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  1. Jonah had a normal childhood, well as normal as a child of a member of a powerful drug cartel could be which in all essence wasn't so bad. They were wealthy, he got whatever he wanted along with his twin sister Anika but they were always living on the edge of fear. Their mother always spoke about keeping an eye on your surroundings, if you see a sketchy figure, get the hell away. Jonah and Anika did just that and were experts in the field of keeping there eyes peeled. It wasn't exactly something to be proud of either.

    Now here he was, across the country from where he had grown up in a small boxing gym kicking the life out of an old punching bag. His blue eyes had dark circles beneath from his lack of sleep and his hands were being bruised even under the tape he had wrapped over his knuckles and fingers. This was where he spent most of his time now, it was where he worked as an instructor and he and Anika even lived over the gym in the small apartment available, so different then before.

    Jonah and Anika were no longer themselves. They were Zack and Olivia. Two 20 year olds hiding out in the big city because of something their father did that lead to the death of there mother. The two were next and had fled as soon as they could, 2 years ago. No one knew except them and Jonah wanted to keep it that way.
  2. It's been two weeks since she was shot in the chest near the shoulder, her doctor advised her to not make any heavy exercise due to the wound that almost killed her. It was a lot better now though, so she thought about starting to make some exercises, maybe doing some martial arts. When she told her plan, her doctor almost fainted and scowled at her, of course, Rachel didn't listen. She never did. Sighing, she stood up from her bed and picked up her favorite leather jacket, she winced a little bit as she moved her shoulder to put on the jacket. "Maybe, this isn't a good idea after all.", she thought to herself as she made pressure on the wound. But, being the bull head that she was, Rachel went to gym, even when it was obvious that she was in no shape to such exercises. She was restless and bored in her apartment, not being able to go back to her work before her shoulder was in perfect shape. She already missed the street, the crime scenes, the interrogations, she already missed being an investigator. Maybe she shouldn't have been so careless back then. But the past was in the past and she'll keep being careless after all, so it made no difference.

    When she arrived at the gym, her shoulder didn't hurt so much, just bothered her. Rachel watched as a guy beat the hell of a punching bag, raising her right eyebrow in curiosity.

    "Damn, I'm glad I'm not that bag." She said with amusement in her voice.
  3. Gabrielle stood in the gym waiting for her next opponent in the ring. To be honest she would like to box the guy who was punching the crap out of that bag but decided against asking him. He seemed deep in thought. Gabrielle glanced back at the line that was her waiting opponents only to find it had disappeared. Seems like no one else has the balls to go up against her.
    She suddenly remembers how much it was the same at home. No one wanted to approach her. But thats all in the past. She wasn't Samantha anymore. She was the Boxing Queen Gabrielle.
    "Hey angry face!" She yelled at the guy who was tearing up that punching bag. "Meet me in the ring!"
  4. Anika woke up in fear. Then she realized she wasn't Anika anymore, so she closed her eyes again and woke up a few seconds later, recreating that same fear, but as Olivia. She was cold, despite the heavy blanket that was draped around her. Her first thought was Jonah- no, Zack. She was still getting used to this whole "Being someone that you're not" concept. She looked over to sleeping Pearl. The puppy sneezed, opened its eyes and gave Olivia a good morning "Yap!" Olivia smiled. Besides her brother, Pearl was her best friend. Sure, it was weird, being best friends with a dog, but hey, how much weirder could she and Zack possibly get?
  5. Jonah rose a brow when he heard the girl in the ring call to him. His punches slowed and his knuckles were bleeding and bruised. He placed his hands on the bag and a lopsided smirk split his thin lips. He snorted and rolled his eyes at the woman. "It's Gabrielle, right?" He asked and slowly walked over to the ring. He wasn't going to fight Due to the state of his hands he was probably close to breaking a knuckle. "Maybe you should pick on someone your own size." He suggested and turned to get himself a water bottle that sat outside the gym's office. Jonah's eyes stayed on the woman's when he turned around.
  6. Ryder had been sitting on one of the benches looking at her surroundings. She had been taping up her hands and knuckles so when she would punch the bag it wouldnt puncture any skin and she could go for longer. She watched the girls that had come here and she was happy that this place was actually getting used, this was always the place she escaped to when she needed a place to go. After finishing with her hands she began to stretch as she walked over to one of the bags.
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  7. "Ha! I may be small but that doesn't mean I can't pack a punch." Gabrielle just grinned. She then noticed his bleeding knuckles and frowned. This guy has some serious problems. Gabrielle the smiles again. "Maybe you're right. I suggest you stitch up your knuckles first."
  8. Walking downstairs, Anika/Olivia watched her her brother do the thing he knew best. Punch. She wasn't ever worried that something would happen to him, or even herself, but today, she was. "Jonah!" He didn't answer. He was completely focused on getting the perfect punch, causing the bag to jingle.
  9. Ryder approached the bag, she jumped on the tips at her toes before starting to take swings on the bag. Every punch she threw sent the bag flying, she grunted softly as she punched as hard as she could. She joined this place to letbout all the anger she had and thats what she was doing. She kept throwing punches, every so often kicking the bag as well.
  10. "Stay away from her!" Anika screamed. "She'll hurt you Jonah!" She could sense how strong an majestic, yet dangerous she was. Jonah walked over to where she was standing. "Anika, I like this girl. She's tough, yet beautiful. She won't hurt me. So can you just leave it alone." Ryder stopped punching for a moment to ask who Jonah and Anika were. She seemed like she was pointing out a mistake that the both of them had made. And she knew about them now. She knew their secret. There was no end to the misery she could cause them if she knew who to tell.
  11. Jonah looked onto Gabrielle and couldn't keep the smile off of his face. "My my... We may have to pick out a time to toss each other around. You look like you could kick my ass." He chuckled and looked over to Ryder who was punching the bag. "You look good." He called over to her and then walked to find his water bottle. The gym was filled with females and that made him smile. He was happy that these women wanted to learn how to fight. It could possibly keep them safe in the future.
  12. Ryder had stopped and looked over at the man who complimented her. She was breathing heavy and decided to take a break. She grabbed her water and took a long swig before walking over to Jonah "Hey who are you?" She asked taking the tap off her bruised hands. Even if she put tape on they always got cut up but it didn't bother her.
  13. Gabrielle in a sense was disappointed. She wanted to see how well this guy can fight and not just punch a bag. Any moron can punch a bag, but not anyone can stay standing in a ring, especially on with Gabrielle in it. Gabrielle stepped out of the ring and began to look around the gym. There were several women and few men which wasn't surprising. This gym is overrun by women these days. Finally locating the weights, she grabbed two 25lb and began her usually work out.