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  1. It's amazing how quickly the ones you trust can be the ones who turn against you.

    In the year 2012 a group of spies and assassins were put together by the U.S government. It worked out well until 2017 when the organization started questioning the government and started gathering information from their own government.

    Eventually the government found out and started killing the agents one by one. There are only two agents left and now they are hiddenand plotting revenge against the people coming to kill them

    Aragón sat in a small café waiting to meet the other agent that had evaded the government. He wore a black hoodie with his hood casting a shadow over his face. His time running from the government had helped him become a ghost. As far as anyone else knew, he didn't exist and he liked it that way
  2. There were two kinds of people when it came to running. There were the naturally stealthy, staying out of sight and off the radar, and there were those who hid in plain sight. It's really hard to kill someone with an audience.

    At least that had been her theory. Being a spy on the run for months now, she hadn't quite accustomed herself to the life she had been thrown into. The group that had once existed had been whittled down to only two. A spy and an assassin.

    Her former methods of living in large cities and not guarding her movements, letting the government play cat and mouse as she bounced from place to place had come to a halt upon meeting up with Aragòn. Their meeting place was a café, small and out of the way. She walked rough the door, wearing a leather jacket, a tshirt and jeans. The redhead nodded in the direction of the woman who had called out a greeting from the counter.

    "Hello." She said, occupying the seat across from the only man in the place with his hood up, almost hiding his face entirely.
  3. Aragón pulled his hood down letting the girl see his face. He looked around to ensure that no one had followed her or that anyone was listening to them. His time running from the government had made him paranoid, but that also meant he didn't make small mistakes. He knew how easily they could pick up on his whereabouts, so he stuck to keeping a low profile. He even debated on meeting with this woman in such a public place, but it seemed safe enough. He didn't plan on them being here long though.

    "Hello there, I'm Aragón" he said offering his hand for her to shake. "Nice to meet my counterpart seeing as we are all we've got left."
  4. She studied his features when he removed his hood. While they had been part of the same venture by the government, she had only met two of the other agents, both of which were deceased. So he was new to her, a risk she had determined that she had to take. Allies were few and far between, but they had a common goal here. Survival.

    She took up his offered hand, shaking it before releasing him and relaxing her formerly stiff shoulders. "I'm Kay. It's a pleasure, I guess." She said, making a face. Good with words? She was never going to say she was, it'd be a downright lie. "You picked a rather open place for this meeting." She commented, looking around them. No one here seemed bothered by their existence.
  5. "If you were looking for highly trained field agents I'm pretty sure a café isn't at the top of the list. But then again, can you really hide from an enemy that can be everywhere at once" honestly, Aragón knew that he couldn't hide forever but he sure as hell wad going to do it as long as he could. "Anyway I've got something to show you." Said Aragón as he pulled a small folder from his jacket. Inside was information on the people who had organized their group in the first place. "I'm sure you're familiar with these people." He said as she allowed her to look over the files.
  6. "A valid point, though I'm afraid you may be right. It is truly impossible to hide forever from those with eyes everywhere." Kay hated to admit it, but there was going to come a day where she was cornered, with no where to run. There wasn't a good way to prepare yourself for that, but she had never been one to go down without a fight. She nodded, opening the file and skimming through the images, all people shed seen before. Her recruiter, a man who'd been a task manager. The tech that had been in her ear on more than a few missions. She looked up at him. "I know all of them. But why do they matter?" She asked, unsure of why he'd made a point to bring them up.
  7. Aragón watched Kay go through the files. "We may not have to run forever, just long enough. These people..." he gestures to the files "...are people we need to take out in order to cripple their little group beyond repair. But these people are quite protected, it won't be easy but I'd rather die fighting than playing cat and mouse
  8. His explanation mad everything click, falling together to where it made sense. Of course head have to kill them. It was the only way to make sure they couldn't chase them any longer. "And how do you propose killing people that are sure to me heavily guarded?" She asked, brows quirking upward. Sure, he had been as assassin, but didn't that mean they knew his ways?
  9. "That part, isn't exactly clear yet. But I know we have the means and capabilities of doing so. I mean, we have been able to hide from them; maybe it's time we strike from the shadows
  10. "Simple enough. But that would mean someone has to be bait. I haven't seen a single official around here for days." She commented, wondering if it had been the same for him. Striking from the shadows would be great in theory, but if those people weren't out looking for her, killing up the chain of command could grow problematic.
  11. "Well no plan is going to be perfect, but we can't exactly sit her and wait for them to find us. We are all we've got." Those last words hung in the air as he looked around to make sure they still hadn't drawn any attention
  12. "If you think you can do it without me being picked off in the process, I can be bait. I used to do it, flamboyance is basically second nature to me." She said, figuring that taking time to trust him wasn't exactly a luxury she had. And at least there was a chance of ending it this way.
  13. I'll keep that in mind, but honestly there is no certain way to go about this. There's no protocol, no support. Everything we do will have a consequence good or bad and we just have to do whatever we have to do to bring them down. They know what we know, and they'll stop at nothing to see us dead. As far as they are concerned, we're enemies of the country."

    He knew it was true, but he didn't want to except it. They were an enemy is the eyes of the people he once risked everything for. He gave up his life for his country and now its leaders turned their backs on him.
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    "Protocol was never my strongpoint anyways." She told him with a shrug. "But seriously, being enemies of the country isn't exactly new information. Honestly, if we just dive in, what do we have to lose?" She asked, quirking her brows upwards for a moment.

    Kay was beyond annoyed wight he outcome of her life. She was supposed to be spying, saving the world. Now she was struggling to save herself, and would be almost willing to allow to let a man she barely knew make the calls that would ultimately decide her fate. "So why not just run? Why haven't you landed yourself in Canada or something?" A few of the old group had talked about it, but never gone through with the plan. She just wasn't someone who liked the idea of running from problems, even if there was a chance of it being the only way to survive.
  15. "We can't just dive into this because we are terribly outnumbered, out gunned, and we will be killed before we even get started. Look, I see what you are saying and you do have valid points. I just think we need to strategically plan out their downfall. We have the element of surprise and we need to keep it.

    Aragón knew it wouldn't be easy, but he also knew it was necessary. Sure they could simply run off, but he wouldn't be able to live with himself knowing that he let his fellow agents die in vein. These people were corrupt and he planned to see that they paid for it. This mission was professional, but it was also personal.

    "A man who isn't willing to die for something, isn't fit to live" -MLK
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