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  1. looking for a group conversation Roleplay with a few people (as many as I decide is needed) for a roleplay that involves several furry characters (Werewolves, nekos, ect.) banding together to wander the world looking for a place where they can be accepted for what/who they are. I need at least 1 male (Besides myself) and at least 2 females. I also need at least 2 people to serve as the antagonists, the people who try to ruin the plans of the protagonists. Feel free to ask if you need to know any extra details through the contacts. If you apply (which you do through commenting to this post) and I accept you, I will leave a post on your profile notifying you that you will be in the roleplay/invite you to the conversation.
  2. I'll give it a shot =) I haven't done anything involving furries in a while.
  3. Hmm furries and adventure/quest, I wanna be in it.
  4. OK give me character sheets and I'll see if they will fit into what I'm trying to do.
  5. What do we need for the CS?
  6. Name, age, general build (Hair, eyes, muscular/obeise, ect.), personality, background/bio, and pic of character for reference.
  7. Name: Lucia

    Age: 24

    Species: Lynx shifter

    General build: She has long black hair and has large crystal blue eyes. Lucia has a very slender body and a small frame.

    Personality: Lucia is calculative, observant and very attentive. But she has little trust in people and will stay quite reclusive.

    Bio: Her parents gave up to be adopted since they never found a place where they were excepted. While Lucia was adopted she never really fit anywhere. At school she was attack by a bunch of kids and instinctively turned into a lynx in order to protect herself. The principle didn't expel her since news media would ruin the schools good name. So she was removed from class and was sat by herself, kids found her odd for being a lynx instead of human. A lot of people thought it was a betrayal from the school to allow a wild animal as a student. As time went on she faced rejection and hatred from a lot of people, causing her to become quite reclusive. Lucia honestly didn't think there was a place for her kind, but her adoptive family told her it was better to try. By time she was able to leave her adoptive families home she decided to venture out in search of place to call home.

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  8. What kinds of werewolves are they if that's what we choose?
  9. oh oh oh I want to be an antagonist! *raises hand and waves it around*
  10. You have to make a character sheet and post it in the comments. also upload an image with the character sheet .
  11. Modern times. Also you did not list what species she is. She can't be human.
  12. Lycans: Can transform on command and have control over their wolf-self.

    Werewolves: Transform only on full moon but cannot control their actions.

    Feral: Stuck in wolf form for life, wolf has complete control.
  13. Well, I meant an example of how they looked. Not sure what you have in mind.
  14. First one is Lycan, Second is werewolf, third is Feral.

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  15. Okay, was just getting that cleared up so I didn't make assumptions.
  16. Alright. Well hurry up and make a character sheet.
  17. Here is my Character sheet

    Name: Maxwell Daniels.
    Age: 22
    Height: 6' 3''
    Weight: 266 Pounds 75% muscle.
    Eyes: Amber yellow/ Slit Iris'
    Hair: Silver
    Species: 'Lycan'

    Bio: Maxwell Is a Werewolf/Lycan Hybrid that was experimented on at a very young age. This was because his parents had no idea what they were. His mother was a Lycan and his father a Werewolf (But because of a silver bullet wedged in his shoulder, he never turned). He was released from experimentation after the government shut down the facility where the experiments took place. But even though he was released, Maxwell did not live a normal life. Upon release, the scientists branded his left shoulder with a mark that indicated he was 'diseased'. This led to him being forcibly separated from other kids when he was a child, and forced to attend a private school as a teen. Up till now he worked at the local Library where he stacked books and helped fix the computers when necessary. One day, his boss noticed his branding and fired him from fear of infection. He is now unemployed living in his top floor apartment at a Motel in Ohio.

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