Running into One Another

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    Groaning the man stepped out into the street. After a meeting such as the one that he had, he needed the walk. None of the idiots that he worked with understood what he was trying to do. Was it so hard to try and help the ones that couldn't shift so that such a phenominon wouldn't happen any more? What was so ahrd to understand about that?

    Jerry Lindin glared ahead of him as he pushed the classes on his nose back up, trying his best not to let his anger at the disgust he had received from his peers. He was the CEO of a company and none of his employees understood what he wanted them to do. Snarling he turned and slammed his fist into a nearby wall, a tail of pure black velvet slashing through the air in anger as he stalked off, nursing the scraped knuckles with a few small laps from his tongue. While others might have cringed away from the blood, he lapped at it gratefully, the taste calming him as he rounded a corner quickly, intent on getting home before he got any more distracted by anger that he'd turn into an animal without a care for who was watching.
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    After running awaqy from yet another dead-end job interview Kastlyn winded his way through the streets, pushing some hair from his face as he went. It had been getting harder and harder to find a job for a shiftless, especially when he was so young, he had just turned nineteen a week ago, but he looked younger, making the difficulty of finding work even harder then it should have been.

    He rounded a corner, intending on heading back to the empty old factory he was now calling home, it was getting late and he didnt want to be stuck outside trying to find his way home when night came. Kastlyn took off running, keeping his head low to try and avoid the looks of anyone he passed.
  3. Jerry looked everywhere around him, trying to find some way to distract himself. He ws so busy trying to distract himself that he didn't realize what had happened until it was too late. He rounded a corner at full speed and BAM! he was on the ground in a puddle, his suit dirty, ruined. He pushed himself up and searched with slitted pupil eyes for the cause of the damage. Bad on worse.
  4. Kastlyn landed on his back, he gave pained groan as he opened his eyes, planning on telling whoever it had been he had knocked into to watch where they were going. He flinched once he saw the suit, it looked expensive. He trembled a bit before scrambling to get up and running the other way. He knew he should have asked if they were okay or anything, but they would demand he fixed what had happened so the best thing was to run. "I'm sorry!" he shouted it over his shoulder.
  5. Oh this would serve as a great distraction, Jerry decided as he stalked after the man that was running. He had his scent in his nose as a black, sleek tail whipped back and forth behind him. He would ind the man and make him pay back every cent he had to repair the suit. It was his favorite one!

    Jerry stalked, following the scent of the individual, taking his time, wanting to give the man a false hope that perhaps he had lost Jerry. A grin with sharp canines filled Jerry's face as his animalistic nature took over.
  6. kastlyn kept running until he could no longer see who he had knocked over. He turned down an alley and quite running, walking a ways as he caught his breath. it was almost dark and he needed to get home. He waited a few minutes before peeking out from the alley, he didnt see anyone or anything, he stepped out and started towards the factory again. feeling relived he hadnt been followed
  7. The man hung back. Worried that he would frighten his pray off faster. He turned through a series of alley's and then stopped just outside of a factory. The scent was strongest here so the kid must be here. But why? Why would they come here to hide? Grinding his teeth he neared the place and slipped silently in, tracing the smell until he was nearly upon him but just out of sight. This could serve to be interesting if he held out just a tad bit more he felt.
  8. kastlyn sat in the corner of one of the rooms with his head back against the wall, glad he'd gotten off the streets before the sun went down completely. he lifted his head up and looked across the room at the rumpled blanket he called his bed. Muttering something about how hard it had been to find a job now he leaned his head agianst the wall again.

    Eyeing the living arrangements --for what else could it possibly be?--Jerry finally stepped out of his hiding place. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't run this time. I've had a bad day and I can't promise I won't go and shift on you if you run again," he announced as he shifted so that he stood in the middle of the doorway. "And that wouldn't be pretty. Instead of owing me dry cleaning money you'd owe me a whole knew suit because I don't shift pretty."
  10. Kastlyn jumped, trying to back into the corner he was in as much as possible, wishing he could just run away again; but the doorway was now blocked. He didn't have the money to pay for someone's suit to be cleaned, "I-I'm very sorry about what i did... but i don't have a way to pay you." he looked at the man with wide eyes, silently hoping nothing happened and he would just leave.
  11. Jerry considered the living arrangements again and snorted at Kastlyn’s plea that he couldn’t pay. “Well that is obvious,” he said as he moved in slowly like a cat prowling after it’s pray. “No, you are going to do something else for me somehow to repay for the dry cleaning. Nothing is free and I don’t give handouts simply for the hell of it. Is this where you live? Don’t you have a job?”
  12. Kastyln shook a bit as he watched Jerry step closer, he wouldnt be able to get past him to run again. "Wh-what would i be doing?" he felt more like he was being toyed with then being told that he would have to pay for the cleaning.
  13. Jerry considered him. "Are you any good with being a personal assistant? I have yet to find one that sticks with me for more than a day. Apparently I scare them off too easily. You'll work for me at the minimum wage of $7.95 until you have payed to reclean my suit which would, because it's my favorite, be two hundred plus dollars, and then you'll start working for actual money. Until then I could, I suppose house you and provide meals free of charge," he offered.
  14. "What would i be doing as a personal assistant?" he was trying to figure out how long that would mean he would be working for him before he would get any money, but that was saying that staying at the house and eating would be free of charge. If that was true, that would mean it would be almost 30 paychecks before he could actually get any money. It sounded fine to him, he just wasnt sure if he would be able to do all that was asked.
  15. "You would do what I asked or needed. Mostly having to do with doing chores or tasks that would take up time that I need to do other things in. Mostly you'd be taking care of appointments It's like a portable secretary job, but for someone that is capable. Are you capable?" Jerry asked as he leaned in, stopping himself from leaning too close in in case he scared off the potential hire-able person.
  16. He wasnt really sure what else to say or do so Kastlyn nodded, pushing back against the wall again. "Y-yes...Im capable." He pushed some of hair that had fallen into his face and looked up at Jerry.
  17. Jerry smiled and held out a hand to the lad. "Then let's get started. You'll start working the moment we get to my home and each hour'll be 7.95. If you do good I'll see about a raise."
  18. Kastlyn hesitated before taking Jerry's hand and standing up. "...okay..." He searched his eyes to see if there was any tricks being played, he tended to be rather guliable.
  19. Jerry nodded and turned. "Come along then," he said as he eyed the living arrangements again with distaste. "I'll furnish you proper attire so that I can go places with you outside of the house too. I'll warn you that I do go out to parties and I'll need an assistant to be there to keep any thing I need to do straight."
  20. Kastyln simply nodded, he wasnt exactly what someone would call well off, not campared to Jerry anyways, so hearing that how he was wouldnt do well was rather expected by him. That didn't mean he was enjoying hearing though. That and how quickly he had agreed to do this was suprising for him, but promise of work and a place to stay would have had almost anyone saying yes.