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  1. Who's down for some adventures in Lumby?
  2. Oh mah gosh! Runescape is still a thing!?
  3. It's not how you remember it.

    Nostalgia will never make it the way it used to be.
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  4. Fuck yeah it is. 2007scape is dope as hell.
  5. All I remember about Runescape was whacking rats for about an hour.
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  6. Best hour of your life tho
  7. Our definition of best is clearly different.

    Also, only '07? Shit, last time I played that with any repetition was back in '02.
    • Asking mom for credit card so I could be a premo player
    • Leading idiots into the wilds to murder them with my friends
    • 56K connection that dropped if you had a phone call, heaven forbid if you were in the wild
  8. Hey friend, I need your help finishing a quest. Just pick up that wine for me and I'll trade you 1k, I can't do it because of the quest. Just pick up the wine, that's all.
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  9. Quick google search shows they've actually been updating the graphics. Huh.
  10. I first played friggin' Runescape back in grade goddamn 7. It had flat 2D graphics.

    I can't believe it's still around.
  11. It's become a shitty money-grab MMO now, I tested it out a year back.
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  12. I played it. I had a character with like level 90 in almost everything, except for a few things that I never cared to level up in. Then I left runescape for like a year. When I came back I had forgotten my username, password AND lost the hotmail address I used for runescape soooo... I lost everything, and I don't wanna start it all over.

    With that said, I did start it all over o.O But the new graphics were so weird I got bored with it and dropped it immediately. I miss the old runescape. :( I DON'T CARE IF THE GRAPHIC WAS SHITTY, IT WAS BETTER IN SO MANY WAYS!!! (Totally lost in nostalgia)
  13. I've been looking at it over time.

    It's continually downgraded by trying to be a campaign based streamline game.
    All the ability to just go out and wander with friends are gone... or at least doesn't open up until later levels.
  14. My first account was banned. 13 year old Toellner was a grade: A scammer.
  15. I'm tempted to log back in now and just hand off some random noob all my stuff.

    Actually, I'm going to see if I can get a random noob to tell a story.
  16. The exchange rate is so fucked up now, that anything you give a noob might actually be a downgrade.
  17. So Rune armour and weapons to someone fresh off the boat wouldn't be a good party favour?

    What is wrong with this game.
  18. I quit Runescape after they tried to make it all noob-friendly. When I joined, you got that shitty "Newcomer's Map" that showed where the three or four most important F2P cities were, and that's it. t was up to you to learn, explore, whatever. As @Toellner said, it was much more open. Then they introduced that goddamn world map, and a large part of that was gone. Over time they continually changed it to be easier and more streamlined, more intuitive rather than exploration-focused, and it kinda killed the game for me. Sigh. So much nostalgia.
  19. Yeah, it got dumbed down quick.

    Being f2p used to make things hard, I spend entire years leveling my smith and mining, digging up an inventory of ore, walking 10 minutes to the nearest forge, then another 15 to the nearest anvil, then another 5 to the nearest shop to sell them for the minimum amount before going back to the mine.

    Now the GE makes money a redundancy, you can spend a few minutes picking up the ashes from campfires and sell it on the GE, becoming rich in an hour. The things I did for 1K back in the day.... Also, you have teleports fucking everywhaere now, so actually traveling is a thing of the past.

    This kind of relates to my opinion on video games in general, that things have become streamlined for casual play. Things are easier and more suited for "pick-up-and-play" moments. I understand why they do that, but I don't have to like it.
  20. I actually like the GE change.
    It essentially gave us a trading tool that connects us with more people.

    Rather than having to hassle individuals and risk being scammed (there a weird trade glitch some people did to just take your stuff before accepting).
    That and it helps reduce the grinding, which honestly should not be a games highlight. A games highlight should be intuitive stuff like exploration, combat maneuvers, conscious choices. Not repeating the same action 100 times in a row for the same result, that just get's tedious and unengaging.

    For that same reasoning though, I don't like the fast travel anywhere feature.
    That just killed one of the big things about Runescape, traveling and going on adventures with friends.
    Where gaining the ability to teleport somewhere was a giant achievement and not something handed to you right at the start of the game.
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