made it to the front door to the Academy, thankfully she made it successfully before night. Sun was almost dead as the moon was early in the sky, Roxius couldn't go home she had to keep running. Down roads,alleyways and roofs she climbed and ran them all just to keep ahead of "It" tonight but strangely it didn't seem to be following her all that much. She leaned against a black light pole that shined down upon her brightly, huffing she took a seat under the light in hopes she was safe. Roxius wanted to go home and sleep, but she couldn't because her life was possibly in danger.
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  2. A boy was walking down the street, his hands settled neatly in his pockets. His eyes were faced toward the ground as usual. His blond hair was a light glimmer under the street lights. Another exhausting and uneventful day had slowly dragged on. Well, uneventful isn't the right word for it. It was the typical day for him, wake up, go to school, and obey the commands of his peers. Although Kyoya wasn't a weakling, he was weaker than most of the guys in the school, and it didn't help that he was a loner from birth. He always kept his distance from people. Nothing good ever came from being near them. His own parents had given up on him and simply ignored him. His only escape was the dark alleys of the city streets. He walked into the nearest alley way and leaned against the wall. His red eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. He contented himself with watching the passerby's on the street, wondering if they even noticed...
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  3. 8:39 P.M

    The streetlight felt warm and safe as it's ray shined down upon Roxius but she knew she could not stay forever. While she was catching her breath, the light began to flicker almost as if in mores code. Roxius looked around hoping it was just a trick, but in the distance she caught a glimpse of the red glaring eyes that been haunting her since the moment she arrived to Fawna Academy. Her heartbeat raced, then the light went out leaving her in the dark. The shadow appeared to be moving faster and faster, she had to get up and run once again. She stumbled getting up but managed to run off, heading further into town. Roxius noticed people in the depths of the town and thought about going to them for help, but she was crazy or so everyone would tell her. She wasn't crazy, she knew what she was seeing. It couldn't be fake! Instead, she decided to take a turn down an alleyway even if it was dark, Roxius had little choice. It was a quick route to the graveyard, a place where the Shadow seemed to refuse to enter. When she turned around the corner her feet skid and she closed her eyes bolting through bravely. But when she took a couple of leaps through the darkness she ran into something that felt odd, it wasn't hard or firm but soft and lifelike. Roxius opened her eyes slowly looking up, her gaze met a pair of red eyes. She began to panic in fear as she stepped back slowly.

    "N-no. No way you could of caught up with me by now.... W-what do you want with me!?" She took breaths as if ready to scream.
  4. All the breath was suddenly knocked out of Kyoya.
    "Are they back?! I thought they only messed with me at school?!"
    This thought raced through his mind as he regained his breath and opened his eyes fearing the worst. What he found was a complete shock to him as he heard her desperate cries.
    "Wait-- what in the world are you talking about?!" His voice was shallow from the lack of breath.
  5. 8:45 P.M

    Roxius stopped in her tracks as she examined closely in the dark. It was not the shadow but a man. She now appeared confused as she looked behind her making sure the shadow was not there which luckily it was not at the time. Looking back to the man she placed her hand on her arm.

    "I-" She paused for a moment. "Thought you were someone else, I-I'm sorry."

    She appeared almost in a hurry and highly alert like something was bothering her or after her. Her gaze was clearly scared but held a strong posture trying to show no hence of weakness.

    "Are you ok? I hope I didn't run into you too hard."
  6. Kyoya felt amused by this.. question. "Someone actually asked if i was ok.. thats a first.."
    He mind was racing with the events that just happened. How strange it was for someone to enter the alleys. People usually try to avoid them.

    "Yea, I'm fine.. who are you running from, if i may ask?"
  7. "I can't tell you if I did you will think I'm a psycho like everyone else..."

    Closing her eyes saddened by the thought she heard a hiss echo through her ears, she quickly turned around panicked. She began to walk past the man she ran into stopped right next to his side. She adjusted her voice glancing back at the man from the sidewalk before the alleyway.

    "I got to go now... Sorry about running into you..."

    Roxius hopped into a running speed heading for the graveyard not far ahead. Though when she jolted off, there was a sound of something hitting the ground. There her cellphone laid on the ground with the back case and battery out of it due to the drop but Roxius was too far off to realize it. She just kept running, as she got closer to the end she saw the opposing sidewalk then a dirt path across the street that was a broken entrance to the graveyard. Checking to make sure no cars were coming she crossed the street and down the dirt path. She traveled a bit of the dirt path then hopped a fence. Roxius looked back not seeing the shadow and walked over to her favorite tree that had a spooky aura that she liked. The tree was tall and crept over some graves like skeleton hands, at the bottom there was an imprint as if someone made a seating spot. That was hers. Never being able to enjoy a nice nap at her own home, she now felt like she lived at the graveyard. Roxius sat down taking a deep breath of relief.
  8. Kyoya noticed the phone fall from the woman's pocket. He was a little shocked about what had just happened.
    He scooped up the phone and its parts into his hand. He quickly put it together. He stood there for a second contemplating going through it. He decided against it. Realizing that he needed to bring it back to her, he took off into the direction she had run. He knew the alleys well and quickly navigated through it. At the end of the alley lay the road, and beyond the old graveyard. People have rarely gone into that place for years, and he certainly didn't want to. The very sight of it made chills run up his spine. However, in the distance he could see her.. He made his way across the street and touched the metal of the fence. With a final sigh, he hopped over the fence with great agility and made his way over to the woman. The air seemed to grow even more ominous with every step he took..
  9. Roxius had her head leaned back against the tree still taking deep breaths of air as it felt impossible for her to catch up with it. She almost began to doze off until she heard steps, quickly she got to her feet as if about to attack like a cat with her hand in the air crouched a bit. After a moment of trying to access the situation she realized it was the guy she ran into the alleyway, this she got back into a more proper positions. Brushing off some of the dirt from her pants she looked at him almost blankly.

    "You. Why are you here, did you follow me?"

    She looked around to see if anyone or things was here but it was clear and silent how she liked it. Some of the headstones were chipped, crosses were bent and the graveyard didn't look like anyone took care of it in years.
  10. Kyoya looked awkwardly at the girl.

    "You.. umm.. you dropped your phone."

    The ominous feeling stayed with him. Something about this place sent shivers throughout his body. He didn't want to stay here much longer. He hold out the phone for her to take, careful to keep his distance at the same time.
  11. She felt rather "blonde" as she checked her pockets. Taking the phone slowly, she placed it back into her back pocket. Roxius shook her head looking towards the ground as she kicked small dirt with her foot nervously.

    "You don't even know me and probably already think I am crazy. I know this is all really weird more than likely to you. Sorry to get you involved but thanks for returning my phone. How silly of me."

    Roxius sighed and leaned back against the try resting her head looking up to the blackened sky. Her icy blue eyes were clearly darkened by her recent struggle, and her hair was a bit of a mess. Roxius still had her school uniform on that was labeled F.W.A. with it's red polo and small skirt.
  12. Kyoya normally would have turned and ran from the creepy grave yard right then, he had done what he came to do, so why not? However, she had shown kindness to him earlier. She had managed to peak his interest. He decided to stay a while longer.

    "Are you ok? I mean, you look like a wreak."

    He put his hand behind his head and laughed at himself inside his head.

    "What the heck am i even doing?! I don't even know her.."
  13. Roxius glanced at him as he mentioned that she looked like a wreak almost offended but then she realized he was right, she did look like a wreak. Deep down she was scared to tell him what has been going on but she knew he would look at her like a psycho like everyone else. Then she decided, everyone else does, what is one more going to do to me? She sighed before speaking.

    "No I am not alright, not ever since I started at Fawna Academy. I am being haunted by a shadow like a mouse running from a huge cat. It comes at me every night, I am only safe during the day. I have not had a good night sleep in a long while, it has sharp teeth and red eyes... similar to yours. The only place I am safe at is this graveyard since it does not enter here but I can hear it growling all the time. No one believes me though, think I am a psycho. I am hopeless."

    Roxius got to the ground putting her head between her knees exhausted and prepared to hear what the man had to say to her.
  14. Kyoya stared at her in complete disbelief. What was she talking about? A shadow haunting her?! That's insane! And not entering a grave yard of all places! Does she think he was that gullible!? He felt insulted, a feeling that was normal to him. As he looked at her he felt his anger slowly ebb. She looks like she hasn't slept in days.. however he still can't find himself able to believe her.

    "Are you sure that's what you've been seeing? I-I just find that a bit difficult to believe.. I mean, you you do understand how crazy that sounds?! The fact that people don't believe you.. leads me to believe no one else has seen it. So, that means that there could be no proof of it.."

    He took a step backward.
    "Are you OKAY?" He said the iterating the last word.
  15. She tightened her position, she didn't understand why no one believed her except for one person but the person didn't exist anymore. She lifted her head slightly but kept her gaze to the ground.

    "I know what I see but I knew you wouldn't believe me, no one does. Only a close friend of mine did before she disappeared out of the blue. This shadow doesn't want other people knowing about it, like it's trying to destroy me before it even gets to me so I won't put up a fight..."

    Roxius looked up to the man stepping back, she laid her head back down to her knees now hopeless.

    "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks."
  16. Kyoya sighed. He looked at the ground.

    "If i somehow did believe you, that this thing actually exists, what does it want from you? It must have a motive to only come after you."
  17. Roxius stood up suddenly getting an idea, if only it will work.

    "I haven't learned it exactly since I can't understand it but please, I think I know how I can prove to you it exists! Come to my house I can show you. I know it sounds weird, but please trust me. I need someone to believe me!"

    Roxius took a step forward as she explained that her house was a favorite location of the shadow that haunts her and left marks all around the house. She basically was begging him to come with her.
  18. Kyoya froze in his place. He wanted to get out of this graveyard but he wasn't sure about going to her house, he rarely went to his own house. I wondered whether he should go. He was about to refuse, but then he looked into her eyes. He saw the desperation that they held within. He sighed and wondered if he was going to regret this.

    "Fine.. I will come.."

    He took a small step in her direction, his hands once again neatly folded in his pocket.
  19. Her eyes lit up when he agreed like a burst of excitement but she couldn't say much. She jogged past him motioning for him top follow.

    "It's not far away just up the street actually!"

    11:23 P.M

    She led up up the street while she kept her eyes and ears open for the shadow but there were no signs. It took them ten minuets from the graveyard to reach her home, it looked well kept on the outside and even had a small garden. The house was stone with some side paneling and a black roof, there were an upstairs as well. Roxius stepped up to her door and opened it cautiously, she stood in the doorway waiting the the guy she just met.
  20. Kyoya followed her, making sure to keep a good distance away from her. He wasn't too comfortable around new people, well people in general. When they came to the house, he stopped a couple feet away from her. He looked up admiring the house. It was a pretty nice house.
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