Running from an Army

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  1. Conrad glanced around him as he strode down the hall, his emerald eyes studying the architecture around him. He bore no armor nor helmet, but instead wore simple garments and had his dirty blonde hair cut short. A short sword stayed inside its sheath hooked to his belt on his left side. Conrad could also feel his silver necklace silently bouncing against the skin on his chest. The necklace held special meaning to many, the symbol on it showing that was he a member of the Guardians. The Guardians were the elite, the ones talked of in the stories. Of course, Conrad was still an apprentice in the order since he was still just barely under the age of adulthood. Under normal circumstances he'd be training, but since the neighboring nation Torus had declared war on their nation Valor he was needed to put his training to use.

    Being inside a besieged city was a bit different than what he expected. As none of the gates had been breached yet it was almost a waiting game, but Conrad figured an assault would come soon. The Torus nation wouldn't wait for much longer. Hopefully, they'd be able to hold off any attacks until a friendly army could come by, but they hadn't had much word for days now.
  2. "Of the three guarded border cities, they had to attack this one!" One of the older Guardians complained loudly. His graying hair was cut short in the standard fashion, but stuck up everywhere. The initial assault which had set the city under siege had killed about half of her guards outright, and another half of those remaining were rendered unable to fight.

    The princess sat beside the window of the old castle, staring out at the soldiers marching towards the city walls at the border between the two nations. What hope of escape was there for anyone in this city? She thought to herself as she was pulled away from the windows. A great fuss was made and the four remaining guards could come to no agreement about what was to be done in their current predicament. So they simply sat there like lambs for the slaughter, waiting for the moment when they could escape the besieged city and retreat to the capitol.
  3. Conrad perked up as he heard sudden shouts echoing down the hall. It was clearly several soldiers, and they were coming towards him. "What's the situation?" Conrad asked one of the passing soldiers. He barely caught a response but only needed to here the word "breached" to understand the problem. Conrad's eyes widened. Already? More soldiers running past basically confirmed it for him.

    "The wall's been breached!" Several shouted. "Hurry!" Conrad wasn't sure what to do. He would be defending the breach, yet he felt that he needed to warn his master and probably ask his council too. After looking back and forth for a few moments, Conrad finally decided and ran in the opposite direction of the soldiers. Master Brim would know what to do.

    After hurriedly asking other soldiers and civilians on where his master could be, Conrad found himself in the main castle heading up the stairs. "Master Brim!" Conrad shouted as he opened up the doors and looking towards the gray-haired Guardian. "The Torans have breached the North Gate, what-" Conrad noticed the princess over near the window. Really? Brim was placed on guard duty? Conrad hadn't seen him for all the time in the city, so he had to have been. "What should we do?"
  4. Brim stormed over to Conrad furiously. "Where in Hell's name have you been!" He grabbed the boy by the collar and pointed to the princess. "You were supposed to be right behind her! And look what happened!"

    Suddenly, the princess came from behind the old man. "Master Brim, none of this was any of his fault." Her voice was soft and gentle, strung with a calm air that quieted the room. Her blonde hair had been released from its royal braid and hung freely about her shoulders. The gowns had been replaced with a commoners dress.

    "But My Lady Seraphine..." He began, but she just gave him a look and slowly lowered his hands off of the boy.
  5. Conrad regretted finding his master right at the moment the man grabbed him by the collar. "I didn't-" Conrad stammered in protest. "I didn't know that-" Fortunately, the princess had come to his aid and he stepped back as Brim's grip loosened.

    "I don't know if they're going to able to hold the gate. From what I heard it was a surprise and the majority of soldiers were pulled to defend the gate," he gave his report quickly, then bent down to breath from sprinting for so long.
  6. "You did what you thought was right... Conrad is it?" She gave a small curtsy and smiled. "Thank you." She turned to Brim, quickly losing the grin. "Now Guardmaster Brim, I'm not a military expert, but I know we can't stay here much longer."

    She turned and gazed out the window at the approaching troops, filling through the heavy iron gates and into the city below. "What do you say we do, Conrad?"
  7. Conrad gave a small nod as inclination to his to the princess. The Guardian gave a look out the window and gave a chilled breath. "The gate's been breached but I think they still have time to hold for a while. If we're lucky we can hold it, but if not..." he turned back to the princess. "We'll need to get you out of here. Something we've should've done anyway. Problem is how..." Conrad leaned against the wall, contemplating what to do. "Horses wouldn't work, and any exits are covered." Conrad looked up and over at the princess. "Do you know of any secret underground passages? That could be our way out."
  8. "I was not notified of any when I arrived. Luckily, I like to do my own snooping." She had drawn a crude map of the lower levels of the castle. "Fortunately, there's an old route to a nearby pass through the hills. It won't be easy, but there's a chance that they don't know it exists." She had drawn a large circle around the entrance to the tunnels. She looked up from the map and directly at Conrad. "Either way, we don't have much time. A large group of guards would be too conspicuous, and none of the other Guardians are fit to make the journey. You are the Royal hope, but we must leave immediately."
  9. Conrad looked at the princess with a questioning look. "Me? I don't..." Conrad looked over at the other Guardians, seeing he really could be the only one. "I...I'll make sure to get you to safety my lady," Conrad pledged, giving a slight bow. "And yes, we need to leave soon. Brim," Conrad turned to his master. "You were a great teacher." He gave a bow of respect then opened the door for the princess, giving a nod for them to go. He wouldn't ever see his master again, but right now he shouldn't be focusing on that.
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