Runaway with me, please? (W/ Tiger Lillie)

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  1. Two middle schoolers runaway from home for their own reasons. The high school aged sibling of one of the children comes with to protect her/his little siblings
    One of their many adventures brings them across another homeless teen who joins their little party and helps them learn how to survive.

    Name: Mattaya Louise Russo

    Nicknames: Mattie, Louie, Mattie-Lou(By her grandma)

    Age: 10 almost 11

    Looks: Mattie is short for her age standing at just 4'3.5"(She make sure to include that half an inch if you ask her her height). Her clothes are generally baggy on her because they were bought to 'grow into'.
    Mattie is under-developed compared to most girls in her the school. She is light weight for her age if not a little under. She's not really lanky due to her height and is more of spindly.
    Mattie has short hair that's dark brown. It's slightly spiky and is usually very messy because she forgets to comb it. Her hair style is short barely touching her ears and scraping her neck but longer on top so it looks more 'feminine'.
    She has one dark blue eye with flecks of silver and green in it and one dark brown eye with flecks of hazel and brown in it.
    Mattie's skin tans pretty well mostly because she spends as much time outside as possible. Even in the winter she has a light tan. her skin has a rosy tint to it especially around her cheeks.
    Mattie's skin also is sadly usually bruised though she hides it under her clothes. She always seems to have bruises, scrapes, and cuts somewhere. If anyone accidentily sees them she'll put it down to she's clumsy and awkward.
    Mattie is a tomboy through and through. She has a rough and tough style with a little sporty now and then. She normally wears jeans or camo pants and t-shirts along with a jacket or hoodie of some sort.

    Personality: Mattie is a tough girl who always tries to smile. She doesn't like dwelling on bad things and like to laugh and smile. She loves exploring and playing sports. She also has a vivid imagination.
    Mattie is pretty bad at arts and crafts stuff. She loves cars and building though. She like her mechanics and woodworking classes at school(Any shop classes really).
    Mattie is very good at keeping a secret, she ha s a hard time being serious, but if needed she can be. She hides her fear of going home pretty well most of the time though if you walk with her home you notice she gets more nervously chatty the closer she gets because she talks when she's nervous or frightened. She isn't a very graceful person and uses that as an excuse a lot.

    Short Bio: Mattie's mother had her when she was just 16. Her father a 17 year old delinquent ditched when he heard he had a daughter.
    Mattie's mother married another man when Mattie was 3.
    Her mother was diagnosed with chronic depression around that time too and started spending more and more time in bed.
    Her stepfather works odd hours as a store clerk at a convenience store/gas station.
    Mattie pretty much raised herself and taught herself to cook(Though she's pretty bad at that).
    Mattie's stepfather is abusive towards Mattie.
    Her stepbrothers go between their mother's house and Mattie's stepfather house. Most of their time is at their mother's house because Mr Sampson lives in a small trailer

    Pets: N/A


    Sterling Matthew Russo (Father)
    Travis Elliot Sampson (Stepfather)
    Louise Paula Sampson (Mother)
    Travis Elliot Sampson Jr. (17, Stepbrother)

    Extra: Mattie gets chronic migraines that keep her home from school sometimes.
    Though sometimes her migraines are just an excuse because she's been hurt to badly to make it too school.
    Other times she'll go to school even if she has a migraine to avoid staying at home. That is only if the migraine is semi-manageable.

    Mattie doesn't have a bed-frame because when she was 4 year old a cousin told her some pretty graphic stories about the 'boogeyman' who hid under little girls' beds. It absolutely terrified her and she refused to sleep with a bed frame after that.

    (Will ad another CS later)

    Name: Jane Teegan Kash

    Nicknames: Jane, JT, Teeg

    Age: 15

    Looks: Jane stand at about 4'11"-5'1". She is slim from living on the streets for along time and has a rather flat chest. She does have curves their just small from malnourishment and just because she isn't valuptuous.
    She has dark brown eyes that are swirled with various other shades of brown and touches of amber, gold, and bronze making them look a little like a galaxy marble.
    She has dark skin, like milk chocolate. She has plenty of scars and is normally dirty from living on the streets. Her nails are rough and torn because she bites them when she's anxious and in the winter her lips are often chapped from cold.
    Jane as extremely curly black hair in a hacked off pixie cut. She cut it herself with some old scissors so it isn't a good hair cut, but she likes to keep it short because it doesn't get as many bugs and such in it. It's normally very ratty looking, though she keeps it under a hat most of the time.
    Jane has normal facial features.
    Her fashion isn't much to speak off. She has an old black beanie she wears a denim type hoodie with gray sleeves and hood. Her clothes are large on her because she's so tiny.

    Personality: Jane is rough around the edges. She is tough and expects others too be too. She is very independent and generally doesn't trust people enough to ask for help. She doesn't let things drag her down though and is very stubborn.

    Short Bio:

    Pets: N/A



    (I will edit and add stuff to Jane's bio etc as we go along.)
  2. Mattie quietly woke up. She ran her hands through her messy hair and got up, she was sleeping on some blankets on the floor because her stepbrothers were here, they were still sleeping. She bundled up her blankets and tossed them in a corner of the small room then she opened up the large plastic bin that held her clothes. Mattie looked at herself, she was wearing a tank top and a set of boxers for bed. Her arms and legs were bruised. She sighed and pulled out a set of jeans, a blue t-shirts, and a bright orange plaid button up that was too big for her.
    Mattie pulled her clothes on in the bathroom and checked all her bruises were covered. She grabbed her beat up camo bag and slipped quietly into the kitchen so she didn't wake anyone. She lived in a run down trailer so the smallest noise could wake everyone up. She grabbed her old used to be pink converse her grandparents had gotten her years ago. They were now so muddy and torn up you couldn't tell they were a nice set of shoes. She pulled them on as she grabbed an orange and exiting the house ran off to where she was supposed to meet her friend so they could go to school.
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