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  1. I'll resume our characters just to have them under our eyes ^^
    Princess (open)
    Name: Cerica (Rica) Auros
    Age: 850 (appears 15-17 to human)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: her left eye is deep green while her right eye is crystal blue
    Polite and gracious, on the surface she is her father's and kingdom's proud and joy. In truth she likes freedom, she is very intelligent and could virtually meet the expectation of a male heir. She's sweet but cynical and almost never take the initiative as she prefere studying who's standing before her.
    Cerica was the King of Heaven's first and only born and as such she was trained in everithing concerning etiquette, knowledge and arts. Her father and mother were proud of her achievements in those areas and forbid her to learn about politics and fighting. This never really stopped her from studying the first and learning a bit of the second anyway. She had a trusted captain who supported her interest and taught her how to use a spear and a sword but when it came to bows... there was nothing the captain could do... she totally sucked at it.
    She learned to read moods in conversations, decline marriage proposes, smile and be courteous but truth was she hated that from the bottom of her heart. She learned to lie to herself (a princess of Heaven learning to lie) and to others and, worse than worst, everyone fell for it. However, when her father came to announce her official engagement with a prince of Hell never heard of, she decided to cut everything down. Ruining her life lying to herself was a thing but shattering another's was something she wouldn't have done. Never.
    She's very proud of her hair and hates when others touch thembut is totally weak against being petted on her head and having her hair ruffled; being born in Heaven, her singing skills are quite high; she's pretty good in melee fights, firstly with her spear (made out of a 3 sections rod to be easier to tansport) and secondly (quite less skilled) with a long sword. She's completely no good with ranged weapons.

    Prince (open)
    Name:Sora Konike
    Age: 895 years old (looks 16-18)
    Gender: male

    he's a lazy and laid back man who usualy says yes to every thing because it's easier then to argue it out. When he says yes it's for a good reason and he won't change his mind easily, It'd tale you a lot of begging and hounding of him to get him to change his mind. adssumign he doesn't toss his chair at you after the third time you come to ask him. He's violent at times and can be very dangerous when he's in rage. He's childish at times and can be very convincing.

    being ahnded the cown at birth sucks. because he was forced to grow up to fit the role and never had the time to be himself or rather have fun at all. It was when he was old enough to start visiting heaven did he have fun. oh and did he have fun. he'd pull pranks and jokes, act like the kid he wanted to be but couldn't be.
    when he learned he was to marry the princess of heaven he could careless as long as the woman wasn't a raging mad woman. he was ok with it. In the mist of preperations he decided t take a break because being asked the same quesstions every day on end was startign to get to him. so he ran off and has been on earth for the last decade
    He's gpt great combat skills and is excelent with a bow and arrow and knows how to kick serious ass

    Guard 1: The big sister (open)
    Name: Earthia Seras/ Erika Kiriya
    Age: 1898 (25-27 human)
    Gender: Female

    A princess fangirl to the core. She's cheerful, bright and caring. Of course, no one wants to see her mad. She perfect to tend to the house. When the princess asked for her advice she was alla squirm, affirming she should have married only with the one she loved. An uncurable romantic.
    She goes as Cerica's cousin, that's taking care of her instead of her parents. She works (otherwise they wouldn't be able to eat) but refuses to tell what kind work it is. She is a supportive type, meaning she can protect herself but specialize in health and cures. Be it by magic or not she's a very skilled expert.

    Guard 2: The little brother (open)
    Name: Aerion Seras/ Kite Kiriya
    Age: 1298 (18-20 human)
    Gender: Male
    Pretty flirtous and carefree but dedicated to his duty, he's trained in almost every weapon but his favorite style is still a mix of various martial arts, resulting in an iron discipline and willpower. He's overprotective of her older sister.
    He goes as Cerica's older cousin as to protect her in any situation.

    Guard 3: The teacher (open)
    Name: Yul Amaramu
    Age: 1300 (18-20 human)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: the blonde
    he's an laid back easy going guy who know when to party hard and kick ass just as hard, he's a book worm because he spent most of his life in a library with books studying magic and weaponary skills. he and his cousin are preactcly joined at the hip, considering he has to save him most of the time.
    He tought the princess of heaven how to defend her self and along the way started to feel more to her then a friend or even as a teacher

    Guard 4: the teacher cousin (open)
    Name: Ruka Amaramu
    Age: 1350 (18-20 human)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: the burnette
    he may look ucaring but he has a big heart and is quite blunt and curl when he talks. he belives honesty is the right way in life and wont tell a lie no matter what. sadly this leads him to fights and a lot of battles his cousion needs to bail him from
    He's a great sowrdman and a good summoner considering how many fights he gets in too
  2. "SIRE!!!!" king Kyoden looked up, his patience was running short: the castle was on the verge of getting ready for a wedding and every 5 minutes it was: Sire here, Your Highness there. "What now? Did we finish the plates?" the maid bowed deeply: her breath was broken and her voice was trembling "No, your highness... it's the princess... she-she's" "Beautiful in her wedding dress? I know... I had it made by--" "DISAPPEARED!" the king turned pale as he felt his arms falling on his sides "Cerica... why...?" he murmured before shouting "YUL! RUKA!" it would have been a long night: a search party to instruct; a kingdom to shut up, thanks to a certain maid screaming in the middle of the ballroom; a queen's tears to stop; a Hell to quiet down... 'Why me? Why now?' he thought massaging his eyes. How could his trusted daughter do something like that?
    "So you set everything, right, Earthia?" asked the princess to her guard. "Yes, Princess Cerica, we already got everything sorted out before our departure". It was Aerion that talked, not his sister. Aerion and Earthia were the princess' most trusted guards among the '4 Great Guards', and had accepted to help her elope alone when her father, the king, wanted to hook her up with some unknown prince. They decided to escape to the human world, in a country called Japan as it had always fascinated the blond royal girl. The boy continued to explain their roles on Earth and their new names and identities. On the other hand Princess Cerica (or Rika as she was to be called from that day on) was listening closely: she hadn't made an escape just to be cought three days after.

    They were riding something called a 'car' on a street that would have brought them to their new house. She was to attend school, with Aerion (or Kite), while Earthia (or Erika) was to be their guardian, getting a job and tending to the house. She was finally on the verge of being free... she wouldn't have lost such a chance.​
  3. he slept on gingerly in his warm cozy bed. He'd been here on earth for a few years now doing the whole school rutine. It was a lot diffrent then being home schooled by tutors and no real people to talk to. He loved it! and the added bouns that no one knows who he is was the best part! on one to set any expections he couldn't reach but him. no one to tell him what to realy do and no one to boss him around. He felt free! of course he still had paper work to do, he was the king of hell after all, He'd get his pals back in hell to send it to him, because honestly human work was a lot easier then hell work. Much easier. The only thing that bugged him a little was the fact that he was in a marrage alligance with heavens princess. He'd met the girl before but he knew she wouldn't remember him teh way he remembred her. AFter all they'd played together for a while when ever he visited heaven. They'd played pranks and jokes on the gaurds and nobels. yes child hood was a blast till the crown is shoved in your face and you're no longer a kid but a king.
    (I thought I would control the siblings)
  4. The three got to the new house in the late morning: a modest one compared to the palace. But still Rika liked it pretty much: it was a cute two floors house,with bedrooms on the upper floor one for each of them. "I could just sing out of happiness Aeri--- Kite" she said excited just before barging in. It already had furniture set up, and in her room there was an uniform on the bed and some clothes already in her closet. Rika stared at the uniform: why was the skirt so short? Didn't human girls have any shame? "Eart... no, Erika... do I really have to wear something so revealing? It's embarassing!" she said loudly before starting getting downstairs "Do I really need to put it on?"
    "Sire, we couldn't find the princess in town, we've sent search parties in every corner of the kingdom but it will take time" announced Yul once he knelt before the king. His mind was working without break: where could she be? Why didn't she inform him? Was he really that unreliable? 'Why couldn't you trust me more, MY princess?' "Make it faster, Yul. Hell won't wait forever." The blond guard got out from the king's chamber and rejoined his cousin. "Ruka it seems we have to hurry!" said the boy cheerfully "Of course." said Ruka in a quiet tone 'You're so easy to read Yul...' added he in his mind.​
  5. A few years later~
    "my cute princess!" he smiled as he jumped Rica the moment she set foot on school property, his arms wrapped around her shoulders and nuzzled his face in to her hair happily like a crazy cat. "I missed you so much last night!" he said tears falling down his eyes "why'd you leave me in the middle of the mall so lonely and isolated!" he cried out dramiticly.
  6. "Sora..." she said closing her locker and putting on her indoor shoes "I'm not a princess and more than that I'm NOT yours... how many times do I have to tell you? And I didn't abandone you, right? I was called home by an emergency..." she sighed. She was used to her clingy self and in truth she was surprised by her actions at first but in the end she just became a clingy cat... Not that she didn't like it... 'I mean... she IS cute and all but...' she thought blushing lightly before noticing she was still with his head in her hair "Sora... would you please stop clinging to me and leave my hair alone? It's disgusting, you seem an old pervy man..."
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  7. (you forgot he's crossdressing as a girl didn't you?)
    He gasped dramticly looking at her fake tears in his eyes "you wound me my dear! how can you say this to me!" placing his hands over his chest "you wound me so my sweet, were bound by the red line of fate after all!"
    He'd do this every few days to her just to mess with her as well as the usual clingly antics of a crazy cat as the human fans of his called him. He was a crazy cat and Rica the cat lady because Sora acted like a cat and clung to her at every chance he had. too bad his fans would never know he was a dude and not a girl
  8. Rica sighed and stroke Sora's hair with a defeted glance "Yes, yes. Good girl Sora. Now, be a bit less shameless and don't cling on me... you'll never find a boyfrined like this..." the girl yawned graciously, covering her mouth with her hand. She wasn't trying to be noble but her upbringing showed from time to time in little details but no one ever focused on it too much. She yawned because lately she discovered Heaven's situation: it was not good and it saddened her seing her kingdom freak out... more than that, her father almost finished searching for her in every corner of the land and, of course he would send Yul and Ruka to search for her on Human land and they knew all too well her love for Japan... just how much time did she have to enjoy herself with Erika, Kite and Sora? On a whim she hugged Sora 'Please father, just a bit more. I wan't to experience a lot more than what I am now. I want to...' she thought in his/her arms
  9. "Yay! you still love me!" he squealed hugging her happily as she patted his head "I don't want a boy friend thought I want you!" he pouted childishly as the girls around them went crazy with gasps and sighs of bliss
    'humans...I'll never understand their craziness' he thought watching them from the corner of his eye as they gasped and giggled about how cute the two of them were. 'wonder what they'll do when they find out I'm a boy?' he thought darkly, 'how much fun would that be?' He gave a small evil smile as he held Rica. He knew who she was and knew her father was going to bust a vein over her runnign away but heck it was fun to watch him run around like a mad man, he was
  10. Rica was a bit surprised by Sora's words and reprimanded her "Sora... you shouldn't talk like that" she broke the hug "you'll eventually have to..." wwho was she talking about? Sora? Herself? She sure knew that eventually she would have been brought back on Heaven and forced to marry her fiancée but... no, she had to hang in there, she couldn't start thinking gloomy thoughts in front of Sora "...even if it will be sooooooo difficult to find one... flat as you are that is" she added in a cheerful tone showing her tongue. Freya made a twirl on her heels, letting her long blonde hair move around her and walked toward the classroom. "Girls, I hope you'll have a good day"
  11. "why~" he wined as she pushed him away "I'm perfectly happy cuddling up with you at night!" he cooed rubbing his head against hers happily while the girls around them kept gushing and giggling like mad "besides boys are idiots, who needs them when you have a perfect woman like you to be with!" He'd never tell that to her in person as who he really is. He knew what she was like after all they'd spent part of their childhood terrorizing the royal courts of heaven when ever he visited. She did't seem to remember or even bring him up. It saddened him a little but what could he do?
  12. "Have you grown taller Sora? How come you grow taller by the day?" she chuckled covering her mouth and yawned again. With her father's matter she stopped sleeping regularly than, Sora said something about boys being stupid "You may be right, even if I don't have much interaction experience with them... there were just my Roya... childhood friends but we never played together..." really, all her experience with guys was the one with her guards and they were almost just big brothers to her. Still... she felt something was missing... something that could seem trivial but... she remembered being a sort of a scampbut she couldn't remember her playmate... more than that: was there ever a mate? "If we had met when we were child I bet we would have done a lot of teasings to the adults, don't you think so?" she said looking cheerfully at Sora.
  13. "of course not silly! I'm the same height as you!" he pouted "but...I did get new shoes so that's why you think I'm taller when I just put on taller shoes" he giggled. He was natural taller then her but a simple glamour charm on his ear ring made him look the same size as he looked at her yawn again "you getting enough sleep love?" he asked a little worried about her sleeping habits
    'so she has something but almost nothing?' he thought as she brought up their childhood antics in heavens courts "I'd assume so my dear thought I think I would have done most of it and you just made them happen" he chuckled. It was partly true. they'd plan together then he'd go off to get the things while she'd go find and arrange the space secretly. No one knew it was them! that was the funniest parts with the way the adults had said how'd they would beat the sense in to them. Yes you'd beat the sense in to the prince of hell and the only princess of heaven? Over their dead bodies! They'd spend hours laughing at them afterwards before he'd be dragged back to hell to do princely things.
  14. She smiled and gently caressed Sora's cheek with the back of her hand "Oh yes my dear... I've been having trouble sleeping as I spend a certain amount of time thinking of you" she leaned to her and kissed her cheek, winking at her as the other girls started squealing and fangirling on some yuri plot they had in mind "We have to feed them something different from time to time, don't we?" she wispered to Sora's ear before walking to the class. "Don't worry, Sora my sleeping habits are nothing you have to concern yourself about." she sure hoped no one decided to attack her on that day as she had to stay late for cleaning duty. She yawned again and stumbled a bit against her friend "Oh, sorry, Sora... It seems I'm sleepier than I thought" she smiled again as she took a step away from her. Of course stumbling like that was ungraceful but it would have given Sora a reason to cling to her more than usual.
    [In another place]​
    "Well then, we have a plan... the princess will be late today. No one will be around we'll get the stupid chick and become RICH! We'll never have to work ever again" "Boss... It's not like we have ever worked" the boss' deep voice vibrated of laughter "That's why I don't intend to start now you idiot! We'll wait for the princess in the yard, she'll be alone. The fool didn't even bring guards with her..." "Boss... when will she get out of that strange building?" "In half a day and we'll strike there." his eyes were glowing of rage and determination and a low laugh played in the cove, followed by his underling's. The princess still had the entire day to be free...
  15. "realy!" he cried out happily like a puppy dog as he wrapped his arms around his waist and wiggled about happily and jumped up when she kissed her, drawing the crowd wild and frantic for their 'love' 'you know we do' he replied quietly as she pulled away and he strightned his uniform quickly and fixed his skirt before he followed her to their next class together, he shared all the same classes as her so it was easy to follow her around and keep an eyes on the gaurds that had brought her to earth, it just made the whole yuri plot much more intense for the crazy humans. "well of course I have to concern over that! after all it is that hot body I'll see sooner or later that's being hurt!" he said with puppy dog eyes at her.He had no idea why they were here but he had a hunch it was to run away from their marriage. Funny she tried to run the hell away from being with him yet here she is on earth messing around with him! Irony! he wondred what she'd do when she learned he was a guy and that he was the king of hell? What then?
  16. "Oh, come on Sora... you know I don't like talking about that sort of things in public" she said in an ashamed voice, covering her face with her hands letting her eyes show between her fingers. She stayed like that a couple of seconds and then, surrounded by all those hateful squirms, she hooked her arm around Sora's and pulling him in class "Come on, sensei's about to come in" she said laughing. Sora's always managed to cheer her up, even when she didn't really feel like smiling. How many days could it last? Morning classes went by whthout her noticing, she just sat on her desk, near the window, and looked out of it. She didn't even hear the break ring. Should someone call out to her, she wouldn't notice, until something was done to get her out of thoughts, of course.
  17. "you shouldn't be like that!" he cooed at her before she dragged him to class "bye bye my fans!" he waved to the crowd they left as they squeeled and parted for their own classes. He got in class and took his seat next to her's, He wasn't even paying attention after all he knew all this already and a lot better then the teachers too. he'd make a mistake here and there to seem normal but he could easily get 100% if he didn't, sadly it'd ruin his cover of being a honors student and not a scholoship student. there were more honors students then sholars after all. If he was going to hide why not in the largest gropu of students. add in his fienances ID and love intrest in it and no one would suspect a thing!

    Morning classes wizzed by with him sleeping under a special spell. it was built in to his necklace so he could sleep, after all he had work from hell to deal with and that tended to take a lot out of him. He'd wake at the end of each class and then go back to sleep soon lunch came and he was hungry, getting up he looked to the princess who was staring out in daze. Smiling evily he looked at her and flooped on to her desk and rolled over like a dog
    "honey!" he said wiggling on the desk
  18. "Honey" she said, but somehow Rica wasn't paying attention and that single word didn't get through, she was thinking to a lot of things, even important ones... would she still be married to the prince? Would he hate her and use her just to make a heir pop up so to throw her away? She never knew the prince personality and her father never showed her a picture he just said he was older (how much was a mystery). She found herself thinking back to her lessons, she missed Yul and his classes but she knew she couldn't trust him with this sort of escape. Yul and his cousin were appointed by her father to protect her while Aerion and Earthia were chosen by her. Her eyes turned sweet as from her lips escaped a low "Yul... uh?".
  19. "I'm hurt honey!" he said gasping in shock as he heard Yul's name from his lips" how could you do this to me my love! I thought we had somthing!" he cried dramitcly as the girls gasped and squeeled at what they saw before them
    "OMG Love afair!" on girl squeeled
    "I have to post this!" snother added pulling out her cell to post
    "AHHH! Sora! your soo cool!"
    "have I done somthign wrong to make you look back the way you came?" he asked with puppy dog eyes
  20. Rica was brought back by Sora's hurt voice "Uhm? What?" she needed just few seconds to understand the situation "Oh, Sora, I'm sorry... He's..." nope... she couldn't saywho Yul was... and she didn't even want to lie to anyone. "Just someone I don't get in touch with since the day I transferred... that's all" she looked around her and grasped the atmosphere "I'm not being unfaithful Sora... you have to believe me!" she said in a desperate voice. That was a game. They both knew it, but it helped keeping the guys away from her. After all she WAS engaged. "You're hungry, right? today I brought my special bento... do you want to eat it together on the roof?"