Rune Factory: Collapse of the Gates(Group)

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Should we do this in a group?

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  1. Ethelbert had fallen.

    Peace has returned to the Kingdom of Norad, and a new relationship has been established between Norad and The Sechs Empire. It has been generations since the fall of Ethelbert, and his Great Granddaughter takes the thrown. During this time of shifting powers, a strange, and shadowy organization who's intentions are unknown. However, the new queen has other problems to attend to. Large gates have been opening in both Norad, and Sechs. They will not close, and monsters continue to spew forth. These towns have been abandoned for the safety of the people. A border town has been established for those who are in need of a place to stay. Though this town is old, and beaten, it can be easily fixed.

    So this will be a group thing. I will post a link here for those who are interested and want to learn more.

    This will be an Action Fantasy, with a fair amount of romance.
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  2. I have decided to let you guys decide if you want a group rp. So until then, we shall use this for the OOC and sign ups.

    Character Sheet Template
    Note: If you wish to play an Earthmate, please just say so. I will have two Earthmates, MAX


    Age:(How old is your Chacacter. Any age, just know that a little kid may be left out of romance and action as would an older character.)

    Race:(Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Half-Animal can't really think of a name for it...)

    Kingdom:(Sechs, or Norad?)

    Occupation:(What does your character do for the town?)

    Personality:(How does your character act? a few words work just fine)

    History:(Why is your character at this town? At least one paragraph)

    Fighting Style(if applicable):(How does your character fight, and what kind of weapons, if any do they use?)

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