Running Away Again?



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\The Land of the Lumen is ruled by the Dao's, a royal family that said to have communicated with the stars to bring them peace. This power has been grated to each generation to the next. Before the ceremony, it is tradition to be married. Cecilia, only at the age of 18, is supposed to get married. However, she wasn't the type of children who obey their elders, she wanted to go her own way. Cecilia often attempted to escape the castle. But every time she did so, the elders would send more guards to get her back. Now, it reaches close to her 19th birthday...

"Your highness...the prince wishes to see you..."

She sighed, "Send him in then. This better be good.."
"A brilliant stroke of luck this is, eh, Alexis?" Melissa smirked as she adjusted Alexis' coat. "We came at just the right place and the right time, and here we are, with all the resources of Lumen at our disposal, and you have to do is marry a princess. How easy is that?"

For many years, the nation of Sierria had been trying to gain control of the Land of Lumen through trade and diplomacy, while keeping thier rival of Marinia at bay. A hundred years ago, Sierria almost had Lumen, but then Sierria was the seat of the vast Sunlit Realm, of which Marinia was a part of. Then came the Revolution, and the Sunlit Realm broke apart with Sierria and Marinia once again at each other's throats. The two countries fiercely competed for trade rights with Lumen, even going to war with each other on several occasions. The Land of Lumen merely sat back and watched, refusing to pick sides. Finally, Alexis' mother the High Queen of the Sunlit Realm (or what was left of it) sent another ambassador to Lumen, and this one came back with a proposal: Lumen would trade with Sierria, if Alexis would marry the princess Cecilia. And why not? Alexis was 18, and he'd need a consort when he finally rose to assume his mother's throne. And he'd be doing his people a great service.

"Not as easy as it might sound, my friend," Alexis replied, patting his dear friend, servant, counsiler, and bodyguard on the shoulder. "I hear she's a wild one."

"Lovely! Then I'm sure she'll love Sierria then."

"I mean, she's unpredictable, bold, and clever. Did you know she's tried to run away on multiple occasions?"

"Well, I'm sure you'll snag her with your charms."

"You flatter me. You're not being cynical, are you?"

"No sir. I mean it. Go in there, and show her what a gentleman you can be."

Alexis took a deep breath and entered the princess' chambers. He put on a cheerful smile, and held himself with a proud, princely bearing. "Good evening, Princess," he said. "I hope I'm not intruding on anything."
"No, you're interrupting my quiet time. I bet you're here to ask for my hand in marriage, correct? If so, then leave. Cause I am NOT marrying you."

She picked up the closest thing to her, a pillow, and threw it at Prince Alexis. One of her servants rushed into the room.

"Ah! Is everything going well?"
Alexis chuckled lightly, and dodged the pillow. Cecilia was indeed a feisty little girl. Alexis waved the servant away. "Asking for your hand in marriage would be a nice touch, but that's only a formality at this point," Alexis said dismissively. "You and I both know we have to marry each other. We have no other choice. Trust me, I'm a little bummed out too, but I thought seeing as we're both stuck with each other, we'd best start getting to know each other." He stepped forward and put a hand on her shoulder. "I want to know what sort of person I'll be waking up next to for the rest of my life."
Cecilia flicked his hand off her shoulder. Feeling as if Alexis was still untrustworthy, she asked him, "Do you really have no other choice?" Giving him an unwanted stare she spoke once again. "Do you have to listen to what everyone tells you to do? Aren't you sick and tired of it? Have you ever thought you were used for other's selfish desires?" Suddenly, she stood up and walked toward the barred window.
Alexis paused for a moment. Cecilia did have a point. After all, even his mother, the most powerful woman in all Sierria - if not the world - still bent to the will of the Sierrian Legislature and the people. It was because of them Alexis was in this fine mess, marrying a girl he'd only just met, and who obviously wasn't thrilled by the idea.

"It's not about what we want, but what's best for our people," Alexis explained. "Your people want to perform thier pagan star ritual thing for peace because - I guess - it will ensure another generation of peace and prosperity. My people want to forge a trade alliance that's legally recognized so we can avoid conflict with Marinia. We are the keys to both plans, and we can't obstruct them because we want to be free-spirited and independant."
Cecilia hated how he had another good point. She wondered why she can never win anything?

"Then what about afterwards? You still going to let your mother tell you what to do? As for me, I'd marry, do the ritual, then divorce if my husband isn't willing to speak his mind afterwards."
Alexis felt his hand twitch with anger. His mother was just as enthusiastic as he was about this. She just wanted that treaty, and thought it would be convenient to take care of her son's marital problems at the same time. Still, some of it did seep out.

"Afterwards, I'd find a way to ensure that I don't become the first High King to have his wife divorce him whilst trying to sire a daughter or son."
The thought of this made Cecilia want to cry. Was her future really set out for her? Was there no possible way to change it? She formed a fist and aimed to hit Alexis. Just before she made any impact, she froze and broke down crying.

"Why...its never fair.."
Alexis felt his anger abate. He approached the princess, and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Look," he said in a soft gentle voice. "Sometimes the gods - or whatever you worship - do things that might not seem fair at the time they happen. We just have to make the best of them. I know you just as well as you know me, and I'm just as nervious as you probably are. I'm sure once we really get to know each other, we'll really feel like husband and wife. This is just a little bump in the road." As he comforted her, he crouched a bit, leaving his crotch vulnerable.
Cecilia looked up and wiped her tears aside. She looked straight into Alexis' eyes.

"Fine...but before we marry, you better prove yourself worthy for me. Got it? And then if we get married, I want to leave the palace and explore the lands. I'd rather not die out of boredom."

A knock was sounded and doors were pushed open. A maid popped her head out.

"Ah...excuse me? Not to interrupt anything's time for the Princess Cecilia's ballroom practice.."
"Of course," Alexis said with a gentle, genuine smile. "We'll have plenty of time to explore the lands outside the capital - together." That was true. Alexis still had at least 20 years left before he fully assumed his mother's throne, and he intended to use that time to fully get to know his land and people. He could also use that time to meet his new queen. The maid startled him.

"It's okay," he said with a broad smile. "We were just wrapping up here." He gently patted Cecilia on the back.