Running for our Lives

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    Running For Our Lives

    The crumbling of the leaves beneath our feet was nothing but a whisper compared to our beating hearts. The speed we were going was scary in the dead of night. Our lungs were screaming at us to catch more breath, and the cuts we had were stinging as we ran through branches. How did we end up here?


    Running for our lives, is a modern roleplay, it's about a group of teens who developed a million dollar website. They were still in high school and famous among thousands for developing "The Writer." Just a small connection place at first where you made a profile and shared their lives together. That's when it started taking off and they soon had millions upon millions of people logging in everyday and the money from the ad revenue was pouring in. They didn't know what to do and with advice from parents they split the money between all of them and stayed close to one another. Although with that much money can friendship stay together, fights broke out between everyone and there was a huge legal fight about who should get the website. Until you all disappeared, nobody seemed to notice as the website ran fine and money kept pouring equally people just thought you all dropped the case. They were wrong you were running for your life.


    People are chasing you and trying to kill you for the website, you and your friends are banding together again in hiding and trying to become safe.
    Are you interested? Post below!


    1. All Iwaku rules apply
    2. Arguments in IC are fine but not in OOC
    3. I want everyones opinion so comment anything!
    4. Posting speed should be once every three days
    5. Posting length should be at Least a paragraph or two.


    If you want to fill out a character sheet go ahead!
    (I'm going to be making these looks like webpages so answer these like your character.

    Picture here

    Name -
    Age -
    Gender -
    Location - Take place in Pocono Summit, PA.

    Eye Color -
    Hair Color -
    Fashion Style -
    Hair Style -

    Write anything you want in this tab! -

    Current Status -
    Life Moments -

    Photo -


    Not part of the webpage aspect

    History -
    Personality -
    Sexuality -
    Relationships -


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  2. Hmmm... I like it :)
  3. Awesome! Any questions? Concerns? Anything haha

    Also the sample webpage is up I'm still working on it and everything but that's the gist of what I'm going to turn everyone's CS into.
  4. Count me in! This sounds like an interesting plot. c:​
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  5. I would say one or two more people and then I'll make and OOC. If you know anyone who'd be interested tag 'em :)
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  6. I like this, im in^^
  7. All sounds great by me and the CS looks good :) I was curious to know should we keep our character's between Junior's and Senior's to allow them to have the experience behind them to write life experiences and such?
  9. Snagged you two more :)
  10. Just to put it here

    Face Claim: Lauren Jauregui
  11. Might as well put mine up real quick

    Faceclaim: Emma Watson
  12. Yes, a thousand times yes xD

    Face claim: Acacia Clark
  13. I scored three! All my darlings are here!
  14. Do need some guys perhaps..?
  15. I would say yeah juniors and seniors, that they developed the site two years ago. That way it's believeable that it has had some time to grow!

    I'll be making the OOC tonight :)
  16. So when is the OOC coming up?
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