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Rune Factory: Mountains of Rathgin

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Xylime, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. It was a calm Monday morning in Spring, the wildlife that wandered the wooded area could be heard from the narrow dirt path. The Falin Forest was a path rarely traveled to get to Salaem, but today was special. An Earthmate would find herself traversing this very trail on her way to her destined location. A Woolie would cross the path time to time, never stopping to engage the traveler. Though the trees created a thick canopy, the mountains of Rathgin could be seen from the trail through the break in the foliage.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Eventually, the path would open up, revealing a small one-story house with farmland before it. Near the building stood three figures, two women and one man. They held a conversation with one another, an obvious scowl on the Dark Elf's face. "If you don't find an Earthmate soon, you'll have to kiss this village goodbye. The Runeys are vanishing, one by one. You can already see how it's affecting the terrain." The black-haired woman swept her hand to indicate the unfertile earth. "I promise to stay with you until the end, but that end may come sooner than you think." In one graceful motion, the Dark Elf turned and walked away in the direction of the town. The man, who judging by his ears and lacking height was most certainly Dwarven, sighed heavily. He turned to face the remaining woman, who was shorter than him, though not by much. "She's right...but we won't give up!" The glasses-clad woman nodded in response, and the two fully faced the village of Salaem, unaware of anyone who may be nearby.
  2. A young Univir Earthmate wandered the Falin Forest's path with seemingly no destination in mind. Camellia felt a tug at the back of her mind, however, and it was leading her here; she had been following this invisible route ever since she awoke in a stranger's house with her memories wiped. Since then all she had done was make a bee-line for wherever she was headed, stopping to rest only when she desperately needed to. The only things she had for herself were the clothes on her back and her name, which was the only thing that remained of her memory.

    A woolie crossed her path and she paused briefly to watch it disappear into the underbrush before continuing her walk. She felt that she was getting close, perhaps almost there, to where her heart and mind were leading... and just beyond the path's up-rise she saw them: three people that were familiar with the destiny that had led her here. A smile broke her lips and she began to run, waving her right arm wildly in the air.

    "Hey there! Hi!" Camellia shouted, approaching the three and the house they stood outside with passionate fervor. However, upon reaching them, she found she didn't have anything to say, so she just stood there awkwardly before them, still grinning stupidly.
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