Running From the Wolf

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  1. Anthony "Tony" Denzel had read every book on wolves he could get his hands on. He watched and studied several live-webcam streamings of wolf sanctuaries, taking notes and sketching them. His goal was to work at one of these sanctuaries in hopes to bring the wolves back out off of the endangered list. When he was six, his parents agreed to adopt a dog when he had finished all the wolf books in the library, in hopes to occupy his time and prevent him from getting too bored. His parents were happy that he was so passionate about learning, but worried when they noticed he didn't have many other interests. The dog was a large breed, though she was gentle with the boy. Anthony loves his dog and takes her out on plenty of walks and to the dog park to make sure she gets her excercise. He cuts up real meat to mix in with her food to make sure she gets enough protein and nutrients.

    Tony yawned and stretched as he rolled his desk chair away from the computer desk. He was still in the boxers he had slept in, no shirt. "I'm not ready for school today, girl," he told his beloved dog, patting her head and lazily scratching behind her ear. "Wish I could just stay home," he yawned once more and stood. "I bet you'd like that, instead of being bored all day," he chuckled as he walked into the bathroom connected to his room to the right of his computer desk. He relieved himself and took a quick shower. Normally, he would have let his dog outside first, but this was the first day of the new school year. He knew she wasn't a morning dog, so it gave him time to take a shower and wake up more before he went downstairs to open the back door. "Door's open," he called to the dog upstairs and started on making breakfast. He was dressed in khaki's and a blue button-up shirt he had yet to button, with a plain white t-shirt underneith.

    Clack-clack clack-clack, he heard her claws on the hardwood floor. He chuckled and grinned back at her. "Finally up, huh? Lazy girl," he teased lightly. His dad found it annoying that he often spoke to his dog as if she could speak back. But he often ignored his dad, still speaking to his dog. His mom was worried that he would never find a girlfriend at this rate, only studying the wolves on the webcams and hanging out at the dogpark. He wasn't interested in looking, at least not at his school. His obvious love of wolves and werewolves alike had resulted in him getting picked on. The bullying had long ago faded into nothing, but no girls were interested in him, even after all the years of school. Not that he minded - the twenty-year-old was focused on college. He only worked on the weekends as a stockman for the local flea market.
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