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    "Who is she?"

    "I heard she's on the dance team."

    "I heard she was such a hardworker, the college itself sent her an invitation for the transfer."

    "Who is she?"

    Those were the questions that circled in the university as she made her way inside, and to the admission office. She didn't correct anyone, and she didn't look at anyone, she kept her head high and walked around as if she weren't the new girl who everyone was staring at. She was indeed the new girl, the transfer who came out of nowhere, to a strange town. But she didn't care about the town, what she did care about, was her studies. And her scholarship. The college had indeed offered her the transfer, only because the company she used to work for as a photographer sent in a letter of recommendation to this college as a farewell gift when she quit to take care of her grandmother.

    And boy was she surprised when she received the letter from her dream university to join in on a scholarship. She wanted to reject it though, since she had her grandmother to take care of. But instead, it was her grandmother who convinced her to come out here. To live.

    So that's where she ended up. In her big dreamy university, on her way to the admission office to retrieve her dorm's keys and number and explore this whole place before tomorrow. Before classes actually began for her. She was behind a bit though, and she had a few projects waiting for her, the professors having been informed about her, they had her late due project ready to assign tomorrow. She had to work hard to maintain this scholarship, or else, she was out. And she didn't want to be out.

    As she walked down the halls to the office, she noticed the stares, the glares, the curious eyes, the lingering gazes, and the lustful ones.

    "She's hot though."

    "It never hurts to welcome sexy in our university."

    "Damn that body."

    And of course, wherever she went, wherever she was, and wherever she'd then go, boys will always, be boys.
    But did she give them a second glance though? No.
    Instead, she walked straight to the office, where an elderly woman was sitting behind the reception. Smiling at her, the woman asked sweetly, her blue wrinkly eyes still having that young spark in them somehow "What's your name sweetie?"

    The new girl looked up at the elderly woman, and smiled back softly. She was no emotionless bitch. She just didn't want to seem nervous or weak in front of everyone in the hallways, especially since her heart was racing like no other. I mean, no one liked to be new. Especially as a weak girl. She refused to look like that because simply she wasn't. She'd like to believe that she is a strong soul. A fighter. The events in her life made her strong, even forced her to be strong. And she refused to show anything else.

    "Cassie, Cassie Green."
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    Sawyer was condemned by his manager to work a double shift at the campus bar that day; the late afternoon and the night shift. He rolled out of bed in his crappy apartment at half past two. He checked his phone; three missed calls and two texts from Drasko. "Ugh," grumbled Sawyer. His Alpha would never leave him alone. Sawyer called Drasko, wedging his phone between his shoulder and his jaw and he hunted for his clothes.


    "Yeah, Drasko, it's me. What did you need?"

    "I need you to run the perimeter of the city again tonight."

    "I'm working a double shift." If Drasko made him run for four hours after work, he would probably die of exhaustion before he got home. He may have werewolf stamina, but he wasn't invincible.

    "You working tomorrow?"

    "Yeah. The night shift."

    "When do you start work today?"

    Sawyer checked the calendar hanging on his bedroom wall. "Three. I get off at eleven."

    "Okay. You're running double the day after next."

    "Fine. Bye."


    Sawyer hung up, grabbed a pen and scrawled 'double run' on Wednesday. Being a werewolf could suck; his Alpha, the leader of his pack, often commanded him to run the perimeter, to defend their territory from other packs and to protect humans. Drasko took it overboard.

    He dressed for work; black jeans, a tight-fitting black shirt and jeans. He combed his hair. Checking his appearance in the bathroom mirror, he deemed himself to look halfway acceptable.

    Sawyer lived in a three-bedroom apartment; a small bedroom with a dingy en suite bathroom attached, and a tiny living area beside the kitchen. The sudden transition between carpet and tile marked the invisible wall between the kitchen and the living room. He only had one sofa, and a reasonably good TV he had gotten from a member of the pack. No cable, however.

    Sawyer grabbed his wallet and keys, stowing them into the pockets of his black leather jacket. Sawyer left his apartment and made his way to the bar beside the college campus, where he worked. It took him twenty-five minutes to get there.

    Upon arrival, Sawyer entered through the front door, ducked behind the bar and grabbed his apron from the kitchen. He was one of the two bartenders working. Despite the bar's definite grandeur, the boss had only employed a staff of eight; two bartenders, three kitchen workers and three cleaners. The entire staff usually worked double or triple shifts. Sawyer nodded in greeting to his workmates, and settled behind the bar, ready to work.
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    When Cassie got her keys, number and a small map of the university, she turned, her eyes on the map, and smacked into something. Rather someone. She looked up and gasped in surprise before grinning "Finally a familiar face!" She chuckled as her close high school friend stood before her with a grin on her face "Missed me Green?" Cassie nodded "Indeed, Lilly." The two laughed and Lilly looped their arms together before walking Cassie out of the admission office.

    "So, we'll put your stuff in the dorm-" "Thanks by the way, without you requesting me as your roommate after your ex-roommate graduated, I would've probably ended up with some stranger." Lilly grinned at her friend "Anytime Green! Now we'll put your stuff in the dorm then out to the bar!" Cassie sent her friend a curious look "Bar? It's still five in the evening Lilly." Lilly grinned "I know, it's really chill, you'll see. It's just the place to hang out at, it's nice and relaxed. Except at night, it'd turn .. blurry." "You mean drunk" Cassie corrected and Lilly grinned "Yep!" She popped the P.

    Once they put Cassie's stuff in the dorm, the two girls headed out. The bar was barely three minutes away from their dorm campus and as soon as they stepped in, Cassie cast a look around and smiled "You like?" "Yeah, it's nice"
    Lilly lead Cassie to her friends and introduced everyone "Cas, these are my friends, Marc and Jason, then Elsa and Matt. Everyone, this is Cassie, an old friend." At that, the crew grinned at Cassie who smiled back at them and sat down next to Marc and Lilly on her other side. They were pretty easy to talk to and in a matter of minutes they were joking and laughing all together.

    As Cassie sobered up from laughing hard at a joke Jason said, she looked around, only to land her gaze on a guy, a handsome guy behind the bar. His dark clothes and leather jacket yelled mysterious. And the black apron was barely visible on his hips down. She could feel her heart skip a beat when they mysterious guy looked up and noticed her, and she stood there for a moment, her eyes lingering on him in awe before snapping out of it and looking back at Lilly who was telling a story about high school.

    What the hell was that?
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    While in the midst of pouring a patron a beer, Sawyer caught the gaze of a girl sitting at a crowded table. She was absolutely gorgeous. Sawyer was immediately taken away by her beauty. He nearly overfilled the glass he was tending to.

    She looked away, and his stomach dropped. Who was she? Sawyer had a pretty good memory, ad he remembered most of his patrons, the people who came into the bar and purchased drinks from him. Sawyer knew he would have remembered this girl's face, if she had come into the bar before. He would have remembered her anyway, even if he had simply glimpsed her in a mall. No, Sawyer knew he had never seen her before. She must be knew in town.

    Sawyer knew that associating with a human was dangerous. Drasko hated that some of his werewolves even worked in human stores. No wolf from his pack had ever closely associated with a human. Drasko would flip.

    But Sawyer could not deny that he felt something -- a pull, a definite gravitational tug -- towards this girl. He wanted to get to know her. But it was too dangerous for her.

    Fuck Drasko, he thought, pulling shots for a lady.
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    Cassie could feel his eyes on her for a good amount of time. She tried to distract herself and stop herself from looking at him again, his gaze was intense, as if trying to figure her out although they both knew nothing about each other. She tried to concentrate on Lilly and Jason's words, and ignored the piercing eyes for a moment but she couldn't help but glance at him again,

    and he was still looking at her.

    Cassie bit her lower lip and looked away, a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks. Thank God her new friends were busy talking to notice her blush though "Remember that Cassie?" Lilly asked and Cassie snapped out of her own little world "Remember what?" Lilly rolled her eyes playfully "When we deflated Mr.Robins wheels because he failed us purposely in the exam?" Cassie cracked a smile, she did remember. "That was a good day to mess around" She chuckled and everyone laughed.

    "Didn't you guys get caught?" Mark asked and Cassie shrugged "We were the ones who turned ourselves in. We wanted Mr.Robins to know it was us, so we went to his class and put down the needles we deflated his wheels with on his desk" She shook her head and Lilly laughed "You should've seen his face! And Cassie smiled that sarcastic smile of her and was all like we heard it's your birthday today, happy birthday Mr.Robins, hope you like our gift." Everyone cracked up including Cassie "What happened?" Lilly shrugged "We got suspended, but we also got to re-do the test" The two girls smirked and chuckled.

    And yet, through all their conversation, she could still feel his eyes on her, and oddly enough, she kept looking back at him too. And instead of finding what was going on a bit creepy, she found it.. normal. As if it should be normal for the two to have some sort of connection, even if it was just eye contact.
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    Sawyer constantly kept his eyes on the girl, flicking his gaze between whatever drink he was making and her. His shift moved more quickly than usual; time seemed to fly, and Sawyer, for once, didn't want eleven p.m. to come. He dreaded the hour he would have to hang up his apron and leave the bar. He would probably never see the girl again. She was probably just catching up with some friends in the city. She would be on her own way soon. He knew it.

    Eleven came too quickly. His shift manager told him to go home. The girl still sat at her table, surrounded by her friends. Incredibly deflated, Sawyer put his apron away and, after taking one last look at the girl, permanently ingraining her face into his mind, left the bar.

    Sawyer walked back to his apartment with his head hanging down, his hands stowed in his pockets. It was beginning to rain, but Sawyer didn't pull up his hood. He didn't feel like it. He could barely muster the energy to put one foot before the other, to drag his way home.

    As Sawyer reached his street, he felt the magnetic pull, like a hook looped around his chest, gently tugging him back the way he had come. He had only just realised it; now, when he thought about it, he remembered the same abnormal sensation settling on him as soon as he had left the avenue the bar was on. Sawyer, slightly panicked, ran the rest of the way home. The farther he went from the bar, the stronger the weird force seemed to grow.

    Though the pull wasn't strong enough to actually move him, Sawyer felt the overwhelming need to follow it. He walked around his apartment, restless. What was happening to him? Had Drasko uncovered some weird way to summon his pack? Sawyer contemplated calling one of his pack members, to see if they were having the same sensation. Sawyer finally decided against doing so. What if he was the only one? What if his pack deemed him crazy?

    Sawyer sat on his sofa and switched the TV on. He put on some mindless late-night news program, but he didn't pay any attention to it. He couldn't concentrate. His thoughts were split evenly between the force pulling him back to the bar and her.

  7. [​IMG]

    The whole night, the glances between her and the guy kept going, and when her new friends caught her attention again, she had dragged her eyes away from him, to focus on the conversation they were adding her in. And when she looked back, he was gone.

    She couldn't help but feel disappointed, he just left, and she had no idea who he was, nor why was she that drawn to him. The rest of the night consisted of her trying to push him out of her thoughts, but his face kept popping up in her mind, his piercing dark eyes piercing in hers.

    Soon though, they all decided to leave, as the party at the bar was just getting started, they weren't in the mood to actually get drunk. Lilly and Cassie walked back to their dorm, with Lilly grinning at her friend "Had fun tonight?" Cassie glanced at her bubbly friend and smiled "Yeah, it was nice. I like your friends" She smiled back at her and Lilly was happy that her friend was able to have a good time. But she had no idea what really Cassie spent the whole night doing. Thinking of someone who should be considered as a stranger, but oddly enough, she just couldn't.

    The next morning, Cassie woke up rather early, she had been assigned a part time job at the coffeehouse in campus in trade of her scholarship. She still needed some pocket money if she was going to live off herself. She put on her ripped skinny jeans, a white light sweater which falls off a shoulder and her white converse. She put on some light make up to give life to her face and made her way out of the dorm quietly since Lilly was still asleep. Thank God Lilly had instructed her where the coffeehouse was last night though.

    Once she made it there, she was introduced to the staff then walked behind the counter. It wasn't her first coffeehouse job, she knew how everything worked. Which made it easy for her, since in the morning, everyone came by to get their coffee before classes start.
    As she worked rather smoothly, she had her face down on the screen in front of her when she noticed a guy approaching the counter, and she didn't look up for a moment as she typed in the last order "Hello, how may I help you?" She asked in a soft voice before looking up and she froze, her heart raced. She did not expect him to be here.
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    Sawyer woke up at around seven a.m. The magnetic tug from last night applied, tight around his chest. Sawyer tried to ignore it as he showered, and failed miserably. Dressing in an outfit nearly identical to his work clothes -- with only the minor change dark blue jeans and white sneakers instead of all black -- Sawyer decided to ask some members of his pack about the strange pull. He was running tonight; he would ask them then.

    In the meantime, Sawyer needed to do grocery shopping, a necessary chore he hated. The grocery store he shopped at was on the other side of the city. Sawyer decided to stop at the coffeehouse he regularly visited for a mocha. Sawyer brushed his hair to the side, no bothering with the comb, shrugged on his jacket and left the apartment.

    Sawyer arrived at the on-campus coffeehouse in twenty minutes. Busy with his phone, Sawyer didn't look up until he reached the counter. Not wanting to be rude, he stowed his phone in his pocket, looked up, and nearly fell over.

    It was the gorgeous girl from the bar last night.

    "How may I help you?" she said.

    "Uh ... could I please have a ... um ... hazelnut mocha?" Sawyer choked out. What the hell? Why am I so nervous?

    Sawyer noticed that the magnetic pull was gone. A warm, glowing sensation had replaced it, right in his heart.

    The pull had been dragging him to her.
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    Once she looked up at him, it was like she lost all knowledge of how to speak, move or even function. He was handsome, very very handsome. And she didn't disappointed when she thought of him as mysterious. Even this up close, she could sense that about him. For a moment, she just stared as he did as well before he finally spoke up and snapped her out of her own little bubble.

    "Uh ... could I please have a ... um ... hazelnut mocha?"His deep voice even sent chills down her spine. She rolled her bottom lip in and bit it softly as nervous as she was feeling. She finally looked down on the screen in front of her "Yeah... Sure." She breathed out almost shyly. What's wrong with me, I don't shy away!

    Cassie moved aside to the coffee machines beside her and picked up a cup as she made him his coffee, she could feel his eyes on her but she refused to look up, he made her very nervous. And that was something not many people could do. But she couldn't help her mouth from opening a mind of it's own and speaking up "Do you go here?" She asked, her eyes glued on the coffee she was making as she referred to him going to CCU too, since she saw him twice in under twenty four hours.

    She wasn't usually one to just want to ask some stranger something to create some sort of conversation, but she was sure he had some kind of spell over her. She was too intrigued by him to not try and talk to him.
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    Sawyer watched her make his coffee. "Uh, no, I don't," he said quietly. "I work at the bar close by though." He smirked a little. "I saw you there last night, right?"

    Sawyer wondered why the pull seemed to attract him to her. If it was some kind of werewolf thing, Drasko or someone else in the pack would have told him, right? Then again, Drasko was known for being an asshole. He might have thought it funny to keep a large part of werewolf life from him.

    There was no one in line behind him; the coffeehouse was almost empty at this early hour of the morning. Sawyer leaned against the counter to wait for his coffee -- and to talk to the girl.
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    Cassie glanced up when he answered and couldn't help but smile playfully. So he was going to bring up last night huh? Cassie shook her head amused and looked back at the coffee she was making while noticing him leaning against the counter "Yeah, I may have seen you working there last night." She teased and actually lied, they both knew better than may have seen him. The nerves in her calmed, she was getting more and more comfortable around him when in fact they were still complete strangers. She didn't even know his name yet!

    She turned her back to him and walked to the counter on the back of the wall to add some nuts and she sneakily picked up the black marker with which they usually write the customer's name on the coffee cup. Instead, she wrote 'You know it's rude to stare right? ;)' she was being completely playful referring to yesterday's staring when in fact she stared as well, but Oh well.

    When she was done, she put the marker back in it's place and added the sprinkles of nuts before making sure that the way she held the cup, would cover the writing so he'd read it once the cup is in his hand and out of the coffeehouse. She turned to him and handed it over "Anything else?" She asked gently, a smile on her face as she looked at him still leaning against the counter.
    And only one thought ran through her mind: he has a very attractive smirk.
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    Sawyer laughed a little when he read the message on the cup. "Yeah, true," he laughed. "Sorry about that. My name's Sawyer, by the way."

    "Would you like anything else?"

    Occasionally, strange outbursts of courage would take over Sawyer. In circumstances, like when he was fighting, he would pluck up the confidence to make a risky attack. Sometimes he became courageous in other places. This was one of those times.

    "Uh, yeah," said Sawyer. "When do you get off work?"
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    Cassie grinned when she heard him laugh, she even found his laugh attractive and beautiful. What the hell wrong with me? "Yeah, true. Sorry about that. My name's Sawyer, by the way." His words made her smile "It's okay really" She chuckled "I'm Cassie. It's nice to meet you Sawyer."

    She smiled and titled her head as he stood straight when she asked if he wanted something else "Uh, yeah," Cassie looked at him curiously and she was shocked with his next words "When do you get off work?" He asked rather straight-forward, something that she actually admired.

    Shocked or not, a grin plastered on her face as she chuckled and bit her bottom lip "Twelve, but I have classes from three to seven today." She said and curiously and playfully -since she knew where this was going- asked "Why?"
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    Sawyer smiled. He knew Cassie knew what he was about to say. "Well, how about I come and pick you up from here at twelve, and we go see a movie, or whatever you want to do," he asked, looking up at her through his lashes. "If you want to, of course."

    What the hell did I just do?
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    Cassie smiled at Sawyer and bit her lip "I love movies." She commented. It was her own way of saying yes. She watched him smile at her and walk out, her eyes trailing after him for a moment.

    She wasn't one who just says yes to random strangers about going on a date, but Sawyer was different. Very different. But she had no idea why, not yet anyway. Cassie continued working until her shift ended and she quickly went to the staff lounge in the back, brushed her hair, re-applied her eyeliner and rosy lipstick and checked herself in the mirror once before she came out of the lounge just as she saw Sawyer step into the coffeehouse.

    Her heart couldn't but race at the sight of him, and she took a deep breath before getting out from behind the counter and smiling at him "So, what are we watching?" She smiled amusingly.
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    Sawyer had rushed to the grocery store, bought all his products and practically run home. She had dumped his stuff in the kitchen, then had run to his bedroom to find the nicest clothes he owned. He had picked the only shirt he owned that wasn't black, a light blue and orange flannel. He had brushed his hair with his fingers, then run back to the coffeehouse.

    Now, he smiled as Cassie met him in the coffeehouse. She looked stunning, like always.

    "So, what are we watching?"

    Sawyer had pulled the plan for the date over extensively in his free time -- after getting over the word 'date'. He had finally settled on a plan he thought they would both enjoy. "Well, let's just say I'm sorry I asked you to a movie, because we're not seeing one." Nervously, Sawyer held his hand out to the blonde beauty before him.
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    Cassie smiled at Sawyer, he looked different without his dark clothes, but a good different. She couldn't decide what looked better on him though, she found him handsome either way. When he stood in front of her, she had to look up since he was a a bit taller than her "Well, let's just say I'm sorry I asked you to a movie, because we're not seeing one."

    His words perked Cassie's curiosity as she rose a curious eyebrow expecting him to tell her where they were going.. But he didn't. Instead, he extended his hand and she smiled, nodding and putting her small hand in his bigger one, intertwining their fingers as they walked out of the coffeehouse.

    "Then where are you taking me now Sawyer?" She asked lightly, a grin on her face "Don't tell me you're actually a kidnapper and you're going to end up killing me in some alley" She joked lightly as they stepped out of the coffeehouse "As far as I know, I don't usually attract kidnappers or sociopaths."
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    "Well, crap, there goes my plan for the day," Sawyer joked. Feeling incredibly pleased when Cassie intertwined their fingers, Sawyer lead his date -- Date, wow -- through the streets. A short walk later, they arrived at the carnival a few streets away from the college.

    "Welcome, newcomer to the city, to the carnival," said Sawyer, gesturing to the rides, booths and confectionery stalls the lot contained. "I admit, it's more fun during the night, but you have classes until seven and I work from six, so nighttime was out of the question." He grinned at Cassie. "Who knows? Maybe, if this goes well, we'll come back for a second date. What do you want to do first? We've got two and a half hours and seventy dollars of fun ahead."
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    Cassie laughed at his words when he joked about his plan now gone. She nudged him playfully and let him lead the way. They walked for a bit but Cassie didn't mind at all, she really enjoyed Swayer's company and felt incredibly comfortable and .. Happy around him.

    When they stop in front of what looked like a carnival, Cassie gasped. She loved the carnival! She looked at Sawyer with a huge grin on her face "I love carnivals! It's amazing! Thank you for bringing me!" She instinctively tiptoes and kissed his cheek excitedly and then almost dragged him to the entrance like a little kid "Who knows? Maybe, if this goes well, we'll come back for a second date." His words made Cassie turn to face him, her hand still in his as she walked backwards and laughed lightly "Whoa there, someone's confident." She teased playfully "Who said I wanted a second date?" She winked playfully.
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    "You're welcome," he said, smiling when she kissed him. "And, I know you want a second date," he said, winking back at her. "Come on, let's find something to do."

    As Sawyer lead Cassie through the crowd, he felt eyes on him. He looked over his shoulder, and saw Drasko, standing there with two members of the pack. Drasko's dark eyes were fixated on Sawyer. He shook his head slightly.

    Sawyer ignored him, which he knew would get him in trouble later. Worry creasing his face, he scowled ahead.
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