Running from the Haunted

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  1. Character sheets before anything!

    Name: (Human name) Monora Evergreene (demon name) Exsiler

    Species: Is undercover as a human. Is actually a demon

    Occupation: Investigator with her partner

    Appearance: Human Form- She is 5'11, wears glasses, body type is a bit chubby, average beauty. Hair is long, black, and silky. Eyes are a bright brown, almost orange highlighted in the sun. Looks Europe decent. Oval shaped face. Wears mostly pants, sweaters, coats, nothing too revealing.

    Demon form- She is 6'4, body is long but fit looking. face is rather different, in which her eyes are bigger, yellow, nose is more small. Breasts are much busty. Skin is of a pale purple-ivory. Hair is red with black tips, wavy and everywhere. Very beautiful. Her armor is black, and forms claw-like armor over breasts, a cup over groin area. Arms look like they are made out of the armor. Horns swirl from her hair.

    Personality: Comes off as innocent, shy, and quite goofy. Because of her lack of knowing humans she watches a lot of movies (which in cases makes her say movie punch lines here and there, except she messes them up ex. instead of "That was a piece of cake" it'd be "That was a piece of pie!"). She does go in and out with determination, though she gets confused at times when to be aggressive since demons are naturally aggressive with situations.

    Bio: Monora (Or better known as Exciler) was born within the subconscious realm, a place between Limbo and death. Best called the '4th Level'. Exciler was destined to be a reaper and take the lives of those that were destined to die and lead them to their unfinished business (i.e lead them to the 4th Level to haunt the living) She was also given the task to eat those that have haunted the living for too long. The duties of a demon. Monora has heard of the life of the living, wanting to be human, and not thinking of the consequences of leaving her fate she inhabited the body a girl. Through the years she has lived a human, and soon got a job as an investigator.


    There we go! Your turn Clock. :]
  2. Name: Blair Lahndin

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Occupation: Paranormal Investigator; partner: Monora

    Appearance: About 5"6' and 105lbs. She has short, straight black hair, though she often spikes it up. Her eyes are a dark blue colour. Shr has very light freckles on her cheeks, hardly noticeable unless looked at closely. She prefers wearing leather jackets, dark jeans, studded belts and tank tops.

    Personality: An eccentric young person when not on a hunt. When she's hunting, though, she's very serious and in a dark-ish mood. She always takes her job seriously, despite the fact that people make fun of her for it.

    History: Blair was born into a lower class family, somewhere in Colorado. She had always been interested in paranormalities, especially since she was convinced that her house was haunted. As she grew, instead of growing out of the phase she went deeper into it. By her Senior year in highschool, Blair had investigated every area in her town that was said to have spirits or hauntings. Luckily, she wasn't disappointed, in one case at least. Having found evidence of a horrifying murder that took place on the land where a family lived.

    She began studying ways to get rid of hauntings and other such things. Eventually, she officially became a paranormal investigator. She hasn't been out of a job, especially since she took on a partner.


    Blair walked into her small apartment/"office" where Monora was already waiting for her. Even though they got nice sums of money for the jobs they did, Blair still liked going out to bartend at a club for a day or two a week. She didn't get an official pay check, but she did get to keep the tips which was enough just in case they needed a little extra money.

    She sat down, pulling out a cigarette. Blair stuck it in her mouth, but didn't light it. "So, did we get any calls while I was out?" she asked Monora.

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  3. (I actually like the fact Blair is more..Masculine? I dunno ^^ I like it either way and it's cute)

    Burnt toast filled the air while Monora surprisingly in all calm haste was frying eggs. Monora was wearing an apron, along with a turtle neck, and worn jeans. She was at the thrift store again, noticing lots with low income part take going there (although she had the money to spend). Monora herd her partner, Blair, walk into their apartment. Monora greeted to her before she sat down. Eyes warily, and trying to pay attention to the already partially over cooked eggs. She heard her long time companion light a cigarette, ears vibrated with each sound Blair made, sonic hearing got the best of her.

    "Uhhhmm.." she pondered quietly while getting a flat spatula and dishing up the eggs onto two plates. She soon forgot about the question and played the idea of her meal. She smiles, in hopes Blair is more-so surprised at her attempt to cook. She walks out of the kitchen into the living room, eggs, bacon, and toast on each plate. Without answering Blair's question she placed it in front of her. "See, I tried to cook! Take a bite!" she held her hands close to her chest, watching intently at Blair, almost begging for her to take a bite.
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    Blair smiled. "A wonderful attempt," she said, taking a bite. She smiled kindly at her friend as she swallowed. "I really like the bacon," Blair mentioned as she ate. She motioned for Monora to sit as well. "Don't just stand there, go ahead and eat too!"

    After she was done, her cellphone rang with the familiar voice of the Family Force 5. "Hello?" she answered. She stayed quiet for a moment, before she hung up. "Well, it would seem that we've got a job to do," she said, smiling.
  5. Menora bowed with no out of ordinary politeness. And sat. She ate the meal she had cooked, not minding the taste. She gulped down the last bits of the bacon, rough down her throat but did not care. Her senses twitched, and she could hear the phone ring before it even began. Alertness on Blair as she answered... Silence fell upon her as she watched Blair hang up.

    Menora's blank, patient face turned into a smile; she figured it was the okay moment to do so. She soon enough put her apron away, folded neatly on to the table. She got her bags, humming a tone she heard on the radio, as quant and normal it seemed these things happened. Although there was a huge possibility there were going to be dead bodies. It never really fizzed on her. She placed the sack over her shoulder and proceeded to the door, her partner waiting.

    Menora with an innocent look on her face asked "What happened now?" she almost felt herself twitch, because she knew what had happened. But, she figured, being curious was the most likely hood at this point, though felt a bit weird, since she felt she should have known. Someong either died from 'paranormal' activity, or 'haunting' has occurred. She still kept herself coi and interested to her partner.
  6. Blair began packing her supplies. A cross, a few guns (with salt-bullets, because salt hurts ghosts), as well as a crow-bar.

    She but her backpack on and waited by the door.

    The two women walked out and to Blair's car. Blair explained the situation along the way. "Same ol', same ol'. Some family moved into a new house, kids complain about noises and shadows, as do the parents. The wife is convinced there are ghosts."

    Blair smiled, "Let's check this out, it could just be their imaginations."
  7. Menora agreed and carried on with Blair. Menora jumped into the front seat, clicking the seat belt, and gliding hands over lap, awaiting to their destination. Menora sighed and went back to self thought.

    "So... They've inhabited a area much closer... This must be a sign."
    Menora looked out her fogged window and sighed for a heavy pause.

    "Why can't they leave me alone... If it wasn't for them I wouldn't feel so inclined to be at this...'job'...But."

    She looked over to Blain, not driving and focusing on the road. She blinked and slowly looked back out her window.

    "I care about this human... Maybe because they are the most intriguing..But maybe I'm feeling feelings I never had before... I don't know the word
    for it.. But..It's there anyways."

  8. Blair turned to her partner. "What's with that look?" she asked. "You look so depressed." Blair smiled a little. "We've been getting a lot of jobs lately, I know, but I'm sure we'll get a break soon."

    Though, she hoped Menora couldn't tell, she didn't necessarily believe what she said. She wanted to believe it, but... There had been so many jobs for them lately, Blair couldn't help but think that something big was going to happen soon. Thongs were starting to strike closer to home lately too, that made Blair quite uneasy. She didn't want Menora to know though, Blair liked being an assuring friend.

    She sighed a little, they hadn't been driving for more than five minutes and they were already near their destination. That was scary, Blair would admit. She still remembered a time when they had to go out of town, out of state even, to get to their job. Now, they didn't even have to get out of their neighborhood.