Runes, clow, tarot or dream readings.

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  1. OK, first we will go over the diffrence of each deck.

    Clow is symbolic kind of deck. Cards are all major and no minor arcana.

    Tarot is the choice of the gypsies, I have their blood in me so using these cards ties me to my ancestors. The pentacles, the sword, the rod and the cups. There are many major and minor arcana. Major arcana starts at the fool and ends at xxi The world.

    Runes: The ones I own are of bloodstone and akin to me and only me. They have the basic places a Tarot card may go and can be backwards too. . I am trying really hard to understand how to utilize these.

    Dreams: Should you have a dream feel free to talk here. Do not be afraid due to petty feelings or morals.

    Come to me with whatever ails you and will be awesome. Anytime you need and this service is completely free.
  2. Ask for the spread you want or tell me how you feel at the moment make sure it's through private message so no one reads them or through skype.