Runaway Princess (male needed)

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  1. In the kingdom a Alicaza, a new ruler is about to come. This new ruler is Princess Julina (me).

    "Now, you've got to look your best for the coronation," her grandmother said.

    "Can't someone else be queen? Like my little sister?" the princess asked.

    "Do you not want to be queen?"

    "Maybe I don't."

    The stared at each other for several minutes.

    "Ha ha! Good joke! Now, which dress do you want to wear?"

    Princess Julina wasn't joking. She didn't want to rule - she never had.

    The night before the coronation, Julina sneaked out the castle and ran away. Now it's up to Prince <insert princes name here> to get her back. He was going to propose to the Princess after she became Queen, so he was devastated when she disappeared.

    I need someone who will write detail and write at least 2 paragraphs per post. You will have to create NCP's (like villagers, travelers, the royal family, ext ext.) to talk to/interact with. When you are doing this, write up a quick CS in the beginning of your post.

    Any interested?
  2. //Stops bus by slamming on the breaks. The kids are thrown into the air as a result.-
    //The bus driver runs out into the auditions, heavily panting because he's really old for a nineteen year old.-
    //He slams down his hat on the desk.-
    "Count me in!" he cries.

    okay no im not like that ^
    I'd be like:
    smhhhhhhh k
  3. It seems someone got here before you...

    If you make a CS before him I might make an exception :)
  4. did i win
  5. Not yet, you need to change your CS slightly...
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