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Professor Crane

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Alright, Glaze, Vay, and I have made an Iwaku clan. If anyone plays Runescape, or want to join. Post your username here and I'll set you up in game.
I used to have an account a loooong time ago. It has been deleted, probably due to inactivity. I was level 82 and had rune armor and stuff because I was a (Free to play) f2p player. So that brings up a question then. This clan is a Free to Play right?
Yes it is piro, make a new one and help us spread asmo's light
I'd go with TC's light since it's my clan, but I guess I'll settle for Asmo's.
I'm going to.....*moves train of though to the group*
Alright I signed up and the name is Pseudoping.
thats the name i used to go by.

perhaps ill waste my time with runscape once again.

(last time was years ago.....i preached about the "Metallican Gods")
I'll see if im still around, but when i was my guy was Zen_Stockard...
Do we get to troll kids and kill bitches? Oh wait, you can't.
Spread my whut?
Spread my whut?

Oh, you know! *winks*

Now then, back to business, yes? Not gonna lie, when Torsty brought this up (that's right, this is all his fault, HE did it), I just fancied the idea of watching a large pack of crazed role-players run about causing trouble. But then we started playing and I'm all like, "Ho shit, I'm enjoying myself!"

So it looks like we've got 4 people playing so far, and 2 more considering it, which is great! If anybody is up to it I'm sure we could even have some role-playing events around, eh?
Hook me up brotherman

by the way, i need a shitton of coal and iron ores if someone in a high level can supply them.

i needs them to make stuff.

i can give a 60%me 40%supplier funds sharing if i gets the helps.
Oh god this is turning into a runescape thread and I'm liking it.

Back to skipping classes and getting held back it is!
I wonder if I still have my account....
*Needs to remember username/password...*
Ok, my username does exist... So Zen_Stockard it is...
Hook me up... somehow...
I can get the iron, not sure about the coal.... you can pay me in steel armour for the first shiptent, f\and for as many as it takes after that for me to get full steel.
coals what i need.

two coals and an iron get one steel bar. msot fullm steel costs a 2+bars.
<s>I'll pop on and see if a can mine coal quickly.</s>

I'l getting you coal and iron.
i can get the iron i think, its just a fuckton of coal that i need.

oh and you know about banknotes yeah?
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